UNSURPRISING: Labor's imploding "star" cuts Party off without a penny

traceyundevan2Former state Labor MP Evan Thornley and his charming wife Tracey Ellery have severed their fundraising ties with the ALP following the debacle of his rejection of a Brumby government ministry and his acceptance of a job with a company that has its hand out for many millions of dollars of government subsidy.

Their vanity book publishing company Pluto Press – that had published a number of odd tomes ranging from the story of Australia’s Princess Mary Donaldson of Denmark to previously undiscovered manuscripts from the Race Mathews Collection – had previously subscribed to Progressive Business, Labor’s fundraising arm.

The Progressive Business subscription fee for corporates is normally around $1000 a year with events and functions potentially costing thousands more.

Sources familiar with the affairs of Progressive Business say that they were recently informed that Pluto Press was no longer interested in maintaining its membership. Tracey Ellery is believed to have personally ordered the severing of ties.

One disappointed Labor figure wondered “Was it simply a membership of convenience?”

Another thought it reflected on Thornley’s complete absence of loyalty and decency:

“He was happy to be seen to support Labor when it suited his ambitions. It’s quite ridiculous, he spent a fortune trying to get into Parliament and is now exiting with such a lack of grace that it’s little wonder we all hate him. In these fractious times, the one thing everyone can agree on is how evil Thornley proved to be.”

Thornley’s access to and relationships with government clearly played a crucial role in him being offered the chief executive’s position in the Australian arm of Better Place, a start-up company in Silicon Valley that plans to extract very large sums of money from taxpayers in the jurisdictions it hopes to operate in.

He has “truly p*ssed in the well”, one well-placed business observer familiar with Thornley’s method told VEXNEWS this afternoon. “I doubt he’ll still be there by this time next year. And this start-up is paying him $700k a year. It’s clearly going to end in tears, isn’t it?”



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14 responses to “UNSURPRISING: Labor's imploding "star" cuts Party off without a penny

  1. Anonymous

    You can blame those so called ‘political animals’ Bracks & Pallas for that one!

    Two down one to go!

  2. anon

    Christ Tracey is visually unappealing.

  3. Anonymous

    What do you expect? He bought a seat in the Victorian Parliament. Now he doesnt want the seat anymore, the money goes too.

  4. Anonymous

    Fuck me swingin – that Tracey Ellery is one ugly UGLY beast.

  5. Anonymous

    Remember Looksmart? Wasn’t it a non-union company. It was only the OC that exposed this. Congratulations Andrew on your brilliant stories about Thornley. No further proof needed that Vexnews is Australia’s most authoritative news source.

  6. Thornley a liability

    What value is Evan to his new firm? Far from being an asset, he has lost all goodwill towards him within government and labor circles.

  7. anon

    Try and visualise the two of them bonking – YUK!!!!

  8. Evenly

    More like a liability then an assert. It was clear from day one that Evan was not a true believer.

    Take the money and run Evan. Your career is going down hill faster then your wife can sink the Titanic if she boarded it of was struck by it swimming in the ocean.

  9. McPerton

    Tracey just likes her long lunches. There is nothing wrong with that.

  10. Man that Tracey is ugly

    It used to be poor Mark Ward. Now, its poor Evan Thornley.

  11. Welcome as a fart in a spacesuit

    “Cut the Cheese”- was Tracey at Duntroon too?

  12. no, it's still poor Mark Ward!

    no, it is still poor Mark Ward.

    ‘nuf said really.

  13. Anonymous

    Mark Ward is a true moron.

  14. anon

    Are you really sure Tracey is not Craig Langdon in drag?

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