LOOTERS: The Age knocks off photos of the dead and plays politics with disaster

looted Looting the dead.  Can they sink any lower?

The Age’s front page today is a cold, soulless diatribe that presages the first salvos in what will no doubt be a campaign to blame the Brumby Government for Victoria’s ghastly bushfire devastation: “Now the backlash” screams the headline.  Conspicuously absent from the front page is any sense of the humanity of the devastation.  No victim shots, no tales of despair or miraculous survival.  Just another opportunity to get stuck into the government, as they have on public transport (with some justification) and channel deepening (with no justification whatever).

Contrast that with today’s Herald Sun’s admittedly grim front page “album” of fire victims, accompanied by the headline “All Lost”. Terrible, but moving. You can’t look away, and you can’t help but relate the plight of these Victorian families to that of your own.  That’s what great newspapers are all about. They speak to us and for us.

So, if it were just a battle for the hearts and minds of Victorian readers, it would be 5 million to nil in favour of the Herald Sun.  But in stuffing up its print coverage today, the evil trolls at Fairfax Digital have tried to correct the situation with a far worse sin that than of merely being boring drones. 

The front page of The Age’s website actually features the faces of tragedy (so maybe there is a real journalist there after all) – but guess where they got the photos?  That’s right.  Stolen from the Herald Sun.  Looted.  Photos of the dead.  No acknowledgement.  No shame.  They’ve simply scanned the photos from today’s Herald Sun and posted them online.  An utter disgrace.

They seek to play politics with this natural disaster while looting photos of the dead. It was once considered impossible for The Age to sink lower than it did under Jaspan. No longer.

hunfires hunfires2

 agetheftThey eventually got round to sourcing their own pics.



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21 responses to “LOOTERS: The Age knocks off photos of the dead and plays politics with disaster

  1. Ageless

    It’s pretty obvious. One newspaper referred to above is a professional community based service and the other is a bankrupt retirement agency for failed Lefty Journalists whose main focus is on settling political ideological scores against the government for not subsidising their retirement.

  2. Anonymous

    Great story Vexnews. The Aged is the pits.

  3. anon

    I would not even wipe a loose stool of my arse hole with the Herald-Sun.
    The Age is far superior, than that gutter scum publication that employs the right winged lunatics Bolt and Mitchell.

  4. Final edition best edition

    The best news that can come out of the Age would be its last edition. It is no longer the doyen of investigative journalism but a rag for failed ultra left idealism.

  5. Scott

    “I would not even wipe a loose stool of my arse hole with the Herald-Sun.
    The Age is far superior, than that gutter scum publication that employs the right winged lunatics Bolt and Mitchell.”

    Nice cheap shot. Your favourite newspaper has taught you well.

  6. Chesley Sullenberger

    I am mock-shocked at yr mock outrage.

  7. Green Waste

    The Age is only good for one thing, to wrap up compostable material to be placed in the green waste bin.

  8. Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH

    I love reading the Herald-Sun!
    It is on my wave length, nice and simple, lots of pictures, no depth, no credibility and leans to the right.

  9. Anonymous

    Don’t you mean Lewted?

  10. Anon

    What is Solly up to now?

  11. Hack Stacker

    Is there life after death? Guess The Age will soon find out.

    Oh, and what about Dale Peters?

  12. Anonymous

    Good article Andrew. God save us all and deepest sympathies to the families of those that perished.

  13. Sol Lew

    Oh Damn!
    Shat myself again.
    Anyone got a spare Depends Nappy?

  14. oh andrew. don’t you have anything better to do with your time? I guess not. A sad decline. Going to be a long and lonely 40 years ahead

  15. Dumbf*ck

    The photos were on the wire from AAP you utter drongo!

  16. Inga Binga

    Don’t you boys want to take a naughty photo of me up my skimpy skirt?

  17. Natasha The Despoiler

    Oh Andy Pandy Landy!

    Don’t you feel in your heart of hearts that you have been taken in by the feral right?

    Please think again. You are able to make a contribution to the future, not the ridiculous right wing past.

    shades of grey, Andy, shades of grey.

  18. RDR

    Someone text me upskirt pix pls?

  19. Jocque Strapp

    Inga Binga and RDR: Ask Matt Rocks. But seriously, is there a newspaper today that actually reports the news as it is; instead of the personal opinions of people who would sell thire own kids to get a story.

  20. Robert Knox

    “They eventually got round to sourcing their own pics.”
    Yeah, from the media pool, same place where the Herald Sun got its pics. It’s been common practice for years to pool photos in disasters and emergencies.

  21. Ollie

    RDR I will email my uptrouser pix.

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