YES WE CAN: Danby diplomacy opens doors for Australia

yeswecandanby International affairs expert and federal Labor MP Michael Danby has led an Australian diplomatic offensive attempting to entice newly elected US President Barack Obama to visit his loyal ally Down Under.

Danby – who is the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade – told Laurie Oakes on Nine News this week that he understood the President to be visiting Indonesia this year and that it was an exciting opportunity for Australia to encourage him to visit us.

Michelle Grattan has picked up the story today in the Fairfax press.

Former President Lyndon Baines Johnson visited Australia  in the 1960s, with adoring crowds chanting “All the way with LBJ” massively outnumbering sandal-wearers and basket-weavers who didn’t want freedom defended in Vietnam.

Obama’s welcome from enthusiasts here would border on frenzied if the number of Obama posters in Labor ministerial and electorate offices is any guide. While “All the way with B.O.” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, there would be no doubt that if President Obama responds to Michael Danby’s brilliant diplomatic offensive and daring invitation that the Big O’s visit to Australia – and possibly Danby’s seaside electorate where Obama supporters outnumber McCain patriots 999 to 1 – would be a spectacular success.



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23 responses to “YES WE CAN: Danby diplomacy opens doors for Australia

  1. Anonymous

    That [deleted] won’t be welcomed in WA so he better stay with you [deleted] lovers in the east.

  2. anon

    WA is obviously still state with some nasty uneducated racist bigots residing there.
    I sincerely hope you are one of the loosers about to be unemployed in WA and for you softcock it will be a long hard term of unemployment as you don’t have enough brains to keep your ears apart.

  3. hedgehog

    May well you remain anonymous,you turd. Why would anyone want to come over there, the stupidest State in the country. Your recent voting pattern clearly demonstrates that fact.

  4. Anonymous

    Wheres the noose?

  5. Anonymous

    I think our friend from Western Australia has sniffed one to many brolga turds.

  6. Anonymous

    Danby is a legend

  7. Anonymous

    Danby looked pretty darn fat on the news last night. One (thousand) too many Tacos?

  8. Ports patriot

    Danby has become more substantial in recent years because he eats leftoid wankers for breakfast.

  9. Madam Lash

    Danby has absolutely no business making comments about the President. No wonder he has been ignored for a ministry.Chairing a committe will also be taken off him if he doesn’t learn to shut up.

  10. Anon

    Danby is supporting the Socialist Left (in the dirty deal) who support the Palestinians currently attacking Israel

  11. Ports LU

    Anon Jan 30 23:40 sounds very primitive and very desperate.

  12. Let the Caucus ballot....

    Oh,oh looks like the Hollow-men(Madam Lash) are on this site.
    How many polling booths have they stood on,how many preselections have they won?
    They make themselves even more obvious counter to their own interests when they break cover to make threats

  13. Perce White

    QUOTE – “International affairs expert and federal Labor MP Michael Danby”. What a crock! Danby (My local member) is a serial under achiever. Looks like Danby’s PR team (Rip Van Winkle Inc.) has awoken from their slumber. Danby and Obama? The heat must be getting to Danby’s handlers. Back to sleep you lazy do nothings!

  14. HMAS Schnitzel

    On my ALP Membership under ‘sex’ I have listed ‘with tempura batter, please’.

  15. Jews for Jesus

    Danby should use his considerable clout to invite Obama to Melbourne Ports. He could teach Obama a thing or two about community campaigning – or in Danby’s case, whisking frail and aged jews out to vote in party ballots without them even being missed at the nursing home.

  16. anon

    Jews for Jesus you are limp between your legs, besides if you want to complain about dodgy voting and branch stacking look no further than Jude Perera the most ineffective MP ever.

  17. Madam Lash

    Let the Caucus ballot you are the one who is threatened.

    If Danby was worth anything he would have a Ministry.

    The Ruddster has spoken.

  18. Let the Caucus ballot....

    If there was a ballot he would.
    Out of 10 Vic SL 7 are ministers or speaker.Out of 12 LU only 3 ministers.Numbers at least eventually talk ,bullshit (Hollow men/Madam Lash )walk

  19. The voice

    Obama will only be in Australia for two days. Sorry people.

  20. Danby Sux

    Obama would eat Danby the blimp for breakfast. How the hell did Dnby get to Chair a Foreign Affairs Comittee, the man is a plonker.
    Posted by Danby SUX

  21. smarts rewarded

    Because he’s principled and expert in foreign policy.

  22. Vince

    oh my god – reading this thread I have not laughed out loud for such a long time! You people are a sensational comedy act …please don’t stop, don’t stop – there are tears in my eyes!!

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