FIGHT NIGHT: Costello's ambitions threatened by a pro-Turnbull faction in his own state


The looming Victorian Liberal Friday fight over their Senate preselections reveals that Malcolm Turnbull is now the clear beneficiary of  a permanent split in what was the Costello-Kroger faction.

Some say this could represent a very serious problem for Costello’s ambitions for federal party leadership.

The split between the Kroger-Ronno and the Cossie-Fifield forces has grown with each passing day since Ronaldson did Turnbull’s numbers for him while Costello was supporting Brendan Nelson. It was also exacerbated by tensions over whether Krogerite Jason Aldworth or Costello-ista Julian Sheezel should replace Costello in Higgins if he left the seat, as was expected during most of last year.

Costello also blames Ronaldson – and former Ronno staffer now Turnbull media man Tony Barry – for leaking against him repeatedly. The former Treasurer told one supporter that Ronaldson’s activities were a “major reason” he stayed on in order to defy and smite him.

Former party president and power-broker Michael Kroger continues to support Ronaldson, creating what some see as growing strains between formerly best buddies Kroger and Costello. Some say they are no longer talking as they used to. Still loyal to Costello in Victoria are Senator Mitch Fifield (not due for election this time), front-bencher and former Cossie staffer Tony Smith and Higgins aspirant Julian Sheezel. But they are a much smaller group than the better organised Ronno forces.

On Friday evening from 7pm, the Policy Assembly will select the ticket the Victorian Liberals take to the next election. Each position is elected separately, with #2 already dealt to the Victorian Nationals as part of the life-support programme for that party in decline. #1 will be elected first then #2.

Turnbull is strongly supporting his numbers-man Senator Michael Ronaldson who commands the loyalty of many Victorian Liberals, particularly it is thought Senator Helen Kroger who is believed to be firmly under him. They are frequently seen having very private chats in Chairman’s Lounge where the walls have ears. The Liberal Leader even wrote a reference for his aggressive and feisty Shadow Minister for this contest where most expect Ronno to be comfortably returned as #1 on the ticket.

Costello had previously committed to support incumbent Senator Julian McGauran who defected from the National Party after being hunted into exhaustion by preselection predator and state Nats Leader Peter Ryan.  He is believed to be still supporting McGauran but hasn’t necessarily brought all his supporters with him.

On Friday’s preselection fight night (doors of Centenary Hall locked at 7pm), it appears many of Costello’s voters will actually be supporting former Cossie staffer Kelly O’Dwyer’s friend Cate Dealehr.

On the other side of the Costello-Kroger split are the Senator Michael Ronaldson forces. Their candidate – as regular readers will recall – in any vacancy in Higgins when it was expected to arise last year was the wily Jason Aldworth, who works alongside various Labor identities at CPR lobbying firm.

One of their big players was Tony Barry who has recently left town to become a key adviser and media strategist to Malcolm Turnbull. Barry was the key factional operator for the Ronaldson forces.

It is that move – more than anything else – that is seen to have solidified the already strong connection between Turnbull and the Ronno forces.

Ronaldson of course had supported Turnbull over Brendan Nelson while Costello had supported Nelson in the leadership contest. Costello doesn’t like Turnbull and mutters darkly about having “lots of sh*t on him” relating to Turnbull’s business career where like every Sydney spiv on the make he knew how to cut a corner or two in his Maserati.

Ronno’s troops – large in number – will turn-up and vote for Ross Fox, after they’ve elected Ronno as #1.

Senator Ronaldson would normally be expected to support his colleague Senator McGauran but is staying ominously silent while his troops strap bayonets to their rifles for Friday’s night attack. Ronno’s silence is seen as a kiss of death for McGauran.

Fox is a strong candidate on paper, an Oxford graduate, former staffer and currently a lobbyist for independent schools. His most important qualification might be his willingness to do what master-blaster Ronno directs him to do.

As a former staffer to John Brogden, the Liberal Left former NSW Opposition Leader, Fox is well connected among the bleeding heart leftistes who populate the moderate Liberal forces in Sydney.

Their equivalent in Victoria, the Baillieu faction forces are believed to be supportive of Caroline Kenny SC. But she is not a factional player, she’s an outsider candidate who is running a gender argument for her candidacy but is seen by most as positioning herself for another seat at another time. They don’t think much of Fox but prefer him to McGauran.

That leaves McGauran, with a cheque written by Costello that when he tries to cash it will bounce like one of those brilliant $2 bouncing ball things I insist on buying on every admittedly rare trip to the supermarket.  His referee is Peter Bartels, the former Fosters CEO who is also head of the Higgins 200 Club and acts on the friendly instruction of Cossie.

McGauran has apparently worked over every last voter on the PA though. Travelling throughout the state, he has visited dozens of them, sat in their homes and whispered sweet nothings about how the Victorian Liberals need a conservative voice in Canberra to balance out the liberal ways of Sydney pro-choice Republican merchant bankers. Melbourne Liberals look at NSW Senator and Liberal Lefty Marise Payne very suspiciously and not just because she raises money from Italian organised crime figures but she appears to be more flamboyantly left-wing than anyone in the NSW Right of the ALP. She opposes the Free-Trade Agreement between the US and Australia for example.

Indeed, Imre Salusinszky at the Australian reported today some of the NSW Liberal Left are so wacky, they’ve taken up with the supposedly more moderate National Party.

An important part of McGauran’s pitch is that he can “deliver” DLP preferences, by reason of his family’s financial support for that party and its natural inclination to support the conservative chap. Insiders say though that McGauran is country conservative in that unreconstructed kind of National Party way, supporting rorts like the single-desk AWB wheat monopoly so some of the more ideologically pure Liberal free-marketeers will turn up their nose at him on those kind of grounds.

The best guess of VEXNEWS contributors and sources is that Ross Fox is most likely to win, on the back of a strong showing for Ronno.

That’ll remove one Costello vote and add one to Malcolm’s pile.

Future Victorian Liberal preselections are also likely to cause a great deal of disruption, with Ted Baillieu’s supporters likely to enjoy more say than the current Policy Assembly process after recent party reforms. Liberal insiders say that while Mitch Fifield is probably safe, Scott Ryan keen not be #3 again and Helen Kroger working flat out in close consort with Ronno and the Baillieu people keen to claim their own spot that competition could be very intense indeed.



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56 responses to “FIGHT NIGHT: Costello's ambitions threatened by a pro-Turnbull faction in his own state

  1. Forbsey

    I remember when I used to run for he unwinnable 4th spot. Ahhh, such pleasant memories.

  2. Anon

    Rubbish. James Paterson – YLM President who works for Fifield – is supporting Fox like all the other young turks

  3. Anonymous

    what a crock. Even if Julian McGauren looses, he will be in office until June 30, 2011, so this is not about leadership numbers…that issue will be long settled one way or the other by then.

    This is about who will be part of the team trying to win government…or who will be a Minister if the Libs already have won. The position up for grabs will, if held, hold office from July 1, 2011 to June 30 2017, which would give Julian a total of 28 years in Parliament…

  4. WB

    Agree, I think Fox is going to win comfortably.

    Pack your money-bags Julian.

    Costello and those who support him are losing credibility very fast.

  5. Anonski

    Ha ha ha.


    Ross Fox has no chance.

  6. Jules

    I wouldn’t rule the Jules out, he has a cash stash and isn’t too much of a pussy to use it.

  7. Professor Maku Dong Long

    Has anyone seen Just_In McKeegan? He still owes me Professional Fees for his successful Penile Lengthening Surgery as a result of his medical condition, Infantile Penis Syndrome.

  8. Awesome

    Just what the party needs. A bitch for Ronno in the Senate.

  9. Choo choo

    The GTM Express for Senate.

  10. There’s only one problem gentleman. Even if Turnbull does consolidate his Victorian position and take the party to the next election, he will still lose. He doesn’t connect with the Average Joe that resides outside of his own hoi poloi establishment style electorate.

    The dichotomy of Australian politics is thus, the inner urban educated elitist class v.s. the outer urban-suburban-rural working and small business class.

    This defines the conflictual nature of the electoral map that will move against Turnbull’s elitist chardonney leftist agenda.

    John Howard was unmatched in his ability to speak to and bring along with him the outer urban-suburban-rural constituency.

    His success speaks volumes.

    Mark it down fellow partisans Turnbull is dead political meat.

    The Prince of Malvern lays in wait…Slowly the clock continues to tick, then when the time is right the fractious splits and perception based manueavouring will be put aside for Peter Costello Prime Minister of Australia.

    Then we’ll see as Mr. Burns would say if this cat has claws mwahahahahah

  11. Anonski

    Ronno 1, McGauran 3

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiotic MULCer that thinks that if they vote for some 32 year old failed candidate from Isaacs and ex employee of Broggers, that they too can one day be PM.

  12. Anonymous

    Are you talking about the same Julian McGauran who had Parliamentary Services remove all the equipment from his Collins Street electorate office so he could have his one-on-one tango dancing lessons in private?!

    Get serious, giving that bloke another 6 years so he can clock up three decades on the taxpayer dime is not real world…

  13. anon

    Tango dancing aside, Julian’s highest position since he entered the senate in 1987 is deputy whip.

    Maybe it’s time to give a woman a go.

  14. anonymous

    Check the AEC records…Julian McGauran has the highest number of people putting him last below the line of any candidate, but very very few putting him high below the line. This is because he is electoral poison after he improperly released private medical data about a constituent to the media. Time for a change.

  15. anon

    caroline kenny will get up the middle.

  16. mcperton

    Caroline Kenny SC can get up my middle any day!

  17. Natasha The Despoiler


    It is a surprise to us here on the liberal side of Liberal, that some well meaning County Court Judge has not suppressed the name and occupation of Julian Mc Guaran years ago…

    Seriously honeys, just ask the National Party Intelligentsia – they are well aware of his proclivities.

    As for all of the other candidates, regardles of faction, there is not a liberal amongst them.

    All of the best candidates are no longer members of the conservative party, and cannot run – there.

  18. Anon

    This is true, the Conservative Senators are b & c grade dross and waste.

    It’s a competition between the blind and the blinder.

    And hasn’t Helen Kroger stacked on the Fat!!!!!!!!

  19. Karen Synon

    The bitch still doesn’t have a patch on me.

  20. Julian McGauran

    The Pokies are paying for my Tango Lessons.

  21. Julian McGauran

    The senator for St Kilda,25197,18030923-28737,00.html

    “stripped of furniture, to give the senator more space for his tango lessons. …”

  22. mitch

    Jules, it’s time for the last tango in the paris end of Collins Street.

  23. Senator for St Kilda

    The senator for St Kilda
    By Cameron Stewart, Additional research James Riley

    Associate editor Cameron Stewart says the McGauran defection reflects the political chameleon’s lifestyle

    MAVERICK Queensland federal MP Bob Katter laughs down the telephone line from Charters Towers. “The pioneers of the Country Party were hard tough people who worked with their hands,” he says. `I don’t think Julian McGauran would ever have cut [sugar] cane by hand.
    “In fact, I never thought we had an upper class in Australia until I met Julian. Socially he feels much more at home with the big end of town than with the peasants.”
    As the Liberal Party last night welcomed Australia’s newest political defector, the unspoken question was not why Senator Julian McGauran had abandoned the National Party, as it’s now called, but why it took him so long to join its Coalition partner.
    It has been years, insiders say, since 49-year-old McGauran was spotted with a hayseed in his hair. Instead, this friend-of-the-farmer spends working days inside a suit at the Paris end of Melbourne’s Collins Street, close enough to catch the smell of cigars and cognac wafting from the windows of that old-money haunt, the Melbourne Club.
    A favourite lunch spot is the nearby Athenaeum Club, where he holds membership alongside his long-time friend, Liberal Party deputy leader Peter Costello. After work, the long-time National Party senator retreats, not to a farm or country town, but to the cafes and bars of trendy inner-city St Kilda, amid its passing parade of bohemians, musicians and hookers.
    One senior National Party figure says, “He withdrew to Collins Street and pursued issues like abortion, which are hardly the bread-and-butter concerns of struggling farmers.” Some Nationals have reason to be bitter — the defection cost the party a ministerial post in the latest reshuffle.
    Older brother Peter McGauran is still a National Party MP and the federal Agriculture Minister. The story of the McGauran clan mirrors the political journey of many traditional rural families, whose business interests in regional towns and the cities has resulted in them identifying increasingly with the Liberals rather than the Nationals.
    Descended from bog Irish Catholic settlers who arrived in Gippsland in eastern Victoria in the 1860s, the McGauran family was a rural success story which farmed and then bought into country pubs.
    Family patriarch John McGauran raised both Peter and Julian to believe that politics was the noblest of professions. But with both boys educated at Melbourne’s exclusive Xavier College and then at Melbourne and Monash universities respectively, it was the Liberals that first caught their attention.
    Julian joined the Monash University Liberal Club, where he formed what would become a 30-year-old friendship with Costello and Victorian Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger and state president Helen Kroger.
    But the family’s traditional rural links held sway and the Gippsland boys eventually joined the Nationals, with Peter elected to federal parliament in 1983 at 27 and Julian in 1987 at 30.
    Yet it was about this time that the multimillion-dollar McGauran family business moved away from its rural roots, diversifying into city hotels and later into the lucrative poker-machine trade.
    This has not been without controversy. In 2003, the McGauran family business was refused permission to increase the number of poker machines from 70 to 75 at its Millers Inn hotel in the west Melbourne suburb of Altona because of a possible harmful effect on the local community’s welfare.
    But this business shift has become so pronounced that the McGaurans are now said to earn more money from poker machines than they do from the land.
    Once in parliament Julian’s bond with the land was equally elusive. The Victorian senator became best-known for oddball antics, from giving the finger to the Opposition benches to strange statements.
    In 1988 the greenhorn senator famously said he had sent a “boat up the Amazon” to summon his brother from Brazil to help sort out a party leadership crisis. He later earned international press coverage by complaining that discarded Indonesian thongs were floating to Australian shores.
    More recently, visitors to his Collins Street office were surprised to see it almost stripped of furniture, to give the senator more space for his tango lessons.
    McGauran’s policy passions have also been removed from the bread-and-butter issues of his constituents. A staunch Catholic, rather than focus on economic issues in rural and regional Australia, he has invested much time in abortion, euthanasia and censorship issues, reflecting the church’s moral teachings. He was also an early and vocal critic of Indonesia’s treatment of the Catholic East Timorese.
    Says one former party colleague, “I cannot point to a single road or a bridge he has helped to create.” However, he has at times fought hard on rural issues. He argued strongly against deregulating the nation’s monopoly wheat exporter, AWB, and was opposed to the deregulation of the dairy industry.
    Katter believes that McGauran’s disaffection with the Nationals began in 2000 when he failed to convince the party to oppose dairy deregulation.
    “It was a psychological watershed for Julian,” says Katter, who himself left the Nationals to become an independent.
    “I remember him saying, `If we deregulate the dairy industry, there is no National Party in Victoria.’ From that point on he was totally cynical. I never saw Julian interested in any other issue.”
    By 2004 McGauran’s perceived disinterest with the National Party issues and his failure to achieve a frontbench spot saw him challenged for pre-selection.
    Although the challenge was unsuccessful, colleagues say it soured McGauran’s attitude to the Nationals and he began to lose interest in the rural constituency.
    “He seemed to morph into a period of indifference,” says one senior National figure. “Getting Julian McGauran to a political rally beyond the bright lights was like getting blood out of a stone.”
    Says another former colleague, “It was a case of sour grapes because he had been challenged. Julian saw it as an insult to himself and to his family, which is a big financial contributor to the party.”
    To those who were paying attention, McGauran’s drift away from the Nationals was obvious. He confided his disenchantment to colleagues and even declined to renew party membership last year.
    Senior Liberals knew he was ripe for the picking and they made their move, finding receptive ears at the top end of Collins Street. So Julian McGauran — the man who in his maiden parliamentary speech called for “leadership which does not discard old loyalties for new favours”, discarded his old loyalty to switch to the Liberal Coalition partners.
    Last night his new party welcomed this peculiar rebel into the fold. But do they really know what McGauran stands for these days? Those who consulted the senator’s personal home page for answers yesterday would be none the wiser; the page has been shut down with the message: “ is under construction.”
    His critics could not have said it better themselves.
    Caption: Oddball antics: Julian McGauran
    Home turf: The St Kilda apartment block in which the former National lives

  24. Pokies cloud over McGauran

    AGRICULTURE Minister Peter McGauran and his senator brother Julian McGauran – who together own a Melbourne pub with 70 poker machines – have been accused of ignoring government expectations that a portion of their profits be donated to charity.

    The McGauran brothers last year declared $1 million of expenditure on their Victorian hotel from poker machine revenue as “community benefit” spending but only $5000 has gone to genuinely charitable causes.

    Victorian law until recently required that all gaming venue operators that received gaming machine revenue had to submit an annual “community benefit statement” to show that some of their profits were helping the community.

    But the amount they actually spent and the rules around what they spent it on were loose, meaning many hotels and clubs claimed fixing their own venues as a community benefit.

    In lodging their 2005-06 application for The Millers Inn Hotel in the suburb of Altona in Melbourne’s west, the McGaurans listed items including a hotel glass washer, cupboards, table tops, stools and carpet, as well as staff wages as ways they had helped the community.

    InterChurch Gambling Taskforce chairman Mark Zirnsak said he was outraged by the arrangement.

    “I’m disappointed with the Millers Inn,” Mr Zirnask said.

    “We might have hoped because of the connection to the federal Government they would have wanted to lead by example with demonstrating greater benefits to the community from having pokies. Given the attacks on state governments over pokies, the community should be able to expect that any pokie venue connected to a federal government minister would demonstrate a high commitment to minimising the harm pokies cause and would make generous community benefit contributions.”

    The revelation comes after Peter Costello attacked states for their reliance on poker machine revenue, arguing gaming machines were too close to ATMs. “It is the commonwealth’s view that more can be done, particularly in restricting the availability of ATMs in venues where there are poker machines,” the Treasurer said in parliament.

    The Victorian Government has exempted hotels from having to make community benefit statements because they already have to pay 8.3per cent of their revenue into a “Community Support Fund”. Clubs still have to lodge the statements, but the state Government has been forced to review what it considers “community benefits” after several clubs bent the rules.

    The family trusts of Peter McGauran and Julian McGauran have a stake in the company that owns the hotel. The multi-million-dollar family business McGauran (Altona) Pty Ltd is partly owned by the Peter John McGauran Trust and the Julian John McGauran Trust. A spokeswoman for Peter McGauran said he had nothing to do with its operations and, as a result, was not responsible for what happened

    “Peter McGauran’s interest in the hotel is held in trust and he has no involvement in its operations whatsoever,” she said. Julian McGauran did not return calls.

    In 2004-05, The Millers Inn Hotel declared a community benefit of $958,247, with $31,608 spent on gift and sponsorships just 3.3per cent. Last year, 2005-06, the declared community benefit grew to $1,075,065, but gifts and sponsorships shrank to $5948 just 0.5per cent.

    A Monash University analysis of community benefit statements for 2005-06 found that 62.8per cent of aggregate claimed community benefits were wage costs for venue and management company staff, 14.2per cent related to the costs of fixed assets, and 13.3per cent were for direct and indirect operational costs. Gifts of funds or goods and sponsorships amounted to a total of 2.6 per cent of total claimed benefits and a further 4.2 per cent was claimed as costs of volunteer services and/or time.

  25. McGauran January newsletter

    It was the 3rd March 1998 and one of
    Australia’s political giants was being
    laid to rest from Melbourne’s
    St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In what was a
    rare occurrence, any Senator or
    Member who sought leave from the
    Sitting of Parliament to attend the
    State funeral of Mr Bob Santamaria
    was given it. Prime Minster Howard
    made available a charter flight to carry
    The Church was seeing off in full
    tradition one of its great Generals of
    the Crusades. In the Cathedral I
    counted 14 pews of past and present
    Liberal Party members. I looked for
    Labor and could only recognise one
    person – The Federal President,
    Barry Jones. Labor was holding its
    grudge against Santamaria and his
    Democratic Labor Party (DLP)…to
    the end.
    Bob Santamaria was a warrior. His
    eulogy spoke of the single most
    significant event that set alight his
    lifetime fight against communism. It
    was in the 1930s during the Spanish
    Civil War when a Communist bullet
    struck the statue of Christ outside the
    Madrid Cathedral. His fight lead to
    years of internal battles within the
    Labor Party during the 1950s. Finally
    the wrestle for the soul of the
    Labor Party ended in 1955 with the
    expulsion from the Labor Party of
    Santamaria and his small band of true
    believers as they were named.
    Santamaria and other like minds then
    formed the DLP in 1956. Its primary
    mission was to fight the scourge of
    communism and to act as a counter
    balance to communism’s growing
    influence inside the Labor Party.
    Immediately the DLP became a major
    player in Australian politics. In the
    elections of 1958 and 1961, its
    preferences assured office for the
    Menzies Liberal Government. This
    decisive influence lasted right through
    until 1972.
    During his Prime Ministership,
    Menzies formed a personal and
    political bond with the exiled rebels.
    It was also a time the Liberal
    Government made landmark policy
    decisions that have shaped the Party
    and Australia to this day.
    In Education, non-Government
    schools were funded for the first time.
    In Defence, spending was tailored to
    accommodate the dual policies of
    Fortress Australia and Forward
    Defence. While in Foreign Affairs
    there was a strengthening of the US
    alliance under the ANZUS Treaty. In
    the Howard years each one of these
    classical Liberal Party policy
    directions were enhanced.
    Santamaria regularly visited Menzies
    in his retirement and during his long
    illness. It is worthy to note
    Peter Costello sounded out
    Bob Santamaria on issues and
    John Howard attended his bedside
    weeks before his death. From
    Menzies to Howard, the Liberal Party
    and the DLP have been political
    friends. The relationship is one of the
    great political stories of Australian
    When I first ran for the Senate, I
    approached Bob Santamaria for the
    crucial preferences of the DLP. I
    could not win without them. Imagine
    my feelings at such a young political
    age dealing with a man who had been
    a political figure in Australia since the
    1930s. Yet he was the most humble of
    characters. I left the room with the
    preferences in my pocket. It was the
    start of my close relationship with the
    DLP. In 2003 the DLP found
    themselves in a High Court challenge
    fending off deregistration as a Party
    by the Australian Electoral
    Commission (AEC). The Party had
    refused to submit to the AEC the
    required minimum 500 bona fide
    members on the grounds of privacy of
    political membership. Returning the
    loyalty given to me and with a healthy
    dose of political self interest, I
    mustered a legal team to represent
    them. Though the High Court case
    was lost, for the DLP members it was
    a cause worth fighting.
    In the 2006 Victorian State election,
    the DLP after decades of absence
    surprisingly returned to Parliament
    with the election of a member to the
    Legislative Council. The 2007
    Federal Election was also a milestone
    for the DLP/ Liberal Party relationship.
    For the first time in 30 years the
    DLP fielded Senate candidates in
    NSW, QLD and WA directing
    preferences to their old allies, the
    Liberal Party. In Victoria DLP
    preferences were directed to the
    Liberal number three on the Senate
    ticket Scott Ryan and were crucial in
    his narrow win. The alternative would
    have been a Greens Senator elected.
    Equally, at the next election the third
    Liberal Senator in each state will be
    greatly reliant upon the DLP
    preferences to be elected. Their vote
    averages just under 2% or about
    60,000 primaries. We cannot
    automatically assume preferences will
    come to the Liberals just because of
    our historical links. These shrewd
    operators have been playing a tough
    political game since the 1950s.
    This rich Liberal Party history reminds
    us great political advancements are
    sparked by the courage of our
    convictions while political timidity,
    often cloaked as ‘wise counsel’, leads
    to decline.

  26. Anon Annonski

    Costello clearly still wants the party to come crawling to him with the leadership on a platter and beg him to accept.
    For all his establishment connections Turnbull is more in touch with reality for most Australians than Costello has ever been. Costello is lost in some time warp where puritan bred blackburn boys are morally superior. Turnbull is a person of enormous achievement what has Costello done to match? Sweet FA! All he has done is nurse his heir apparent image for nearly 20 years.
    The Red Ted faction are hopeless. They haven’t got a guiding principle or vision among them. They are just internal party hacks more focussed on reclaiming their glory days when Ted was Pres, PPPP (paul pink panther price) was an even more dissolute playboy wanna be, simie’s mom was vice pres and senatorial wanna be and kapel was doing a shit job for kemp!

  27. Anonski

    Jules’ numbers are very strong. Foxy Ross will have to be content with the Jim Forbes position.

  28. Horrie McGauran

    My brothers are very good at the farm helping with sheep.

  29. Gerry of Mentone

    “McGauran January newsletter” is fantasy-the author knows nothing of DLP workings.

  30. Poxy Candidate

    Poxy Ross is light on with the truth, like his qualifications, his work history, where he lives etc. To say he ‘sexed up’ his bio is a significant understatement.
    Any take him away from Fifield’s apron strings and he is useless and ineffective.

  31. anon


    Poxy Ross is light on with the truth, like his qualifications, his work history, where he lives etc. To say he ’sexed up’ his bio is a significant understatement.
    Any take him away from Fifield’s apron strings and he is useless and ineffective.

    Posted by Poxy Candidate | March 3, 2009, 21:20

    Apron strings or jock straps????

  32. Poxy Candidate

    Do we really want to know?
    The vision is NOT good, would not surprise me whatever went on, in the ex-State Bank safe in Florence Street.

  33. Lily

    Poxy on you “poxy candidate”. It seems that you are the only one that is light…on middle leg length, so it seems.
    See the link below.
    Fox went to Oxford and all the other stuff about his experience is verifiable by a basic google search.
    I guess it is easier to search for Ross’s background (which is not made up) than it is to search for your sense of truth.
    They have surgery to cure your P envy.

  34. the Cardinal

    Blackfriars Hall is run by the Dominican Friars (Order of Preachers). With it are associated the Aquinas Institute, and the Las Casas Institute for Faith and Public Life. We welcome applications from men and women, clerical or lay, Christian or otherwise, who wish to undertake studies in Philosophy or Theology. The Friars, and many of the Visiting Research Scholars, have a particular interest in the Thomist tradition and its application to current issues of faith, life and public policy.

  35. Poxy Candidate

    Read his material and listen to the lies he pedalled in Isaacs in the 2007 Federal Election.
    Poxy blatantly told porkies as to where he lived and totally sexed up his CV.

  36. Lily

    I am shocked. My apologies, because politicians never lie or sex up their CVs???

    Like I said. Do a google search. He lied about where he lived did he? Wow, what a crime. Pollies never live away from where they are supposed to be…noooo. Gimme a break. Go spread you desperate sounding arguments & hype on a website about growing mushrooms.

    Maybe Julian, the do-nothing senator deserves to get up again, so he can persecute more people and breach their privacy…

    The days of blind robotic believers are behind us. The time of the true believers has arrived.

  37. anon

    Hey Poxy Candidate I think Ross bats for the same team as Ollie and Chrissy Pyne.

  38. PM

    I think that one of the other candidates bats for that team actually, it appears to be MUCH more obvious choice than Ross.

  39. Anonski

    PM, no one is voting for Owen, so who cares?

  40. Natasha The Despoiler

    Honeys – vote ALP. I know I do, as should all left-wing minded types.

  41. Forbsey

    The fourth spot on the Senate ticket is a very important spot – best of luck to you, Foxy Ross, in the pursuit of the fourth spot.

  42. RDR

    Did someone say sexed up?
    It wasn’t me. You can’t prove anything. I was just driving her home. Nothing to see people.

  43. anon

    Will somebody please stop that tool McGauren from breaching the party constitution by emailing and sms’ing me and all the other delegates every five minutes?

  44. Ollie

    All this talk about the Forbes position is making me excited.

    I love the Forbes position. I have experienced many Forbes positions.

  45. Anonymous

    The Concerned Christian Families do not approve of the Forbes position.

  46. Natasha the Despoiler

    None of the candidates for Liberal Party preselection for the Senate are raving left wingers like me.

    That said, if honeys want my advice as to which candidate most embodies left liberal values, it would have to be Foxy Ross.

    Any former employee of Broggers can’t be that committed to archaic, conservative values.

  47. Inga

    I am reliably informed that my amble proportions drive all the young men crazy. I, therefore, would make an excellent choice for my obvious sex appeal and ability to swallow a whole water foul in one bite.

  48. anon

    Fox had a thing for a very young Thai girl.

  49. Inga

    I will trade my votes for a delicious bribe.

  50. Karen Synon

    Roll me in flour and I will eagerly take any practical position that serves the party.

  51. J-Rat

    Now there is nothing wrong with a quick trip to Asia.

  52. McPerton

    I am missing my Friday luncheons with my dear friend, the dearest of all dear fatties, Fatty Doyle.

    My luncheon companions in San Fran lack his charm, wit and Black CLK.

  53. Broggers

    I once made a comment about Bob Carr and Asian girls….. it got me in to a bit of trouble.

  54. Concerned Liberal


    I have just received a copy of Ross Fox’s application for the Senate pre-selection for this Friday night’s extravaganza and have forensically analysed the information he has provided.

    Boy has this guy gilded the lily or what?

    He has more front the Myers!

    For any budding delegates at this Friday night’s convention here are some curly questions and background information you might want to throw at the ‘star’ candidate Mr Fox.

    I have also included other question marks over Mr Fox’s run for Parliament for your information.

    But first the ‘raw’ application data –


    Age 22 – Business Analyst, McKinsey & Co. Why did he leave?
    26 months – a real paid job!

    Age 24 – Helping out in WA aboriginal community on a contact. Why do this?
    4 months – a real paid job!

    Age 24 – Improvement Consultant, Pasminco Smelter
    6 months – a real paid job!

    Age 25 – Adviser to Federal Member for Macarthur in NSW.
    4 months – a political staffer!

    Age 26 – (Senior) Policy Adviser to the NSW opposition leader. Senior?
    12 months – a political staffer!

    Age 26 Business Improvement Manager, Emoleum Road Services.
    6 months – a real paid job!

    Age 26 – Fox paid for a place to attend an Oxford Bachelor of Arts Degree
    24 months – no job

    Age 28 – Research Fellow (part time), IPA
    7 months – not a real job. A small token salary!

    Age 29 – Chief of Staff (read office manager) for Ronno. Boy was this a setup!
    6 months (Fox was preselected for Isaacs in July 2007 while the office manager) – a political staffer!

    Age 30 – Liberal Candidate for the Federal Electorate of Isaacs
    16 Months – no job

    Age 31 – Research Fellow (part time), IPA
    15 months – not a real job. A small token salary!

    Age 32 – Director of Public Affairs, Association of Independent Schools of Victoria
    9 months – a real paid job!

    So now we have a better picture of the last 10 years….

    Real paid jobs = 3 years and 9months
    Political staffer positions = 1 year and 10 months
    Part time IPA researcher = 1 year and 10 months
    Liberal Candidate = 1 year and 4 months
    Student = 2 years


    Ross in your application under the heading ‘Employment History’ you talk about being ‘Chief of Staff’ for the Office of Michael Ronaldson for 6 months. Really? This does sound impressive but we all know that Ronno was a backbencher at that time. Surely you mean ‘Office Manager’.

    Ross you talk about your ‘business acumen and extensive business contacts’ gained through your fractured and mediocre work history. Please explain how you obtained this business acumen and these business contacts?

    Ross you talk about your fantastic campaign in Isaacs where you spent over $200,000 of Liberal Party funds. Why then did you have a massive 6.21% swing against you?
    Other key Labor held seats in the 2007 Federal Campaign did not have such a large swing against them when they only had a fraction of the Liberal Party funds allocated to them that you had.

    In your pre-selection speech to win the endorsement for Isaacs you barked out loud that you would ‘challenge Mark Dreyfus (the Labor candidate) to debate you every day of the campaign’. How many times did you challenge Mr Dreyfus to debate you in the Isaacs campaign?

    Ross why did you lie to many Liberals in the Isaac’s electorate about your ‘independence’ when after you were endorsed it was found you were just another Costello sycophant being supported by Mitch Fifield for numbers in the Party room?

    After your speech to win the Isaacs campaign you were seen violently vomiting in the toilets. Do you really have the mettle to be a Senator?

    It is noticed in your application that there is no mention of winning the next State election. Is this because you still retain strong allegiances with Costello and will in no way help Ted Baillieu win the next State election?

    Throughout your application you seem to be hanging a lot on your (only) 9 months working as a Director for the Association of Independent Schools of Victoria. There appears to be several other ‘Directors’ at the Association of Independent Schools of Victoria. Are you sure that this ‘trumping up’ of this short period with the organisations reflects the true picture of your involvement? Or is this just another ‘Chief of Staff’ puff….? After all you have included what you have done in this role in the last 9 months as one of your (two) major career achievements!

    Ross you have included your second major career achievement as being the candidate in your failed Isaacs campaign. Your statistics (train station visits / media coverage etc) are not remarkable and compare with many other Liberal endorsed candidates who had a lot less Liberal Party funds to spend on their campaigns.

    You talk about the ‘2nd BA’ at your paid Oxford Course that it will be converted to a Master of Arts in a few months time. Now Ross you know that with an Oxford degree this happens automatically after 7 years not in a few months time. Don’t imply you are ‘an exceptional student’. Just tell it like it is.

    Ross you were trying to destabilise the then Leader of the Federal Opposition, Dr Nelson last year, with your Internet antics that professed Peter Costello should come back to lead the Federal Liberals. How do we know you wont get up to this mischief against Malcolm Turnbull? You are simply not to be trusted.

    It can be seen in your Accompanying Statement that you are playing for the Country vote that is being partially vacated by Judith Troeth. Its great that when you were young, having a hobby of rearing a few calves, but can I be bold enough to say that this is your full extent of Country sympathy. Lets not pretend. You are a city dude who wouldn’t in a (pink) fit head off to live in the Country. Nice try though. People see right through your opportunism to cash in on this Country sentiment.

    Now Mr Fox. You are a single 32-year-old male with lots of confidence (and bluff) but with limited life experiences. You have a propensity to lie to get your own way and have been caught gilding the lily to try and get into Parliament by ‘whatever it takes’. What do you really know about working families and what it is like to bring up children, have a mortgage and all the things important to most people in the community? It is great to be a young ‘Turk’ wanting fame and notoriety by being a Member of Parliament, and I am sure your current salary of $70,000 going to $140,000 plus perks as a Senator would also be a buzz for you. But look we already have a couple of young Turks representing Victoria in Scott Ryan and Mitch Fifield. Do we really need another one?

    Lets not go back to the Pre-Reform days that branded Liberal Party in Victoria as a club for the Costello boys (and Helen Kroger). Lets elect Liberal’s to our Parliament who understand people as a result of their long and real life experiences. Lets not have any more young chameleons professing to be something they simply are not.

  55. Anonski

    Don’t be too concerned, Concerned Liberal, Foxy Ross has no chance obtaining the winnable 3rd spot.

  56. ???

    Re: concerned liberal.

    You say that:
    “Lets not go back to the Pre-Reform days that branded Liberal Party in Victoria as a club for the Costello boys (and Helen Kroger). Lets elect Liberal’s to our Parliament who understand people as a result of their long and real life experiences. Lets not have any more young chameleons professing to be something they simply are not.”

    In that case, the only genuinely non-aligned person is Kenny.

    mcgauarn & cate are both very much factionally aligned.

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