UNREAL: NUW/SDA pursue deal with militant leftists but Tattslotto win seems more likely

nuwfun The left-wing press reports militant left-wing unions associated with the Socialist Left in the Victorian ALP continue to put the squeeze on their faction about the preselection peace and stability deal between the Left and traditional rivals, the Labor Unity group.

The play from the militants is simple, threaten to do a deal with the National Union of Workers and Shop Assistants Union (some insist on calling them the Left Right Out faction, while someone suggested yesterday they should be called the Divine Right) in order to get what they want.

The militant shopping list includes treats like returning the former federal parliamentarian Steve Dargavel to legislature leather as he’s grown sick and tired of representing metal workers and also bumping the odd mistress, spouse, staffer and lick-spittle into Parliament as well. One lefty is as bad as the other we suppose so we can remain delightfully ambivalent about the whole shonky enterprise.

But one thing is certain, it’s a bluff. SL leaders Carr and Griffin will give the banditos a few trinkets but their generosity will be limited because no militant left unionist wants to be seen to be doing a deal with the Shoppies, who they hatefully and with bigotry in their sectarian hearts denounce as Groupers and so on.

Because the SDA’s leadership take principled stances on a wide range of social issues, it is seen as rather injurious to one’s lefty cred around the Trades Hall bar to be even chatting with the brethren of Southbank let alone actually helping their conscience vote using representatives into Parliament where they can oppose the latest radical proposals from Captain Wacky Attorney General Rob Hulls.

But the unrealistic nature of the sneaky scheme is keeping a few – just a few mind you – of the NUW crew hopeful that they can destroy the peace deal between the SL and Labor Unity that threatens to leave them at the mercy of their internal rivals in the Right.

VEXNEWS sources familiar with the matter say that at yesterday’s meeting of militant left-wing unions, Bill Oliver from the notorious Construction division of the CFMEU proposed a motion drafted at NUW HQ rejecting the LU-SL peace deal and proposing a deal with the NUW and any allies the NUW decided to include.

That motion was rejected and a compromise was passed that they’d not accept the peace deal at this stage but talk with everybody to attempt to get a better deal for themselves. The NUW’s hope that the motion would pass was dashed, indicating to most they were being played like a grand piano in the Comrade’s Bar.

One observer remarked “They’re still being played, the tune is the same, it’s just Bill Oliver on the piano replacing Andrew Giles.”

It’s worth noting that no NUW aligned MP seems to be in jeopardy under this deal, except possibly in the upper house. There is also speculation – not necessarily correct either – that the NUW backed party Assistant Secretary Lisa Carey could be forced out. So the NUW’s actual losses are limited.

One of the upper house MPs aligned to the NUW is Martin Pakula, who has just been promoted to a senior ministry in the government and is regarded as a strong performer in the parliament and likely to be an excellent minister. Certainly better than the sea-slug who nearly got the job. So it’s not likely at all that he’d have a preselection problem, in our view.

But what the NUW has lost is its ability to lord it over the rest of the Right. It’s not greatly unlike a fight between kids about who gets to sit in the front seat of the car. Some would dispute that ‘lording it over’ anyone was really their intention, saying they were being egged on and in some cases forced into playing a more aggressive role than suited the strategic interest of the NUW or their great white hope Tim Holding. Some NUW figures point to folks aligned to Senator Feeney as the most blood-thirsty of the players.

Whatever the NUW’s avaricious intent, the transformation of their political position from controlling a majority of the majority faction in the ALP to being a one-third partner in a f*cked-over part of the Right has been a radical and jarring one.

Such is their desperation, some of their number have been willing to run even further risk to their damaged reputation by been seen to attempt to destroy a preselection peace pact purely because they weren’t in control of it. The fact they seem willing to do so with some union secretaries you’d not really want to invite home to meet mother or expose to too much regulatory probing speaks volumes about just how much of a corner they think they have been painted into.

The NUW’s leadership is moderate, aggressive and at times brilliant. They have built a strong union that has endured constantly changing times in the industries they cover. We struggle to reconcile the great job the union does with the miserable performance it puts in politically where its judgment regularly seems to fail it, leaving it isolated and reviled. It could all have been so different.


As the dust begins to settle on the peace deal, soon the preselections will come. It will probably take until the final vote on the last night of the POSC meetings for some of the more excitable NUW allies (usually not working there but hangers-on of some kind) to process the fact that it all went wrong and that it was mostly their own stupid fault.

A great union whose political operatives could end up like the determined yet crazy Japanese officer found in the Philippines jungle – Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda – who only surrendered in March 19, 1972 after stubbornly ignoring air-dropped leaflets from the Japanese government telling him the war had stopped (he was convinced they were Allied propaganda) and after he and his men killed thirty Filipinos and wounded one hundred more while resisting their efforts to get him to surrender. He felt a bit stupid in the end.

He wrote:

We really lost the war! How could they have been so sloppy?

Suddenly everything went black. A storm raged inside me. I felt like a fool for having been so tense and cautious on the way here. Worse than that, what had I been doing for all these years?

Gradually the storm subsided, and for the first time I really understood: my thirty years as a guerrilla fighter for the Japanese army were abruptly finished. This was the end. I pulled back the bolt on my rifle and unloaded the bullets… I eased off the pack that I always carried with me and laid the gun on top of it.

Would I really have no more use for this rifle that I had polished and cared for like a baby all these years? Or Kozuka’s rifle, which I had hidden in a crevice in the rocks? Had the war really ended thirty years ago? If it had, what had (his men) Shimada and Kozuka died for?

Hopefully all of the divided Right can realise the absurdity of fighting old wars endlessly. When Lieutenant Onoda finally laid down his weapons, he was pardoned all his past sins by Filipino authorities, he triumphantly returned home to a radically transformed Japan and was treated like a hero, wrote a best-seller and retired on the proceeds to a beautiful farm (perhaps not unlike Greg Sword’s ranch). Come down from the mountains, NUW rebels. This might be Allied propaganda but it’s also true. You might not be offered a hero’s welcome but there are many who would like to look past the past and to avoid the many possible adverse consequences of a divided Right.



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121 responses to “UNREAL: NUW/SDA pursue deal with militant leftists but Tattslotto win seems more likely

  1. confused

    see ya lisa

  2. [deleted]

    Bill, may I perchance draw your attention to the clause of the deal that provides for the abolition of the second Assistant Secretary position upon Lisa Carey vacating that role. Can I suggest instead that this position be retained by LU, as Assistant Secretary for criminally delicious foods, with special responsibility for implausibly long rants, contributing to Hotham debacles, and claiming descent from over 100 different ethnicities.

    Mmmmm…melting pot.

  3. [deleted]

    I ate a few Japanese once.

    The problem is you’re always hungry again about an hour later.

    I hear katsu don is nice, like pork schnitzel.

    Did you know I can hear schnitzel at 400 paces, even while driving in my obviously strained Jeep?

  4. Liam O'Brien

    Conrad told me goat sacrifice would distract the Shorten God- I hadn’t been going to temple much lately- and that licking toads would ease the pain over denying the Feeney 20 times.

    I’m thinking maybe I’ve been hanging around the wrong people. Alex, Carla, and Conrad….and the pink elephant agrees.

  5. the winners

    Get over it. Yous have been fucker royally. What fun, nothing better.than a nuwturded gang of fuckers!

  6. Batman is not amused

    Apparently Boy Blunder, Noah Carroll, is not sure it was such a good idea to purge hundreds of LU rank and file members prior to Thursday night’s Narrow Group meeting. Now it seems his masters may need them back. Splat!

  7. Maxine

    I love this site for it’s humour, it outlandishness, and all that goes with that. I love the Garth jokes, and hope the big fella takes them with a laugh.

    But, just to be sure, can someone tell me what the factional groupings look like, numbers wise, on the floor of conference, in the POSC and at admin, including with the option of a split in the Left?

    After that, I’m quite happy to get back to Garth jokes.

  8. Dennis

    Split in the left won’t happen, purely about leverage you watch

  9. Broke Back

    King Bill sat on the wall
    King Bill had a great fall
    All the king’s women and all the king’s sycophants
    Couldn’t put Labor Unity together again.

  10. HMAS Schnitzel

    To supplement my income as a highly successful campaign strategist and publisher of hogfat afficianado, I am also a hamburglar by night.

    The problem is my creditors do not accept delicious foods as a form of payment.

    Outrageous. Who wouldn’t pay good money for a slightly pre-loved wagyu beef burger with garlic aioli?

  11. HMAS Schnitzel

    If pigs could fly, I’d be a hell of a lot thinner.

    Either that or I’d have invested in a helicopter gunship by now.

  12. Anonymous

    RSI due to ? hmmm???

  13. Matilda Australia

    Well, it seems thast the filth mongers are out in force again, attacking not the political but the personal.

    But what could anyone else expect from a branch stacking low life blow fly who the Courts are going to chew up and spit out for electoral fraud.

    Good luck is Prison GD, you will do well in there. Im sure that you will enjoy becoming someone’s bitch.

    Better stop balding though or there will be nothing for Bubba to hang on to.

    You are going to get everything that you deserve. God has done his bit, by sending you bald. And the older you grow the ugglier and more foul you become – so thanks again mother nature.

    And now the Justice system is going to bend you over and give you a good old fashion servicing, not seen since the days when the extreme left recruited that way.

    I hope you have your KY GD, and don’t think that your little filth mongering friends who post on here will get away scott free.

    The skeletons in all your closets are being examined and your blow fly mates will soon meet the force of some lethal political and legal fly spary.

  14. Anonymous

    Yeah sure AH.

    Amazing that you could type so well while eating tofu with contraband wild boar.

    Mwah Mwah.

  15. Evil Bastard

    this is so entertaining

  16. Out Ofit

    I don’t understand any of this. Can someone please explain.

    Who is GD? KY? AH?

  17. Hackipedia

    GD = [deleted]
    AH = [deleted]
    KY = The slippery stuff I just wiped on your mum.

  18. Bemused

    So andrew, you are actually protecting someone’s reputation through deletion of posts?

    This hosting rule obviously only applies to mates?

  19. Grouper Apologists Suck

    Vex seems to have a preoccupation with extoling the virtue of principled stands within the SDA. The problem is that the SDA is supposed to represent their members – mostly young casual women signed up by their boss on their first day. They are never asked what their view is on abortion, IVF, homosexuality or the like. There is nothing principled about exploiting the most marginalised workers in Australia for electoral gain.

    As for KH, rumours were she still eyed the prize of La Trobe after helping ensure Cocks lost it at the last election. With the SL getting La Trobe in the deal and all her friends being left out of the deal I dare say she is finding a kind shoulder to cry on – JJ,RW or AB all seemed to be ready to provide it in the past.

  20. confused

    Bye bye Carey take your box of “toy”s and go play in another playground.

  21. sda - scum dogs & assholes

    i still think it was interesting that marlene kanose’s fax number was on the copy of that deal.

  22. Voice of Reason

    Everyone has had a chance to vent their anger and make some (often quite entertaining) jokes about those on the other side to themselves in the factional split.

    But it’s getting time for the personal attacks to stop.

    Nothing is more certain than that some (most?) of the people attacking each other will end up the same side again sooner or later.

    So let’s make it easier for all of us and move on to resolving the issues.

  23. HMAS Schnitzel

    What a lightly crumbed statement.

  24. Who nose?

    Is there any truth to the rumour that [deleted] nose was designed by Ben Lexcen and helped us win the America’s Cup?

  25. HMAS Schnitzel

    What a creamy question.

    As an amateur naval architect, I was able to deduce that Marlene won the Kororoit preselection because of her super-secret keel, prevailing southwesterly, and a motley crew of the right seamen.

    All this talk of the sea reminds me of my favourite sea shanty:

    Sing us a song,
    A song of the sea,
    Birds Eye fish fingers!

  26. [deleted]

    It’s true [deleted] is a ‘small’ man.

  27. tHE jOKER

    I think putting Charlie Donnelly on the same level as some poor jungle-hiding Japanese soldier is harsh.

    We all know that those soldiers were able to survive in the jungle….Charlie has proven he cannot.

    Hari-Kari may be an out for Chuckie.

  28. HMAS Schnitzel

    If a lightly battered Mitch Fifield falls into my mouth in the woods, does anyone hear it over the bipartisan applause?

  29. anon

    JC you are quite the bully and potty mouth for someone who pretends to be such a do-gooder.

  30. Out Ofit

    Who is “JC”?

  31. mandy

    Do you really think the left want Dargavel as an MP again?
    I thought he was on the outer.
    Who of them is backing him anyway?

  32. Right/Left Brotherhood

    who cares whos backing him.. im so happy with this deal that i would have mark latham if i have too

  33. JC

    telling the truth is doing good.

  34. anon

    im not exactly a friend of katie hall’s but it must be said that there is someone on this blog who is obsessed with her private life.

    katie is simply a target for nasty commitments because she hails from the HSUA, just like Alex Hicks. both women have more ‘balls’ (pardon my crude language ) than
    most blokes their age in the party.

    this simple fact makes it open season on reputations. for shame…

  35. GTM Express

    COUNTRY trains in Victoria have not met one monthly performance target in the past five years, after again falling below the benchmark every month in 2008.

    V/Line’s punctuality problems have caused havoc for tens of thousands of passengers who use the regional service, which last financial year recorded just over 11 million passenger trips on rail. This is despite the Government spending $750 million on its controversial regional fast rail service and its promise to improve travel times for commuters.

    Opposition transport spokesman The Great Terry Mulder estimated the real fast rail cost at $919 million and said it had been a waste of taxpayers’ money because passengers could still not rely on the network.

    “Several times over the past week trains were cancelled, with people shuffled onto buses and into taxis because of heat restrictions on the lines,” The Great Terry Mulder said.

    “People in regional Victoria want a clean, reliable and safe rail service, and regional fast rail hasn’t provided that. It gets back to their poor prioritisation in terms of where rail infrastructure should be spent. They should have invested in getting service reliability to a decent level, but instead they’ve invested in myki and fast trains.”

    The Great Terry Mulder said the Government had done little to separate V/Line and Connex services, leaving the reliability of regional services at the mercy of suburban patronage growth.

  36. Choo choo

    The Fast Rail service is a joke. What this state needs is a truly great rail service. Something like a GTM Express would go down really well in this state at the moment. Choo choo!

  37. Railyard worker

    You are a true patriot choo choo. You are also very intelligent. Everyone knows this state needs a truly fast train. A train that everyone can love and call their own. The only answer is a GTM Express. That is why we here at the Railyard are working all through the night to deliver such a project. Choo choo everyone. Choo Choo.

  38. chuffed

    is lisa carey gone yet…

  39. Slight of Hand

    Mandy its the people inside the AMWU that most want Dargavel as an MP again. That jemmies him out of the State Secretraries position in the AMWU and makes way for his power hungry successor Mr Robb.

  40. [deleted]

    It’s true there is very little to [deleted] behind his shorts.

  41. Anonymous

    we love you bill you and conroy are a inspiration to all

  42. Anonymous

    Compulsory student unionism through the back door

    Mrs Sophie Mirabella MP
    Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education, Childcare, Women and Youth

    Shadow Minister for Youth, Mrs Sophie Mirabella MP has today labelled the Rudd Government’s re-establishment of a compulsory fee of $250 per student at universities as “a major blow to young students in Australia.”

    “Minister for Youth Kate Ellis’s announcement today of a compulsory $250 fee for university students is devastating news to young Australian students right across the country. It is an irony that at a time when seniors are being offered cash bonuses, young people who are studying for a degree are being slugged with an extra tax,” Mrs Mirabella said.

    “The bottom line is that this is a tax on students. It’s a compulsory fee for services that students may never utilise. Young people will be the real losers with this visit to the past Labor has been dreaming of,” Mrs Mirabella said.

    “Ms Ellis and Education Minister, Julia Gillard must give answers to devastated young Australians who will be asking – Exactly what ‘student services’ are these fees to be used for? Who will decide how these fees are spent? If it’s the student union, then this is clearly about restoring the union power base on campus, not about restoring important services.”

    “Labor’s blind ideology means no Australian student can get a degree without forking out dollars to pay for non-educational services.”

    “At a time of economic uncertainty with the global financial crises which is affecting Australia, the Rudd Government has disgracefully moved to tax slug young Australians at university, some of whom are already having trouble making ends met,” Mrs Mirabella said.

    “The Coalition was very proud in 2006 to remove the burden of Compulsory Student Union fees from Australian Students. After Labor’s pre-election promise that this issue will not be revisited – this is clearly a betrayal,” Mrs Mirabella concluded.

  43. sda - scum dogs & assholes


  44. Andrew lappos

    And what becomes of lra and telmo ?

  45. Anonski

    Rudd = Left wing lying scum

  46. the Hon Andrew Lappos MP for Derrimut

    the left hate telmo and the LRA… what do you think Lapppos? put two and two together… there on the outer.. your are hot faverite to take over

  47. Anonymous

    “Labor Unity is defined as those who signed the agreement”… So that’s how a minority plans to purge a majority.

  48. Sam Simons

    Was the LU meeting on thursday a LU meeting or not? there seems to be some who say it was and others that it was just a meeting of shorten supporters, and the whole group was not invited.

    If it was only a supporters meeting then the faction has not met to approve the peace deal. this point seems to have been missed in all the discussion about the deal.

    A lot has been said about the SL unions trying to pull out. If labor unity has not officially endorsed this deal then noone in labor unity is bound by it.

  49. Anonymous

    It was a meeting of right-wing supporters of the agreement – not a LU meeting. Most LU MPs and Members were not invited.

  50. truth hurts

    ALL LU MPs were invited and everyone who wanted to come could come, get over it.

    Labor Unity MPs like Michael Danby, Mark Dreyfus and Anthony Byrne support the deal. If you doubt it, perhaps you should ask them.

    As does Labor Unity MP John Brumby or so he told The Age today.

  51. truth hurts

    In fact I doubt even Jacinta opposes the deal. What does that tell you?

  52. Anonymous

    I think all of the federal MPs in the Victorian Right are supportive or neutral about the deal except for Feeney who is busy trying to rescue his branch-stackers from their own excesses.

    So stop complaining about being purged and be loyal to Labor Unity.

  53. Anonymous

    I think everyone who wants to suck up to Rudd/Gillard and that includes Dreyfus is VERY supportive of the peace deal.

  54. Sam Simons

    Ok so the labor unity group has not endorsed this agreement.

    A party and a group is more than the sum of its MPs. We, as rank and file, are in charge. Not them.

    This only confirms what i thought. No one else has picked this important point up.


  55. Sam Simons

    Anon at 9.41 states the blindingly obvious. It is of course in the self interest of MPs to protect their own preslections. This whole deal is written with self interest as its central them.

    But it is not necessarily in the interests of the group or the party that any mp or branch official for that matter should be given 10 years or more tenure. there is no point belonging to a party or a group if there is no possibility of changing he team that fronts it.

  56. Steve Perrierman

    I look forward to my preselection win.

  57. Paul Hassled

    I don’t think you’ve got a serious chance mate.

  58. Steve Perrierman

    Fuck you biatch

  59. Gossip Girl Alex

    This all seems very familiar…

  60. Gossip Girl Carla

    Butt out Alex, you’ve done enough damage with your loose ways

  61. Tim Liar Williams

    Why can’t we just love each other?

  62. Steve Perrierman

    Are you talking – like – an orgy??

  63. Paul Hassled

    I’m up for it…

  64. Tim Liar Williams

    Sure you are, once equipped with little blue pills, old man.

  65. Gossip Girl Alex

    Am I invited?

  66. Tim Liar Williams

    Sorry, sweetie no. Boys only

  67. Gossip Girl Carla

    No one would turn straight for you Alex. You are like so self-centred.

  68. Tim Liar Williams

    I would.

  69. Steve Perrierman

    Oh don’t you go there girlfriend.

  70. Gossip Girl Carla

    I have an important job. Not like Alex.

  71. Paul Hassled

    Conversation always to returns to Alex. Such a drama queen.

  72. Tim Liar Williams

    I just don’t feel that way about you GG Carla, you’re so cold, an ice queen. I prefer the warm bosom of Mama Alex, she could give the maternal love I so crave.

  73. Paul Hassled

    Back to work peoples. We have marginal seats to lose.

  74. Steve Perrierman

    You could all be purged, like GG Carla’s brekky…

  75. Gossip Girl Alex

    Did someone mention colonics?

  76. Steve Perrierman

    Nothing wrong with bosom but those big nipples, just can’t stand em…

  77. Gossip Girl Carla

    You queens are bitchy. Not like me. I’m important. I’m like the head of my department, controlling my wayward minister.

  78. Gossip Girl Alex

    If you were an actor who would you be? I’m leaning toward Magda Szubanski

  79. Steve Perrierman

    I’m a Rock Hudson, sort of leading man.

    Gossip Girl Carla is definitely Audrey Hepburn. Gay icon.

  80. Paul Hassled

    Her bum is too big for Audrey. The guy who played Pugsley in the Adams Family would work for me.

  81. Tim Liar Williams

    I count myself as belonging in the same class as Zac Efron. Only hotter. Much hotter.

  82. Steve Perrierman

    Yez, but you spend more time in the mirror than Zac Eff

  83. Tim Liar Williams

    Nose ring or penis ring? I can’t decide.

  84. Marlene KaNOSE

    I thinking of geting a nose ring I think it would suit me

  85. Tim Liar Williams

    I’m leaning towards penis.

  86. Conrad French Kiss

    I had Alex’s seat dry cleaned…

  87. [deleted]

    Mum, will I end up being like Alex?

  88. Tim Liar Williams

    I long to be a Sailor Boy.

  89. Conrad

    Did u sign the petition Alex?

  90. Gossip Girl Carla

    Like, lay off Conrad, like ok. Like, did you sign the petition Conrad? Like, hello.

  91. Conrad

    Screw you Carla. You’re own boyfriend had be dragged kicking and screaming to sign. Did you sign?

  92. Gossip Girl Carla

    Like, no. But Liam did – he’s not silly. It means he can like, still get a seat in parliament, and you sooo won’t. Yaaaay. I can still one day be the first lady of like, Australia, and like, I can’t wait to get my own Kirribilli credit card, so I can like, go shopping. Like, yaaaay for me.

  93. Waiting in the Wings

    Seriously, when is Carey going?? the deal is done she is gone…lets avoid any more stuff ups by her at HQ, I want to put my hand up for the vacancy.

  94. Anonymous

    Waiting in the Wings all in good time my friend!!

  95. Disgusted

    What a vile outpouring (15:08 – 15:54) of homophobia and prejudice atempting to damage a candidate for preselection. Party members are decent people unlikely to be impressed with these ravings of a right wing lunatic.

  96. Conrad French Kiss

    I signed… in invisible ink to protect my aspirations.

  97. Fiona [deleted]

    I told you crazy kids a million times – DO NOT SIGN. How many times do I have to repeat myself before someone listens to me? It will be fine. We can ride out the storm. I have a plan. We will all work 1 day a week at Ni-cola’s until the tide turns back to us in 2025.

  98. Steve Perrierman

    I have got Brumby’s blessing. It’s done. I have triumphed over homophobia.

  99. Steve Perrierman

    I signed too. Preselection is at stake. You know how it is.

  100. Poor Hassled-off

    I didn’t sign but I can make the sign of the devil…

  101. Gossip Girl Alex

    No one even asked me to sign. Am I still on the mailing list?

  102. George D

    I Like to dress up in a school boys unform and be spanked by teacher, and when i get home I like to wear a nappy and mess myself.

  103. Frank's A million

    Where do you get nappies that size George?

    I suppose you could pass as a child, given that you are going bald and share the mental age of a 2 year old.

  104. SF

    I like to dress him up like a scottish dolly sometimes and play his bagpipe

  105. Gossip Girl Alex

    I too play a mean bagpipe….

  106. George D

    I will marry SF just so I can cheat on her with AH

  107. anon

    There are so many softcocks on this site, leave Alex alone you gutless & nameless losers.
    Alex is a great person, a very attractive hottie and has done more for the ALP than all you tossers put together.

  108. EEOC (Eternal Electorate Officers Collective)

    Our young labor queen-bee is dead, the nest raised, and our honeymoon days over. How ever will we make a successful transition to senior party?

  109. You are all gutless

    Alex is a gorgeous, intelligent and kind person.

    You are all pathetic.

    Go and do some work, losers.

  110. [deleted]

    Tell it to my 3 kids who won’t grow up with their father around.

  111. Anon

    so Luke Donnellan and Judith Grayley will get new seats in safer areas on the other side of the river – so who was sacrificed to achieve that in the deal? Telmo and who else?

    Any ideas who would replace the 2 nervouse nellies scare dof getting a kick in the pants by voters in their two Casey seats?

  112. Anon

    Conrad is cute and deserves a seat on the Green leather but will Hong let him have it?

  113. Lost for words

    At what point do you, the contributers, think this juvenile outpouring is helpful to anyone, including the Party? Are you actually unable to form an intelligent political debate?

  114. Concerned mental health professional

    Well, it must be time to call in CAT (Crisis Assessment Team) – the extremely concerning postings, clearly by the same very ill person, on Jan 27 from 14.08-16.55 (45 in total) are a real worry, particularly for the people having their characters assassinated. You must be a very sad little man, holed up in your cess pit, spending all your time worried about who other people are shagging. Have a look at the world around you, find something worthwhile to give a shit about, you selfish, vile, obsessed stalker!

  115. south aussie

    talk about shagging charlie fucked the nuw and the vic alp

  116. tHE jOKER

    the thing about Charlie’s fucking around is that its not safe sex!!

    Then again, maybe he could use Antony Thow as a condom!

  117. Anonymous

    CF and KH future MPs funniest thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!

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