PERV EXPOSED: Matt Rocks dates woman old enough to be his mum

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30 responses to “PERV EXPOSED: Matt Rocks dates woman old enough to be his mum

  1. Alex

    Twice his age and he gets a high paying job out of it. And, this is a problem how?

  2. Matt Rocks Rocks

    Matt is a legend. Leave him alone.

  3. anon

    what does age matter if its over legal limit?

  4. Inga Binga

    There is hope for me yet

  5. Oedipus

    Whatsa point of this, huh?

  6. Jocque Strapp

    I get the feeling that some people are a little cross with Mattie. What has he done (other than this up skirt thing) to suddenly get all this negative publicity?

  7. Pauline

    …dates… Please explain.

  8. RDR

    She can walk home, I do not drive Old Boilers home.

  9. what is it with leftards and their mammas?

  10. El Barbudo

    (Matt Rocks) has had a sordid personal life according to well-placed party sources.

    Has that fucking joke Conroy been on the blower again, you fat cunt?

  11. anon

    He has a Granny Fanny fetish.

  12. anon

    She can suck like a Dyson when she takes out her teeth.

  13. Inga Binga

    Forget her. I’m the MILF with the most

  14. [deleted]

    Matt give me a call. I’m lonely and looking for some action. I fit your age penchant. You’ll just have to wait until the yeast thing clears up

  15. Upskirt McToasty

    Forget her and Inga, I’m the MILF with the toast

  16. Conroy's conscience

    Isn’t it ironic that Conroy’s Iran-esque web filter will surely have Fat Slandy’s filthy website of shame on its blacklist? The children of Australia should be protected against the toxic output of Slanderyou’s mouth.

  17. Grab-A-Granny

    Gee, this photo was taken 9 years ago. Hate to think of what she looks like now

  18. Fatty Doyle

    Linda reminds me of my therapist, Lindy.

  19. VexNews Sponsors Sexism

    Landeryou wants tolerance for causes but is ruthless in prosecuting people on the basis of their gender, faction , political allegiances, mateship or religion or any other grounds he can conceive. This is not a blog of freedom. It’s a cesspool of bigotry.

  20. Ritchie Rich

    Come on Inga, [deleted]

  21. Anon

    Geez! He will need a cobweb brush and someone big and strong to lift her on and off!

  22. Chelsea Observer

    Ritchie Ray you need a pound of flour and a bookmark for [deleted]

  23. Ritchie Rich

    [deleted] All you need to do is mention “Publicity Opotunity” and she gets turned on straight away. So everyone just remember, the next time Big Inga puts out a media release or srouts of in Parliament about Public Transport, the methane thing in Cranbourne or any other issue, just remember [deleted]

  24. anon

    Thanks for that terrible vision Ritchie Ray, I can’t possible enjoy my lunch.

  25. anon

    Inga and her Monster [deleted].

  26. Ratt Mocks

    Have you heard about the LHMU – QPSU Grand Alliance Plan? A mate of mine in Brizzie told me. Apparently, the poor unfortunate girl Rocks has been going out with is best mates with the QPSU’s Gen Sec’s missus; and a QPSU minor functionary. So we wondered if Rocksie has had something to do with stirring up this recipe for disaster for the Qld SL.

  27. john simpson

    what a pack of judgmental fools,
    Age is nothing but a couple of numbers.
    Linda did a great job for the ALP, and Rocks is a very savvy campaign worker. Get ogg their case.

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