BUSTED: Lefty arrested for upskirting and public drunkenness

mattrocksgraphic Thirty something Labor Leftist Matt Rocks has been reportedly arrested by Queensland Police for upskirting and public drunkenness.

The socialist perv maniac is believed to have committed the offences recently at a Queensland casino. He is a former employee of the Community and Public Sector Union and was a Labor candidate in the Queensland state election in 2006 and was a central figure in a group known as the Rats in NUS politics.

Rocks is known in these southern lands for contributing his services to the 2008 National Union of Students conference held in Ballarat in December where he was the extremely well remunerated conference organiser.

He boasted to socialist colleagues that he was copping $14,000 for a few weeks work.

At that conference, he was accused by Liberal Students of making false reports to the Victoria Police about the conduct of some Liberal delegates.

This led a number of them to be arrested and detained overnight in Police cells. They were never charge with any offence unlike their accuser and now accused perv Matt Rocks.

Yet another example of what goes around comes around.

The freak had previously done much to impress some of the attention starved ladies of the Victorian Socialist Left during stays in Melbourne.

One of them, a member of the Giles/Jennings/Griffin sub-faction,  is believed to have indulged with him in what is affectionately called cubicle sex in the toilets of a Melbourne gay nightclub. Talk about imposing their dominant heterosexual lifestyle on oppressed minorities. For shame! Book a room next time, comrades.

Some though were less impressed saying he was the Austen Powers of the left without the power, pointing to his frequent outbursts of public vomiting and teeth that appeared like they’d been used to open tins of lentil soup.



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35 responses to “BUSTED: Lefty arrested for upskirting and public drunkenness

  1. Alley Cat

    I gave as good as I got…

  2. Matt Rocks

    It’s all true but is it fair?

  3. Matt Rocks

    Except I never boasted about how much money I got and I worked hard for it. Fuck you Tory scum.

  4. Anonymous

    Your aspirations to be the new Melbourne Truth are being fulfilled.

  5. dumbo

    unfortunately the people who gave these large sums to matt rocks were SDA people, Mr De Bruyn and Mr Maxfield. What a fuckin joke NUS is.

  6. Anonymous

    Matt does not Rock

  7. Jonathan Ross

    “Reportedly arrested” but no actual reports. A long list of allegations but no evidence or attribution of sources. You exceed at being a bottom feeder.

  8. Onagh Bishop

    Victorian women know better — no interstate shenanigans from us

  9. Anonymous

    Jonathan, he’s admitting it. It’s not in dispute.

  10. anon

    Have a look at SL women, you would NOT want to upskirt the majority.

  11. Anonymous

    There’d be a lot of hairy arses I’m tipping…

  12. Kaitlin Ferris

    Certainly won’t be showing Matt Rocks my Map of Tassie!

  13. Lachlan Batchelor

    SL needs to stop these renegades from screwing around

  14. Chaiy

    Looks like I’m not the only one dedicated the QLD’s small and regionals…

  15. Anonymous

    Oh really Lachlan?

  16. hedgehog

    Met him once, a very unimpressive character.

  17. I have done almost every human activity inside a taxi which does not require main drainage

  18. Silence Dogood

    Do all the the dipshits from the CPSU buy there eyewear from the office of the Dear leader, Kim il Carr? (followup: see the one termer in Corrangamite)

  19. dumbo

    who paid matt rocks the money? guess who your friendly SDA brave leaders michael de bruyn and ben maxfield. well done boys

  20. Anonymous

    matt rocks is just another wannabe who will never be – keep hacking you wanker!

  21. For the record Patriots Maxfield and De Bruyn saw the appointment of little known but respected Steve Michelson as the right’s conference organiser. You’re the fuckin joke dumbo.

  22. anon

    after how many years and how many tens of thousands of dollars?

    strange people do tend to make for strange bedfellows.

  23. Slight of Hand

    How about Lefty woman BH doing it with rebel unionite CJ in the broom closet at the Curtin. These people have no standards

  24. i love the law

    Arrested, i doubt it mate! Public drunkenness, sex in toilets – who hasn’t? Upskirting and digital privacy offences are untested and unviable….and in some cases criminalising conduct where there is no proper intent!

  25. Rocks is straight?

    About as fair as upskirting a little girl ya perv. Wonder if her old man thinks you’ve hard been done by? Maybe someone should arrange a get together so you can put your side to him?

  26. Bill Oliver

    I was there in the queue for Bronywn’s favours. She didn’t seem much interested in Scottish lovin’

    Dumb ditch.

    Craig never had what I had to offer.

  27. James Deagon

    This story is true. Matt Rocks actually pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Magistrates Court to the charge of using a digital recording device. The matter was published in the Sunday Mail in Brisbane. He was lucky not to be jailed as the maximum penalty for the offence is two years imprisonment.

  28. Matt Collins

    The iphone incident happened during my bucks nite.

  29. Alley Oop

    Is it true that Matt Rocks was using a Queensland Council of Unions issued iphone when he committed the offence?

  30. Jocque Strapp

    Good thing that you did not get time, Mattie. Your reckless charm would not have helped you out in there.

  31. Once Bitten

    Those lefty women are all the same, morals of alley cats. Some of them get involved trying to create their own era of ‘free love’.

  32. Steve Bracks

    I really like the fact anyone can comment on anything in anyone else’s name.

  33. Anonymous

    lucky not to be jailed…..what a joke!

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