RIGHT NIGHT: Labor Unity meets at AWU

vexnewsplaceholder36.47pm The Labor Unity members are meeting at the AWU and it’s extremely well attended according to VEXNEWS investigators. “I now know how a sardine feels” one patriot reports. Thine host Cesar Melham delighted to have the chance to test the capacity of AWU’s meeting room, previously thought to be around 300.  Rumours that David Feeney would be attending appear not to be true.

7.00pm Bill Shorten and Senator Steve Conroy have spoken, both very well. Much applause and merriment all round. Conroy was brief as he had to rush to catch Kevin747’s jet on its way to Canberra. What a cool reason not to be able to speak long. Best attended LU meeting in years one VEXNEWS reporter claims.

7.13pm The deal with the Left  is being explained, that it maintained a status quo for the most part, give the Left some wins. Some have expressed concern that the Left might turn hostile at some time down the track.

7.15pm Motion regarding the arrangements with the Left passed unanimously. Much applause.

7.30pm Grateful patriots celebrate the heroic air conditioning maintenance efforts of hosts Cesar Melham and Michael Borowick from the union. Despite packed room, folks gathered outside, texting and clamouring to join in the fun.

7.35pm Marsha Thomson spoke very well and eloquently and where LU has been and where it needs to head, patriots report. The agenda item “The Way Forward” has got many thinking…

7.48pm Garth Head commences speaking. Patriot correspondent thinks he’s going in off the long run for a big speech, something he does exceptionally well, we might say.



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45 responses to “RIGHT NIGHT: Labor Unity meets at AWU

  1. anon

    the fact is that only two thirds if labor unity are represented there… what a disgrace

  2. Anonymous

    This group isnt Labor Unity.

  3. anon

    well that’s not what they say, apparently the two largest affiliated unions of Labor Unity aren’t supposed to use the name…

  4. whatever

    is garth still talking?

  5. Anonymous

    no garth isnt talking his eating

  6. anon

    No he is eating.

  7. Anonymous

    Garth ate a goat and then a pig, the LU group broke into applause.

  8. whatever

    Garth ate fiona and then marsha, the LU group broke into applause.

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you Vexnews. Always first with the latest news. Congratulations. Excellent coverage.

  10. Anonymous

    Garth Head is a brilliant speaker and a great patriot. A high intellect. He is destined for high places.

  11. anon

    Shit you would need a hell of large crane to lift Garth ‘Barge Arse’ to a high place.

  12. public servant

    What on earth. Surely labor unity are going to allow marsha to take over the group again and run it like her persoanl plaything. She was the laziest minister we ever had.Must be a threat against her. Surely it time labor unity renewed it’s stocks and got rid of the laziest member ever!

  13. Anonymous

    marsha just wants to survive

  14. couldnt happen to a nicer FarkWit

    marsha, marsha, marsha its not all about marsha you know what about meeeeeee and my seitz, i mean seat here in the western suburbs. boohoooohooo

  15. Robin Scott

    Just keep my name out of this stuff ok, I had nothing to do with it….

  16. Adam Somyurek

    Yeah mini me too

  17. Boohan

    me either im preparing my big move in calwell before my 60th birthday

  18. George Slietz

    Me to I am preparing for another term hopefully

  19. ALP Marginalised Seitz Group

    So where does George line up?

  20. game on

    hate to rain on your parade but deal is in tatters sl unions reject deal

  21. listmaker

    check your facts.

  22. big blow

    about 20 posc vote

    Majority lu 30 plus
    sl unions 20
    total 50

    plus theo 1 will jump on board the winning team but no should accept his vote

    independent 1 neutral
    Fergs 4 neutral

    Carr/griffin 21
    shorten/conroy 23
    total 44

  23. george seitz

    have you any doubt where i line up

  24. hakki suleyman

    f…. you bill f… you conroy where is f… natalie seat – how you deliver now – ou have been done over again.

    I must call burhan for help

  25. conroy/shorten/carr/griffen

    once were big swinging dicks – now eunuchs.

  26. fiona

    w was once a big swinging dick – now i am a eunuch

  27. Anonymous

    Where Mo Abboucchi got to ?

  28. George 'Brill Cream' Seitz

    I have done the factional numbers on my abacus and by my calculations have discovered that I need counting lessons.

  29. Anonymous

    george your calculations will also show you that you are in trouble and that you are past your used by date. One of the key topics at last nights meeting was of the need reform!!!!

  30. George 'Depression Era' Seitz

    What’s all this honey-fuggling shecoonery? I’m the beatingest most happening chap there is.

  31. Biscuit Tin

    I am collecting for my imminent retirement would you care to help an old senile solider?

  32. fiona

    has any one seen my big swinging dick – i need it back

  33. Industrial Relations Commission

    It’s official – Left unions have formed a new faction, and they and the Fergs are not accepting the deal. New faction includes old SL unions and UCA unions.

  34. Yeah right

    Wrong spin doctor. They rejected the offer to them by the NUW.

  35. nice try

    the deal between the SL and LU is signed, sealed and delivered

  36. Yeah right

    In other words the NUW, the most hated group in the ALP will now slowly get marginalized and sooner or later obliterated.

  37. andreas puig

    dont worry sleitz we still have the bingo money and the holiday house

  38. yeah thats right

    yeah right you are right

  39. tonya s

    well its a brave new world out there…you never know what might happen and which heads are going roll

  40. Sam Simons

    the deal between the SL and LU is signed, sealed and delivered


    Is it?? but has it been endorsed by the LU group. If it has not then a major partner to the deal is not bound by it.

  41. signed, sealed and delivered

    yeah it was endorsed last thursday!

  42. Sam Simons

    ss and d – misses the point. Last thursday was not an LU meeting. The invitation was to only people who signed the petition. Consequently, LU has not endorsed it at all. That is the point I’m making. The broad group has not actually met over this matter. It is yet to be resolved.

  43. signed, sealed and delivered

    Fact of the matter is that last Thursday’s meeting was a LU meeting. Both President and Secretary were present and important motions were moved. The email was sent out to all LU members to bad if you never bothered to put your email on the mailing list. That’s not Noah nor is it Bill’s fault. I think you may have the meeting with Feenay and co mixed up with the real deal. I didn’t see President and Secretary at the Feenay and co meeting (actually I wasn’t present, I wont insalt myself). Your still missing the point Samuel. We are moving forward get with times.

  44. Anonymous

    It was a meeting of Labor Unity members. But blowhard Race Matthews was not present. To say nothing of Paul Hassledorf, Steve Perrierman and Tim Liar-Williams.

    Can it be deemed invalid on that basis alone?

  45. signed, sealed and delivered

    im sure they all knew of the meeting it was not big secret. there was a room full of 300 LU members i think thats enough!

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