NO VACANCY: Labor moderate Jennifer Huppert to be appointed to Victorian upper house

vexnewsplaceholder4 Labor’s National Executive is believed to be set to appoint highly accomplished lawyer Jennifer Huppert to fill the vacancy left by the disgraceful Evan Thornley. The ballot will occur between 12pm and 1pm today.

Huppert is a lawyer at Maddocks specialising in property, construction and major projects law and has been a long-time Labor moderate and party member.

She will be appointed by the Victorian Parliament to fill the vacancy next week, the first time the upper house casual vacancy provisions have been used since the proportional representation reforms championed by upper house leader John Lenders.



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66 responses to “NO VACANCY: Labor moderate Jennifer Huppert to be appointed to Victorian upper house

  1. Walter Plinge

    Another lawyer… groan. No vacancies in today’s Labor for the cream of the working class. The latte-left triumphs again. Moderate Huppert may be but when it comes to actually accomplishing anything she will prove to be, like all of her ilk, as useless as tits on a boar pig.

  2. ANON

    When is the Labor Party going to wake up and promote community based members to positions within the parliament? This party, now more than ever, needs parliamentarians who are well known for hard work and community strengthening to fill important positions. Just because someone has a degree, be it Law or any other degree does not make them the ideal candidate that will make a good politician. The 2010 election is fast approaching all of us and unless the Labor party starts sorting out their internal shit fights, cleans out several of the current Ministers which are simply not up to standard and encourage good” local” candidates to stand at the next election, the only winners will be the Libs and God Help this State if that happens.

  3. Anonymous

    When are working class people going to get the nod from the ALP? The MPs are made up of lawyers, teachers, staff hacks and union elite.

  4. anonymous

    hear hear

  5. Anonymous

    why the concern
    ALP members wont get a vote in Upper House Pre-selections anyway

  6. whats wrong with lawyers?

    whats wrong with lawyers?

    we are great.

    the world needs more of us.

    look at our lefty pin up boy, Rob Hulls, we need more lefty lawyers like hunky hullsy not less.

    make it preselection qualification to have a law degree i say.

    lawyers rule!

  7. Dennis

    Am amazed ALP would appoint someone so well qualified

  8. whinge whinge whinge

    Get over it. If you don’t like the way the most successful party in Australian history works, join the Greens.

  9. gossip girl alex

    I’ve been thinking about doing that. I am not appreciated.

  10. gossip girl carla

    You really like should have been considered, Alex, but things are just not as they should be… when Lie-um is running the AWU life will be better. He might be able to find a position for you in reception…

  11. Steve Perrierman

    I cannot believe this. Homophobia has triumphed and I have been defeated despite receiving the emphatic support of elder statesman Race Matthews.

    The party is doomed.

  12. Paul Hassled

    I condemn the dominant het ruling ideology.

    That is what has caused Perrierman’s demise and is the cause of the recent purges (non-bowel).

    The party is doomed.

  13. gossip girl Alex

    The party would not be doomed if I was preselected. [deleted] promised to give me upper house in return for [deleted]. [deleted]

    The party is doomed.

  14. Steve Perrierman

    You go girl. You will be welcome in a Perrierman cabinet.

  15. Tim Liar Williams

    I love cake.

  16. Paul Hassled

    Are you high again Tim ?

  17. Tim Liar Williams

    I really love cake.

  18. Steve Perrierman

    Can you stop taunting Tim, Paul. I’ve told you before to stop [deleted] at him so [deleted].

  19. Tim Liar Wiliams

    I love cake. A lot.

  20. Steve Perrierman

    I love cake too, but can you shut up ??? Don’t you realise the party is doomed.

  21. gossip girl Alex

    Exactement, you can have all the cake you want. I can’t eat cake on my zero carb diet. I am still [deleted] all the [deleted] I can though.

    The party is doomed.

  22. gossip girl Carla

    You are so not on a zero carb diet, biatch. I know all your secrets and can separate them from your boasts.

  23. gossip girl Carla

    The party isn’t doomed if Lie-um runs it.

  24. Steve Perrierman

    As an oppressed person, I find it terrible that someone earning more than $100,000 a year has been selected instead of me.

    This is a victory for the rich over the oppressed.

    The party is doomed.

  25. Paul Hassled

    Have you been purged ?

  26. Steve Perrierman

    Yes I blame my defeat partly on homophobia and partly on the purges.

    Thanks for nothing Noah. Last time I laugh at your jokes.

  27. Paul Hassled

    I like Noah.

  28. Tim Liar Williams

    He needs a makeover.

  29. Steve Perrierman

    If prettied up, I could tap that.

  30. gossip girl Alex

    Me too. We could share him.

    He’s like Conrad. Only cute.

  31. Paul Hassled


    Baby oil.


  32. Steve Perrierman

    Is it wrong to cry after a preselection defeat ??

    What would Garth do ??

  33. gossip girl Carla

    I am just so angry all the time.

  34. gossip girl Flick


  35. gossip girl Alex

    Butt out butt-face.

  36. gossip girl Flick


  37. Paul Hassled

    Garth would take it like a man.

  38. Tim Liar Wiliams

    Nothing wrong with that.

  39. gossip girl Carla

    I am too important for this.

  40. Steve Perrierman

    She is so repressed…

  41. Steve Perrierman

    Time for a Higgins Emergency meeting to deal with the aftermath of my loss.

  42. Paul Hassled

    It’s your turn to ring Race.

  43. Steve Perrierman

    I have to clean the toilets, I’ll swap you.

  44. Steve Perrierman

    How many different ways are there to say the party is doomed.

  45. Steve Perrierman

    The party is just so fucked without me.

  46. Georgeie D

    I like it when SF preselects me in the bagpipe area

    People don’t know this but she has a massive horn or her own.

    One day I’m going to go to bovine university.

  47. SF

    I like it better when you dress up like a dolly and sing I am a little tea pot.

    The beads of sweat on your bald head get me sooooo excited

  48. Jessie

    George and his girl love to sandwhich with me.

    I just lay back and do what im told while a fat bald man in dressed like scottish dolly does me sideways.

    Love it yeah!

  49. Georgie D

    Thats so not what happens.

    We both get hog tied, apples placed in our mouths while [deleted]

    Its the only way to get my special place clean.

  50. Tim Liar Williams

    I am strong despite my health problems.

  51. gossip girl Alex

    Can I tempt you with my [deleted]?

  52. gossip girl Carla

    You know you can.

  53. qwert

    Whoever the people are on here who are making the really nasty personal comments have the guts to put your real names on them

    attacking people for their personal lives, health, etc is fucking wrong.

    I hope to meet some of you in person you are fucking disgusting.

  54. Lie-um

    My throbbing [deleted].

  55. Anonymous

    Agree with qwert, what the fuck is going on here?

  56. Apalled

    It appears “someone” is working through the names of the ALP members who signed the nomination form of one of the candidates for the recently concluded Metro South preselection, and repeatedly slandering them here as some form of intimidation/payback. This needs to investigated by the State Secretary.

  57. Anonymous

    The Victorian Right would like to congratulate Fiona Ward on her first work done this year- posting comments from an electorate office. For future reference, spellcheck doesn’t cost you anything, Ladette Macbeth.

    Interesting, since she doesn’t have a reputation as a tightass.

  58. anon

    Alex should have it, she is such a babe.

  59. Little Johnny

    All this “blah blah blah” is curing my insomnia. After the next State Election it all becomes a mute point anyway.

  60. Bill Shorteh Fan Club

    Yorrick Piper will be pissed off he didin’t get the nomination as a reward for his untimely role in the ‘dirty deal’.

    Better stick to getting into Ministers rather than misguiding the Premier.

  61. anon

    Yorrick is too busy up to his ‘nuts’ in #$%@)(*’& Guts!!

  62. Mexican Beemer

    Considering the seat we are discussing she makes a good choice for Southern Metro has a large professional population and she is in the upper house which means her role is different to that of a lower house MP for they tend to focus more on the bread and butter issues.

    I find the criticism to be pathetic so what if she is a lawyer at least she is an ALP member which means she has signed the pledge that outlines the Ideals of the ALP.

  63. ad

    all that gossip and bile reminds me of the vile rants and raves of catholic priests at st joseph’s!

  64. Graham

    I’d be worried if I thought:
    all of those knocking the “latte left” were:
    (a) serious; or
    (b) credible.

    Why can’t a person with an IQ and a decent job still have decent values and believe in a better go for all rather than the Bush / Howard class warfare.

    As a Special Counsel at Maddocks she would have been earning a lot (quite a lot) more than her MP salary so that has to count for a lot. More credible than a member party hack who gets a 500% increase in salary but says its not for the money.

    I won’t bother going on as I am sure you get my point as surely as it won’t make a difference to most of you. Not happy unless you are winging about the latte left and then you have the gall to say there is a “class” structure in the ALP – yep – you guys are the ones who make it.

    You want to be picked – get off your bums and do something to earn the right.



  65. Noel Jackson

    I like cake too.

  66. Vote Refrom

    The State Parliament should implement a count back system to fill casual vacancies as opposed to a Party appointed nomination. After all it is the voters that should be represented not parties

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