LET JUSTICE BE DONE: Theo's accuser has serious legal problem in Greece

weboflies In excellent news that will warm the hearts of many patriots, highly regarded former Industry Minister Theo Theophanous has launched legal proceedings against the forty five year old woman who accused him of rape nearly ten years after she claims it happened.

The parliamentarian has been forced out of the Industry Ministry, had his office searched and his reputation viciously attacked by the left-wing press following her claims, suspected by many of being fabricated by her to make money.

The accuser is being sued for $10 million, which she clearly doesn’t have. We understand the woman lives in a quiet village of four hundred people, alone with her brother. It’s not about the money for the MP though. It’s about justice and truth and fighting for his good name.

From the Sunday Herald Sun’s account it appears that there is potential criminal liability for the forty-five year old woman if she’s found guilty of making a false accusation of a criminal nature.

She faces up to five years in jail.

If she’s lying, that’s clearly where she belongs.

It’s understandable that the former MP focuses on the hurt and damage sustained by the people he loves, his family.

Some of Theo’s old rivals have told VEXNEWS that the MP played hard and what goes around comes around.

A terrible sentiment indeed. They forget the words of Martin Luther King “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

No one – and I mean no one – deserves to be falsely accused of rape. In our system of justice, it’s an allegation the state makes against a person that is only exceeded by a murder charge. It’s deadly serious and not for corrupting by political interests or bureaucrats making themselves feel important by bringing down the prominent.

This kind of thing happens all to often.

We profess no expertise in Police procedure. But we can smell a political thrill-kill. And this reeks of it.

Charging him – regardless of the outcome in court – has been a serious punishment in itself.

Failing to properly interview the accused after extensive questioning of the accuser seems like what it is: unfair, dodgy and risky in terms of arriving at the truth.

And that’s all that matters here in the end: the truth.

Because the damage to the people of Victoria is already done. We must already pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a very long investigation and even more bizarre prosecution. We must endure the loss of one of their best and brightest from the public service to which he’d dedicated his life. We must have our system weakened by the inevitable loss of faith in VicPol should the charges be thrown out when they come to trial.

To read more about the legal proceedings click here.

And an extensive interview with Theo click here.

Also interesting is this dreadful story of false rape claims against a prominent politician in England. The accuser in that was sentenced to three years imprisonment.



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57 responses to “LET JUSTICE BE DONE: Theo's accuser has serious legal problem in Greece

  1. Anonymous

    The law in Victoria protects those who falsely accuse, whether it be rape, social security claims that allege false de facto relationships, or the EPA.

    The latter, the EPA, is a money earner for the Victorian government. It acts like the Stasi, and anyone is free to make a false claim for littering, most commonly throwing a cigarette butt out of the window of a car. No investigation is made into false accusers, for that might discourage informers. Unfortunately the majority of people will pay a fine after receiving an infringement notice rather than contesting it.

    The Stasi culture is producing many false informers. The beneficiary may be Red Ted if John Brumby doesn’t act.

  2. Anonymous

    Best wishes to Theo, a good Minister and a great MP. It is very sad that you have been forced to stand down.

  3. Evil Bastard

    good minister hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you kill me. the list of theo’s achievements in the last administration, and in this one, is a blank page

  4. Anonymous

    Bout time. By making an accusation, you get your own legal team (called the Police and OPP) to do your bidding against someone you dont like and they have to foot the bill of their defence.
    The benefits of making accusations are:
    1. You get to tarnish the other side’s name;
    2. You get to put them through great anxiety and worry whilst you have no such concerns as you are effectively immune from any penalties;
    3. The Police and OPP do your bidding;
    4. Even if your accused is found ‘not guilty’, they can be lumbered with $100,000 or more in legal costs. So even if your accusations fail, you still could have cost your accused their life savings.

    Gotta love that legal system. Where are we again? East Germany? South Africa? Zimbabwe?

    No, we live in Labor’s Victoria.

  5. Walter Plinge

    Theo must read this esteemed organ. May I modestly point out that I raised this an appropriate response & tactic when the scandal was first publicised herein. Standards of proof are rather lower in a civil matter (and, I’ll wager, even lower in Greece) so it’s going to make it hard to get a jury conviction in the criminal matter when the soi disant victim has been convicted of making a fraudulent accusation. And is heading for a prison sentence.

  6. Walter Plinge

    Vicpol and the OPP are going to come out looking like incredulous dummies. It will do their reputation no good; not that it’s shiny bright now. Theo will resume his previous duties, a sadder but wiser man. It will get a couple of column inches on page 10 of The Age.

  7. Evil Bastard

    walter, in case you haven’t noticed, they’ve given his cabinet spot to martin pakula, so resuming his previous duties is a stretch

  8. Sub Judice

    A breach of the sub judice rule amounts to a contempt of court

  9. Anonymous

    If Theophanous is trying to influence his criminal trial by taking civil legal action in Greece – isnt that in someway illegal? It sounds a bit iffy to me. Like blackmail in a way. But I’m just a layperson!

  10. Anonymous

    Ten mill from an unemployed person!!!

  11. Bully Boy

    She is also psychiatrically disturbed and mentally ill according to an earlier blog here.

  12. movember

    it doesnt really matter what theo does he is not apart of the new deal!! he wont be endorsed on labors ticket

  13. Natasha The Despoiler

    It will not work. He will burn. snap crackle pop and sizzle!

  14. Innocent Greek Girl

    Yeah… but what if he is guilty?

  15. Little Greek Sausage

    $10 million might be a good start for compo!

  16. Mr Plod

    The OPP and Vicpol are not idiots. Theo has fallen for the oldest trick in the book. Theo has been claiming for ages that he wants to put forward his side of the story. The OPP want him to do that from the witness box where he can be mercilessly cross examined. Something that can’t be done in a police interview. Theo is in strife now and he knows it. His only option now is either jump into the witness box and allow himself to be cross examined or elect not to give evidence, something that a jury ( and certainly the media and general public) could arguably construe as a sign of guilt.
    Nice try Theo but the coppers have called your bluff.

  17. Anonymous

    When’s this woman accuser getting in the witness box? I wanna see her grilled, minced and spat out by Robert Richter QC.

  18. anoymous

    whose Robert Richchter?

  19. Muttley

    This is like a fans at a football game. My team is best yours sucks.

    Did he do it – I dont know but the police are not stupid.

    I see the 10 mil threat as a way to try and make this go away. Would it not be better to make that claim after the rape case is heard here then sue if he is found not to have done it.

  20. Antiplod

    As yet the brief of evidence will not have been made available to Theo, so he can’t really know what the cops really have on him. If he had done the crime, then why (with all his lawyers by his side) would he make public statements which limit his ability to give an exonerating account of what happened?

    I doubt a guilty man, unsure of how much of his crime the cops could prove, would behave in this way…

    I think Theo is the victim here and Andrew is right that this whole thing reeks of a political thrill-kill. And the cops/OPP are either part of it or they fell for it.

  21. Anonymous

    The problem now is, no matter how weak the Police/OPP becomes, they won’t drop it for fear of their own jobs. Sad really. The Police/OPP have so much riding on this they simply have to proceed, regardless of the evidence.

  22. anoymous

    whots a breif of evidence?

  23. Anonymous

    Correct. As the DPP Jeremy Rapke has admitted in a speech given at Melbourne Uni in 2008, “…the failure of a prosecution against such a [high profile] individual damages the prestige and standing of the prosecution service.”

  24. What?

    Funny that Theo bleats about trial by media but wont shut the hell up.

    Bully boy tactics wont get the case dropped Theo, you are rooted.

  25. Anonymous

    The OPP are going to have to continue this prosecution no matter what because they can’t afford to “drop” the case. Some justice.

  26. Anonymous

    Need to take those Theo-coloured glasses off Vexnews.

    Do you really think VICPOL and the DPP would charge a Minister if they didn’t have a good brief?

    Imagine the shit that would rain down on them if it’s found to be a baseless charge.

  27. Anonymous

    Yes Anon. And you dont think Raptke or the Cops are capable of ever fucking up?

    Also, Raptke & Co. perhaps felt they HAD to charge Theophanous for fear that if they didn’t, they would be accused by the “victim” of not prosecuting her attacker because he is an MP.

    I have no time for Raptke but its a tough spot for him to be in for sure.

  28. Anonymous

    Anon above. Jeremy Raptke should grow a set of balls and realise a false accusation from a mentally challenge woman when he sees one.

    Rapke and the cops continually have this view of “Charge em and let the courts sort it out” mentality which serves to promote and encourage false accusations.

  29. OR

    The Police and OPP have a case!

    the simplest explanation is usually correct

  30. ho hum

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    . j

  31. hum ho

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  32. what drivell!

    geeze you really going to town on the law and order side of things, how come there is so many posts and not enuf indians?

  33. Parliamentary Cleaner

    I saw what I saw.

  34. Now who is looking for money, Theo


  35. Now who is the money chaser, Theo??


  36. rita

    what did you saw??? but did you clean down the walls before the forensicks came in to dust.

  37. the other parliamentary cleaner

    i saw it too, i saw it too

  38. anon

    Once a Theophanous always a Theophanous!
    He is just like his brother.
    As for his achievements as a MP and Minister, it is a bloody short list.

  39. Perks

    Theo – what a total Dud!

  40. Ouch

    But he’s got a down on the unemployed. He must be a director of centrelink where the unemployed wait all day to be seen by fat public servants who can rarely help them. Maybe all the unemployed should be hit with a ten million dollar civil suit to wake them up! Maybe they need a tour of Theo’s parliamentary office…

  41. whirlybird

    maybe who knows what’s best in Northcoathanger land. Maybe they have a great ferris wheel for parties and fetes. Somefink to do is better than nufink at all.

  42. Quit hating

    Everyone wants to hate on Theo

    It’s clear that all the people on this site who makes these cynical, accusatory, and insulting remarks about Theo are severely prejudiced

    That’s right, I’m talking to YOU evil bastard, mr plod, natasha the despoiler, muttley, what, perks, and the many gutless anonymous’

    Theo probably put your nose out of joint at one point or another, so now you want to come out and kick him while he’s down. Either that or you’re just jealous of his achievements. For all those who say “there are none”, how many of you have become Ministers? Oh that’s right.. NONE!
    … jealous f*ckers

    You’re cowardly, immature, unimaginative, snivling little scum who like to hide in the dark. It’s tall poppy syndrome and you are too short to deserve any sunlight

    Instead of hating on others who MAKE IT in life, and trying to bring them down. Why don’t you expend your energy on something positive

    Pieces of sh*t that you are

  43. Anonymous

    Quit hating is that you rita

  44. Astounded of Melbourne

    calling theophanous a TALL poppy is a bit wrong

  45. Madam Lash

    Cleaners unite! Why should we lose our jobs when we catch pollies at it in tax payer funded offices!

  46. Telmo

    i waz present Theo done nothing wong

  47. hedgehog

    His brother was innocent aas well wasnt he?

  48. Dr Andrew Theophanous former Federal MP

    This is a political ambush on me and my family. My brother and I have always been innocent. God bless the Theophanous brothers.

  49. rita

    Nup itsah not me, anony, i think its somebody else. I am still looking the dustbins, might find something of interest and hand it in

  50. harry

    i am gutted!! i am so gutted

  51. Telmo

    It was “little Theo” that did the dirty!

  52. Anonymous

    Theo is a tall doggy dropping.

  53. Anonymous

    it was telmo and the underworld

  54. my big fat greek legal battle

    This Theophanous drama is moving into the world of the surreal. The Age has a full page interview in today’s Age (page 4). It is a clever piece in that it skirts the sub judice restrictions. Theophanous is now hinting at police impropriety (not illegality) and bias (again not illegal). The story also serves to smooth the sharp edges to Theophanous’ character. That he makes admissions about not being a saint and hints about what might be discovered in his texts suggests that might pose a problem for him. All of this is disturbing. At minimum it may influence the jury pool.

    One of the premises of the sub judice rule is to maximise the chances of a fair trial. That means not polluting the jury pool. This is a real shift to the more aggressive style of American defence model. It is appallling. In the US the prosecutors have responded to this approach by being even more aggressive. It is a terrible development.

    What really sticks in my gut is that Theophanous has reportedly sued his accuser in Greece. That is disgusting. Why Greece?

    The alleged facts upon which the suit is presumably based occured in Autralia. If he issued in Australia the first thing a court would have done is stay the proceeding pending the outcome of the criminal trial. But why sue now. This person is the key witness. Rape trials are almost invariably about 2 witnesses the victim and the accused. The victim has to give evidence.

    The accussed sometimes does. Usually the balance of the witnesses are relevant only to medical evidence, credit, admissions and alibi. In rape trials the victims evidence is usually the lynch pin. So now Theophanous sues the victim for $10 million. No pressure on her I am sure.

    It stinks to high heaven. He should be ashamed as should the Age. Lets see if the OPP has a look at this development and applies for a gag order.

  55. your an idiot

    my big fat greek legal battle

    you are an idiot

    look at how the DPP has tried to gag theophanous, while allowing an “anonymous” woman from greece rave all over the front page of the age

    the system here should be MORE like the US, so at least politicians have some measure of protection from these sort of crimes

    we need to have a strong criminal penalty for people making false accusations. Just as strong as the punishment for the crime they are saying occured

  56. my big fat greek legal battle

    Wow… many thanks for your lovely deragoratory remark,”idiot”
    greatly appreciated…

    Political cronyism at play here well done..

  57. my big fat greek legal battle

    Where is the ethnic greek lobby in all of this….?

    Are they on this site…?

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