UNITY BLUES: Can councils of war deliver peace?

meetingsmiddle In moves calculated to resolve a damaging conflict within the Victorian ALP Right, different sides are meeting with their supporters to discuss their predicament. Last night the NUW group met at the union’s impressive new Docklands HQ to discuss recent events. NUW insiders explain that these caucus style meetings are not greatly unusual, bringing together NUW aligned MPs, officials from the union, staffers and FEA activists from a number of eastern suburbs.

This evening, members of Labor Unity will meet at the Australian Workers Union to do the same. Matters are so delicate about the internal governance issues that even invoking the faction name in that way can be enough to prompt Greece/Macedonian style useless disputation about what’s in a name. Hopefully you’ll know what we mean.

On Friday, we understand that there will be talks between representatives of both sides of the divided Right with a view to addressing a variety of issues, some of which we have previously canvassed.

Senator David Feeney – who wears the Roman title so very well but would not be fetching in a toga – will represent the interests of his allies as will fellow negotiators Parliamentary Secretaries Bill Shorten and Fiona Richardson.

For the purposes of the negotiations, they won’t be representing Labor Unity as a whole but attempting to resolve the conflicts within it.

The matters are delicate but observers on both sides are hopeful about what can be achieved. Words like consensus, compromise, reconciliation have for now replaced split, payback, Kororoit et al. Shorten has made a powerful point through his decisive moves but his temporary foes continue to hold a significant bloc of votes that while not currently needed to deliver preselection outcomes would always be nice to have for a rainy day.

There’s certainly plenty of common ground now about the excesses of last year’s pre Christmas festivities (many seek to blame the Premier’s staff with the apparently now ominously bearded NUW Nat Secretary Charlie Donnelly is said to be greatly displeased with a few of them) and a shared acknowledgement that both sides had committed a variety of stupid deeds to smite the other in years gone by. We’ve yet to speak with any significant player who denies committing error of some kind. Of course, we haven’t been trying to get through to the Federal Minister of Trade. He’s too busy arm-chair quarterbacking with Mar’n.

If only Bishop Tutu was available for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission where perps from both sides could step forward and fess up their intra-factional atrocities, conspiracies and square-ups. An inquiry into the Hotham debacle of 2006, the hunting of the State Secretaries and the Kororoit fun-fest and Brimbank Wars would have it going for weeks. If recorded for posterity, the DVD pack would no doubt be called “Unity Blues.”



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56 responses to “UNITY BLUES: Can councils of war deliver peace?

  1. How can anybody ever trust conroy/shorten again

    conroy and shorten have committed the ultimate act of treachery by delivering the party to Kim Carr.
    if I were the sda/nuw/scott/somyurek/feeney alliance i would never trust conroy/shorten again.
    If the left wing union thing is not just a pipe dream the alliance should deal with them – even if they are a little bit out there at least they are not rats

  2. Henry Kisinger

    Senator Feeney will need the patience of a saint to get Emperor Bill Caligula and Lady Fiona Macbeth to negotiate in good faith. But we live in hope.

  3. Garth Head

    I’d like to offer my impressive rotisserie negotiation skills as the half-time entertainment at tomorrow’s negotations (rotisserie and star trek fans out there will appreciate that I’m talking about a motherlode of chicken here, which I will assimilate, as is the way of my people, the Borg).

  4. LU Exec Member

    “How can anybody” – probably in the SL – claims Conroy/Shorten ‘treacherous’ for pursuing a global deal with the SL.

    I call bullshit.

    A global deal was always on the cards, the only question was who was going to deliver it.

    AND if that was treachery, how is it any less treacherous for the NUW to pursue a deal with Socialist Left unions. Sounds exactly the same to me.

    Feeney is not without sin here either as he:

    (1) Defends Jeff Jackson who regularly attacks factional colleagues in the press and rats on LU candidates in preselection votes

    (2) Runs candidates in FEA elections against his factional allies while denying knowledge of it

    (3) Allowed his lust to get Tom Cargill appointed ALP State Secretary to blind him to the dangers that came from attacking Newnham, a shredded faction left in pieces

    (4) Failed to discipline his troops Kubilay Somyurek and Robin Scott as they lolled around Parliament House carpark on the mobile phones plotting like Guy Fawkes

    No one is blameless in this. Least of all Feeney. Deeming him an angel doesn’t help.


    The Conroy/Shorten/Richardson’s clan who once had the ultimate hatred for Kim Il Carr NOW are sleeping with the enemy.

    What’s going to happen to their promise to deliver CALWELL for me. HELP Robin HELP.

  6. That's Cr Burhan to you

    Stop impersonating Burhan, especially in tones that he would never speak in. He has a lot more class than that.

  7. Toby Timbertop

    Andrew makes some damned good points. But he ignores the fact that many unity members, who are not associated with the Feeney group, and who have not signed the petition appear to have been purged from the LU membership list. What the Conroy/Shorten group risk is driving these people over to the Feeney LU.

    As you correctly indicate Shorten has narrowed his power base within the victorian ALP. THis points to a massive miscalculation of where all this would end – possibly due to the fact that those around him are so enamored with his affections are loathed to give him frank and fearless advice. Some would say that Bill has been very courageous in all this.

  8. new Labor Unity anthem

    Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

  9. so much for preselection

    I wasn’t invited to the NUW meeting or the Labor Unity meeting.

    Oh shit.

  10. door bitch

    Will Marsha be keeping track of who is allowed in the Labor Unity Narrow Group meeting???

  11. matt carrick

    Still waiting for my invitation, Staikos you little Greek maggot.

  12. secret society

    I hear they slaughter a goat under a pentagram at the start of each NUW meeting. My question is do they throw the goat out or spit roast it afterwards ?

  13. Boohan Yight

    I will get Calwell

  14. anon

    maggot… no no no, [deleted]!

  15. Conrad French

    We have created a new faction called the “CHSU” – [deleted] Unity.. Hong, Kubes, Robin, and Timy have all joined and were having a party at my place tonight to celebrate and the after party will be at [deleted]

  16. Burhan


  17. Watching from the sidelines

    They spit roast it of course and break bread with the greeks

  18. CHSU Membership Secretary

    I think our man Donovan should be invited to join the CHSU

  19. Conrad French

    If Dono decided to join he would be without doubt the Convenor and not interim

  20. steve staikos

    what about me, which possition will I have in the chsu?

  21. [deleted]

    I hereby accept to join CHSU… thanks guys see you tonight

  22. [deleted]

    Staikos you can be my “personal assitant”

  23. calm down

    Guys, it’s one thing to have a go at these guys for having faces like dropped pies, or for being borderline retarded, but having a go at their sexuality is not so cool.

    If you want to have a go at Donovan, have a look at the hypocrisy of him fronting easily the most homophobic grouping in the party.

  24. CHSU Membership Secretary

    The hypocrisy is the point. I couldn’t give a fig (or a date) about his sexuality.

  25. Dono

    we are talking openly guys

  26. CHSU

    calm down

    would you like to join? membership fee is $20

  27. Irma Ho

    Easy boys. If you want to start this game. Well maybe we should start in the AWU itself.

    Please keep to the argument, without extending the vitriol to personal preferences. That has nothing to do with this dispute.

    Nothing is to be gained by either side. Such stuff can destroy families. Be very careful

  28. CHSU

    this is the blog of freedom

  29. CHSU Membership Secretary

    It’s ok, we can keep your membership secret Ms Ho.

  30. The Thinker

    Your question Mr Landeryou of whether the Council’s of War can deliver peace has a base presumption that peace is what they are trying to achieve.

    There is more blood to be spilt yet. It’s been stored up in dark closets for years, never being able to be used due it’s sheer nastiness and cruelty but, as all is fair in love and war, the battlefield is a wonderful place to hide the personal vendettas in the name of party unity and factional cleansing.

    Fear not, the war has just begun. All we have yet seen is a show of firepower, the battle royale is yet to happen.

  31. Anonymous

    I will fight Rosmos to the end.

  32. Cr Boohan Yogurt

    sorry i spely my name incorrectly and forgot im on the council

  33. big dick

    fuck the nuw let the fuckers rot in hell with little robin. burn them all

  34. Cr Adem Atmaca

    I will oppose Burhan for Calwell because I want to be the first Turk into Federal Parliament. I want Calwell. Do you remember Rosmos that all the bad publicity you threw at me and still get elected. Now, it’s my turn. You are going to have me at your face (I meant your husband Ros)for the next 4 years unless you give me Mayor for the next 3 years. Oh yeah. Sincerely, Cr Adem Atmaca.

  35. Anonymous

    the former minister known as TT and SC meeting today

  36. Anonymous

    TT and the LRA are history!! there now known as the CHSU

  37. africa

    I recieved letter from Ban ki mooon Feeney SEND The letter Beck to him.

  38. Anonymous

    Are all sitting memebers protected?

  39. Labor first

    The only sitting members who are protected under the deal are from the Ferguson Left and the Independents
    All the rest are handed to the 2 main factions to disburse as they will

  40. Anonymous

    no Labor First
    all MP’s who havent reached a pension are protected
    and ministers
    and parl secs

  41. Anonymous

    So does that mean everyone who has their pension and is just seat warming are on yet another list?
    How many lists are there?
    Must be getting difficult to shuffle all those bits of paper.

  42. Labor's Dead Would Will Not Float!

    Guys, unless there is renewal, with deadwood cleared, Labor will struggle to win in 2010. 3 Days short of the superannuation pension means we get to keep a lot of duds on the payroll rather than fix the anomoly and let these guys go off to greener pastures. It’s a win win.

  43. Natasha The Despoiler

    The bonfire of the vanities continues…delicious. Burn.

  44. Seitz

    Do I put the tomato paste before the grated cheese on the lasagne or is it the other way around?

  45. Kay

    To annonymous 17.30 why is Kaye Darvenzia who is a parliamentary secretary being dumped?

  46. United We Stand

    Come on guys get it together, lets concentrate on the real enemy here the Liberal Party.

  47. ALP Stylist.

    I agree. Total hypocrisy.
    Cannot make up his mind for shit.

  48. steve staikos

    anyone want to join my branch? I’d prefer if you were under 30 and that you dress well.

  49. ALP Chef

    Yes, you do Seitz. Make sure you put enough cheese.

    The time it takes to cook is about the length of a full book of bingo games.

    Don’t forget to feed the two fat ladies, eighty-eight.

  50. listmaker

    I believe that they are all written down and filed somewhere.

    Either way, the deal (SL+LU) still stands and the percentage is increasing, not decreasing.
    The aim is to protect and promote stability.
    The LU outcome should be to stick to the current plan.
    The NUW outcome should be to admit defeat and leave. Preferably join the Libs.

  51. seb zwalf

    that’s no way to recruit, steve. have i taught you nothing?

    leave it to me.

  52. Anonymous

    Kaye’s deal was for one shot in Northern Vic anyway. So she’s not being dumped at all, just, not supported again.

    That and her deal was underwritten by the HSU- not a part of the current deal between LU and the SL.

    Add that to the fact that she splits her time between the state electorates of Mordialloc, Williamstown and Altona, and you get the picture.

  53. Anonymous

    at the end of the day the NUW are chasing one thing – the big buck. They want money, they want power and they want status – and they are going about it the wrong way. They are making too many enemies and by the looks of some of these comments have young supporters (who can’t spell) who are having a go about peoples sexuality when it has nothing to do with the issue and should not have been brought up. Making further jokes about recuiting and the like is also very childish – the NUW and its young supporters need to grow up and in the words of Keating – see the bigger picture. Having fights amongst your own is only going to result in lonliness.

  54. Anonymous

    I agree! Lonliness and isolation… NUW are going downnn!

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