LEATHER RED: Victorian Liberals fight over Senate

gropper_senate We are advised by Liberal sources that the candidates for their looming Victorian Senate preselection joust are Ronno (Senator Michael Ronaldson to you), feudal lord, former Nat and current Senator Julian McGauran, Cate Dealher, barrister Caroline Kenny SC, former Tony Abbott adviser Terry Barnes, Institute of Public Affairs fellow Ross Fox and Owen Lysaght.

May be the best man (of either gender) win.

Can Julian survive the Fox onslaught?

Who shall thrust forth and claim the potentially poisoned chalice of #3?

All these questions and more shall soon be answered.



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65 responses to “LEATHER RED: Victorian Liberals fight over Senate

  1. anon

    Why would anyone want to be a senator?

  2. Anonymous

    The party is so lucky that the ‘star’ candidate, Foxy Ross, has decided to nominate. What the party needs is a ‘star’. Woohoo

  3. Foxy Ross

    I am a star. I am a star. I am a star.

  4. Chairman Liu

    As anyone who went to the festivities in Bourke St today will tell you, there is only one star in the party, and that is me: xie xie nee.

  5. DJ DJ Spedding

    The Chairman is indeed a superstar. Long Live the Chairman.

  6. Ronno

    Foxy Ross may be a star, but I am a super star!

  7. Jindi Cheese

    I too am a star

  8. The only true stars are those who will uphold the Menzies Legacy. I haven’t seen any of these so-called ‘stars’ selectively quoting Menzies in the Fairfax press and setting out their vision for the future of the Party of Menzies. They must all be supporters of the Law of the Jungle – those who will continue to marginalise us.

    If anyone is looking for true star quality, they should look no further.

  9. Penn

    It seems that the ABM camp is growing.

    Go Ross, go Caroline. Talent in the Senate…could the party really be changing for the better? I am pinching myself, it must be a dream.

    I guess if they hadn’t squandered senate seats for a couple of lacklustre mates at the last election, this may never have happened–there wouldnt be such a backlash and cry for an injection of real talent and doers.

  10. Hope at last

    Am still perplexed as to why Julian bothered to switch parties.
    This was obviously on the cards.

  11. Anonski

    Penn – you seem very confused. You cry out for “real talent and doers” but at the same time you seem excited by prospect that a talentless goose like Foxy Ross could get preselection!

    Wanting talented Senators and supporting Foxy Ross are mutually exclusive concepts.

  12. anon

    Ross Pox we have enough factual dirt on you, to cause you and the Liberal Party severe damage.
    I can’t wait for your campaign I am going to do you slowly and painfully.

  13. Anonski

    Isn’t it time that the IPA updated its website?

  14. Natasha The Despoiler

    Oh dear… Terry Barnes???

    He is guilty of the crime of Murder by severe boredom.

  15. Anon

    Didn’t Owen Lysaght run as an independent candidate for Chisolm in the 2004 Federal election?

  16. Choo Choo

    Unlike the Victorian Train system, The GTM Express is reliable and does not break down.

  17. McPerton

    Where is Kenny SC’s commitment to the Human Rights Bar?

    She may have taken silk but she no match when compared to me, Cmmr McPerton!

  18. Whilst I have yet to take silk (I’m sure I will be elevated this year) I too share the view of my brother, Cmmr McPerton, that not only has Kenny SC failed to practice at the Human Rights Bar, she has also failed to the defend the Menzies Legacy.

    She has failed to attack the Liberal Party publicly in the pages of The Age.

    The only candidate that comes close to defending the Menzies Legacy in this most noble of ways, is Foxy Ross.

    Foxy’s rather undergraduate attempts to undermine the then Parliamentary Leader, Dr Nelson, with some Facebook nonsense, was at least an indicator of a willingness to be seen to be publicly slagging off the Liberal Party.

    That said, Young Foxy has a lot to learn. If you really want to defend the Menzies Legacy you need to be overt when attacking the Liberal Party.

    Foxy, follow the example of your friend, Jindy Cheese. By appearing in those ALP propaganda ads he did a lot to attack the Liberal Party.

  19. I do note that one of the candidates, Owen Lysaght, also has some form in defending the Menzies Legacy.

    Owen has ran against the Liberal Party in a previous election.

    What better way to attack the Liberal Party – and to defend the Menzies Legacy – than to ran as a candidate against the Liberal Party?

    I have an answer to the above rhetorical: There is a slightly better way, as I showed at the 2002 election. Be the endorsed Liberal candidate but fail to be on the electorate roll – as a brave and defiant gesture against the Law of the Jungle which is the Electoral Act 2002!

  20. Dr Dre

    Dr Dre, “than to ran”! Please!
    Surely you mean, “than to run”?

  21. Dr Dre

    O dear, the previous comment was meant to be attentioned to Dr Dean, not myself!

  22. Just_In McKeegan

    I am up for the Senate now! Especially after my successful penile lengthening surgery which corrected my infantile penis.
    I have plenty of time to lobby, since I am no longer on the City of Kingston. I have the resources and wisdom of the ‘very important’ Mr Fifield to assist me.

  23. Anonski

    Just_In, you have been a Member of the Victorian Division longer than blow-in Foxy Ross has.

    However, your Krogerite credentials could do with some fine tuning.

    Telling Ted you were quitting working in his office because you were changing factions did require some balls. But in the eyes of many that was just the act of an opportunistic rat.

    However, Foxy Ross is also a Krogerite of convenience, having worked as a staffer for Broggers.

    The Krogerite faction is hardly the natural home for NSW lefties like Foxy Ross.

  24. luv an inga

    why not me, i’m big, strong and luv a joke.

  25. Inga Binga

    I should be the one destined for the Senate.
    I am too clever just to be an MLC.
    I should be ‘just able’ to squeeze my luscious bountiful booty into the big Senate chair, after all it did fit Amanda’s behind in one!
    Besides, I would drive drive John Hogg into delirious lustful passion when I give him a glimpse up my skirt at my Victoria’s Secrets chantilly lace thong.

  26. Mandy

    Oh dear, it does seem that the very few obvious supporters of the status quo(above) are displaying a bit too much insecurity, and above all, painful immaturity about the possible change in senate personalities.
    What can I say? That’s democracy… and if the prospect of change really offends people that much, then perhaps forming a fascist party might be a solution for you.

  27. Helen

    I agree Mandy. Some of the comments and swipes may be indicative of at least a couple of serious emotional/psych disorders. Put a person like that into a slightly different context, or give them a certain life crisis, and the verbal autistic swipes at others, are quickly substituted for criminal physical violence. Very primitive and base.

  28. The Dealer

    The Senate needs a woman to replace Troeth, and someone who is not from NSW and has many years of loyal Krogerite service.

  29. The Liquidator

    The Liquidator beats the Dealer every time. I was the best State Prez ever.

  30. Sandra

    3 cheers for alternative candidates who are brave enough and concerned enough about the Liberal Party’s future, to put their hands up and have a go.

    Liberal party values are about merit and the best person for the job.

    We should be encouraging people to have a go and grateful to have such wonderful talent available to put their hands up.

    Oh, and would the bitter men, with no real lives, making those dumb comments above about Ross, Inga etc get over themselves!

  31. Anon

    Sandy and Mandy and Helen it seems you are rather sensitive to valid criticism of a candidate that is clearly a dud.

    Now, why would that be?

  32. RDR

    Do any young ladies require a lift to their place of residential abode?

  33. No More Mercy

    Now behave nicely!

  34. Sandra

    Anon, valid criticism of which candidate in particular? The Special Counsel (Caroline) the Oxford educated Ross, Terry Barnes ???

    I do realise thatdemonstrated sophisticated intellectual achievement, an evolved social capacity and actual achievement does intimidate some people.
    I guess we all incline toward people we feel intellectually equal to.

  35. Anon

    Then Sandy, I presume you “incline” towards Wacko Jacko, you seem to be his intellectual equal.

  36. Sandra

    No, I just dont incline toward someone who pronounces hyperbole as the word hyperbole.
    For some dumb reason, most normal people think that if you managed to become an SC or get a scholarship to Oxford, you must be reasonably intelligent.
    But, if you support someone that pronounces the word hyperbole as the word hyperbol,then a whacko-jacko supporter you must be.
    Clearly, I have an inclination toward the first mentioned talents.

  37. Ryan

    Anon, the word “whacko” is spelt with a ‘h’, not without.

  38. Anon

    My dears, the word “wacko” is a slang expression and I couldn’t give a fuck how it is spelt.

    Numerous on-line dictionaries suggest that “wacko” is an acceptable spelling.

    As for the SC, there is not a single comment in this thread that is critical of her (ignoring McPerton’s humorous aside re human rights law).

  39. Fatty Doyle

    Since I am a very successful Lord Mayor maybe I should head to the Senate.
    What do you think dearest friend Victor?

  40. a nonymous person

    guys you should all get a life. Ross fox is from NSW. He should nominate to be a Senator for that state.

  41. Ryan

    Saying that Sandra is the intellectual equal of Whacko Jacko when you dont even know Sandra is poor.
    Sandra did explicitly refer to someone who has SC credentials as someone that she seems to admire for her achievements.

    I must confess that I did take it to mean that you thought Sanrda was whacko coz she admired someone of an SC’s calibre.

    I dont think it is an unfair assumption to draw about your discussion.

    Your swipe at Sandra for merely supporting democratic ideals, merit, achievement and trying to stop excessive negativity online was poor form.

  42. JF

    We need more Oxford graduates. And Harvard graduates. Imagine someone with both? They would be amazing!

  43. McPerton

    You would make an excellent Senator, Fatty Doyle. Ask Admin for special dispensation to lodge a late application form.

  44. Old Man Winter

    A new decress from Admin:

    Only Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard graduates can apply for preselection.

  45. Anon

    WTF is a “decress”?

  46. JF

    Why Cambridge? If it was any good then I would have gone there. Let’s keep the standards high thank you. By the way, you also need to have been a Jackaroo.

  47. Wolfman

    Not only do need to have been a jackaroo, you also need to have been a senior adviser to the Howard Government.

  48. Sparkie

    All the digs at people who have had the benefit of an elite education at Oxbridge unis really reminds me of the fortunately small group of kids at primary school that used to make fun of kids from wealthy families and stir their nice clothes etc.

    Yawn. Yeh, let’s have a “decress”… hahaha

  49. Shyster

    Congrats to anyone that has an Oxbridge degree.

    Condemnation to anyone who thinks that this alone makes someone a good candidate for preslection.

    Judge the person as a whole, not just the University they attended.

  50. Sparkie

    I couldnt agree more!
    So, why ridicule a candidate constantly based on one criteria –the uni they attended.

    Because that is exactly what appears to be happening on this site. No-one needs a psych degree to see what is going on here. There is no actual interest in talent, merit or skills. It is all about maintaining the status quo.

    There appears to be an awful display of jealously and a determination to completely deny that a good education (and hence knowlegde) just might be one of the criteria to look at. No-one is suggesting that it is the only criteria!
    But a few people on this discussion board seem to be using it to ridicule people who have a decent education, and by implication making them out to be a joke not worthy of consideration.
    A friendly reminder –the Liberal party spirit is about advancement, doing better and being better. If education is not valued and at least one means of achieving that, then the Liberal party had better stop being such supporters of elite schools.

    The other point is that a few people do not seem to be genuinely interested in looking at the whole package as you suggest that they should.

    The tacit message coming through a few of the comments is that the candidates who have nominated are hopeless…and they are made fun of on the basis of the uni they went to or their credentials…

    Meanwhile, people who speak in support of a candidate are crucified.

    Doesnt seem like a very liberal approach to me.

  51. Natasha The Despoiler

    Yes Honeys…

    The problem with the Liberal Party is that there are no liberals left in it.

    We await 25% of you on the other side. Come out of her my children.

    The rest will burn.

  52. Getoveryourselves

    At least get the facts right before having a go, Ross Fox isn’t from NSW… Vic, Ballarat and Bendigo areas in fact.. educated in NSW and that other place.. oh yeah Oxford and not on scholarship from what I know.. paid for with hard work.. oh there we go another Liberal value.. work hard and reap the rewards..

  53. Natasha The Despoiler

    He works hard on Facebook…

    A pox on Fox – such a loser.

  54. Rivers

    Merit and talent – meaningless concepts at preselections.

    One thing and only ONE THING matters:


  55. Anonski

    In 2009 a university education is common.

    Whilst an Oxbridge or Harvard degree deserves much respect, Australia is no longer in the 1950s where Liberal Party branch memebers would fall over an Oxbridge graduate and give them a seat in parliament.

    A dedication to higher learning is to be admired and respected, but this alone will not make a good Senator.

    BTW, a careful reading of the above comments suggests that Foxy Ross’ education is NOT the subject of ridicule. Think about what the initials JF stand for?

  56. Haha

    One word Natasha Despoiler: “defamation”.

    Good luck!

  57. Haha

    Oh, having an Oxbridge education isnt about status…for the ignorant among you. So this remark about no longer living in the 1950s is WAAAAY off base anbd misses the point.

    It is about the actualy quality of the education at those unis and the fact that the entrance requirements are very rigorous and include alot more than just an excellent academic record.

    Dare I say it, they look at the WHOLE package. Oh dear me yes, that’s right. Sorry to destroy the ignorant parochial world of a few people, but they are the facts.

    Wipe the green off yourselves. And if you are so down on the idea of high achievers, then seriously, the socialist party will happily accept you.

  58. A thought

    Maybe the Liberal Party’s policy for saving public money could be to shut down all of the private schools, and all of the good public schools.
    They can just keep open a minimal number of cheap and nasty primary & high schools open. It seems that no more education than that is probably required…we are no longer in the 1950s where education is a necessary status symbol, right?

    A dumber, lazier Australia?! Wow, what a great idea seems to be coming out of this discussion.

    You are so smart Natasha. I hope you are thinking of standing for preselection But do tell me, what refereed journals does your wisdom come from? Archie comic books?

  59. Anonymous

    take a break pls

  60. Anonymous

    I thought you guys are busy resolving the nation’s crisis, but apprearently not! unbelievable hmmm

  61. Anonymous

    (wow how wellbehaved you are!)Thanks for the moment of silence guys, you still have the right to chat.

  62. Natasha The Despoiler

    Haha and A thought need remedial english writing assistance.

    Spelling and sentence construction are appalling. This won’t do for aspiring conservative politicians.

    Come back when you have done some work on that.

  63. Yawn

    Natasha, how about you don’t come back at all?
    You add little, if any value to this discussion, save for your display of tedious pubescent commentary.
    Nothing but the TV set in your life eh?

  64. David

    Terry Barnes is the man a liberal senate needs. Not any of that Eric Abetz mess that we currently have. Barnes is into details and he knows the game. He can handle the humdrum of senate, without letting ego trip him up like most of them. All in all Barnesy will bring substance from it.

  65. Tudge for aston

    Barnes??? lol … no way …

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