UPDATE: Club Well Fed air con crisis averted

airconcrisis Failing air conditioning in Australian Parliament House has been repaired and is “fully restored” according to documents obtained by VEXNEWS. One Club Fed source told us this morning that he questioned whether it was fully effective just yet as the building was still unpleasantly warm in places. We exclusively reported on the crisis yesterday leading to concerns about how some MP’s would cope and whether some in the Senate would contemplate toga wearing. An unpleasant thought.



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4 responses to “UPDATE: Club Well Fed air con crisis averted

  1. Anonymous

    I thought Malcolm was looking a bit sweaty, I’d assumed all his money was tied up in sub-prime. Maybe just a rumor.

  2. Anonymous

    EPA Stasi boss Mick Bourke was on the Channel 10 news tonight telling us not to swim.

    His EPA Stasi has a poor record. How dirty are the beaches? Can we rely on his assessment? His EPA Stasi did a poor job in Cranbourne. Ask patriot Cr Bradford.

  3. Anonymous

    Am I getting my $950 or not ?????????

  4. Juan Enriquez

    Looks like this site has given up on journalism.

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