DIRTY PICTURES: Pauline Hanson scrubs up for art prize

paulinehansonscrubber Former race-baiting federal MP Pauline Hanson is never long out of the limelight, this time posing in a photograph depicting her scrubbing Australian flags to make them whiter than white.

In a win-win for the lefty photographer who wished to slag her and the ultra-rightist who is happy to be denigrated as long as she’s the centre of attention, the pic has been entered in one of the country’s richest photography competitions.

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9 responses to “DIRTY PICTURES: Pauline Hanson scrubs up for art prize

  1. Anonymous

    Pauline Hanson for Prime Minister I say. We need her and One Nation.

  2. Anonymous

    Rosa Lee Long, One Nation Queensland MP for Tablelands, has had her seat abolished in a redistribution.

    She’s the only surviving One Nation MP anywhere in Australia. Michael Freshwater, One Nation candidate a number of times, has just been elected to the Council of East Gippsland and is now that Shire’s Mayor, so there are One Nation people around.

    Interestingly Cr Freshwater was supported by Gavin Jennings and Jenny Mikakos, according to certain commentators on this blog.

  3. anon

    The term ‘scrubber’ so fits this dog.

  4. Anonymous

    The EPA Stasi false fines unit revenue ends up with One Nation. That so Mick Bourke and Gavin Jennings.

  5. anon

    Hanson the ‘Scrubber’ and Lord Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH should get together, image their offspring?
    A racist, uncouth, obsese, alcohol swilling idiot!!

  6. Anonymous

    I want my $950 Mr Turnbullshit !!!!!

  7. Anon

    What a disgrace the Rudd/Swan package is.

    Come back Howard/Costello, Australia needs some real leadership, not Little Kevvie and Swan the Goose.

  8. Someone, please tell this woman to go away and stay away, I can tolerate looking at her !

  9. Someone, please tell this woman to go away and stay away, I CANNOT tolerate looking at her.

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