THE BABE IS BACK: Kathryn Hay announces return to Tasmanian politics


The Launceston Examiner reports that former beauty queen and state MP Kathryn Hay will be bouncing back into state politics with an Independent Labor bid for Tasmanian Legislative Council.

The culture in Tassie upper house politics is to support independents so the loyal Labor lass of aboriginal heritage will be running that way, with ALP support though. Hay was the first woman of Aboriginal descent to be elected in Tasmanian politics.

The one-time Miss Australia 1999 who was elected to the state’s House of Assembly in 2002, didn’t re-contest so she could travel the world with lucky hubby Michael Creighton who pushes his evident luck by also working as a landmine clearance expert in hardship locations like Lebanon and Cambodia.

She told the local press that in the genteel world of Tasmanian LegCo politics “The Upper House is always easier for the incumbent, but I feel that people know me very well. They have known me since I was a very young person, and they’ve seen what I can do for them.”

Ms Hay patriotically supports the Gunns pulp mill providing it meets environmental guidelines, something the company has always pledged to do.

She’s up against the considerably less presentable Ivan Dean, a former mayor of Launceston.

After her very strong showing in the 2002 election, where she was elected with a full quota of her own votes, he should be worried.

Ms Hay has been able to inspire heroic efforts among her campaigners in the past. She revealed in her inaugural speech:

It is really quite overwhelming to consider how much of themselves people have given, helping me in my quest to become a member of Parliament, and I mean it when I say their dedication was extraordinary. I need only to go through my core committee to prove this point. No-one was spared! One suffered for eight months with a very bad back condition; one got the flu; one learned how appealing bronchitis can be; a couple wore the skin off their knuckles from months of doorknocking; another got glandular fever and also had to have two of her wisdom teeth removed; and one went so far to show his commitment to the cause by helping to doorknock and deliver pamphlets only two weeks after having suffered a heart attack. You will be relieved to know that everybody is now fully recovered.

Members laughing.

The election is expected May next year.




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17 responses to “THE BABE IS BACK: Kathryn Hay announces return to Tasmanian politics

  1. hubba hubba

    Why wasn’t she considered for Thornley’s vacancy?

  2. gyorgy

    I’d like to fill her vacancy

  3. Anonymous

    Where are the fat, ugly and hairy feminists now? Shouldnt they be horrified that sex is being used to sell? Joan Kirner, I’m speaking of you!

  4. Anonymous

    I think of Joan Kirner while I’m fucking my girlfriend, I like to call out “Joan” while I’m fucking.

  5. dean mighell

    I think it’s only fair babe pollies be proven to be female before we accept them.

    I’ve been burned with she-males before.

  6. the new feminism

    Hot chicks are a minority group shut out by politics.

  7. Anonymous

    welcome back

  8. Ro Lo Rocco

    I am moving to Tasmania where my grey eminence can be appreciated.

  9. Anonymous

    She aint called “moaning Joan” for nothing. Shed go off between the sheets.

  10. Perce White

    Anon 1023. I think I live next door to you. Sheesh, I may never have an erection again!

  11. Anonymous

    anon 15.29, pop over and join joan and me.

  12. Anonymous

    hubba hubba is probably being facetious, but in case he or she is serious remember Robert Dean. He was ineligible to be a candidate for the Legislative Assembly in 2002, and the Liberal vote collapsed as a result. Dean was not on the electoral roll. Kathryn would be a great MLC, but she aint eligible as she is not on the electoral roll in Victoria.

    In Tasmania to be eligible to stand for parliament you must have been resident in the apple isle for the previous two years. Victoria does not have such a rule and neither does Queensland. Doug Jennings left Victoria for the Gold Coast and almost immediately became a member of parliament for Joh’s Nats up there.

    Joh was great. Pity he has passed away. We need him now. He’d fix up the economy.

  13. Fatty Doyle

    Dean how could I forget him, silly little impotent man he is.

  14. Anonymous

    Kathryn will be facing opposition from another candidate who has resigned from the ALP. Below is the story in the Launceston Examiner this morning:

    Sands set for Upper House bid
    3/02/2009 1:00:00 AM
    LAUNCESTON City Council alderman Ted Sands has resigned his Labor Party membership to stand as a “totally independent” candidate for the Upper House seat of Windermere.

    Mr Sands yesterday became the third person to announce their candidature for the Legislative Council position.

    It follows former Bass Labor MHA Kathryn Hay’s decision to re-enter politics after an abrupt exit in 2006 and confirmation that incumbent Ivan Dean will recontest.

    Ms Hay created controversy on the weekend by announcing her decision to run as an “independent Labor” candidate, although notification of her intention was sent from the Labor Party.

    Mr Sands was a former candidate for Federal Labor preselection in Bass, which was won by Jodie Campbell.

    He said he resigned his membership last year because it was best not to have any party affiliation.

    “You have to be able to say you can’t endorse all policies that are taken to the Upper House for decision,” Mr Sands said.

    Upper House elections will be held in May and if Mr Sands is successful he said he would not recontest his position at the council when local government elections are held later in the year.

    “One man, one job, give it your all and be effective,” he said, referring to Mr Dean, who is also a Launceston City Council aldermen.

    Mr Sands said his main platform was finding and funding a solution for silt extraction to improve the Tamar River, demanding the construction of closed loop sewerage treatment systems, getting the Dilston bypass constructed and improving other northern road infrastructure, improving the palliative care system and investigating house and land packages for low-cost living.

    He said he remained “totally opposed” to Gunns’ $2billion Bell Bay pulp mill.

  15. Annon Annonski

    Hotties of any ilk should be encouraged in politics.

  16. Map of tassy

    Seriously can we really continue to give credence to Tasmania having the status of a State? It is not bigger in size and population them some municipalities. The fact that it has a parliament let alone two-houses is hard to justify.

  17. wiccanrider

    Kathryn is bright and vibrant with a great mind and personality. Why she is going back into the mad house of politics is beyond my understanding except I know her aim is to make a difference. Kathryn is dedicated enough to do that and I wish her well.

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