UNION NEWS: AWU Victorian officials re-elected unopposed while NUW proceeds with plan to abolish state branches

GodBlessUnionsWhite2 Yesterday nominations closed for the Victorian branch of the Australian Workers Union four yearly elections. The enlightened incumbent leadership of Cesar Melham was returned unopposed recognising his wise and patriotic administration.

In other union news, the National Union of Workers National Committee of Management again voted to proceed with plans to abolish all of its state branches other than New South Wales and Victoria.

The proposal – pushed by NUW National Secretary Charlie Donnelly – is a controversial one outside of Victoria as it is seen as a power-grab by the powerful Melbourne based NUW National office.

Defenders of the scheme say it is designed to focus the union’s resources on looking after members and minimising duplication

A ballot will be held among all NUW members to approve the plan. It is widely expected to pass because the biggest branch (Victoria) is expected to overwhelmingly support the measure.

Those opposed to the proposal say the NUW’s members in South Australia and Queensland will leave the union in protest if the Victorian dominated union approve it against their wishes. They say they will no longer have any real say over the affairs of their union if the abolition of the state branches proceeds.

One observer at the NCOM meeting said that “(Charlie) Donnelly looked out of sorts, nervous even as did his people. I don’t know whether he’s just reeling from all the ALP stuff, but he looked frazzled. Still, he must be confident to barrel ahead with this madness.”



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23 responses to “UNION NEWS: AWU Victorian officials re-elected unopposed while NUW proceeds with plan to abolish state branches

  1. Anonymous

    that would be right

  2. anon

    What about the patriots in the AWU National Office – also re-elected unopposed!


  3. Anonymous

    Long live the AWU

  4. simon

    nuw charlie d you wanker cant you get anything right going around trying to get someone to run against paul howes and you couldnt even do that offering money and support shows that no one thinks you can deliver maybe you should get on your knees and beg for mercy you dog your a joke and it seems that your the only one who thinks your not eat shit and die charlie

  5. Dick Lick Doug

    Leave charlie alone.He is a good man with vision,so back off.

  6. Anonymous

    Charlie has below average inteliigence. He can’t string two words together. AT is the talent.

  7. Beaver Moustache Man

    Errol Flynn Donnelly fucks up again.How dumb is this wanker.He will fuck the unity within the NUW the same as he fucked the unity within the VIC ALP right.Charlie,do everyone a favour and go away.

  8. Little Johhny

    Oh those poor AWU members left to rely on the same inept leadership that invites more anti-union employers to its AWU annual ball than card carrying members. The implosion is imminent.

  9. queenslander

    so charlies got the call centre ringing site delegates making all sorts of threats about raiding and taking over queensland bring on the revolution donnelly you numb nut

  10. Victorian

    and it looks like his plan in Vic to break away left unions has failed. The tree cutters, the plumbers and sparkies are now on board with the deal with the AWU and SL.

  11. tHE jOKER

    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…where you bullied at school, pal? Why this hell-bent lust for disunity?

    Abolishing the state branches in a year that well may see mass lay-offs in blue collar work…not a good time to push ahead with your mad scheme.

    Also, why are you using the Victorian call centre to ring NUW Queensland members now, before the timetable of the ballot is announced, spinning all sorts of untruths. You are SUCH a naughty boy!

    It isn’t weak to admit you are wrong. Risking the union is a high price to pay to try to prove a point. In fact, many members would think highly of you if you did admit now may not be the best time to abolish state branches.

    But if you go ahead….oh, Charlie…the future looks grim.

  12. Hairy Arms

    Leave my mate alone, you c*nt!

    I love him…damn it..I love him…and he loves me and nothing you mean people can say will destroy that love. …it burns in our hearts like the sun from a magnifying glass on an ant’s arse….like the first piss after a bladder infection has taken hold…..

    So, leave him alone…he is a man of vision….and he’s looking right up his own arse.

  13. Hairy Arms

    I love you Charlie!

  14. Fuck Face Harry

    Charlie Donnelly wants to go down in union history and be remembered,and he will be.He will be remembered as being the greatest recruiter the AWU and TWU have ever had.

  15. Hairy Arms

    Oh….shut up….!!!!!

  16. tHE jOKER

    A Scot, and a Zulu Warrior walk into a bar….

    The Scot says to the Zulu:
    “Who’s that little bloke over there drinking on his own?” pointing to a loney bald guy in the corner.

    The Zulu says:
    “I think that’s Charlie Donnelly, the guy from the ALP and I think he works part time at a union too”

    The Scot says:
    “Let’s chat to him”

    The Zulu says:
    “If we do that, this joke just wont be funny”

  17. queenslander

    charlie would shit himself if the zulu warriors turned up at docklands he loves the new building so much no one is allowed in it not even nuw members

  18. tHE jOKER

    Well, no Zulus would get in because they’re not from Victoria!

    It’s a type of Donnelly Aparthied….

    If you’re a Vic, then you’re shmick
    If you’re not, then you can kiss my bot.

  19. Beaver Moustache Man

    I hear dickhead errol flynn Donnelly turned up at a QLD delegates meeting uninvited with limpdick Tim Kennedy and a fuckwit called Clayton Larkin.Supposedly Clayton was his muscle-HA HA HA.The QLD delegates unanimously told dickhead donnelly to fuck off.You`re going real well Errol.

  20. Jocque Strapp

    Little Johnny,

    Wanna bet. Wake up to the facts. That so-called inept leadership has enabled the AWU to grow in membership everywhere in Australia last year. The AWU just goes about delivering for its 135,000 members, supporting the ALP, and advancing Australia with fair pay and conditions. While others frustrate their members nationwide with their asinine little power plays.

  21. Iva Biggin

    For Donnelly & Co to go all the way to QLD to stupidly try to talk down to NUW QLD members just goes to show the level of desperation.

    They must be suddenly realising that their hair-brained scheme to take away ownership of the state branches to funnel their cash is not such a bright thing to do.

    From what I hear even Charlie’s closest allies are now starting to realise this whole madly hatched plan has got the smell of a two week old dead cat.

  22. little johnny

    AWU membership grown everywhere? I guess if you consider right wing anti-union employers in those numbers then you’re correct. Whilst Shorten fiddles, and Melham diddles…Rome (Spencer Street) is burning.

  23. etnorb

    Charlie Donnelly should be hung drawn & quartered for what he is trying to do to QLD, SA & WA State Branches. Using the call center to phone all over Australia to try & “persuade” these members to vote yes is wrong, wrong, wrong. This whole stupid take over attempt is costing all NUW members vast amounts of money, money which would be better spent in QLD, SA & WA on trying to make those Branches better. WE all have to VOTE NO in March!!!

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