PROMOTION: Mark Arbib climbs greasy pole

LKYEF_6-Jan_B NSW Senator Mark Arbib has been promoted to the ranks of  Parliamentary Secretary replacing John Murphy the former Parliamentary Secretary for Trade who made himself a target last year by complaining about the standard of Parliamentary cuisine. No word yet on what portfolio Arbib might get. It could be Trade, a splendid portfolio for those who desire to increase their familiarity with First Class airport lounges in exotic locations like Cancun, Doha and Geneva. And who doesn’t? Or it might be a chance to shuffle the Parl Secs about a bit to ensure none are getting too comfortable. “Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” should be the Ruddster philosophy.

We attempted to start a rumour that Arbib’s promotion might be the catalyst for a broader reshuffle but other than having the hairs on Nicola Roxon’s back stand up, these idle speculations were of no effect. We are told there are “no current plans” for any shake-up given the need to keep everyone focused on the challenges arising from various natural disasters and the ungodly global financial one.




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7 responses to “PROMOTION: Mark Arbib climbs greasy pole

  1. Anonski

    I don’t care what anyone says – this guy is sooooooo hot.

    He can climb my greasy pole anytime.

    Hell, I will even dump Chrissy Pyne for a piece of Arbib action!

  2. anon

    Arbib is greasier than any pole…he is a grub.

    If Rudd knew this dirtbag a little better he’d get rid of him entirely.

    He left NSW Labor in a mess and did deals to ensure our NSW based Fed MPs are a bunch of under-performers.

  3. hedgehog

    You have to say he is the man who made NSW a mess.

  4. carmel

    I personally blame Albo.

  5. tHE jOKER

    Arbib missed his calling in life…he should be on Parramatta Road selling old Commodores.

  6. Clam Man

    Arbib is a dog

  7. : ) man

    That’s insulting to dogs!

    Arbib is Arbib – slimy, sneaky and thoroughly evil.

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