FALL GIRL: Julie Bishop quits as Shadow Treasurer, clings to Deputy role

barbie-no more mess1 Following enormous pressure from her colleagues and a performance so bad not even former mentor Noel Crichton-Browne could have thought it any good, the Liberal Deputy Leader Julie Bishop has decided to quit as Shadow Treasurer.

We understand she plans to stay as Deputy Leader. Liberal insiders say Turnbull is keen not to humiliate his Deputy further and will give her the senior responsibility of Foreign Affairs. Joe Hockey – the man principally drumming up criticism of Bishop – has been rewarded and will become Shadow Treasurer. 

She told a press conference in Perth that she wanted the job to “ensure that Australia’s international standing and reputation was maintained.”

The development comes as the Prime Minister himself stands accused of plagiarism in a small part of his lengthy article in Monthly magazine. Repeated allegations of plagiarism and incompetence had dogged Bishop since her elevation as Shadow Treasurer.



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17 responses to “FALL GIRL: Julie Bishop quits as Shadow Treasurer, clings to Deputy role

  1. Anonymous

    U are such a sexist pig Andrew!!

  2. Anon

    Little Kevvie’s article in leftist rag, The Monthly was a joke, and not for the plagiarism of the staffer that wrote it on Little Kevvie’s behalf.

    Little Kevvie attacks intellectual giants such as the Milt, Hayek and Von Mises….. people that Little Kevvie has neither read nor understood.

  3. Natasha The Despoiler

    Well, better late than never Honeys!!!.

    Business knows that practical economic management bares very little resemblence to the blinkered ideological bleatings of Friedman, Hayek & Co. Never did really!

    The Liberals (Conservatives) need to be aware that Joe Hockey may not be the expected panacea to their economic policy ills in any event, despite the change in personell.

    Do not forget, that Hockey was the Minister for Workplace Relations who presided over the Workchoices debacle – and famously boasted to the media that he “didn’t know” and was “not told” of the negative impacts and excesses which that failed ideological exercise wrought upon working families!

    Such a ‘head in the sand’ approach will be disastrous in the Treasury portfolio – as he is forced by the majority in the Party Room to espouse extreme right conservative economic policy positions into the future.

    “I didn’t know” just wont do ‘Shrek’ any credit then, and the prevailing ideology will continue to damage his party and it’s electoral appeal.

  4. dumbo bimbo bishop

    looks like a win for andrew, suck on you liberal losers . backing morons like her will get you everywhere!

  5. dumbo bimbo bishop

    hockeys not as good as he thinks. He has a little willie!

  6. Natasha The Despoiler

    Listen Honeys…

    Be careful who you refer to as a ‘liberal’, because the real losers are actually the ‘conservatives’.

    Very important distinction.

    In my experience, willie size is not a determining factor!!!

  7. hedgehog

    Only thing smaller is Joe’s brain.
    He didnt know WorkChoices was about hurting working families. Clearly very stupid or blatantly dishonest. Take your pick Liberal loser’s.

  8. Speak the truth

    Another coup for Landeryou. ….Well done Andrew, identiyfing a further weakness in the ranks of Federal Liberal / National levels. Bishop is to concerned about how she looks instead of worrying about what she says. One oxygen theif gone, another five or six to go!

  9. Natasha The Despoiler

    Yes, my little hedgehog… you are a true honey!

    Well said.

  10. Joe knew work choices were no good, that is why he could not sell them

  11. Natasha The Despoiler


    Well honey, that means he was blatantly dishonest, as little hedgehog said.

  12. Work Choices

    Big Mouth and airhead ‘Shrek’ Hockey as Australia’s shadow treasurer!

    Just when we thought the world economic crash couldn’t get any worse – it just did!

    Hockey uses his fingers to count, and enjoys shafting working Australian working families. I guess the Libs don’t ever want to get re-elected.

  13. Blood Bath

    Now the Victorian liberal disease of throat slashing, back-stabbing and seppuku has spread to Canberra with the demise of Julie Bishop.

    This could have been much better handled by the Libs. Sometimes a gentle push is better than a bulldozer. The Libs have just made a large army of feminist voters hopping mad.

  14. Anon

    Work Choices, looks like you have fallen for ALP/ACTU/EMC lies and propaganda on WorkChoices.

    As for Hckey as Shadow Treasurer, compared to moron Swan he is a genius!

  15. Natasha The Despoiler

    Seriously Honeys…

    The Victorian Conservatives are no different from Conservatives in any other state… out of touch and hopeless. A true case of the ideologically stupid leading the ideologically blind.

    The demise of Julie Bishop will make feminist voters about as happy as we were to see Sarah Palin fall flat on her extremist right wing face.

    The Conservatives need to start promoting womens’ rights instead of always promoting right wing women – who don’t know what a deficit/ surplus is, and when it has been spent or saved.

    As for that economic genius Joe Hockey – would one of you self righteous conservatistas please explain the difference between a current account deficit, and a budget deficit, to him please?

    I am serious honeys… His 7.30 Report performance just a week ago was excruciatingly embarrassing – perhaps a year 12 economics text book would be a good start for him! Then at least he couldn’t claim “I wasn’t told” like he did with workchoices!!! Now that’s a lovely fundraising project for all of you young right wing conservative extremists.

    Appalling, the lot of you!

  16. MT

    Turnbulll was too gutless to dump Bishop himself so he got Pyne to undermine her through the media. Pyne got his promotion for ‘obeying orders’. The wets have taken over the Liberal Party and it is no suprise the opinion polls reflect the pathetic failure of the wets leadership and direction. Please please someone create a conservative party in Australia!

  17. Natasha The Despoiler

    Honey… dont’ be greedy.

    You conservatistas already own the Liberal Party!!! There are no ‘wets’ left in it.

    The people you refer to as “wets” are not small l liberals or progressives, but slightly more moderate conservatives than yourself. Slightly less religious.

    The small l people like me were made refugees years ago by you right wing fundamentalist freaks.

    You now are reaping what you have sown. Get over it honey!

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