McBAD: Maccas to charge battlers more for burgers

badmaccas The Herald Sun has today exclusively revealed that McDonald’s plans on slugging battlers more for their burgers.

A secret company document obtained by the Hun patriots reveals the company will “introduce more aggressive price increases” at 52 of their 214 Victorian outlets.

They will shamefully target the Royal Children’s Hospital for big increases.

Also targetted are CBD outlets, the Airport and many of Melbourne’s western suburbs including St Albans and Airport West. Leafier suburbs with more alternatives will apparently be spared the increases in a move likely to cause a big stink, creating the odd situation where a Big Mac will be cheaper in Malvern than St Albans.

A franchisee whistleblower told the state’s popular newspaper on condition of anonymity:

“If you take the time to analyse the different restaurants, in general the poorer suburbs will pay more,” the franchisee said.

“In essence, areas that the franchiser thinks will pay more for our products will have to. This is so wrong.”

Probably another reminder of the nutritional and much more justly priced KFC alternative.



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20 responses to “McBAD: Maccas to charge battlers more for burgers

  1. Anonymous

    fucking Mcgreedy McC#nts

  2. NorthWestNews

    I would like to confirm this also!! My Bro-In_Law works for Maccas and he has also confirmed this but quite a few weeks ago!! I also wanted to comment that the burgers ARE getting smaller and we are paying more… From now on its HJ’s….

  3. Half Empty

    Got a KFC snackbox yesterday. As usual, it was half full. Tower Burger is a rip off. Like all the photos in their restaurants, and TV ads, the Burgers look huge but are tiny. Five bucks for something the size of a Macca’s cheeseburger. Never again!

  4. Angry of Malvern

    As an ex fat bastard, I have no respect for McDonalds. All this bullshit about salads and healthy alternatives. THERE IS NO HEALTHY FOOD AT MCDONALDS. I have far more respect for KFC which in no way tries to convince anyone that its food is in anyway healthy. In fact it does quite the opposite by putting out a bigger and better grease laden meal deal to coincide with each cricket season. Given that they are not even honest about how shit there food is, how does anyone expect any honesty in regards to pricing.

  5. Anonymous

    Posted by NorthWestNews | February 26, 2009, 9:22

    i too like HJ’s

  6. [deleted]

    Just as well I got a pay rise recently. Man cannot live on KFC alone.

  7. [deleted]

    Why is my name deleted all the time?

  8. anon

    “I have far more respect for KFC which in no way tries to convince anyone that its food is in anyway healthy”

    If that’s true then why did they change the name from Kentucky FRIED Chicken to KFC?

  9. Patriot

    Mc Fuck back off to Mc America

  10. loves2spooj

    Great, now I’m craving a double beef and bacon burger. Is there no justice???

  11. Westy

    Next time I am at a Mc Donalds drive through I am going to back all over your pissant mc shrubbery and give ya back a couple of Mc Nuggests in ya Mc Festy Mc Toilets ya rotten Mc Cunts

  12. wombat

    Actually in the US, KFC tried to promote their meals as healthy because it was low in carbs.

    That particular marketing campaign did not last the week.

  13. mick

    It aint Mc Fries, its fuckin chips

  14. George Jetson

    Why would anyone eat that shit anyway?

  15. anon

    Cheap or expensive McDonald’s taste like faeces, except faeces is more healthy to eat than McDonalds.

  16. Anonymous

    I have notice that within Missisauga, Ontario, each McDonald charged different prices for happy meals and others. This is insane! Burger King and Harvey sounds really good right now. Enough with this Mc crapt.

  17. Ronald McDonald

    Prices are going up to cover the cost of installing a boom gate at Maccas Heidelberg. Change has come.

  18. Ollie

    I luv a good HJ. I luv the taste in my mouth

  19. ex kfc employee

    Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC because they are not all about chicken. Particularly in Asia, where pork is a popular part of the KFC menu. I try not to eat any of the stuff anyway.

  20. Walter Plinge

    Excellent news. I take it this is a reasonsible eating move. Fewer bogans from St Albans will be able to afford Maccas so they will buy fewer of burgers — to the benefit of their health.

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