DISBELIEVERS: Atheists abundant in Dandenong Ranges

cockatooatheists The town in Australia with the least amount of faith in the Lord above is not Byron Bay in NSW as you might have assumed but the unlikely Cockatoo in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. Unlike practically anywhere else in the nation the township Cockatoo has a persecuted minority of believers in any religious faith(49%), with the majority described as “completely and utterly godless.”

Cockatoo is in the marginal Liberal seat of LaTrobe, with the god fearing incumbent Tory Jason Wood only receiving 39.85% of the 2PP vote at that booth compared with Labor’s 60.15%. Wood is well known in the Australian Parliament for confusing the word “organism” with “orgasm”, suggesting to some that he himself was living proof of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Bernard Salt in The Australian speculates:

“I am sure the locals believe they have found heaven in this life, so why invest time and effort in looking for something better in the next life?”

He also notes that non-believers market share across Australia is up from 18% in 1996 to 21% in 2006.



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12 responses to “DISBELIEVERS: Atheists abundant in Dandenong Ranges

  1. Anonymous

    Atheists can’t be trusted. Lenin and Stalin were both atheists, and look at their record. Hitler never publicly renounced the Catholic religion but towards the end of the war he proclaimed that there was no God. Hitler was an atheist too.

    Ever had an atheist boss? They are bastards.

    Give me a good Catholic anytime.

  2. Anonymous

    Most atheists I know vote for the conservatives. For example John Latham, former Chief Justice of the High Court and one time Opposition Leader in the Reps was an atheist. So too was Fred Riley in the DLP, a former boss of the Manufacturing Grocers Union.

    The ALP vote in Cockatoo largely comes from good God-fearing believing Catholics. The majority of the Liberal vote comes from atheists. The Liberal Party is the party of non-believers.

  3. richie rich

    I worship the money god.

  4. Mick

    Im actually suprised that 79% of Aussies are still buying. I guess they still need some mystical purpose and afterlife to define their misery?

    Re anonymous Jan 29 16:35, extremist religious groups are actually more oft associated with the far right. Far left “scientific socialism” tends towards godlessness. Congratulations on being just another blind partisan idiot.

  5. x

    Mount Nebo in Queensland has a higher proportion of non-religious people than Cockatoo.

    “No Religion” correlates most strongly with the Greens vote, and Labor on a two-party preferred basis.

  6. Anonymous

    Nimbin surely would be more godless.

  7. homer

    i believed til i saw lispy moonface elected
    but cocka2 is truly heaven on earth

  8. anon

    one thing that is true; being a god fearing catholic, who attends church every sunday, and opposes a woman’s right to choose and opposes homosexuals’ equal human rights still doesn’t mean you get elected to any level of government, no matter how much your mummy and daddy etc pray for it.

  9. ferntree andopolis

    What, do you have to be a godless fag to get elected to council these days?

    Come to think of it a few of those have been elected recently…

    People know who I’m talking about- ten points who guesses right!

  10. CJ

    Greeks? Yep, under 30 and well dressed. Not too shabby…

  11. anon

    if you think they’re fit to hold public office… I think they are disease spreading vile pigs. that’s what they tell us at mass anyway…

  12. Jesus

    Here, here Mick. I’m moving to Cockatoo. When will the majority, of unfortunate god fearing persons embrace rationality. The dogma of god is a simplistic explanation for the wonders of our Universe, the musings of prehistoric minds.

    Whilst I respect some of the ethics of many religions (belief systems), I am not deluded in denial of my mortality.

    So you can rage against rational intelligent persons, curious about the mysteries of the Universe, but not willing to submit to a childish explanation for existence.

    So go ahead call me an amoral heretic, whilst you believers stay cautious about sailing too far in a boat, in case you sail off the edge of the earth.

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