PREDATORY: Senior Liberal staff accused of taking pervy pics of women from Baillieu's balcony

downblousingpaulprice Key figures in the office of Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu have been accused by Liberal insiders of engaging in the illegal and creepy act of “downblousing”, taking photographs down the tops of unsuspecting female passers-by from the balcony of the Leader’s office at 157 Spring Street.

VEXNEWS has learned that Baillieu media adviser and notoriously urbane pantsman Paul Price is the principal figure of suspicion in the perv scandal, as he allegedly takes photographs from the balcony of many people as they walk past the building.

Witnesses this week sitting outside the European restaurant saw Price – once known as the Pink Panther – and a number of offsiders taking photographs from the balcony, itself directly visible from the office of Michael Kapel, Baillieu’s chief of staff and principal liaison with Baillieu’s spiritual guide, Petro Georgiou.

“Downblousing is just as intrusive and just as illegal as up-skirting”, one legal expert explained to VEXNEWS. “If it’s going on at Ted Baillieu’s office, the Police really should be notified. It’s disgusting.”

VEXNEWS understands that Price spends a lot of time out on the Baillieu balcony, smoking, plotting and scheming. In between those engagements, witnesses say he has been taking pervy photos of women in the street and also at a nearby rooftop bar where Price was once asked to leave after a dispute involving a leather-clad companion, his cigar and some lipstick.

It’s not the first time South Yarra resident Price has been in trouble with the ladies or the law, according to someone familiar with his exploits. “He puts the animal in party animal, no doubt about it,” one jealous observer claimed this morning.

“He is the John Belushi of the Baillieu faction. Although unlike Belushi, we hear he kicked the party drugs habit before it killed him. Good job.”

“But he is – as you would say – a pants man par excellence. There’s no stopping him. He’s a cock in a henhouse. He is a man of many addictions. What Police would find in his Louis Vuitton handbag would be enough to sustain multiple criminal convictions in my view. If he’s taking dirty pics from the balcony, that’s certainly a new low.”

Another concerned friend said “Hopefully after reading your splash he can delete them all (the pics) from his mobile phone and camera in a way that no authorities could recover from the memory of either. Otherwise he could be locked up with the prison pervs for quite some time.”

Critics say the entertaining and enterprising Price is “try-sexual” in the sense that he would try any gender or anyone any time in a desperate attempt to spread his seed.

Hopefully he can confine the fun in his pockets to more traditional and more lawful pursuits.



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40 responses to “PREDATORY: Senior Liberal staff accused of taking pervy pics of women from Baillieu's balcony

  1. theo

    there’s always fun going down at the European


    The only animal here is whoever is responsible for this shit. Paul is a respected Liberal who — as you admit — has never been accused of any wrongdoing. FUCK you

  3. major panic

    Officer on duty Major Panic reporting, all banned from balcony. Smokers must check in cameras and mobile phones at Kapel’s bunker.

  4. Look Up not down

    Is the balcony a declared smoking zone? I would think not. Maybe they need to install security fencing to prevent perverts from learning over the balcony without jumping.

    Mind you if what is published in teh above photo is on view then it would be easy understood if he fell from the balcony whilst looking at the passing traffic.

  5. RDR

    Does the young lady require a lift home?

  6. Auto Matic

    Pricey was just taking photos for the candidate bios for the May State Council.

  7. Arundel James

    Being accused is one thing — but he wasn’t the one arrested for closer range photo taking in a Queensland casino getting his Rocks off

  8. McPerton

    Wait until you see my photo album from San Fran! Deeeeeeeeeeeelicious

  9. Anonymous

    tasty, this is why we love vexnews, all smut all the time.

  10. Fatty Doyle

    At my visits to ‘Westminsters Secrets’ I often take my wide angle lens DSLR camera along.

  11. RDR

    I use my mobile phone for more than just texting, it has a camera, I just found out…

  12. Anonymous

    Gimmie my fucking $950 !!!!!

  13. Inga Binga

    You boys can upskirt me anytime you like.

  14. Noel Jackson

    At least Paul has a good taste in women. The pic made me smile.

    However, Price is unfortunately, indicative of the opposition that the voters of Victoria have to put up with.

    Ted, the election is not going to fall in your lap. You have to work for it.

    So work for it. Give us a sign that you really do care about it – otherwise, we’re wasting our time…

  15. Natasha The Despoiler

    His party will split 25 – 75. This means doom for the conservatives.

  16. Vexnews sponsors Sexism

    Inga Binga ?

    Where the incompetents are concerned in the ALP, surely it’s “Inga Banga” after the pummelling she dishes out .

    When all else fails, good old sexism is a favoured smokescreen.

  17. Niche Marketing

    Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

  18. Inga Binga

    I have not had a ‘banga’ for a while, due to Sav’s problem down below.

  19. Choo choo

    Everyone is free to take photos from the lovely viewing deck on board the GTM Express. Then head inside for some refreshments, including coffee, tea, tobacco, alcoholic cocktails, and chewing gum. Stopping all stations except Hawthorn and Alamein.

  20. Ollie

    Choo choo please return my butt plug.

  21. panickx

    Have victims complained to Police?

  22. little johnny

    Maybe he was looking for Bin Laden in that cleavage?

  23. Anonymous

    As a mark of respect to our brave firefighters turn off the airconditioning in the offices of Connex bosses, who falsely blames the workers, and the EPA Stasi.

  24. AKD

    Inga has Sav thought about speaking to Prof Maku Dong Long?

  25. CN

    What’s worse…”alledgedly” taking a photo or actually publishing the same sort of photo?

  26. Choo Choo

    It was Forbsey that took it, Ollie, you scummy piece of crap.

  27. Timmy Wilson

    In that case, I have one butt plug left over – and for the life of me, I don’t know who it belongs to!
    I will ask my running mate, Peter McMoron if he has lost his butt plug.
    Oh… by the way Choo Choo, has anyone pointed out to you what a scummy piece of crap the GTM Express is?

  28. Pink Panther

    Hey Timmy,

    I think the spare butt plug may be mine… can you check if it has a built in camera and video function?

    If not, false alarm.

    I agree the GTM express is a trumped up piece of crap too.

  29. Timmy Wilson

    No sorry pricey, this one has no camera… it is gold plated however.

    Most likely Peter McMorons plug… left overs from the gazillion dollar campaign you understand.

  30. hypocrit

    you do realise that publishing that titty photo makes you as bad as him don’t you.

  31. Anonymous

    You assume that it was taken without authorisation, in the way the Baillieu balcony pics were. Somehow I doubt it. It was probably posed with one of Andy’s many Asian female friends.

  32. We doubt Andy has “many Asian female friends” but we can assure you the photograph was not an unauthorised one as “hypocrit” seems to imply. It was placed there for illustrative purposes to indicate the kind of intrusive behaviour we were highlighting.

  33. Pervert Paul

    I like to play with myself as I look at photos.

  34. Choo Choo

    The GTM Express is a fine train. Coming soon to a station near you

  35. Timmy Wilson

    The GTM ‘sling room’ leaves a lot to be desired.

    It is a piece of overrated crap.

  36. anon

    GTM has serious marriage problems.
    The choo choo train will not have funds to pay for the required fuel.

  37. Choo Choo

    The GTM Express is a noble, dignified train. It cares little about the bleatings of leftist detractors.

  38. Chairman Liu

    Choo Choo, your are betraying your Chinese heritage by supporting the GTM Express.

    Support Red Ted.

  39. Natasha The Despoiler

    Choo Choo…

    You are yesterdays right wing fundamentalist shit on the shoe.

    What an absolute fucktard you are(cross between fuckhead and retard).

    I smell the delicious sizzle as your faction burns.

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