ERRONEOUS: Rudd's website promotes Roxon as DPM, The Australian slots Combet into NSW Right

roxonarbib Dennis Shanahan at The Australian today has deemed well-known leftiste and former ACTU overlord Greg Combet to be a NSW Right winger. Shanahan of course knows Combet well and is considered highly unlikely to have made this error himself, most likely a pesky sub-editor did the deed. Tsk. Tsk.

You think that’s funny, the Prime Minister’s own website has decreed Nicola Roxon Deputy Prime Minister.

Naturally we’ve screen-grabbed them in case of a change.



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9 responses to “ERRONEOUS: Rudd's website promotes Roxon as DPM, The Australian slots Combet into NSW Right

  1. Ruff one

    Deputy PM Roxon, very scary thought…

  2. Gellibrand Constituent

    Roxon as Deputy PM? She would be the only person on earth not to find that funny. She is a no talent bum, and more anal than the average porn flick!

  3. Anon

    Roxon couldn’t be any worse than Jules.

  4. Anon

    And the ABC dubbed Shorten a Senator last night

  5. Jeremy

    Don’t get your obsessive hatred of the Roxon entity. She is one of the best performers.

    Is she in the NUW fraction? Does that explain your negative attitude?

  6. Ni-cola

    I am in Labor Unity, the Bill one not the Feeney nob jockeys.

  7. Gellibrand Constituent

    Hey, hands of the alcopops too you zealot roxon! Make a real policy decision…let’s see if you can make one at all in your first term!!! If she’s one of our best performers, that is a huge insult to the others.

  8. Deputy Prime Minister Roxon

    Pull my finger.

  9. Gellibrand Constituent

    Roxon, if I pulled your finger today you wouldn’t fart until next week. That’s how slow you are.

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