CAUGHT ON TAPE BY JAKE THE SNAKE: Who is the mystery male married MP with kids who cheated on his wife with a young gay lover?

badboyjake The Fairfax Sun-Herald in Sydney has reported that an unnamed member of parliament has been blackmailed by a twenty something gay waiter who had a fling with the married man and then tried to shake him down for $15000.

Jake Della-Vedova, 25 years old, had surreptitiously video-recorded the MP and himself engaging what the polite old crime reporter Les Kennedy described as a “sex act.” Della-Vedova has fessed up to threatening to put the recording online unless the parliamentarian coughed up the $15000 bribe.

Fairfax claims that Jake “the Snake” has been banned from telling anyone he had the affair with or even identifying whether he is a state or federal MP.

That’s probably an understandable order to make. But given Fairfax’s revelations that it’s a member of parliament who is married with children, it does create a reasonably small pool of potential victims. We understand The Age has been more circumspect in its description, broadening out Fairfax’s original description of an MP to “political figure”.

Political circles were titillated this evening as VEXNEWS rang around attempting to discover the poor chap’s identity.

badboyjake2Della-Vedova describes his own political views as “Liberal” on his social networking page at Facebook where he understandably describes his relationship status as single. (Since publication this page was removed)

Jake “the Snake” has already pleaded guilty to the blackmail charge he faced after the MP rather bravely dobbed him in to Victoria Police.

Fairfax in Sydney reports that the filmed couple met online at a a gay dating website. It appears the MP operated under an alias on the site and in his dealings with Della-Vedova.

They had a “relationship” that ended early in 2008. Shortly afterwards, Jake “the Snake” discovered his lover was a member of Parliament and decided to shake him down for a much larger tip than he would normally have received at Rosati’s where he was understood to have been employed prior to being sacked.

In July last year Jake was charged and he pleaded guilty to one count of blackmail last October in the County Court. It is considered by most a minor miracle that Police, court officials, Jake the Snake’s circle and everyone else managed to keep this a secret until now. And even when it did out, it went via the highly unusual route of a Fairfax veteran crime reporter, in Sydney.

Jake the Snake is going to be sentenced on Friday in the County Court. Legal experts say he is unlikely to receive a custodial penalty for the shakedown attempt although the maximum penalty in theory is fifteen years.




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125 responses to “CAUGHT ON TAPE BY JAKE THE SNAKE: Who is the mystery male married MP with kids who cheated on his wife with a young gay lover?

  1. Ollie

    It wasn’t me but I wish that it was. Grrrrr. Yummy

  2. Anonymous

    Chris Pyne!

  3. hopeless

    Was it not Lady Clark some years ago who said.


  4. tHE jOKER

    Aww…such a shame…the MP involved initials aren’t David Bradbury? OOps!

  5. John Richardson

    It couldn’t possibly be Bruce Atkinson, frequenter of bath houses and Roman orgies.

  6. He will be caught

    [deleted] would have to be a candidate though at 25, the alleged lover is a bit long in the tooth for him

  7. Madam Lash

    What a shock Andy thought you would have found out who it is! That’s why the minute I read the report my mind turned to you. If nothing else Andy Pandy you are the greatest source of gossip in Oz.

    I wouldn’t think it is just a Lib because of the blackmailer’s political choices. After all who’s thinking about politics between the sheets?

    Look forward to your revelations and will save you 10 of the best sweetie!

  8. lol

    The anecdote was widely interpreted as a reference to leading moderate South Australian MP Christopher Pyne, who rejected the suggestion as “utterly preposterous”.

  9. Anonski

    It is definitely not Ollie… how do you blackmail someone who is openly gay, unmarried and single?

    Although I am sure he has enjoyed this fellow several times – the one advantage of telling the truth about your sexual orientation is no potential for blackmail!

    Maybe it should be compulsory for all MPs to declare in their register of interests?

  10. Anonymous

    So, on 27th February we find out who the gay for pay MP is? Oh my.

  11. Natasha The Despoiler


    The real issue here is NOT the sexual orientation of a temporarily anonymous “political figure”… Although for the bigots amongst you this will be your blinkered viewpoint.

    The important issue at stake here is the honesty and hypocrisy of a senior law maker.

    This individual obviously sees nothing wrong with hiding behind the ‘respectability’ of a marriage and children (and I suggest many do this), and is also comfortable with the ‘do as I say, not as I do approach to life’ – freeing him to work and vote against freedom and equality for gay and lesbian people (who are open and honest) whilst secretly being one himself.

    The “Don’t ask, don’t tell” gay policy is alive and well in both major parties – and that is the way conservatives want it to stay, because it strengthens their anti – gay human rights policy stances.

  12. was money involved?

    Why would a young hunk of gay meat be interested in some married loser with kids?

    Was it gay for pay?


    Who cares whether it’s a gay thing or not, he’s married!

    He’s a cheating pig.

    He must be exposed to give voters the chance to remove his sorry poked arse.

  14. betting man

    If he was still in Parliament my money would have been on Honeywood or McPerton.

  15. You Lube Tube

    Why haven’t Vex posted the pirated version of the video already for all to see?

    They seem to have access to a private Della Vedova happy snap.

  16. Anonski

    Rosati backs onto JT Campbell & Co, and is a favorite factional luncheon spot for Kroges, Ronno, Aldsworth and many of us conservative rightistas…

  17. tHE jOKER

    No – I have an announcement….it was *drum roll*
    Belinda Neale


  18. achtung!

    actually, he doesnt describe his political views as “Liberal”, but rather “liberal”- if you see the report (
    those small l liberals, what will they think of next?>??

  19. The page is no longer up but our ever-vigilant researchers took a screengrab.

    He has Liberal with a capital L listed as his political views.

    Whether that means what we assume and whether that says anything about who he blackmailed is another thing entirely.

    Click here to check it out.

  20. achtung!

    looks like pynnie simply clicked ‘Poke Jake’

  21. Natasha The Despoiler

    Thank you Vex… you are true honeys…

    Well, after all we small ‘l’ liberals get very bad press – that’s the thanks we get for putting the two major parties into power in turn… We think and decide on policy.

    The big L or conservatives must be quaking in their Jackboots tonight!!!

  22. Toy Boy

    Was this a former MP or a current serving MP? Clearly it would indicate they are from Victoria. What party?

    Could he be John Thwaites lover? Fits the bill.

    The problem we all now face is that every polly with family and kids is now under suspicion of indecent exposure

  23. Natasha The Despoiler

    Only if they have lied and are hypocrits on policy honey…

  24. Madam Lash

    Interesting theories abound. One thing for sure is that the closet at Parliament House is the biggest cavity in Melbourne. Would love to know who it is. Andrew I’m sure you know by now tell us!

  25. RDR

    Lately I am not fussy.
    Does the Young Gentleman require transportation to his place of obode?

  26. Natasha The Despoiler


    For those of you who are on the hunt… all will be revealed.

    All in good time… as Satan said on the exorcist movie… all in good time!

    And then watch the Lib/Lab closets explode!!!

  27. Hmmm

    Bracksy resigned suddenly

  28. Hmmm

    Where’s Bracksy these days

  29. Natasha The Despoiler

    A man I once knew said “Keep the Bastards Honest” – and for a while this was not fashionable at all!!!

    Watch us fly – we are very, very pissed off with the two big bullies in the political playgound.

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  31. dunk 'em

    Actually,who cares if we have gay MPs inthe closet….what I care about is all the hack MPs we have…they’re dull, lacking imagination and are all career-minded plebs. Having one with a dark secret is a relief!

  32. A Gippy boy

    Fully agree- dull,lacking imagination because too many lack a real life background. Party hacks with no true backbone. There is more than one or two in the closet on both sides of politics at Federal & State level. Once one is tumbled out it may be like standing and watching the Niagra Falls.

  33. Anonymous

    Australian politics is finally interesting! We up there with the Brits – well almost, being found dead with an orange in your mouth while wearning womens undies still takes the cake!

  34. Voice

    In regards to this young, erm…”gentleman’s” political views, I would pressume it to be “liberal” in the left-wing sense of the word (the antonym of conservative), given that most Liberal Party supporters who state their political views on Facebook are listed as “Liberal Party of Australia”. The descriptive term “liberal” is stated as “Liberal” (usually with a capital L) on Facebook.

    That isn’t to rule out the possibility that his views mean “Liberal Party of Australia”, though gays are more likely to be “liberal” than supporters of the “Liberal Party of Australia”.

    Hope that made sense…political terminology is (probably) as messy as that video…

  35. little Theo

    I like a bit of brown occasionally too.

  36. KY Jelly

    Poof Pollies who pork their constituents. Is this a trick question?

  37. Malcolm

    In my long years of experience, Conservatives live with their boyfriends but marry a wife, Socialists live with their wives but have boyfriends… and liberals live with and love the same person… whoever it is.

    Perhaps they are the oldest fashioned of them all!

  38. Natasha The Despoiler

    For your information “Voice”…

    The politician who reported the blackmail never expected that police would deliver more than a warning to this “Bolshie” young man, who I am sure you feel should have known his place – and just shut the hell up!!!

    He (the cheater, liar and hypocrit) miscalculated badly when the young gentleman decided to plead guilty – this brought charges and a court case and — the eventual revelation of the cheating, lying, hypocritical conservative “bastard” who caused all of this mess in the first place by having his cake and eating it too!!!

    The young erm… “gentlemans” political views as you so defensively put it, are not the issue here. The erm… old cheating bastards political views and career are the issue here!!!!!!

    Old world rules – coming to an end here, not before time. Liars, cheats and Hypocrits – make them history please!!!!

  39. Prince of Wails

    I wonder if Peter Costello understands that his interminable ‘dummy spit’ over his unfulfilled ambitions are causing his colleagues to turn gay???

    It’s time to go Peter…really it is.

  40. wise one

    Could it be that this ‘member’ worked the family values agenda of the howard/costello boys in a big way?

  41. Fascinating

    Fascinating. We need a float at the Mardi Gras for all these coy boys (and grrls)to announce to the world their sexuality. Big fanfare, lots of pretty lights, and everyone applauding…just like winning an election. There will tittering for a week in press, and it will be business as usual within a week or two.

  42. duncan

    One day the ‘truth will out’, still one can’t help feel sorry for the m.p’s family, though his wife may probably knows?!This Jake guy isn’t going to keep silent over several beers down at his favourite watering hole, a few grogs later & EVERYONES going to know!
    Oh and by the way the m.p. wouldn’t have been Christopher Pyne, he’s not going to allow anything to jeopardise any of his political hope, plans & aspirations.
    Wouldn’t be someone in the senate?

  43. Voice

    “Natasha The Despoiler”, I was only pointing out the differences between “liberal” and “Liberal”, given several readers were questioning that. Perhaps this issue has enraged you so much that you’re blind to the bleeding obvious.

    As far as I’m concerned, they’re both as bad as each other – the pollie for being a “cheater, liar and hypocrite” (whatever party he is from, and yes, his antics are the most important issue here), and this young bloke for pursuing a relationship with a married man.

    Poor form from all parties involved.

  44. Rgiht Said Fred

    Come on Andy, do some work and give us the list of pollies that do fit the profile (ie Victorian, male, married with children). Then we could start taking odds, which might help Brumbey recoup some of the lost revenue from Intralot.

  45. Bathhouse Informer

    Has to be whiney! Royal adelaide golfclub

  46. ana

    You are all so wrong/ To put an end to all these rumors I will tell you the facts. The MP is question is none other than Gordan Rich-Phillips.

    Now everyone let this be as the court wil reveal all soon to qualify my statement.

  47. Ruff one

    Any chance it’s a certain once-divorced country MP who now has a new family but has been well known for having a long-standing gay lover in Melbourne? That was several years ago, so perhaps he’s been searching around for fresh meat.

  48. Anonymous

    I would point out Tim Holding is not married.

  49. Gossip Girl Alex

    I have carefully reviewed my diary notes about the Labor MP’s who rejected my advances.

    I will be sharing my conclusions very soon.

  50. Anon

    Gordy is not married and has no children. It ain’t him.

  51. Inga

    Aren’t we forgetting that even gay guys find my hairy knuckles attractive?

  52. L

    We all know who it is. Most likely the same un-named Mp that has tendencies for the oppsite politically as well as sexually.

    Although I suspect he didn’t blurt out his predilection for left-handed batting to any colleagues whilst among the Pyne trees on a golf course.

    He is a renowned brown-noser though.

  53. Anonymous

    The MP who it is speaks with a lisp.

  54. Anonymous

    The public has a right to know. A politician is a person of legitimate public interest and identity should be revealed.

  55. Anon

    Honeypot is no longer an MP.

  56. which married MP with children said these words in Parliament?

    Often in this place I wonder what the parties stand for. The Attorney-General hit the nail on the head when he talked about what the Labor Party should stand for — that is, giving equal rights to everybody living in domestic relationships. For far too long people living in domestic relationships and who are of the same sex have been penalised. I cannot understand why people in today’s society want to continue imposing that penalty. I know the National Party and some of my Independent colleagues have a different approach. I understand and appreciate their points of view, but I cannot understand why in today’s society they want to continue that approach.

    I come from a loving and supporting family, yet my brother would fit into the category of being gay. I also have a nephew in that category.

    He has been living in a same-sex relationship for quite a few years — perhaps five or six years. For all intents and purposes he and his partner have been living in a domestic relationship for a considerable time, yet until the law was passed earlier this year they were not considered to be domestic partners. In fact, they were penalised for it.

    I cannot understand why in today’s society people who live in a loving and caring relationship, and who support each other, should be penalised. But some people in society are bigots and take a great deal of pleasure from picking on people who are different. They may be people whose sexual orientations are different, or unfortunately those whose skin colour may be different, or who may be of a different religion. The events of the past month have indicated to all of us how people can be discriminated against even for their simple and fundamental religious beliefs.

  57. Bring back the good old days

    Buggery used to be a capital offence.

  58. Anonymous

    Anon: 18.51pm, Hansard records married MP with kids [deleted] uttered those words.

  59. Shirt Lifter

    It can’t be Peter Costello.

    John Hewson says Pete’s got ‘no balls’.

  60. Anon

    Both major parties have lots of gays within its ranks at both the State and Federal Level . Is there an up to date list?

  61. Chrissy Pyne

    My Botty is available for the MP to use and abuse.

  62. Fascinating

    The Mardi Gras float could be called “Bi-Partysan”. Turnbull, the local MP could sponsor it. It would be a gay, old affair…lots of pinned striped suits and pretty frocks.

  63. Inga Binga

    A peak up my skirt and the man will be horny hetro again.

  64. Jake..the man in question!

    Im 25 and my life may be over… so much spectulation…

  65. Anonymous

    Let Jake speak !!!

  66. Anonski

    I hear from reliable sources that it is Thaites.

  67. Sasha

    i know who it is.

  68. McPerton

    Just because I an now in San Fran it would be misleading to infer that I am an Ollie. My dear friend, Fatty Doyle, can attest to this. As can my dear wife, Jane.

  69. Forbsey

    If only it where me!

  70. Dr Dre

    Don’t you mean “were”?

  71. Little Kevvie

    There is moving wrong with being a botty spanker.

  72. Little Kevvie

    That is, there is nothing wrong with being a Botty Spanker.

  73. Natasha The Despoiler


    There are three essential questions which need to be answered with regard to the MP involved:

    1. Was he cheating on his wife?
    2. was he lying to all about his sexual preference?
    3. Was he a policy hypocrit, voting to oppose legislation to protect, or grant human rights to gay & lesbian people?

    These questions will soon be fully answered – and whilst the answers to questions 1 & 2 may be disturbing and uncomfortable – the real matter of public interest is whether a lawmaker and policy decision maker adopted public positions and made decisions on laws which were at odds with his private behaviour and life???

    Infidelity and untruthfulness are disturbing and wrong – but policy hypocrisy and law making is a total abuse of power and trust of the whole electorate!!!

  74. Sir Ruperts Ghost

    In my considerable experience, gayness happens on every side of politics.

    There are two kinds of political gays – those who tell, and those who don’t.

    Those who don’t are by far the most prolific group, they are cowards, they lie and are hypocrits who hate the gays who tell because they threaten their secret and show them up.

    Those who do tell are the very small brave group who won’t lie or be hypocrits, and know that they become targets for the bigots and closet cases alike, and they bear this with great courage and dignity.

    I know which type of gay I would rather vote for…

  75. Ted Heath

    What ever happened to mind your own business? I think it is Brian Harradine

  76. Anonski

    Thanks for that rather defensive pearl of old fashioned wisdom Ted… but spare us your veiled bigotry!

    So let me get this right Ted – we should mind our own business about those who hide, lie and are canting hypocrits, but of course constantly vilify and attack those who dont lie and are honest – just because we can?

    You and people like you are an appalling disgrace!

    Fortunately the world is rapidly changing, and attitudes like yours will not be understood by your own grandchildren – who will look at you through eyes of shame.

  77. Anonymous

    out him….out him…. OUT HIM!!!

    The public has a right to know.

  78. Rt Hon. Ted Heath

    Anonski I don’t have grandchildren.

    “You and people like you are an appalling disgrace!”

    Well I am after all a Tory

    “Fortunately the world is rapidly changing”

    Back to the three day working week.

  79. What if it is a Labor MP?

    Think people, think.

  80. Fatty Doyle

    It is not me, various women (including my therapist Lindy)from Westminsters Secrets can attest to my vigorous & amorous hetro love making.

  81. smeee

    Fatty ,
    just because she is female does not make you hetro – her strapping on the plastic and fcuking you up the arse is decidedly gay.

  82. Honeypot

    It was not me either.

  83. RDR

    I have doubts about McPerton, he always peeks at the urinal.

  84. Dr Dean

    As upholders of the menzies legacy, we should all take a deep breath and ponder… What if the closet married MP with children who has lied for years to all, and been a policy Hypocrit, is someone who represents the state [deleted] for the Socialists – and I dont’ mean Vin Heffernan!!!

  85. LondonCalling


  86. Doll

    So Jake had been with this guy for a while before realizing that he had a MP on the chain.

    Can’t be someone very visible.

  87. Anonski

    It’s [deleted]!

  88. dirty dog

    it’s a conservative, they are always the biggest family value specialists!

  89. Anonski

    Yes… the abovementioned is a conservative.

  90. Catherine likes to watch

    Sure I’ve seen Douglas Campbell with that pretty little boy …

  91. sexy..

    you will love it in jail..
    your the giver no the taker if i can remember!! sick…

    25 n your life is so stuffed up

  92. sexy..

    what goes around comes did bad things to people now bad things happen to you..

  93. Fascinating

    I still think there should be Mardi Gras float. It could be this big closet. The gay pollies could all be hiding inside. Then halfway down Oxford St the big closet could collapse, outing all and sundry; everyone will cheer; tears of joy, and relief; big ticket tape parade; everyone feels popular and loved. No one will give shit after that, and all that bloody so called “family values” platforms of the Tories will wither on the vine. Hooray! Hooray!

  94. Anonski

    What about the Laborite working family values platfom????

    Its Labor, its hypocritical, its socio-conservative and wrong!!!

    It’s Ivanhoe!!!!

  95. Natasha The Despoiler

    Hello Labor honeys…

    Here are some unpalatable facts…

    1. he’s Labor

    2. He’s from the right

    3. He opposed Civil Unions

    4. He backed working family values

    5. he supported pet licensing

    the reality is, you are all hypocrits – and join the tories in the human rights hall of infamy…

    The 25 year old ‘liberal’ outsmarted you all, and has some very high powered legal representation… His reprimand will be your undoing…


  96. Michael Kirby

    In point 5. do you mean the ALP cop out relationships registry?

  97. Jason

    Just because the court case is in Victoria it does not mean the politican lives in Victoria. The likely reason its in the Victorian courts is because Jake resides in Victoria. So the MP could be from Queensland or the Northern Territory for instance. I suspect its South Australian Christopher Pyne from the federal Liberal party.

  98. Jason

    COPIED from:,21985,22466647-661,00.html

    VETERAN political journalist Laurie Oakes says the Liberal Party is behind a “fact sheet” about a Howard government minister’s gay activities.

    A report in News Ltd papers today says the fact sheet claims the unnamed minister, who is married with children, sexually harasses other males in political circles and is rumoured to be sleeping with one of his staff members in Canberra.

    It follows accusations last week that government operatives were digging up Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd’s medical records, after confirmation Mr Rudd had a heart procedure 14 years ago.

    News Ltd journalist Glenn Milne’s report on the gay accusations today says the fact sheet on the minister was not being circulated by the Labor Party.

    While interviewing deputy Labor leader Julia Gillard today about the personal smears tarnishing federal politics, Mr Oakes revealed he, too, had been fed the material about the minister.

    And he pointed the finger at the Liberal Party.

    “I’m interested in this, you see, because I’ve been fed the same allegations about this minister, and they were fed to me by a Liberal,” Mr Oakes said.

    Ms Gillard said Labor was not behind the smears.

    “I’ve never heard anyone in Labor refer to this supposed fact sheet,” she told the Nine Network.

    Ms Gillard maintained the government runs a dirt unit, citing a recent episode involving a Howard minister trying to peddle a dirt file about her to Fairfax journalist Jason Koutsoukis.

    “We know on the public record that there are references to forensic accountants looking at people’s financial records, there’s a reference to a dirt file being peddled to a journalist – a dirt file about me and a journalist being invited to a ministerial suite to receive it,” she said.

    “Their denials that they’ve never thought of being in the smear business simply aren’t credible and can’t be believed.

    “We know they’ve been in the smear business.”

    Prime Minister John Howard has denied running a dirt unit, and launched a sustained assault on Mr Rudd in parliament on Thursday after Labor asked whether government operatives had been trawling through Mr Rudd’s medical history.

    Ms Gillard said Labor monitored coalition MPs’ public statements for contradictions and hypocrisy.
    “(But) what I think is inappropriate is the dirt-digging,” she said.

    “The private investigators, the going through garbage bins, all of those kind of things which aren’t about policy, aren’t about the public debate, but are a naked attempt to try and dig up something usable and grubby and dirty which will then be put into the public debate.”

    – AAP

  99. Anon


    On this occassion you are barking up the wrong Pyne tree…

    Its a Victorian, State [deleted] and he is Labor.

    [deleted] is a lovely leafy suburb.

  100. K

    He’s originally from Camden in NSW (his family still live there) so couldn’t it have been a NSW politican?

    He was actually a couple of years below me at school. Makes me feel a little ill reading about it all…

  101. anony

    so is it bracks or [deleted]?

  102. umm

    this is for the people who think this guy is ok, he is a loser who borrowed money from heaps of his friends in Cootamundra<NSW where his family live and then fled to melbourne and racked up more debt which he couldn’t pay so he tried blackmail. He has had lovers he “borrowed” from before then ran.

  103. Anonymous

    Homer Simpson is very happy with the decision today

  104. Karl

    It should be obvious why Jake’s 2 year sentence has been set out as 4 months prison and 18 months “deferred”. (do not know what the technical term is).
    That is so he keeps his mouth shut and protects the identity of the Politican who is (a) in the closet and (b) quite comfortable with paying for gay sex.
    So if you want to know WHO the bad man is, you are going to have to wait 2 years.

  105. Another Anon

    Has it occurred to anyone that he might be quite happily married AND he’s paying for some boys on the side? It doesn’t mean he’s not cheating, but it mightn’t mean he’s gay or in the closet. He might just be bisexual.

    (And surely I’m not alone in thinking that if he was soliciting women for sex in a similar manner, there wouldn’t be such secrecy and “scandal” about it. My concern is more if he’s one of the ‘family values’ types who is publically supporting policy against same-sex attacted people having the same rights as straight people– that makes him a hypocrite as well as a cheater. Not to mention the idea that keeping something like this “hush hush” further stigmatises people who are gay or bisexual.)

  106. Reef

    This sort of thing has been happening for many years, not only with MP’s but also famous sporting personalities and people in the media. How classy you are Jake to ruin a mans life! We live in a mixed up world. This MP has obvious questions about his sexuality and i think its very sad. Heck, i am a 32 y.o gay man and i could “out” a dozen or so prominent people in the spotlight! But why stuff up peoples lives? Enjoy your little stay in jail, i know you will be very popular.

  107. Anonymous

    Ivan Ho-ho-ho merry christmas

  108. Anonymous

    Hi Delberg how are you?

  109. Anonymous

    Very good Ivan hoe about this article? Who could it be?

  110. Anonymous

    I’m Yule and I think it isn’t a Labor MP.

  111. Anonymous

    We should BanYule and Counsel-her.

  112. Anonymous

    How’s the ViewBank there?

  113. Anonymous

    14 McNeil Street, Heidelberg West.

  114. Anonymous

    He sides with Bracks,
    He drops his dacks,
    He’s on a mission,
    To be Homer Simpson,
    He goes to the Mall,
    To meet another pal,
    and play mothers and fathers.

  115. Anonymous

    Who could it be?

    It will take an Olympia effort to find out.

  116. Anonymous

    It’s almost dinner, I might have Craigfish.

  117. Anonymous

    He donned his lang out for a hoe’
    Just like he poled his wal at the most recent election

  118. Anonymous

    Poor pole wally Done by a dova delo

    Nowhere to go

  119. Get a life

    I have to admit I laughed out loud when I heard about this.I hadn’t heard anything of Jake for a couple of years. But after reading what some of you had to say I’m feeling a little sick. Losers. I grew up with the kid and he appears to have fucked up a little, but he’s paid the price so leave him alone.

  120. annonymous

    oh! what a sad sad story to read.

  121. Anonymous you're a legend

    Very clever. I wish [deleted] could be exposed for the creep he is.

  122. Anonymous

    I could out a good 6 Australian male prominent political figures…all married…all with children…and all that I have had long term sexual experiences with.

    Could I be bothered?

    Hell, no. The sex is great! They are great in bed!

  123. Paul

    Like Larry Craig, the US Senator who is anti gay but secretly gay, Chris Pyne is an odious, gutless little creep. He is also a liar and he knows it. He lies to his wife, he lies to his kids, he lies to his constituents and he lies to his friends…if he has any. His leader, Tony Abbott, must hate having this insipid creep working for him because as he says “he feels threatened by gays”. Well with Chris Pyne managing business for him, Tony would have to feel very uncomfortable when anywhere near Chris, but he’d be unable to put his finger on why.

    So this presents both of these boys with a problem. Either Tony is a liar about the feelings he gets in his water when in the presence us homo’s. Or he only gets said feelings when in the presence of men who are proud of what and who they are.

    So Tony, if you like having liars work for you, people like Pyne who’s entire lives are one big fat lie,then keep Chris Pyne where he. Have you ever stopped and thought how Mrs Pyne feels about hubby….or wondered how Chris feels about her. I’ll tell you how he feels….he feels like she is a great weight around his neck and feels she’s always in his way because of his constant hankering for COCK.

  124. Anonymous

    Good on you, Paul… I agree with everything you say about CP. He is a nasty, creepy person. He chased me for a number of months and was totally inappropriate in a number of public situations. He makes my skin crawl…

    WTF is with these Liberal politicians… come out or get out!

  125. Martin

    No-one has mentioned [deleted] from the Lib’s… he’s the biggest offender of sex clubs! Tried to pick me up at Kingsteam in Sydney. Creepy predator. I’ve seen him there a million times.

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