EXPOSED: Leftist public servant snob searches for "bogan free childcare"

leftypauline Pauline, a federal public servant based in Canberra, is on the verge of having a baby. Good for her. But on her blog the flamboyantly feminist, yoga-enjoying, Greens political party supporting, Amnesty member lefty idealist Australian Public Servant is worried. She’s worried about the prospect of her child mixing with – wait for it – bogans.

Next to a big ad for the supposedly progressive GetUp group, she describes herself:

Working full time in the public service, I dream of ways to build a house for $190,000 within commuting distance of the office. I organise a book group named after a pub, I do a bit of yoga, and everyone thinks I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not actually. I’m in the union, and in Amnesty International, and I get heaps of letters from NGOs asking me for money. If any of them are reading, please note: I’m trying to be socially active in non-financial ways.

To help place Pauline politically, she explains her enthusiasm about her union – the leftist Community and Public Sector Union – conference:

And with Dr Carmen Lawrence on the bill I was more than ready to fork out an extravagant sum of money.

Outside law enforcement circles, we have never detected such enthusiasm to hear from Dr Lawrence, whose ability to forget things made her a most unimpressive witness at various public inquiries into her misconduct in office.

On her blog Pauline gets down to her main concern. The prospect of her prospective child mixing with the wrong people. She writes:

Bogan free childcare. An impossible dream?

Yes, I know that’s rude, and I’m a snob. The thing is, I catch public transport to and from work every day. I have developed strong views on bogans. And these have coalesced around the fear that if I do indeed require childcare at some point, my child may wind up at the mercy of those who I prefer not to sit next to, for around eight hours a day. And if that happens, my child may become a bogan. This is not a laughing matter.

Indeed, such blatant snobbery and elitism is more horrifying than humorous, particularly coming from a “socially active” person.

We hate to think what society she is actually trying to build. A “bogan free” one? One where it’s considered OK to look down one’s nose at working people with different priorities and who value different things.

A ‘bogan’ is defined as a pejorative term for:

a person who is, or is perceived to be, of a lower-class background. According to the stereotype, the speech and mannerisms of “bogans” indicate poor education, cheap clothing and uncultured upbringing. ‘Bogans’ usually reside in economically disadvantaged suburbs (often outer metropolitan) or rural areas.

It’s horrifying to think that an over-educated snob is operating within the Australian Public Service making decisions that impact on many Australians. The class war – it seems – is alive and well within the Left but not in the liberate the lower classes way that it once pretended it could.

She continues:

Anyway, I will try to develop faith in the professionalism of childcare workers, and when it comes to the crunch I’ll give the centre a thorough inspection and carry out spot checks to make sure none of the staff smoke Winnie Blues, have frangipanni stickers on their cars, or listen to Pink on their ipods at antisocial levels.

Anti-social indeed.


As Borat would say: “SUCCCESS!”, for Comrade Pauline has removed her website from public view in light of the stink over her quest for “bogan free childcare.” That’s her right of course but it’s also our right to believe solemnly in the sacred power of screen-grab. We often keep copies of these things just in case the panicked reach for the delete button. The curious can click the screengrab below:




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26 responses to “EXPOSED: Leftist public servant snob searches for "bogan free childcare"

  1. Margaret Gray

    Turkey baster job was it Ranga?

  2. MightyMouse

    typical Lefty hypocrite, full of advice for others but never for themselves. Shite, shite and more shite on your head!

  3. Right Said Fred

    She should make things very simple and just name her child “Victim” because if it innocently repeats any of their mother’s views from school at childcare or school it will be on the end of some good old fashion beatings. Hopefully for the child’s sake, its survival instincts kick in early and it realises that its mother is a complete tosser and rebels early. I’m happy to donate my Def Leppard CD’s to help the poor child out.

  4. Winston

    I agree with her this country is filled will uncouth, uncultural, track suit wearing bogans.

  5. Anonymous

    Winnie Blues are the ultimate Australian cigarette, they are smoked by the best barristers and criminals alike

  6. loves2spooj

    Another lemon sucking lefty bigot. Colour me suprised.

  7. YMC

    A socialist who, obviously has no love for the masses… she’s a walking oxymoron.

  8. Butters

    You know man, “I’m a Bogan, You’re a Bogan”.

    What a fvcking bitch – she looks like a bogan to me at least.

  9. Case

    This woman must’ve conceived via IVF – no man would’ve ever……!

  10. mick

    Oh, I would. And right as I finished id tell her Howard was the best thing that ever happened to this country, just to see the look on her face.

  11. kae

    Either her traffic’s crashed her site, or she’s pulled it down.

  12. Peter the Lawyer

    There are about 6 public servants in Oz who are not bogans. This woman is not one of them. In fact all lefties are bogans, bu definition, because they are thick, addle-pated loonies with no style, no intellect and no ability.

  13. Labor 2 a T

    “I’m trying to be socially active in non-financial ways.”

    Typical tight arse green voter

  14. Equal

    This a very personal attack on her, who are you to judge? It all seems like her post was a bit of a joke to me. Picking on lefties and being so stereotypical about what one is is EXACTLY the same as any statements made about bogans anyway and surely you can’t believe everything you are saying. What hypocrites.

  15. Consuela Potez

    It’s easy to avoid bogans in Canberra, since they are confined to particular habitats. Stay away from Charnwood, Banks, Oaks Estate and the Tuggeranong hyperdome. If you must live outside the lefty ‘green zone’ – a rough pentagon whose points are Ainslie Shops, the Holy Grail Kingston, Red Hill shops, Deakin shops and the All Bar Nun Bar O’Connor, go for altitude. Bogans tend to cluster in valleys.

  16. WB

    What would possess somebody to write something so snobbish? I don’t think it’s satire. If it was, a happy “It’s a joke, Joyce” update would have been fine. She’s outed herself as rather intolerant of others based entirely on class, the silly girl.

    Still, good with luck with kid thing, all that. My money’s on it growing up to be a rightie. Lefty parents often have that effect on their kids.

  17. Bogan

    If she doesn’t like Bogans why doesn’t she fuck off to Europe? I’m sure we can send a hat around at the local footy club to raise money for the air fare.

  18. I prefer white ox

    I didn’t realise there was a strong correlation between “working people with different priorities and who value different things” and the garden variety Bogan .It seems the valorisation of “working people”, formally the domain of the traditional left, now falls to any cyber-puppet with prol bait and an opinion to bluster. “I work, therefore I opine”: welcome to the Fifth Estate of the Masses. While we’re at it, I’ve got my hand up my arse too, if not my head, so here’s what my puppet has to say…

    We must acknowledge that the term “Bogan” refers not to a discreet category but to a long continuum. I use the word “continuum” because it sounds ‘nicer’ than hierarchy (though that is actually what I mean, mea culpa), and because it allows me, on a more personal level, to segue between, on the one hand, Egalitarian Contrarian of the Fifth Estate and, on the other, Concerned and Reasonable Citizen with Proto Humanist Inclinations so Long as I Don’t Have to be Too Tolerant. I’ll raise you some fair trade coffee for the condemnation of a burn-out.I digress…

    I grew up native in regional Queensland, an heir to the cultural practices of suburban poverty and the sacred rites of the Boganalia Festival, that cornucopia of carnivalesque in which normal social bonds were overturned in perpetuity. Nothing nostalgic here, though I do have fond memories of watching my housing commission f(r)iends sniff petrol whilst I smoked a joint, before departing for the relative security of my lower middle-class home(or was it upper working-class?).In any case, my dad ate steak, sprayed the bowl and had little doubt that there were indeeed Reds Under the Bed. In this fashion he imparted to my siblings and I a practical sense of discrimination, what we might call ‘applied snobbery’, as opposed to that blanket snobbery which so distinguished the old class antagonisms. Metaphorically then, I am what in botanical terms is known as a “hybrid”: a mixed strain of bogan and non-bogan traits, both vying for ascendancy and the former occasionally winning. In the words of the late-great media theorist Jean Baudrillard, “the world is not dialectic – it is sworn to extremes, not to equilibrium, sworn to radical antagonism, not to reconciliation or synthesis. This is also the principle of Evil”. Adopting this dictum, it would seem that the peril of the bogan/non-bogan dialectic lay not in the camp with which you identfiy, but in being compelled to one or the other: that is, in having to choose. It is enough, I think, having tired of synthetic and analytical judgments about the relative merits of the vibrant masses of Bogernity, the hosing down of those masses,or worse, their improvement, that one departs from ideological concerns and form an “opinion” on purely aesthetic grounds – those of taste.

    I now live in Canberra betwixt the Boganeoisie and the boganis vulgaris. As such I am neither a landowner with a four car garage, a water feature and a penchant for lawn care, nor a denizen of the public housing development across the road, with its topography of old mattresses, discarded car parts (Commodore ones, naturally)and people chasing a score. When someone waiting to score some meth mistakenly assumes that I am the dealer he is awaiting – “Carlos? Is that you Carlos?” – I quicken my step toward home,neither fearful nor disdained, but slightly amused that his dealer is incognito to him. There is some aspect of ‘poverty chic’ to be had in all this (how quaint, gritty and suburban, they’re sitting on a car seat in the back yard while a fire blazes in a 44 gallon drum) but you probably wouldn’t want little timmy fraternizing to any great extent – at least till he learns that applied snobbery is a vital life skill.

    Like corrupt Svidrigailov in Crime and Punishment,who feels like a pearl in the dirt when he delves into the seedier stratum of St Petersberg, we all like to go slumming it occasionally so that we can gauge our relative social standings. Henry David Thoreau objected to institutionalized charity on the grounds that the poor, if given money for clothes, would only go and buy more rags.

    Boganism, if fostered on the tariff protection of egalitarian platitudes, will only go spend its dividend on self-importance, a trait it already has in abundance.

    PS Calling the comment section “Discussion” is paying it too high a compliment. If, as i believe, your intention at vex is modeled on the original partisan squabbling of Fleet Street, then you should at least acknowledge that your dad buggered a horse. Nayyyy

  19. squeaky

    fear not Pauline, bogans are generally so uncouth as to stay at home to look after their kids…the cc centres are chockas with well-born neglecterinos whose folks’ jobs are soooo important that they have to be abandon their pre-school tykes.

  20. Anonymous

    The beer or the welding gloves?

  21. Butters

    If you use toilet paper to blow your nose on occasion, does that mean that you are a bogan?

    If you purchase a hot rod magazine, when you dont even own a car or have a licence, does that mean that you are a bogan?

    If you dont use a BBC accent at work because you are a person who works with your hands, does that mean that you are a bogan?

    Frangipani stickers? Are you kidding?

    She is just a fvcking bloodnut bitch. Nuff said.

    Jack Johnson and I proudly put another frangipani sticker on our Combi and say, you madam, are an UGLY BLOODNUT BOGAN wif a BIG NOSE.

    Is that Bogan enough for you Madam?

  22. Anonymous

    A typical lefty. Just scratch the surface and you will find a snob. You only have to look at the way they look at you if you where a safety vest.

  23. Butters

    Dear Pauline

    Its not exactly a frangipani sticker, but would you trust your life to one of these gentlemen?

    Oh wait, you already did – 60 years ago.

    Get a life Pauline – it takes all kinds.


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  25. Seamus O'Hooligan

    Perhaps the ignorant dumb f**k bogan leftard could just look after her own kids … or am I being too simplistc?

  26. Noel Jackson

    This is so funny.

    A toff getting upset because her prejudiced views got spotted and circulated.

    Upset because she now realises there are people smarter than her out there

    … and her problem is that she got sprung.

    So toots, my advice is to stop pretending you are the elite, and “hug a bogan today”.

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