BACKED: Stability deal strongly supported by Socialist Left

potsdampic Left sources say the Victorian Socialist Left general meeting of faction members today at Trades Hall emphatically approved the Left-Right preselection stability deal. Observers say it was the best attended SL meeting in living memory, with every seat in the large venue occupied by a Lefty bum of some kind.

Some four hundred Lefties crammed into the hot and sticky Trades Hall meeting room and enjoyed a couple of hours of festive debate.

A mere fifteen nine (counted by SL Secretary Andrew Giles) sweaty comrades, principally from the rank ranks of the construction division of the CFMEU voted against the resolution, with the remainder endorsing the proposal backed by Leftist leaders Kim Carr and Alan Griffin.

Most noteworthy was the voting behaviour of the large number of AMWU officials present. The vast majority of them voted for the stability pact.

Pugnacious lefty Peter Holding supported the peace deal, even going so far as quoting from Senator David Feeney’s recent letter to Labor Unity members to justify the arrangement. Clearly not a lot of love for Feeney in the socialist paradise. His supporters would argue this was a case of the devil quoting scripture.

The result is an important part of bedding down the arrangement that governs the next two rounds of ALP preselections in Victoria.

The NUW and SDA – prominent Right unions – are believed to have been pursuing an arrangement with Left unions including the construction part of the CFMEU that would have had them voting together. If the Left rebels are in a position to only deliver the CFMEU, it seems likely the Left-Right stability deal will stand.

NUW sources tell VEXNEWS they remain intent on pursuing an arrangement with Dean Mighell and his supporters, the CFMEU and as many of the POSC votes from the AMWU as Victorian state secretary Steve Dargavel can deliver. If they could pull this off, it would be around 15 votes on the POSC, sources say. Today’s vote suggests that within the SL itself, the only people actively resisting the deal are the CFMEU Construction folk. That can’t be a good sign for those intent on replacing the stability deal with an alternative “Union Alliance”.



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122 responses to “BACKED: Stability deal strongly supported by Socialist Left

  1. Harvester Judgement

    It is true the SL meeting today endorsed the deal. That’s what happens when you bring in all the stacks and no-one checks the roll.

    However, significantly the CFMEU Construction division, AMWU State branch, the ASU Clerks, the TCFUA and a small number of FEA delegates voted against it.

    Why is this significant?

    Because under SL rules, they can remain in the SL and still act contrary to a decision of the SL meeting, if they believe it to be in their members’ interests.

    The CFMEU construction division is 4 POSC votes.

    The ASU Clerks is another vote.

    The TCFUA is another vote.

    And the AMWU is five votes.

    That’s 11 POSC votes that will not support the peace deal.

    I know you want to say the AMWU votes are controlled by the AMWU National Office, but to put that piece of misinformation to rest: The five AMWU POSC votes are held by the National President (Kim Carr’s buddy), the Vic Food Division Secretary (loyal to the State Branch), the Vic Print Division Secretary (loyal to the State Branch), the Vic Metals Division Secretary (again, loyal to the State Branch), and the State Secretary Steve Dargavel (anyone want to guess if he’s loyal to the State Branch).

    So, comrade Dargavel does need to convince anyone to tell the National Office to jam it – He already has a minimum number of four coming to the breakaway.

    That means ten votes all up.

    Throw in the UCA with four votes and that’s 14.

    That means that, coupled with the NUW and friends, they have 43 POSC votes. Anyone wanting to dispute this will need to show where the peace deal crew will peel votes off.

    This means that the peace deal cannot be done, because a substantial part of the it involves the Victorian Upper House.

    Without the ten SL union POSC votes and the 4 UCA votes, there will be a number of State Upper House members who will be cleaned up.

    Some of them control large numbers of FEA votes, and will not go willingly.

    Plus the 57/43 split is only how it will split on the POSC. What about other places in the party? Admin and State Conference will be completely ungovernable.

    So, we are back to the drawing board in terms of achieving real peace.

    And Carr and Griffin are in trouble because they said they could deliver 33 POSC votes, and they are now a minimum of ten short.

    The next Admin meeting will be a hoot, and May conference will probably need crowd controllers.

  2. Anonymous

    The SL as usual are split into sub-factions, splinter factions and sub-sub factions.

    They won’t be able to deliver and the likes of Seitz and company who are targeted for annihilation will live on as they have 60-70% local branch support in any preselection.

    So what’s the point of the new “Peace Deal”? It has only every been about 1 thing and 1 thing only – saving Stephen Newnham’s ass as State Secretary.

    Saving Newnham from the chop is what the “peace deal” began as and its about all it can deliver – at this stage.

  3. Larocca's plan in ruins

    With a 97% endorsement reported here, Harvester’s whining reads like a very nervous right-winger. We laugh at the NUW and chuckle at the runny brown liquid making its sloppy way down the legs of those suffering preselectus interruptus.

    We hear Feeney and the Zany Suburban Branchstackers sub-faction will split from any deal with CFMEU Construction. Can’t blame them.

    We hear Dargavel is as popular in the union and the Left generally as an outbreak of crabs at an HSU summer camp.

    Mr Harvester doesn’t know much about the AMWU because he should know Metals division sec Gary Robb strongly supports the Socialist Left position. He will find – after some maneuvering – that everyone else does too. In fact, here’s a forecast, Dargavel will come along too.

    Don’t these nuff nuffs ever learn? They pinned their hopes on Andrew Giles.

    Now they pin their hope on another long-time loyal SL member… You can taste the looming betrayal and bereavement.

    And before counting any other votes, Harvester should probably wonder while admiring the view at Docklands why it is that none of the votes he’s claimed have agreed to sign the document insisted on by Anthony Thow and Michael Donovan.

    Nothing wrong with hoping for victory but delusion looks like being very expensive for the careers of a number of NUW aligned MPs.

    Can we read from the above their whole strategy is to be wreckers, destroyers of the tranquil peace achieved by the two major factions.

    It’s quite the come down from being all conquering, swaggering [deleted] they were before Christmas.

    Perhaps the preselections should be brought on early to remove all doubt.

  4. the indicted faction

    The CFMEU, George Seitz, Telmo Languiller, Hong Lim, Tim Holding, Greg Sword, Theo Theophanous, David Feeney, Geoff Jackson all in one group together. 🙂

  5. Six bob each way

    This deal won’t save Newnham. Alan Griffin said as much to the SL meeting today.

  6. Six bob each way

    And Robb joined Dargavel and Bill Oliver in speaking against the deal today.

  7. lol

    Will Giles bravely propose to sack Newnham now ?

    Doesn’t seem likely.

    Giles has taken action protect Newnham and Shorten he can now live with the consequences and keep Newnham.

    Fuck him.

  8. Jokers

    Here we go again. Another round of double counting by the NUW. Be clear about this. A number of unions that have been named in this comments thread made it clear today – they are not leaving the SL.

  9. witness

    Bill Oliver, the mad Scot crook cunt, lost ten votes for every ten seconds he spoke.

    He should be expelled from the SL when he votes with the Groupers like Kevie Reynolds does in WA.

  10. auditors

    Do Enron, Satyam, the HSU and NUW faction head-counters have the same auditors ???

  11. Mighell High Club

    Dean Mighell has led the NUW up the garden path.

    He won’t be voting Grouper.

  12. Six bob each way

    What does Giles do at the next Admin meeting when Newnham again does not give him anything he asks for?

    And does Kosmos finally jusmp to his feet and reveal his secret love for Newnham?

  13. suck it up [deleted]

    Giles and Newnham can now get cosy in the Head Office sleeping bag, trying to figure out who farted.

    The NUW has no interest in doing Giles dirty work. FUCK YOU GILES! Go and suck Shorten’s [deleted].

  14. pieces of silver

    Giles gets Scullin. Hope your nervous Harry Jenkins you fumb duck.

  15. La-Rocco

    Has anyone seen my Preselection Plans? They were right next to Tom Cargill’s notebook…

  16. Kelvin Tee

    Yes Rob, I’ve got them for safe keeping.

  17. Kelvin Tee

    Did you sign the petition?

  18. Neville Chamberlain

    I tried this before, mark my words, it will end in tears, this ‘Christmas Pact’ is ‘Munich’ all over again, in the end the innocent will weep…

    On 30 September 1938 I said:

    ‘”My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.”

    Boy was I wrong…

  19. Who am I?

    I once pinned my hopes on the Socialist Left abstaining in all internal Right fights.

    After they fucked me on that, I now pin my hopes on Steve Dargavel a former Left wing federal MP who wants to again be a federal MP.

    Should I just pin my [deleted] to the block permanently?

  20. concerned labor member

    all these anti-gay slurs are causing me a high level of concern, cant you pigs pick on each-other without homophobic rants and raves???

  21. Adolf

    Neville, so nice to hear from you again brother.

    I think the closest analogy to our Munich accord was the sweet nothings Robin Scott would whisper into Andrew Giles shell-like.

    Shorten – the stubborn little ingrate – refused to appease and declared war, fighting us alongside Stalin (Carr).

    Now Charlie Donnelly is left like me in the bad days of ’45 before I finally made an honest woman of Eva, moving around divisions that no one will will tell him no longer exist…

  22. Lauren F

    Want a tissue, concerned labor member???

  23. memo to Brumby

    The NUW and SDA are not to be trifled with.

    We shall destroy your government in order to save it.

  24. Giles

    Yes it is homophobic to compare my special bond with Robin Scott and Ian Thorpe with a physical love.

    We just hold hands.

  25. anonanonanon

    why doesn’t kim carr join the biggest loser crew i am sure there is a spot for him on the island that will make him a whole lot more relevant – maybe as he loses the pounds he might shed some of the bullshit and become a more honest? man

  26. Neville Chamberlain

    i think you’ve mixed up some of the sides brother, i know who the real enemy is brother, do you? i guess you believe that perhaps peace in our time will last, but the left is the left, and the right is the right, and nothing is going to change that. peace might last 10 months, it wont be 10 years…

  27. Kelvin Tee

    I ask you again La-Rocco, did you sign the petition ?????

  28. Boothy 4 Boss

    Newnham wants to leave anyway. He’s sick of all you c-nts.

    Arise Steve Booth. His time has come.

  29. CJ

    crybaby labor member upset about homophobia… sound to me that you need to harden up mate…

  30. Adolf

    Nev, I never really considered you an enemy. More a patsy. Much like Feeney who believed everything Giles ever told him…

    If only you could have stayed in charge over there, we could have worked something out.

  31. The Marvelous Macedonian

    The SL have put dibs on Macedon if and when Joanne Duncan decides to retire. This may rile John Brumby somewhat as he was eyeing it off for one of his right wing advisers. Ann Potter fancies herself as the next member as do a few other SL party hacks

  32. numb nuts

    Tom Cargill will soon be imposed by Brumby’s office.

  33. Dargavel for Scullin

    A man of his quality is needed.

  34. Dougie

    Dave Oliver, what are you doing? You are wrecking my legacy. Bring that idiot, Dargavel, down, tie him to the bullbar of your union supplied 4WD (get Julius Roe to put his finger on the knot while you tie it) and mount his head on your office wall. I would be using his skull as an ashtray if I was still in charge. And ask Kim when I am getting a parliamentary secretary’s job.

  35. eightyeight

    Marvelous Macedonian, who does Brumby have earmarked for Macedon?

  36. hard one

    Don’t think so, Tom Cargill fucked up and added petrol on a smouldering flame, creating this ALP wild fire.
    Besides he is unelectable, for he has the personality and charisma of a steaming turd.

  37. Anonymous

    Telmo Languiller
    has rolled over now Shortens best mate

    Nazih will be next

  38. Alan Who?

    The Macedonian is well clued in
    One of Brumbys closest inner circle quietly moved to Riddells Creek ( Inside the Macedon electorate)not long back. The SL are not supposed to know.

    The local branch ( SL heavy) think that any replacement for Joanne is coming from within their ranks. Ann Potter is rumoured to the the self appointed favorite although her recent public tirades have not won her any friends on the left or right.

    Still the Libs are no better with not even a sniff of a quality local candidate. The best they could manage last time was the old geriatric Robyne Head. Although Bernie ( I’m a local) Finn was mooted to be discussing a move back to the lower house ( in preparation for his glorious reign) dependant on how the opinion polls are looking in early 2010 of course

  39. anonanonanon

    hey hard one – i think the character assasination on tom is totally unfounded – he is totally electable and for more reasons than one

  40. Ron

    Steve Medcraft to join the liberals perhaps?

  41. in for a penny

    How about Trevor Dobbyn’s performance today? Replaced by Steve Dargavel as the SL unions convenor.

  42. please explain

    If it’s such a problem for the NUW to accept the CFMEU’s support, why is it not a problem for Shorten to accept their support.

    Perhaps you need a MBA to understand.

  43. pounded

    Clancy Dobbyn to get Calwell is what I hear.

  44. dateless

    Was Laura Smyth there ? I’m available if she’s lookin’ for lovin’


    We welcome many visits from Lisa Carey this week.

  46. in for a penny

    Darren Cheeseman in marginal seat is a mistake but Clancy Dobbyn in a safe seat like Calwell is a disaster.

  47. Anonymous

    Word is Mo Abbouche might be crying over Calwell now.

  48. anon

    dateless wack off, Laura is mine, breaking her in would be like breaking in a wild brumby!

  49. Jokers

    Dobbyn is still heading the helm but Im not sure about Carey…tick tock goes the time bomb

  50. Martin Kinghammer

    I will not let little strumpet Michelle vote with the Catholics.

  51. strong rumor

    George Seitz to be promoted from Committee Chairman to Parliamentary Secretary. This will protect his tenure for four more magnificent years of Seitz.

    He is a man of distinction.

  52. rumor file

    Tim Pallas to be dumped in internal NUW coup. Pakula is the priority.

  53. decisive

    How many SL FEA delegates voted against the deal?


  54. anon

    Seitz is gone, just like his brain, I will give you an opportunity strong rumour, please name one thing Biscuit Tin has achieved in his long useless career?

  55. my heart beats for Seitz

    Elected triumphantly in 1982, diligently represented his people ever since. Tireless advocate for his community. Champion of local community groups including expertise in creative fundraising. Builder of strong local party branches. Exposed corruption in local council leading to long investigation by Ombudsman. Recently prepared important submission to Eddington Inquiry that shaped government policy.

    His achievements are many. He is a very popular and much loved local MP.

    He will eat the Shorten Splitters for breakfast when they come hunting for him at preselection time.

  56. Gissi Telegraph

    Christine Roussyian has her eye on the seat of Macedon, as far as I know and I don’t know much, Potter isn’t interested in going any further.

  57. Mick

    Ann says she doesn’t want it but she is privately fuming and scheming with Brendan and the team to pull the rug from Jo’s feet. A little while ago a very nasty and untrue rumour about Jo starting circulating. No guesses who started it. Ann has hit a hurdle with her Potter for mayor push, ironically frustrated by some of her old SL mates so she is looking for greener pastures. There is trouble in the SL paradise up Subury way.

  58. Bg

    Christine is unelectable

  59. little johnny

    my heart beats for Seitz…whatever anti-hallucinatory medication you are on you definitely need to triple your dose. Its taken me almost 3 hours to stop giggling at your stupid, ill-informed and nauseating vile used to describe the ALP’s most corrupt moron. Ahhhh, bring on the next Election!!

  60. my heart beats for Seitz

    Seitz for two more terms please. The people want good local MPs not hotshots celebrity candidates who betray Labor at the first opportunity.

  61. rotfl

    Superb photoshopping. Is that the Potsdam photo?

  62. waiting in the wings

    Honestly, when is Lisa Carey going to get it. The NUW have left the building they “own” no positions !! bye bye Carey. I hear has a vacancy for a new loo scrubber

  63. wackywonder

    and what did earl setches ever do? does anyone know why Alan Griffin says he had to wash his hands after he spoke to him? a bit of a cheap blow……

  64. zzzzzzzzzz


  65. gossip girl carla

    I am important.

  66. gossip girl alex

    Sure carla keep telling yaself

  67. steve perriermanscrote

    I have been defeated by prejudice.

  68. squeaky

    Watch out Andy,

    When Stasi-Steve Conroy’s internet censorship regime (the “clean feed”) kicks in, you might get pinged for posting pictures like this one – featuring large numbers of c*nts cavorting together.

  69. ANON

    I wish someone could simply indicate in very simple terms who are the loosers and who are the winners out of all this factional change?

  70. [deleted]

    just on my achievements please don’t forget the bingo money me and Andre Puig took

  71. [deleted]

    i will be the next member for calwell.. i have been preparing for years now. And i will achieve this before I am sixty mark my words. go away moi

  72. From the Victim of Purges Choir

    What About Me?

    Well there’s a wannabe waiting at the counter of head office
    He’s been waiting down there, waiting with his forms,
    They never ever see him from the top
    Sent in by Seitz, Garth flicks him to the ground,
    He gets to his feet and he says…

    What about me for MP? It isn’t fair
    I’ve stacked enough, now I want my share
    Can’t you see, I am a spiv
    But LU just take more than LU give

    Well, there’s a Miss Pushy working for the SDA
    She got knocked up, waiting for the doc,
    She needs a procedure – straight away
    Kept a secret it’d be sweet
    Til she runs to the street and she screams…


    What about me for MP? It isn’t fair
    I’ve stacked enough, now I want my share
    Can’t you see, I am a spiv
    But LU just take more than LU give

    Shorten step back and see the little people
    They might be young, but they’re the ones that make the big people big
    So listen as they whisper:
    “What about MP for me?”

    And now I’m standing at the conference, all the world’s gone home
    The rules changed, nobody’s been saved
    And Seitz is feeling cold and alone
    I guess I’m lucky, I stack a lot
    But sometimes I wish for more than I’ve got…


    What about me for MP? It isn’t fair
    I’ve stacked enough, now I want my share
    Can’t you see, I am a spiv
    But LU just take more than LU give

    What about me?
    What about me?
    What about….me?

  73. Ro Lo Rocco

    That’s all very well but I have earned my stripes.

  74. Kelvin Tee - Minister in Waiting

    Did you sign the petition little Rob ?

  75. Ro Lo Rocco

    I wasn’t asked to sign anything Kelvin…

  76. Kelvin Tee - Minister in Waiting

    Ah OK, will you sign the petition I’ve got one here…

  77. Ro Lo Rocco

    Ah, look, um, I’m not really into petitions.

  78. Kelvin Tee - Minister in Exile

    But I’ve sign you sign all those human rights ones at the Green Left Weekly table…

  79. Ro Lo Rocco

    That was different, Kelvin. I don’t just sign anything.

  80. Kelvin Tee - Minister in Abandonment

    What are you implying ? Are you saying I just sign anything put in front of me ? You know that’s just not true.

  81. Anonymous

    My pet rock is more electable than most of these white bread clowns

  82. Ro Lo Rocco

    Tony Mokbel says otherwise but I couldn’t possibly comment.

  83. Kelvin Tee - Minister in Hope

    There was a time Rob when you were the light in my life. Now you are just the stone in my shoe.

  84. Ro Lo Rocco

    I am not a threat. I am a promise.

  85. Kelvin Tee - Minister in Perpetual Anticipation

    Larocca is like a Berocca. Big fizz at the start then it just gradually fades away.

  86. Ro Lo Rocco

    I have Lambros in my arse-nal. Watch out when I fart him in your direction. I am silent but deadly with my gaseous weaponry. Wills will be mine.

  87. marsha marsha marsha

    I remind you Wills is 50% mine under the terms of our divorce settlement. My little voice will be heard.

  88. Ro Lo Rocco

    Soon my stack shop in Coburg will be open for business.

    You’re dead meat KT

  89. Mayor Quimby Lambrusca

    I will sort out this madness.

    Please be friends so I can take Brunswick after the ten year deal expires.

  90. Senator Feinstein

    I shall lead. You shall follow. They shall grovel before my Senatorial phallus.

  91. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for all you clowns.

    How would you be able to do to fend yourselvs if you weren’t suckling on the public teat.

    Trust me there aint much demand in the private sector for people with half finished Arts and Law degrees.

    Oh and sitting in an electorate office or working for a union doesn’t really count as work either… You can’t really put surfing the net on a CV as a skill.

  92. L'Oreal Lady

    15,000 – “Because you’re worth it”

  93. Africa

    Bingo king George Seits give reference to discrace conciler Chris Evans a reference.He owes council 40.000 plus give him CASHin hand job to write for him and promote him Ha ha ha.came on George came the Biscut tin.Peter Gelo Cash in hend job Stuge for council Ray congrave Cash Photografer For George Cash in hend Job.

  94. Patriots of the West

    George Seitz is an honest and decent family man.

    He will outlast all the critics.

  95. Africa

    George heve DISABILTY stiker on his gov car is he realy diseable if so he should not be in parliament.WHAT IS THIS we want to Know!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Alex

    I do not use L’Oreal on my face.

  97. Anonymous

    What keeps you looking so youthful?

  98. [deleted]

    Stolen HSU money. Just keep wiring it into my account

    BSB: 063-000 ACC: 5000-5000-5000

  99. Anonymous

    open the biscuit tin georgie

  100. Africa

    Alex for Frankfurt!!!!Wait

  101. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for all you clowns.

    How would you fend for yourselves if you weren’t suckling on the public teat or working for a union?

    Trust me there aint much demand in the private sector for washed up electorate officers and union hacks with half finished Arts and Law degrees.

  102. anonanonanon

    get fucked Anonymous – how dare you suggest that working for a union means u are suckling on a public teat – most of the people who dedicate their lives to representing their members have no degrees – they come from the shop floor!

  103. someone who works for a living

    I wasn’t suggesting people who work for unions are suckling on the public teat, the public teat exists for the EOs who seem to post on this website all day.

    Union workers seem to do very little though. I was once a member of the SDA, don’t ever recall a visit from them to let me know how they were making things better for me as a member. But they did do some sweet heart deals with Coles Myer management which saw me screwed out of penalty rates! All so Coles Myer would keep direct debting our union dues from our pay and paying it straight to them. And what have the SDA done with this cash, used it to fund their conservative campaigns anti IVF, anti gay marriage anti stem cell etc. Trust me the average retail worker does not give a fuck about this, they would prefer the extra cash that they use to get.

    The Industrial unions are just as bad. Shop stewards that sit in offices reading the paper drinking coffee and pulling themselves off, while the real workers work. Union dues being used to fund overseas junkets such as Mr Mighell’s where all he seemed to do was drink the mini-bar watch in-house movies and call hookers for a bit of a laugh with his mates. At the cost of 80K, tell me how does this represent members’ interests?

  104. [deleted]


  105. [deleted]

    Ok. But it’s not free.

  106. [deleted]

    I know, but promise I won’t get caught in the hsu crossfire?

  107. [deleted]

    Don’t worry. I have good aim.

  108. anon

    Leave Alexandria alone you gutless vermin, you are telling evil lies and you are not worthy to be the shit under her shoe. As for [deleted], the term ‘town bike’ comes to mind.

  109. yes pigs do fly at hume

    i heard a little rumour that booooohan (the next member for calwell in waiting) gave biscuit tin sleitz his disabled sticker on his car. you didn’t hear from me

  110. Western Front

    Who gave Disebilty sticer to George Seits why!!Parliament must INVESTIGATE…Is he Realy Diseble!!I want to Know!!Can we have more info!!!

  111. NorthWestNews

    George has his Disability Sticker because you all forget that when he crossed Main Road East & West in St Albans he was hit by an ignorant driver that caused his hip to go!!! Sent him out of action for quite a few months…. No need to INVESTIGATE!! GET YOUR FACTS PEOPLE!!

  112. little johnny

    Georgie Seitz has a “Disability Sticker” because he found out that “incompetence” is a form of “disability” and therefore he should be entitled to have one. Throw in corruption, branch stacking, laziness & lying, I would think his car should be plastered with them !

  113. Fuck Face Harry

    Does`nt anybody care about the ambition faction at the NUW.Poor little Donnelly and Thow,they did`nt mean any harm.

  114. Annon Annonski

    The Doctrine Of Massive Retailiation has displaced the time honoured Mutually Assured Destruction in Victorian Labor.
    Talk about unnecessary cycles of violence.
    Why didn’t someone just let the NUW back in? Why didn’t the NUW accept reasonable offers to come back in?
    Why did the NUW cuddle up to the venal George Seitz to perpetrate a travesty in the Kororoit By Election?
    Why did they then let the power rush to their heads in their over the top attack on Newnham?
    Can’t the uber-hacks running these factions, sub-factions and cabals of fellow travellers get their act together before they destroy the government and the party in Victoria?

  115. Kirsten Psala

    i love sleitz his my idol and he promised me that he will make me numbers lady in the west just as long as i can get a face lift and grow a tall

  116. Western Front

    word is that…Kirsten Psala George Seits STAFFERs Father Sold the centre of MALTA OF SEA for 250000 GEoRGE SHARE in the biscut tin….more info please

  117. Peter Gelo JP

    Hello I’m Peter Jelo JP 3 times failed candidate in council elections (even tough my campaigns were well funded by slitz) please dont forget me my friends. It is my dream to one day hopefully with my good friend geogie’s help become counsellor and after successfully start stacking. I have been waiting for 9 years now but last election I was very close to winning. thank you my friends

  118. Anonymous

    yes peter one day you will win and make the dinamo soccer club very proud maybe in four years time before you turn 70

  119. anon

    It is true George has a Commode in his office?
    Kirsten Psala must have the unpleasant task of being Chief Wiper!

  120. Sleitz

    me and young kirsten go way back.

  121. anon

    Does she go ‘way back’ when she wipes you, you senile old fool?

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