TERROR LINK: Did Jihadist terrorists light Victoria's bushfires?

jihadfire The UK Sun newspaper has raised concerns that jihadist terrorists may have been involved in lighting Victorian fires:

It is feared TERRORISTS may be behind some of the Victoria fires.

US intelligence sources monitored messages in which a fundamentalist group spoke of “forest jihad”.

A website told Muslims in Australia, the US and Europe: “Scholars have justified chopping down and burning infidels’ forests when they do the same to our lands.”

The message hoped for economic damage and troops being withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Sun’s story references a story originally written last year by The Age’s Josh Gordon which reported that a jihadist terrorist group’s website contained threats to light forest fires in countries including Australia.



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73 responses to “TERROR LINK: Did Jihadist terrorists light Victoria's bushfires?

  1. Anonymous

    Muslims are peaceful people who would never do such a thing. Just look at how pleasantly they live in their own countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

  2. anon

    Anonymous February 10 2009 16:42 you have the intellectual attributes of a used tea bag.

  3. Anonymous

    Anon.17.08, if they did this then their time will come.

  4. Yeh im sure they also behind the Floods in the north! Ohhh the Jihadist are out there to get us, im gona tell my kids the boogy man has been replaced

  5. Astounded of Melbourne

    lame & stupid – the sun is a disgrace

  6. Terrorism sux

    These f@#%n arab terrorist towelheads. They is plotting everywhere – even in our towns. Send em back to Arabland I say

  7. Anonymous

    agreed with Astounded of Melbourne

  8. My Cock Is Bigger Than Yours

    Oh dear, just when one thought there was a rational and sensible story on this site, about this horrendous fire, along comes more fanciful shit!

    This site has labeled anyone opposing Israeli aggression as antisemitic or racist, yet has just indulged in outright racism. Let’s stir up the Cronulla Cape wearing boguns!
    If want to claim you are being satirical, don’t bother, satire is humor and this shit is plainly not funny.
    If you want to claim you didn’t write it, that it was a pathetic English tabloid, don’t bother you put it on your site.
    Jihadists my arse!
    Then again you believe that a God that doesn’t exist, told a fictional character Moses, that certain territories belong to the Israelites. So I expect you still believe the earth is flat.
    Pathetic little god grovelling twats.

  9. Anonymous

    Is this for real??

  10. Anonymous

    If Muslims had nothing to do with starting these fires then why hasn’t the Grand Mufti come out and denied any muslim involvement? Their silence is suspicious, darn suspicious.

  11. Anonymous

    Mmmmm, A-rabs seen in wondong saturday, the plot thickens….

  12. George Sietz

    Speaking of donations, don’t forget my bicky tin.

  13. Anonymous

    Have Muslim’s denied any involvement in these fires yet ?

  14. Anne Potter

    I would like to take this opportunity to deny any involvement in these fires. I was at home all day treating my thrush and yeast infection. I never left tuna town for the whole weekend

  15. Ann Potter

    Maybe Schapelle Corby lit them. She has criminal priors you know. I don’t know the woman. Never met her. So help me Gough

  16. Nostradamus

    This whole blog is pathetic tripe!

  17. Anonymous


  18. The Boss of Islam

    RE: I would like to take this opportunity to deny any involvement in these fires. I was at home all day treating my thrush and yeast infection. I never left tuna town for the whole weekend

  19. Anon

    Hahahaha! This better be a joke. Seriously, how absurd. The story was on Fox News as well…what a surprise.

  20. The Constable

    Actually witness reports suggest suspects bore striking resemblances to a Rabbi, Rupert Murdoch, and Anna Coren.

  21. squeaky

    Reports are coming in that a lot of rural/ute-driving types were observed loitering in the fire-affected areas.

    Have flag-heads denied involvement?

  22. squeaky

    Today’s Herald Sun:

    “…young, suspicious-looking people had been travelling through the fire-ravaged area…”

  23. RDR

    I was busy texting all day so dont blame me!

  24. Poowong Pete

    There are suspicious people in Poowong.

  25. Anonymous

    Either the Muslims deny any involvement or they did it.

  26. anon

    Sophie was seen suspiciously loitering around the area with some squaddies in tow.

  27. Anonymous

    man why the hell would the muslims do it ?? all these media talk shit and start stiring up shit.

  28. anon

    the easter bunny hasnt denied any involvement either does that meant he did it u dumbfuck

  29. Anonymous

    I haven’t heard Muslim leaders convey they sorrow over this disasters, perhaps they were part of it? Either way, they will be smiling ear to ear thinking the infidels are being punished.

  30. Anonymous

    jus watch and see most of the muslims will be out there to help out. and i can’t believe people believe wat the international newspaper/websites say.

  31. Anonymous

    RE:Anonymous | February 11, 2009, 15:27. thats because the media doesn’t want the muslims to be heard. don’t you see the media is jus brain washing everyones heads. Theres a mosque near my place they collecting things for the victims of the bushfire.

  32. Astounded of Melbourne

    Black Saturday Fires

    “Black Saturday”, the 7th of February 2009 will forever be remembered as one of Australia’s darkest and saddest days.

    Over 170 lives have been claimed and in excess of 750 homes have been destroyed.

    The Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY) – NSW would like to pass on its condolences to all Australians who have been affected by the devastating Bush Fires that have swept across Victoria and claimed so many lives and left many more homeless.

    FAMSY would like to encourage all, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to dig deep and support their fellow Australians.

    You can do a number of things to help those who are in need.

    You can donate either money or essential goods like blankets and clothes to a number of community organisations like;

    Australian Red Cross or

    Human Appeal Australia

    FAMSY would also like to encourage those who are able to, to donate blood.

    To donate blood, please visit the Red Cross Blood Service website to find out how and where you can donate.

    Abdulah Zayied

    President FAMSY (NSW)

  33. Jimbob

    Landeryou you are fucking idiot. Don’t spread this absolute bullshit.
    I would expect more from you than this crap

  34. In the name of god

    I think it was wrong and reckless for the British tabloid to make these assertions and equally wrong for VEXNEWS to republish the assertion without comment or condemnation.

  35. In the name of god

    In viewing the link provided in the above article there is no mention or suggestion that jihadist terrorists may have been involved in lighting Victorian fires. If there was it would appear that the Sun Newspaper has withdrawn the article as should VEXNEWS

  36. Waffle

    From the ‘Child’s Book of WildFire Behaviour’:

    Wildfire is always unpredictable.

    All wildfires are different.

  37. Jim

    what a stupid stupid stupid story. shouldn’t expect anymore from people who treat the sun seriously. the fire was more likely caused by a discarded aussie flag some bogan lost on australia day. don’t you bigots get tired of blaming muslims for everything? i suppose they wet your bed too?

  38. Fire Fly

    The fire was most likely caused by spontaneous combustion or a host of other reason. Australia has been in a prolong drought and last Saturday was one of the hottest days on record. the Sunday change produced winds that fanned and oxygenated the fire. It was a voilitle combination.

    You also need to remember that the Australian ecology requires bush fires to regenerate the bush. many plant species actually need fire to propigate.

    Unfortunately die the environmental conditions and high winds the fire this time round was intense.

    I do not believe that the fires were deliberately lit. Had this been a part of a terrorist campaign than credit would have been claimed and the number of fires would have been much greater and in more populated areas.

    I have had a number of friends and associates killed in these fires. and I would dare to say that they knew the risks and loved the Australian bush very much. This is life, tragedy be it man made or by natural causes haunts every living soul. Short of living in a fools paradise this is what makes us Australian. As the poem goes I love our sun burnt country its droughts and flooding rains.

  39. Anonymous

    [deleted] are the most likely culprits and should be the focus of the criminal investigations.

  40. anon

    Ollie did it, he had a big night on the turps again and his Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphitronic short circuited.

  41. Bomb Aimer

    Andrew, you need to remove racist / religious hate comments like those of Anonymous 22.44 very quickly. Otherwise Vexnews will be viewed as a fire-starter too. The Cops are looking for arsonists. Political arsonists like you could get their big fat bums burned too!

  42. Anonymous

    We still live in a country of free speech, no matter how much the Jihadists want that to change.

  43. Jamal


  44. Ann Potter

    My yeast levels are almost as fierce as the fires

  45. Anonymous

    If the Grand Mufti’s had their way they would have Australia run under shariah law.

  46. Anonymous

    Too right. They’d have us living under a Muslim Moon (or half moon).

  47. Natasha The Despoiler

    A very sick readership.


  48. [deleted]

    You don’t suppose my burning sensation down there could be responsible do you?

  49. max

    HAHAHAAH under the sharia law seriously this country isn’t a muslim country for it to be under the sharia law how stupid can u get ??

  50. Anonymous

    I think the point was, Muslims want Australia to be run under shariah law.

  51. Concerned

    It may interest you to know that late last year The Age reported that the Al-Ikhlas Islamic Network was urging Muslims in Australia, the US, Europe and Russia to “start forest fires”



  52. The voice

    Jihadists are too busy in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  53. The voice

    The Taliban did ti stupid!

  54. The voice

    Were they responsible for the Ash Wednesday fires too?

  55. The voice

    Vexnews , dumbing down journalism to new lows. Love this tabloid.

  56. Anonymous

    if the jihadist are busy in afganistan how could the talibans do the bushfire here ?? shouldn’t they be in afganistan helping out their people ??

  57. Anonymous

    RE: i think the point was, Muslims want Australia to be run under shariah law.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 12, 2009, 9:09

    and how do you know that the muslims want Australia run under the shariah law ?? do you have any proof ??

  58. Anonymous

    you retard, stop being sarcastic. floods in the north are NATURALLY CAUSED DISASTERS in Victoria they were PURPOSELY LIT! there are arsonists continuing the fires even after many deaths, this is a terrorist attack you fuckin idiots. please remind yourselves there has been over 12,000 islamic related terrorist attacks since 9/11. stop being such stupid ignorant fucks and realise that terroism actually does exist. not saying this australian terrorist attack was islamic related but a suspected arsonist was asiatic with dark complexion…. and do remember sharia law, the universal law of islam (it contains stonings for adultery… enough said)

  59. Anonymous

    thats like saying how do all terrorist attacks happen in europe and every other fuckin place on the earth? because terrorism is a global problem you fools. oh yeah, have a look at u.k the so called peaceful muslims there how much they are dictating british politics in a sharia direction, i do mind you 40% of muslims in u.k believe in sharia.

  60. Anonymous

    How stupid can you get? Ignorant fools! Shariah law only govern muslims. If UK were to have shariah law, it is only for the muslims simply because muslims have their own version of laws that govern social values; weddings, divorce, funeral rites… and you fools think that Muslims want this as part of their devious plans. Jeez! Get a life people! Look at Singapore for example, do you see everyone in the country dressing up like Muslims and it’s criminals stoned to death?? Singapore adopts the shariah law for it’s muslims. Make an effort to get to know a muslim for goodness sake! You’ll find they are not those people the media protrays them to be! They’ll probably invite you in for coffee and cakes too! FREE OF CHARGE!! Fear is the product of Ignorance. Do not let that get to you.

  61. Anonymous

    And here’s another tip just for you ignorant losers! Lets see if you’re smart enough! Islam forbids suicide and becoming the aggressor!! So how can you be a muslim and do suicide bombings and kill innocents??? Do the calculations! Taliban does not represent Islam in anyway. They represent Wahabbism which preaches everything against Islam. And guess what?? Muslims believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus! It’s true…….

  62. Anonymous

    Oh if you dont know already, the Archbishop in the UK actually approves the Shariah law simply because it stands for anything and everything good. Go figure.

  63. who is who in the zoo

    We Aussies are an easy going lot. We give everyone the benefit of the doubt and many still believe in “she’ll be right, mate”. We’ve come a long way in a very short period of time and now find ourselves surrounded by every other nation on earth. Have a look at our schools – how many students have English as first language? Some public schools report zero percent. The Sydney suburb where I lived and went right through school has been taken over by the muslims and the high school now reports that zero percent of students have English as their native language. Zero percent!!! Most, if not all, of my old friends and neighbours have moved (been pushed) out and the town now resembles a ghetto with the associated stench to go with it. The local mosque looms over all. We need to be aware of what is happening and that it will continue as long as we say and do nothing about it. Remember “Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims” and don’t think they’re here for the good life surrounded by sunshine and beaches!

  64. Anon

    Thanks ao much ‘who is who in the zoo’ for that unhelpful racist / religious / hatred comment. Thanks to our mad pollies, we have been lumbered with an almost insoluble problem.

    But having accepted the Muslim people into our midst, we must take them on board as we have all previous New Australians.

    My experience is that almost all moslem people I have worked with in OZ have acted with distinct honour. I’m thinking particularly of Zena who I met when working for a Council in Australia. She ended up being the Freedom of Information Officer, rudely condemned by customers, while her boss pocketed the cash for the job.

    Zena should have been awarded a medal for this disgraceful treatment.

  65. W.A.S.P

    Muslims are peaceful people who would never do such a thing.
    If Muslims had nothing to do with starting these fires then why hasn’t the Grand Mufti come out and denied any muslim involvement? Their silence is suspicious, darn suspicious.
    If the Grand Mufti’s had their way they would have Australia & Gt.Britain run under shariah law.
    Al-Ikhlas Islamic Network was urging Muslims in Australia, the US, Europe and Russia to “start forest fires”
    Remember “Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims” and don’t think they’re in Australia & Britain to enjoy the countryside.


  66. Brendan Dominguez (Not Anon)

    Of course.. How could i have been so blinded by unfounded faith in the general good nature of mankind. This site has shown me it’s far wiser to hate and misrepresent.

    Red necks can travel south in the southern hemisphere, who’d a thunk it!?!

    I feel ashamed and dirty to have increased your hit count..

  67. Big Bill

    Muslims did light these fires, they should all be punished. We need to set up a camp in Australia and eradicate the muslim population in this country.

  68. Natasha The Despoiler

    Utterly disgusting lowlife racism displayed here…. none of you are honeys!

  69. Anonymous

    “Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims”

    The person who quoted this must be a deluded idiot. What about the Tamil Tigers? IRA? Shin Bet? These are just the famous ones i quoted. Last time i read about them, they happen to be anything but Muslims. This Muslim terrorist propaganda bullshit only started in the late 90s. I didnt hear about Muslim suicide bombers in the middle east back in 1948. The only suicide bombers i know back then were the Jewish / shin bet ones trying to drive the palestinians out of the British controlled Palestinian Mandate. And yea, Jewish suicide bombers even drove the British out. Get your facts right people. And finally, the big question remains, WTF is terrorism??? All i know is that these terrorists are labelled as such because they disagree with the Politicians in power of that time. Well, the taliban used to be a partner of the US! now a terrorist organization. WTF???? I reckon the real terrorists are ignorant idiots like you spreading hatred and lies.

    People who appreciates peace always look at similarities among others. While people advocating hatred and aggression always look at the differences. Go figure

  70. antidiscrimination

    They could be people loitering at the fire ravaged areas. They could be young people. They probably look tan, fair, dark, brown, yellow, or white. Regardless of their religion, sex, race, country of origin, what these arsonists did does not necessarily define anything related to their religion, sex, race, or country of origin. Please do not generalise. I’m not a Muslim, as a matter of fact, I’m a Christian, and I believe all major religions preach good behaviour. It’s just some really sick people that make everyone looks bad. Very sad sick people,

  71. Anonymous


  72. julie

    World War 3. A war between Muslims and non muslims. I’m from Britain and I’m currently travelling Australia. I believe that TO AN EXTENT extremists were involved in these bushfires. I also believe that they should go back to their own countries and stop trying to dictate to us how to live our lives. If you’re not happy with the westerners live IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES then go back to your own. Britain should and will stop being so soft on the muslims and all other immigrants for that matter because they’re taking us for fools. As a young, 20 year old I can see there being a lot of trouble in the near u

  73. You've been warned AGAIN

    Unionists keep posting here despite the security problems. This site uses a malware exploit to find out who you are and what you do on the net.

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