MORBIDLY MINDED: Nuke your least favourite city and see the ill-effects

nukesol A Sydney graphic design firm has used some of its down-time to create a Google Maps applet that permits patriots to virtually drop nuclear bombs and such on targets of their choice and be given some indication of the impact they would have.

The example below would show the unpleasant effect of dropping the same nuke that was dropped on Nagasaki on the premises of the notorious Solomon and Rosie Lew who dwell in former (pre-recession) billionaire bliss at 2A Whernside Street Toorak.

Fortunately for them they have a fall-out shelter to accommodate them and a few close relatives (not many of them), household staff and the odd “masseuse.” The otherwise innocent residents of Toorak and surrounding burbs would not be so well off so perhaps the lesson of this mapplet is that nukes are best kept in their silos.

Click here to pick your own target.


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