OBSCENE GREENS: The dead used by extremists to push their toxic agenda

crazies The fires are still burning. The threat endures. We can only prayer for cooler, calmer weather. To some extent – for now – it is being delivered.

Families have been and are being reunited. Or planning farewells for the loved ones they’ve lost. Kids are confronting loss and death of a magnitude they’ve never known.

Destruction is all around them. It weighs heavily on the whole state and the nation.

We still haven’t counted the dead let alone identified all those who perished. We cannot know the number but it will be in the hundreds. Our worst peace-time tragedy.

The agony has brought out the best in people, $35 million raised for the bushfire appeal already.

Breathtaking stories of individual sacrifice, courage and generosity.

But it’s also brought out the ugliest. Looters. Arsonists. And a blame game.

Our focus is as always on politics. The major political parties and our leaders are doing so much good, Liberals Russell Broadbent and Tony Smith whose words in the House yesterday took our breath away and Premier John Brumby who is so clearly the right man for this time, determined, compassionate and strong. He will lead those communities and all of us from the darkness with the steely confidence that can at other times be downright irritating. But we need it – and him – now.

But on the fringes there are lunatics – as ever – up to no good.

We’ve seen Pastor Danny Nalliah disgrace himself and his followers by blaming the God he professes to love for these bushfires. He says God “lifted his protection” after laws codifying the existing law on abortion were passed. Normally we’d prescribe a kick to the head to cure what ails him but he appears brain-damaged enough.

And it wouldn’t be a tense situation without the mirror image of religious fundamentalism – the Greens political party – chiming in shamefully too.

janetrice One of the senior members of the Victorian Greens political party – a former Maribyrnong councillor and mayor Janet Rice – has opined on her Facebook today:

Janet Rice is wondering whether as Rudd has promised to spend whatever it takes to rebuild after the fires that maybe my money should go to cliimate (sic) change campaigning.

We are wondering whether she used up all her compassion on her husband/wife who was once a bloke and then decided he was going to be woman. An indulgence he pulled despite having teenage children.

I quickly searched my mind for a more politically correct expression for ‘heartless hag’ and then concluded that was quite appropriate.

Billions will be needed to rebuild these communities and only a sick fanatic could think the funds would be better spent on “cliimate (sic) change campaigning.” We conclude from her words she has decided not to donate any money to the Bushfire Appeal. Charming.

It’s well worth noting that many of Janet Rice’s leftist Greens party associates are her “Facebook friends” and would have been alerted to her sentiment. Not one protested or disagreed with her view. Rice has a vanity website which offers not a compassionate word for the victims of Victoria’s bushfires and instead bleats on about climate change and the ‘greenhouse mafia’ which apparently includes ‘the coal industry’.

Rice is not just a random Greens party drone either. She is a queen bee with a sharp sting of meanness.

Indeed, as the witch-queen’s website makes clear Rice is no minor player within their party, she plans on contesting the lead Senate candidate’s position for her party. She writes:

I’m planning to stand for pre-selection for the lead senate candidate for The Greens Victoria. Nominations open next month, and the candidate is chosen by postal ballot of all Greens Members in May. Please contact me if you’d like to know more about this.

Those willing to exploit the disaster for their own ends are the lowest form of human life.

It is clear we need to review policies to ensure we do everything we can to avoid the horrific loss of life experienced in Victoria’s bushfires. But now is not the time to push agendas.

Fundamentalists of all kinds – environmental or religious – are entitled to their views as long as they don’t harm others. In this case, with whole towns lying in ruins, bodies still warm, loved ones still missing, the total toll unknown, a state and a nation in shock, they would do well to keep their mouths shut.



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20 responses to “OBSCENE GREENS: The dead used by extremists to push their toxic agenda

  1. Anonymous

    The Greens make me sick.

  2. Miss July

    Yet another reason that radicals on either sign of the line do little but make fools of themselves, especially in times of national emergency

  3. anon

    Pastor Danny Nalliah is a revolting bigot, I wish him a personal tragedy.
    Remember this is the religous nutcase Costello was praising.
    Howard was for once correct, in not giving Costello the opportunity to lead this great nation.

  4. we have enough nutters on the loose

    Pastor Nalilah ….the sad thing about this extremist is that people start believing his tripe.If he converted Costello then i hold grave fears for others…people and groups who are using this catastrophe to fuel their own political and religious platforms are indulgent gutter scrapers and the lwest of the low.Australia has one agenda right now , saving lives and rebuilding towns

  5. Anonymous

    Janet Rice should throw herself on the flames that are still alight, and take her husband-wife with her.

  6. not an extreme greenie

    It’s a bit silly of me to bother posting here because I know you love to hate the Greens. My interpretation of the facebook comments are that she was initially going to give her money to the victims. However, since the government has pledged to do “whatever it takes to rebuild” she’ll instead invest in campaigning to prevent further tragedies of this scale through combatting climate change. Not radical, not nasty.

  7. Anonymous

    Indeed, fried Rice it should be.

  8. Senator S Fielding

    I take my shirt off for Pastor Nalliah he is my dear friend.

  9. Anon

    Seems that Nalliah is a goose. His comments do the causes that he seeks to defend a grave disservice.

    People like Nalliah are the Pro-Life movement’s biggest enemy.

    By making comments like these pro-abortion advocates will seek to paint all pro-lifers with the same brush as being Nalliah-eseque extremists.

  10. Anonymous

    Nalliah is a supporter of the SDA

  11. we have enough nutters on the loose

    Pro-lifers ,Nalilah go hand in hand as far as im concerned..nobody should preach to anyone..People are struggling to survive here having lost EVERYTHING …why doesnt Nalilah and Pro-Lifers get out there and help people instead of sermonize on what act of God this catastrophe is and link it into their “eye for an eye” prophecies.

  12. Janet Rice

    I’ve actually already donated to the bushfire appeal. You omitted to quote any number of my previous posts reflecting on the suffering and death in the fires. And I stand by the need to focus on climate change campaigning as well as on bushfire relief so that these awful disasters don’t occur more often and even more severely.

  13. Anon

    we have enough nutters on the loose – hate to break it to you, but Pro-Lifers ARE already “getting out there and helping people” re the terrible fires.

    The St Vincent De Paul Society (see link http://www.vinnies.org.au/home.cfm?CFID=3320860&CFTOKEN=2df7856118f9f0a9-64152299-FE1F-1A30-E39438EA6AE61DAC ) and the Catholic Archdioices of Melbourne (see link http://www.melbourne.catholic.org.au/ ) have already launched campaigns for donations to help the victims of these terrible fires.

    Seems your true agenda is not show sympathy for victims of the fires, not is it to rightly condemn nutter Nalliah, instead it is to use Nalliah’s stupid comments as an excuse to make a crass and unwarranted attack on all Pro-Lifers.

  14. Natasha The Despoiler

    they are all nutbags…

  15. Captain Kremin

    Nalliah is undoubtedly a simple lunatic, Janet Rice it appears has been taken out of context. Yet is it that contemptible idiot Nalliah, or Rice, running the Jihadist theory? People in glass houses….

  16. ahem

    your good buddy newnham sent labor’s preferences to danny nalliah – he was on the family first ticket with stephen fielding

  17. may

    so i see that you fully love knowing and watching inncocent children die in their mothers wombs, how sick minded that is.

  18. we have enough nutters on the loose

    those in glass houses (RTL) shouldnt throw stones..the Catholic Church shouldnt throw stones …nobody on this planet has the right to preach doctrines , and for the nutters there is the law….the church and RTL can lead by example first before they can point a finger

  19. Anon

    WHENOTL, have you ever considered that nutters like yourself shoud not “through stones”?

  20. Dr Dre

    “through stones”! Don’t you mean “throw stones”?

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