YUM: Greens party kill "endangered" crayfish while on seafood diet

greenskill Greens party activists have killed a freshwater crayfish they claimed was a rare and endangered species during an environmental protest over Australia Day weekend.

Greens Victorian upper house MP Sue Pennicuik was believed to be present at the protest rally, appropriately enough held at Brown Mountain.

The enviro-rebels claimed that they had found a rare and endangered species of crayfish in an old growth forest that is being logged.

However, sources within the responsible government department, the Department of Sustainability and the Environment, confirmed the crayfish in question was not endangered but was a common cousin of the species the Greens were getting hot and sweaty about.

In circumstances VEXNEWS believes can be called suspicious given the tasty nature of crayfish, the protesters illegally removed the crayfish from the property without authority, with the poor creature subsequently “dying in transit” while under the care of Greens party supporters and activists. It is not confirmed whether any of those involved were in possession of lemon, a tangy butter sauce, a large boiling pot, picnic blanket and several bottles of chilled dry riesling at the time of the offence.

We understand environmental authorities within DSE are contemplating charging them with a variety of offences related to taking the crayfish from the protected area.



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6 responses to “YUM: Greens party kill "endangered" crayfish while on seafood diet

  1. Anonymous

    Sue Pennicuik is the greatest friend of Red Ted in the upper house. Next time she will be lucky to retain her seat. Stephen Mayne won it for her last time with People Power preferences. The Libs have poor memories. While they should be grateful to the Greens they in fact would rather have an ALP member rather then a Greens in the upper house. The ALP don’t want the Greens whatever they might say. So poor Sue will have to rely on her own resources.

  2. Anonymous

    The Greens are nothing but de facto Liberals.

  3. we have long memories

    the so called ‘green’ party kills our natural wildlife, and votes against nuclear prohibition bills.

    we all know their true colours and like the last two anon posters, those colours are of the liberals!

  4. homer

    no pain where you are now pinchy

  5. Anonymous

    I know one has a hard protective exoskeleton and lives in muddy bottoms away from the shoreline. They generally live singly in crevices or in burrows under rocks.This creature has remained relatively unchanged for nearly 100 million years, despite their unusual build. Its brain is in its throat and its nervous system is in its belly. They listen with their legs and taste with their feet. Plus, their teeth are in their stomach and their kidneys are in their head

    so i ask
    which one is the crustation ?

  6. Noel Jackson

    Now, why does this not surprise me……?

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