THE DEAL: We reveal the secret deal between Labor Unity and the Left

vexnewsplaceholder11It’s not the most exciting document and the ever-efficient Rick Wallace at The Australian had it days ago, but we’ve obtained a copy of an unsigned final draft of the agreement between Labor Unity’s leaders and their opponents in the Victorian Socialist Left.

We’ve commented on it enough probably the most important point is its protections for sitting MPs who have served less than four terms or are on the front-bench.

It’s not a deal full of vengeance or unpleasantness. The most contentious aspects of it are not so much in the document itself but the fact that it was negotiated without consultation between warring parts of the Right. It was a response to a situation without precedent in the Labor Unity group, where two of its largest unions were seen to be acting in concert to exclude many of the group’s most senior figures from decision-making.

We get the distinct impression that there is a strong mood for reconciliation and stability after an initial burst of enthusiasm from those excluded by the deal to attempt to unravel it by pursuing deals with shadowy Socialist Left union militants.

Anyway, here’s the document. Enjoy



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25 responses to “THE DEAL: We reveal the secret deal between Labor Unity and the Left

  1. Anonymous

    The losers are the Fergs and the non-aligned. They are guaranteed their existing seats but no others. The really big loser is the non-aligned. Comrade Trezise is guaranteed in Geelong, but if he declines to stand the seat goes to LU.

    Mr Dearricott won’t be too happy and neither he should.

    What about some of the hopeless MPs who are guaranteed preselection?

    The Libs must be laughing.

  2. Eric Eeriecott

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  3. Committee for Truth

    Fergs are way over-represented anyway. You couldn’t give them anymore. Trezise is protected but this is likely to make him stay on well past his use by date, because he won’t want the seat to go the right. The people it really protects are those who having done three terms, should go. That’s were it guarantees the state caucus to continue declining in ability and talent. Guaranteeing that if we manage to win in 2010, then we will almost certainly be in a bad place in 2014. And does Carr, Conroy, Shorten and Griffin care if the state caucus declines and goes into opposition – I don’t think so.

  4. by bye

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  8. Anonymous

    Committee for Truth | January 22, 2009, 20:00
    I dont think the Fergs wanted more anyway.

    You make a good point re renewal in the state caucus – by 2010 some folk would have served 3 terms and deserve no more, but will now be protected. That i think is the deal’s biggest weakness, bringing in talented newcommers in 2014 could well be too late

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  10. western bulldogs

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  11. Anonymous

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  12. only the nose knows

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  14. only the nose knows

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  15. Power to SL

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    Assumptions that the fax number on this document reveals the source of who supplied to us are completely false otherwise of course we would have deleted it.

    The document is in wide circulation, as we noted in the article and was not supplied by Ms Kairouz or anyone associated with her.