JAILED: Jake "The Snake" Della-Vedova gets four months prison

vexnewsprideful Convicted blackmailer Jake “the Snake” Della-Vedova has been sentenced by Court Court judge Hannan to four months jail.

The judge sentenced him to eighteen months jail but suspended 14 months of it for two years.

She told the defendant “Your actions were in my view callous and calculated. This was no momentary lapse in judgement.”

The threats – mainly by SMS – were made over two days, escalated in their menacing tone until the arranged cash drop-off where Victoria Police filmed the exchange of cash for camera memory card and then arrested the surprised Jake. He soon made full admissions, although many suspect his explanation that he was able to find the identity of the victim – who cannot be named because of a ten year suppression order – through a Google search to be somewhat implausible.



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18 responses to “JAILED: Jake "The Snake" Della-Vedova gets four months prison

  1. Branch stackers will be punished

    I’m firsty. get me a beer

  2. Anonymous

    The MP in question will be pleased.

  3. Anonymous

    Vex who are you kidding? You can find out almost anything about almost anyone through google…

  4. Anonymous

    were the text messages sent to taxpayer funded phone?

  5. Anonymous

    Homer Simpson will be pleased

  6. Homer Simpson

    Yes, there’s a member of P who looks like Homer Simpson who will be pleased his blackmailer was jailed.

  7. Anonymous

    I know who you mean…..

  8. Anonymous

    The identity of the public figure is out, but will he come out???

  9. Anonymous

    You can google a phone number – if it’s on a website, you’ll find it!

  10. Chrissy Pyne

    Has someone another ‘Opening’ for me?

  11. Mira

    Implausiable? are you kidding me? Type in any political figure that “pops” in your head and hey presto..he’s there, believe it!

  12. Anonymous

    The Member for [deleted] must regret his sexy time with Jake the snake.

  13. Anonymous

    [deleted] (deliberately misspelled) may now have AIDS.

  14. Anonymous

    Does Jake the snake live up to his name physically? We will have to wait for the video to appear on Youtube again.

  15. anon

    Dear Anon,

    I can confirm it is a snake but if you care to go ask your Mum how long and thick your arm was when you were about 2, then you’d be getting closer to the mark. Yes, it’s a real choker!

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