MARATHON NOT A SPRINT: Peter Costello warming up for the Long March

cossieandbolt Our story yesterday about Peter Costello staying caused the usual reaction of well-meaning folk doing their best to encourage us to reveal our sources.

That’s not allowed but for those looking at the tea leaves about what will happen with the Liberal leadership, one would probably do well to look carefully at Andrew Bolt’s column today.

That’s because it appears that our favourite Herald Sun columnist and our favourite Hamlet must have had a very good chat as they were seen wandering off together – possibly for luncheon – after Peter Howson’s memorial service in the city yesterday.

They didn’t make a secret of it, as the television cameras were there to record the meet, as the screengrab of last night’s Nine news showed.

Andrew says he’ll make a move in a year. There could well be an election this year, if Rudd gets nervous about our economy driving off the same cliff as the Brits and Americans have.

If we were Cossie, we’d want the first election out of the way. It’s a punt but with Rudd looking this strong in the polls, it’d be a brave punter to back the Liberals. There’s not a lot of betting volume at this stage but Labor is clearly market favourites at $1.33 reflecting opinion polls and current Liberal teething problems.

Those wanting an insight into Cossie’s complex thought processes should click here.

If Malcolm Turnbull thought he could force Costello’s hand, he clearly reckoned incorrectly. And from these little misjudgments even the most almighty careers can fall.

Meanwhile, Costello is talking up the dangers of the Chinese Government buying up Australian resources.

It seems our very well-placed Higgins source was on the money, as always. Which means, to adapt the Chinese saying, the Liberals will be cursed with interesting times this year and next especially with Turnbull pulling stunts like this.



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3 responses to “MARATHON NOT A SPRINT: Peter Costello warming up for the Long March

  1. Natasha The Despoiler


    As we watched Peter Costello and Andrew Bolt leaving the Howson funeral yesterday, the liberals amongst us recoiled in horror yet again.

    Howson, of course was a tub thumping red neck conservative, falsely credited with being the first Minister for Aboriginal Affairs – (it was actually Lib Willy Wentworth progressive liberal in 1968 under Gorton).

    It was Howson who felt insulted with being given three portfolios in 1971 by McMahon – Environment, Arts and Aboriginal Affairs.

    He said of this ” The little bastard (McMahon) gave me trees, boongs and poofters”…

    How appropriate that Costello and Bolt attended yesterday to wail beside his coffin!!!

    Liberal Party members have every reason to recoil in horror – and to begin manning the lifeboats!!!

  2. Jeff KNF

    I wonder if the ‘dog’ has stopped to consider…

    His enemy is not Malcolm Turnbull?

    He will need to take on Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

    He doesn’t have the ticker.(woof…woof…woof)

  3. T Costello

    You right his ticker is not strong.
    I think I should have picked Tony.

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