WRONG: Sydney Morning Herald's creative fiction on Ruddock revealed

ruddocksticking This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald breathlessly speculated that Phil Ruddock would be challenged in his safe seat of Berowra. Crucial to any plot would local state MP Greg Smith.

They claimed:

Liberal sources have told the Herald that a challenge is likely to be mounted with the backing of the right-wing state MP and shadow attorney-general Greg Smith, whose seat of Epping is in Mr Ruddock’s north-west federal electorate of Berowra.

However that isn’t the case. The state MP has expressly denied the story and the supposed candidate Noel “Real” McCoy isn’t a candidate either.

Member for Epping, Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for Justice, Greg Smith SC, today said the following on the seat of Berowra and the Hon. Phillip Ruddock MP:

“Phillip Ruddock has been a highly competent local member and advocate for the Liberal Party in Parliament for over 35 years, serving with distinction as Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs and Attorney General in The Howard Government.

“Mr Ruddock’s declaration that he will contest the next election as the Member for Berowra has gained the full support of the Berowra Conference of the Liberal Party and wide support throughout the local community.

“I am fully supportive of Mr Ruddock contesting the next federal election and will do my upmost to support his campaign.

“Since my election to Parliament Phillip Ruddock has been a great mentor and friend, offering me wise assistance as a local member and as Shadow Attorney General.

“Reports in some media outlets have indicated that I am backing a challenge against Mr Ruddock – this is simply untrue.

“I look forward to working with Mr Ruddock to see the election of Liberal Governments in both the State and Federal Parliaments.”



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13 responses to “WRONG: Sydney Morning Herald's creative fiction on Ruddock revealed

  1. McCoy is waiting in the wings

    His time will come.

  2. John Brogden

    The Group is dead.

  3. Malice matters

    I have referred these matters to my silk who will be in touch soon Landy!

  4. Bernadi Supporter

    Turnbull is a weak piece of crap.

    He sacked the wrong MP!

    Get rid of Chrissy Pyne – NOW!

  5. Ollie

    I support Chrissy Pyne over that nasty, conservative Mr Bernardi.

  6. Anon

    Oh no he doesn’t…

  7. Ho Chi Minchin

    Malcolm will regret this.

    He’s finished.

  8. Ollie

    O yes I do. Us doggers, umm, sorry, I mean, progressive liberals, need to stick together.

  9. Foxy Ross

    Broggers is a top bloke.

  10. Just_In McKeegan

    The very important Mr Fifield has now been promoted.


  11. Anon

    hillarious Laughter!!!

    Never thought I would hear Pyne referred to as a “Progressive Liberal”… he leads bible studies for the kiddies at the local Catholic Parish and believes that sham marriages should be exclusively between men and women!

  12. Anonski

    I have an extensive list of Labor ‘doggers’ – shall I release it???

    Come to think of it, I also have a huge list of conservative ‘doggers’ – so does Glenn Milne!

  13. Anon

    The Age has a lovely surprise for Labor/ or was that conservative ‘doggers’…?

    Jake Della Vedova has a long story to tell on Feb 27th!!!!!!!!!!!

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