WE ROCK: VEXNEWS takes time to boast

vexnewsprideful VEXNEWS sources keep on delivering. They’ve had a great week.

And in the spirit of Paul Keating – the most effective boaster in the history of modern politics – who once famously said “We are so very much better than you” to his opponents, we list some of our hits this week.

Our Facebook bushfire vigilantes story spread like – dare we say it – wildfire. From the plagiarising keyboard of Asher “Jagerbomber” Moses at Fairfax Digital, it grew like topsy and led Facebook to remove some of their more violent threats, giving us some of the warm inner glow we miss from party branch meets.

Yesterday, we told the sad tale of Red Ted woe from his faction’s loss of control in its own Kooyong heartland. It was followed up very ably by The Australian and others.

Tuesday we reported their high-level intel that Peter Costello had made it known he would be staying in federal parliament. Today, The Australian’s top Gallery scribe Dennis Shanahan, proud papa of rampaging Leo, reports that Cossie “has strengthened his resolve to stay in parliament.”

The Costello spin is that this occurred in response to Turnbull trying to pressure him to stay and be promoted or leave. That seems not to be the case, with our sources saying the biggest issue was a family one about whether they could endure a second big tilt for the top job.

Tania Costello, the daughter of a Liberal MP herself, has blessed the effort, recognising as many do that troubled economic times could really suit Costello’s leadership.

But the spin is not a bad of tormenting Malcolm. And that’s always good fun.



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5 responses to “WE ROCK: VEXNEWS takes time to boast

  1. Anonymous

    brilliant week Landy, your mix of takedowns, abuse, humour, exclusives and insight have made this essential reading!

  2. Anonymous

    Vex is the place to be if you want scoops.

  3. Right Said Fred

    Andy you are far too modest. I think you were also the first to break the Bernadi v Pyne issue (which means its your fault a Liberal patriot had copped it in the neck)

  4. Gerry of Mentone

    Your brave, far-sighted attack on the Ruddasterous ‘stimulus’ [via jellyback Xenophon, 13 Feb], your pan-Oz digging and telling: all are ‘information flows’ essential to our democracy, without which, it is not.

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