BLAST FROM PAST: Greens party activist's makeover gets hairy

luntz VEXNEWS vision is under development this quiet weekend and we’ve been reviewing our previous hits.

We think it would be wrong not to share with our thousands of new readers this highly amusing old video from our predecessor site.

It was a year ago. Victorian Greens political party activist Stephen Luntz, who lives off the immoral earnings of a company that runs rigged elections for left-wing dominated student unions, an almighty trust fund from the Luntz law textbook fortune, the occasional handout from Crikey for writing ultra-left missives and describes his day job as unpaid employment as “Party electoral analyst” was living at home in inner-city Melbourne with a much young and considerably less hairy female housemate.

She’s a cheeky little minx as you’ll see because she dobbed in her housemate in for a makeover on network television that is displayed in all its gory on the video below.

Sources have told VEXNEWS that Luntz might have lapsed into old ways if this recent photograph is any guide. Yuk.


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