THE FALL-OUT: Shocked and awed NUW group try to destroy peace deal while others try to reconcile the Right

ambitionfaction There were four possible responses to the preselection peace deal between the Socialist Left and Labor Unity from the NUW/SDA group:

â–  Attempt to disrupt the deal by splitting the Socialist Left
â–  Attempt to pick off smaller groups; or
â–  A public campaign of disruption and carnage
â–  Managed and negotiated surrender where their MPs and other interests are protected.

The challenge with splitting the SL is the people in the strongest position to do it, Veterans Affairs Minister Alan Griffin and SL faction secretary Andrew Giles have emerged as strong supporters of the peace deal.

That isn’t to say there aren’t divisions in the Left. The CFMEU have felt excluded and alienated and treated like lepers for a long time, partly because of their public reputation impacting on their internal political clout. They very nearly split off from the Left to join with Dean Mighell’s rebel group the Union and Community Alliance. But whether the CFMEU’s alienation would extend to voting with a faction comprising people who avowedly hate them for patriotic reasons is considered highly unlikely by most party observers.

“This about Martin Kingham venting about what he gets internally from the Left, which to be fair isn’t much. There’s a big gap between that and voting with the Shop Assistants Union. I’m not sure they’d ever live it down in Left circles. So it’s not impossible, they have four POSC votes and might like to split off from the Left to trade them around but if you had to bet you’d bet on them sticking with the SL,” one Left observer reported to VEXNEWS.

The Metals division of the Manufacturing Workers Union have also been speculated about too. They have a lot of votes but the trouble is that they can really only be exercised with the blessing of the national office, run by Dave Oliver, Kim Carr’s close mate.

The national office controls the purse-strings of the union, a structure created by those centralising communists who used to control the Metal Workers. So while the big Left union’s senior officials might sing “What about me?” in the shower when contemplating why some people’s girlfriends and spouses get bumped into Parliament and others don’t, these issues seem all a matter of negotiation within the Left.

If the state officials were to attempt to undermine Kim Carr, it is highly likely that Dave Oliver would bring out his baseball bat of teamwork and walk around their conference table in the style of Robert de Niro in the Untouchables where Al Capone discussed the benefits of ‘teamwork’ before fracturing a skull or two.

The national office has intervened many times in the political affairs of the Victorian branch and in other states, including blocking Martin Foley’s attempt to bump off Erik Locke as ALP State Secretary, which had state officials supporting it but was opposed nationally.

On another occasion the national office even appointed all of the state branch’s ALP State Conference delegates. Most importantly of all it controls the money so the state branch is allowed a certain amount of latitude but not if it strays into counter-revolutionary thought offending the national office’s close integration with the Socialist Left leadership.

For many of these Lefty union blokes, Lefty cred is just as important as having beer served at a frosty temperature. Voting with the Shop Assistants Union, as much as this correspondent loves their patriotic ways, does seem likely to assault one’s lefty cred.

That said, there are reports that the representatives of some of these unions will be meeting among themselves this week. It will be interesting to watch.

The other approach was to work with the smaller factions like the Ferguson Left and some or all of Dean Mighell’s faction UCA. There was much VEXNEWS comment traffic about that. However we understand these groups to be very enthusiastic about the deal.

Mighell is said to be unhappy about the SDA’s attitude over the Kororoit by-election where it is rumoured Michael Donovan pushed for the disaffiliation of the Mighell’s union after they supported the failed candidacy of Lard Lord Les Twentyman against SDA darling Marlene Kairouz. Feeney is known to have similarly advocated a tough on Mighell policy after the unionist promoted Greens political party candidates in the 2007 poll.

However, there are said to be divisions in the Electrical Trades Union part of the CEPU and the Plumbers. So perhaps that might play out in getting Dean Mighell to play footsie with the NUW/SDA group but it does seem rather unlikely.

Some say that those who were “shut-out” in the deal could respond the way the Socialist Left do when they don’t get their own way, with public outbursts and protest.

While it is true that many in the NUW/SDA coalition have been inclined to leak to the media to destabilise, they will certainly not be inclined to act like the Left with public stunts and such. These are for the most part backroom boys who understand that it is only the completely powerless and hopeless who need to resort to such antics. They’ll be hopeful they can swing better results by persuasion.

All parliamentary players will be mindful that ministerial advancement depends on the Leader seeing them as playing a constructive role. And whatever the NUW and SDA are known for, being loudly rebellious in Party matters is not usually their strong point. They usually prefer to be quiet but deadly, like some of Dean Mighell’s legendary farts in the Comrade’s Bar (only kidding).

Another response could see what one wag in our comments section called the “Left Right Out” faction stepping up to negotiate remaining outcomes in a peaceful and friendly way.

VEXNEWS understands that Senator David Feeney, who enjoys the respect of many in all parts in the divided Right despite a nearly two year long dummy spit dispute with his former best mate Bill  Shorten, could be leading the way in an attempt to reconcile the divided groups.

Feeney has convened a meeting of the NUW, SDA and his own sub-group for today that is expected to give him authority to pursue a reconciliation between the divided Right.

Because some elements of what was agreed between Labor Unity and the Left have been kept a well-guarded secret, these negotiations won’t be easy but they certainly can’t hurt.

Feeney is an occasionally dormant leader of a sub-group of FEA activists and the leadership of the Health Services Union. His active return to the factional fray could help that group take a more disciplined approach than it has exhibited in recent times, including regular press attacks on the Party secretary Stephen Newnham, ratting on Labor Unity candidate in the Corangamite preselection and so on.

He could also emerge as the spokesperson for the NUW/SDA group in its dealings with Labor Unity, although some wonder how they might work given his history with them.



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86 responses to “THE FALL-OUT: Shocked and awed NUW group try to destroy peace deal while others try to reconcile the Right

  1. Sexy Beast

    The proposition at the start of this article is incorrect. If the SDA/NUW puts up the right set of propositions, then both the CFMEU and AMWU Metals will support it. Both groups would be free to support their own policy proposals. Also, the analysis of the Metals is incorrect. Whilst the AMWU National Office controls a few things, they traded their bad cop into a NSW Senate seat a year ago. The Victorian branch controls all ALP matters, unless they vacate the field. They are not fans of Carr, and are probably now not fans of Griffin/ Giles. The CFMEU and AMWU both voted against the Deal last week, and as the Financial Review states today, regard the process as corrupt. Couple this to the fact that both groups are close to unions in the UCA and I’d say we’ve got ourselves a new faction. Carr strikes again, keeping control of an ever shrinking faction.

  2. get real

    So Feeney is positioning himself representing wreckers to do a deal with the Construction division of the CFMEU and the state officials of a nationally controlled big Left union.

    Why exactly do people think Feeney to be a genius? More like a fuckwit.

  3. norm gallagher

    The construction CFMEU clowns think someone else’s process is corrupt. That’s funny. They were never so precious when enjoying a spit-roast and piss-up at me beach-house.

  4. desperate

    Don’t the CFMEU only have 4 votes anyway. Hardly worth worrying about. Does anyone really think they’ll vote with the SDA? One of Feeney’s fantasies…

  5. funny

    If the Socialist Left’s biggest union splits from them, then chaos ensues. Would Kim Carr stand for it???

  6. Robin Scott

    Because of my commitment to open government, I have decided to disclose my “side deal” that protects me even if Adam Somyrek hits the fence. Friendship only goes so far.

  7. Adem

    What side deal?

  8. Sexy Beast

    Under present arrangements, Carr cannot stop those two big unions from leaving the SL. The little ones will follow.

  9. Dave Oliver

    Under present arrangements, I control every state branch. Build a non AWU bridge and get over it.

  10. Adem

    Ahem, what side deal?

  11. Robin

    Mate, I really don’t want to bore you with details.

  12. Adem

    What bloody side deal?

  13. Telmo

    My freinds
    Robin is talking about di side deal wit me and di George

  14. Robin

    I got you a last minute invite to the Pakula Party, you ask too much.

  15. Nazih

    My honoured and trusted friend Robin Scott would not cut a deal without first considering my interests.

  16. Adem

    Nazih, please be quiet, I’m trying to hear what Robin is saying about the side deal.

  17. Alan Griffin

    The side deal is secret. Please shut up.

  18. Nazih

    My numbers are enough to save Robin in Preston. Why would he persue a side deal to help himself at my brother Adam’s expense? Does he not trust me or my loyalists??

  19. the Feeney troika

    Why does Marlene get a seat and Burhan doesn’t?

  20. Matt Carrick

    Where’s my seat? I’m owed…

  21. Silver Top Cabs

    Burhan is too old and he will never get a seat. he is just used and abused. Ooops sorry he does get a seat on the Hume Council and driving cabs perhaps he can get Roobin and Kuubes a job pretty soon.

  22. leftoid

    Nothing wrong the Metals and brickies putting up their hand for a bit of grub. But realistically will they vote with the hard right? I very much doubt it unless Carr offers them nothing at all.

  23. Silver Top Scabs

    What about that seat for Lizzy Blandthorn?

  24. Now I have to be nice to people

    Lizzie’s surname has now become a liability and not an asset. Amusing

  25. Sexy Beast

    The Boilermaker Welders and the Bricklayers and Scsffolders will vote against Carr and Shorten rather than with anyone because they have got nothing for years. Their national offices sold out to Carr years ago, and their national people ar completely discredited. There faction will be the ABCC faction partly because Carr and Shorten did not help them one iota with that policy battle, and partly because it will stand for “Anyone But Carr, the Cunt.”

  26. Boohan Yight

    I’l give her a seat on Hume Council

  27. Dougie

    Dave Oliver is a shadow of me when I was on top of my game. He cannot keep the AMWU State Branch Wolf from the door. I would have trapped and killed it, and now be wearing it as a hat.

  28. Anonymous

    You mean where does she sit on all this?

  29. Anonymous

    She does get around doesnt she.

  30. You go girl

    Katie Hall is irrelevant in all this. Why tarnish a girl’s reputation. So what if she likes rooting MP’s and HSUA secretatries. That’s her business.

  31. Double standards

    So it is ok for boys to shag around in the ALP, but not girls?

  32. Anonymous

    Good point, Double standards.

    I’m wondering why everyone feels also feels the need to question the weight and eating habits of various women as a form of criticism.

  33. Silver Top Cabs

    pigs are flying in hume council. Watch out for Booooohan. What out for scandels again.

  34. No double standard

    The real problem with KH is that it’s the gap between her ears that remains entirely unfilled. Crack open the noggin and you’ll find an IOU [one brain, signed God] kept company by some rocks. This ‘double standard’ you refer to most obviously applies to someone recently returned from the Continent. The difference is most blokes are neither inclined nor able, given the prominence and dominance of other bloke in senior roles, to rely solely upon their after-hours escapes for advancement. Sleeping with people solely for enjoyment doesn’t make anyone a where- doing so and collecting long service leave after a couple of years might. Double standard it ain’t, really.. –

  35. Lu x


    Dear Labor Unity Member,
    On Monday the 19th January 2009 the Labor Unity Executive elected me as the Interim Convenor of the Labor Unity Group.
    The Labor Unity Group is in crisis. As you may be aware, a number of senior members of our group have secretly met with the Socialist Left and concluded an agreement with them concerning upcoming State and Federal preselections, and positions at Party office.
    It is an agreement that expands the Socialist Left at the expense of Labor Unity.
    The Ferguson Left group are not a party to this agreement.
    Labor Unity was founded on the principle that to make a difference you had to win Government, retain it, and govern well. We have been bestowed with a sacred trust by the Party’s members and supporters; to provide mature, principled and effective leadership to the Party.
    I believe that these values continue to unite everyone in the Labor Unity Group.
    It is my intention to work towards avoiding a damaging split in the Labor Unity Group. It is my plan to make a contribution to restoring the values of consensus, fair play and respect for due process that can restore the Labor Unity Group as the premier force in Victorian Labor.
    It would be an intolerable indulgence for the Labor Unity Group to turn aside from its historic task because of the recent divisions that have so bedevilled us.
    I acknowledge that there are real grievances between the leading members of our Group. I believe that no one side is innocent. Serious errors of judgement have brought us to this point. We all share responsibility for that.
    But I also believe that each of us must accept that our first responsibility is to one another, the Party and our supporters. Not to our individual ambitions, animosities or aspirations.
    In seeking to avoid a damaging split within our Group, it is my intention to seek the guidance and support of our Parliamentary Leaders, and the participation of all sections of Labor Unity and all of our affiliated trade unions, irrespective of recent divisions and animosities.
    The Labor Unity Executive has resolved to reject the process that gave rise to the agreement, and on that basis to not ratify it. Nor have we been invited to do so.
    However, the Labor Unity Executive will support any cross-factional agreement so long as it provides stability, fairness and is made in good faith.
    The idea of a broad based “stability agreement” in the Victorian ALP is not new. It was first discussed by the Labor Unity Executive in 2007.
    It is simply false to suggest that the SDA, NUW, or any other major element within Labor Unity opposed the making of a “stability” agreement with the SL and other groups within the Party. On several occasions the Labor Unity Executive unanimously endorsed opening discussions with the SL.
    The failure to negotiate such an agreement throughout 2007-2008 was caused by a dysfunctional negotiating team. In particular, the endless “unavailability” of senior MPs who insisted on leading such negotiations, while never being available to conduct them, meant a frustrating paralysis.
    The failure to negotiate a “stability” agreement was never caused by any impending preselection battles.
    And that important fact should mean the present crisis can be averted, and a split in our group avoided.
    I have been largely inactive in the internal affairs of Labor Unity and the Victorian ALP since 2002, having been focussed on my work as ALP Campaign Director in SA, then later as ALP Deputy National Campaign Director, and most recently as a Senator. I have not held any positions in the ALP Victorian Branch or the Labor Unity Group since 2002. My own experience of divisions in Labor Unity has often been a painful one! But I have learnt at least one lesson – that we must not only remember our history, we must also learn from it.
    United we stand. Divided we fall.
    I feel compelled to now make a contribution towards the goal of keeping Labor Unity united as a vital force within our Party.
    It is my intention to remain Convenor only for so long as I can play a useful role in that task.
    I seek your support, and hope that you will join with me in this undertaking.
    Please feel free to contact me with any issues, concerns or suggestions you may have concerning these issues on (03) 9650 5075.
    Yours in unity,
    David Feeney
    Interim Convenor
    Labor Unity Group

    Labor Unity Executive
    Monday, 19th January, 2009

    Resolution 1

    “That the Labor Unity Executive elects Senator David Feeney as the Interim Convenor of the Labor Unity Group effective immediately.”

    MOVED: M Donovan
    SECONDED: C Donnelly

    Resolution 2

    “That the Labor Unity Executive rejects the process that gave rise to the so-called “stability agreement” and hereby resolves to not ratify that agreement made between members of the Labor Unity Group and the Socialist Left faction.

    The Executive notes that this agreement has been made by LU members acting without the authority of the Executive, and acting outside the traditional processes of the LU Group.

    Further, the Executive notes that in its discussions with the Ferguson Left grouping, they have indicated that they are not a Party to the so-called “stability agreement”, and have not agreed to its terms or operation.

    The Executive re-states its support for the making of a broad-based cross-factional agreement in the Victorian ALP so long as it provides stability, fairness and is made in good faith.”
    MOVED: J Jackson
    SECONDED: R Larocca

    Resolution 3
    “The Executive hereby authorises the Interim Convenor to enter into discussions with those members of the LU Group who have split and entered into an alliance with the SL , with a view to restoring the commitment of the entire Labor Unity Group to the values of unity, consensus, fair play and respect for due process.
    “That the Secretary of the LU Group, Noah Carroll, distribute a message from the Interim Convenor to every member of the LU Broad Group to advise them of the present crisis, and the initiatives that the LU Executive are putting in place to seek a reconciliation with those who have split from the group.
    Further, the Interim Convenor of the Group shall undertake the following;
    • Seek the guidance and support of the Parliamentary Leadership in ending the split in LU.
    • Meet with MPs aligned to LU.
    • Meet with all the affiliated unions of the Group.
    • Establish whatever processes and lines of communication are required to enter into discussions with all sections of Labor Unity, irrespective of recent divisions and animosities.
    The Interim Convenor shall report back to the Labor Unity Executive at a meeting of the Executive to be held at 4.30 pm on Friday, 23 January, at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Ground Floor Conference Room, 4 Treasury Place, East Melbourne.

    MOVED: R Scott
    SECONDED: A Somyurek

  36. Fiona Ward

    This split is all so messy. Instead I will stick to student unity politics for life – well, at least til I’m 40.

  37. The real Fiona Ward

    Damned HSU- where was my long service leave after a year or two? Alex’s job should have gone to CCT: here’s a clue, the second C doesn’t stand for ‘compulsory’.

  38. Yes this deal was done to protect a particular individual in derrimut, all i say is bring on preselections

  39. Astounded of Melbourne

    the people’s flag is deepest black
    red flags are just for autocrats
    our people’s power will smash the state
    we’ll shoot the vanguard while we wait

  40. not good

    ‘Peace’ deal has ALP in turmoil

    Paul Austin
    January 20, 2009
    Page 1 of 2 | Single Page View
    THE so-called peace deal within the Victorian ALP is in danger of blowing apart, with key players from both major factions condemning it.

    In a setback for John Brumby and his senior backers, leading figures in the Premier’s right-wing faction have attacked last week’s deal, saying it amounts to a declaration of war and has created a crisis.

    Union leaders from the Socialist Left faction are also speaking out, accusing those behind the deal of ambushing and alienating important groups in the party.

    An extraordinary meeting of senior right-wingers last night moved to sideline high-profile federal MP Bill Shorten, the head of the Right faction, one of the architects of the peace deal and a key Brumby backer.

    The group appointed Victorian Senator David Feeney, a former ALP state secretary, as “interim convenor” of the faction.

    But the faction secretary, Noah Carroll, an adviser to state Treasurer John Lenders, last night hit out at the “rump” group, saying he did not recognise its authority and that Mr Shorten remained convenor.

    The flare-up is embarrassing for Mr Brumby and Victoria’s most senior federal Labor MP, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who were named as backers of the deal struck in a secret meeting last Wednesday involving Shorten ally and right-wing federal minister Senator Stephen Conroy and the long-time leader of the Victorian Left, Senator Kim Carr.

    Supporters of the deal — under which the signatories agree to protect sitting MPs during preselections for next year’s federal and Victorian elections — said it would give the Rudd and Brumby governments the best chance of being returned to office in difficult economic times by bringing stability to the state ALP.

    But the right-wing leaders involved in the deal deliberately excluded from the negotiations key players from their faction, including the shop assistants’ union, the National Union of Workers and the Health Services Union. Continued…

    The excluded right-wingers are hitting back hard, resolving at last night’s meeting in Treasury Place to send a letter to all rank-and-file members of the faction condemning the deal.

    A draft of the letter, seen by The Age, said the deal was in fact not about peace and “targets” sitting right-wing MPs.

    The final letter, which will be signed by Senator Feeney, says the deal should not be ratified because it was reached in secret between the Socialist Left and a minority of the Right.

    It adds that “the present crisis can be averted” by a “stability” deal on preselections struck in good faith after wide consultation across the party.

    The Victorian head of the left-wing Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Steve Dargavel, also condemned last week’s deal, saying it served the interests of sitting federal and state Labor MPs, but not those of the party or the workers his union represents.

    “It is a deal that seems to be about the preselection prospects of incumbents and not about the performance and accountability of the parliamentary members (who benefit from it),” he said.


    Page 1

  41. fergs have not signed proof

    Labor push to end factional feuding

    Rick Wallace, Victorian political reporter | January 20, 2009
    Article from: The Australian

    SENIOR figures in the Rudd Government are pushing for the contentious cross-factional pact between erstwhile enemies Kim Carr and Stephen Conroy to be expanded to cover the whole party.

    Federal Trade Minister Simon Crean and Resources Minister Martin Ferguson have been trying to persuade key players that the so-called “stability pact” needs to include the part of the Right that has been left out.

    The deal — which was negotiated by senators Carr and Conroy, along with Bill Shorten and federal minister Alan Griffin — brings Mr Shorten and Senator Conroy’s chunk of the Right in with the Socialist Left to create an alliance that hopes to control 70 per cent of the party.

    However, it’s believed the so-called Ferguson Left, which counts Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard among its number, is yet to formally sign the pact, although it supports its broad aims.

    The Australian has obtained a copy of the pact, which reveals an enhanced role for the Socialist Left, now the most numerically dominant player in the Victorian party.

    “In a period of economic crisis, stable governments at the state and federal level are crucial,” the pact reads. “Our primary concern remains maintaining Labor governments. The party must be united, stable and professional if we are to continue to win.”

    One key player left out of the deal scoffed at the stability claim, saying: “It is a bit tough to describe Pearl Harbor as a stability agreement.”

    Those abandoned under the deal last night elected senator David Feeney to head what remains of the right-wing Labor Unity faction. The meeting of the Labor Unity executive — which was not attended by Mr Shorten or Senator Conroy or their allies — also voted not to ratify the deal and tasked Senator Feeney with leading peace negotiations to bring the Right back together.

    A key figure within the deal described the meeting last night as a “puerile” stunt while another supporter said the majority of the faction’s membership had signed a petition voting to abolish the current faction executive and the decions reached had no standing.

    Backers of the deal say its main purpose is to prevent a preselection brawl, to manage retirements and renewal and to end the embarrassing internal brawling that has struck the increasingly Balkanised state branch.

    It was brokered after feuding split the once-dominant Right faction following an aborted attempt to “lynch” the party’s state secretary, Stephen Newnham, before Christmas. The deal has left those behind the move on Mr Newnham — people aligned with the shop assistants’ union, the health services union and the National Union of Workers — out in the cold.

    The pact protects ministers, along with MPs yet to serve four terms and those in marginal seats. At first glance, the main potential casualties would be long-serving MPs outside the deal, such as George Seitz, although the abandoned group believes it puts some of its upper house MPs at risk too.

    The deal raises left-wingers to elevated positions on upper house tickets and gives the Left control of the party presidency, as well as protection in several seats where it faced defeat in local ballots.

    It also outlines plans to have fixed contracts for the state secretary’s job to prevent the recent trend of abrupt sackings based on the prevailing numbers.

    Senator Feeney last night sent a letter to all members of Labor Unity criticising the deal as a secretly negotiated arrangement that “expands the Socialist Left at the expense of Labor Unity”.

    He said in the letter, obtained by The Australian, Labor Unity had lurched into “crisis” amid “dysfunctional” leadership and mistakes from both sides, but stressed his goal was to reunite the faction.

    Several left-wing unions have made rumblings about rejecting the pact, but sources within the deal dismissed suggestions this put it in any jeopardy.

    Story ToolsShare This Article Email To A Friend Share This ArticleFrom here you can use the Social Web links to save Labor push to end factional feuding to a social bookmarking site.

  42. MacGuyver

    “…the values of consensus, fair play and respect for due process…” –

    You gotta be shitting me. Where was this when Donnelly unilaterally decided to convene an extra-ordinary admin meeting WITHOUT discussing it with the LU executive? An ambush works only once idiot. What did he expect?

    And Donovan really needs a better bum chum than the venerable Hunchback of Scott. Donovan was led up the garden path. At least Jason Donovan got to marry Kylie Minogue in Neighbours. Michael Donovan just gets bent over by the Hunchback of Scott.

    The SDA is clearly reassessing its conduct and its standing. The Blandthorn clan is not happy with Donovan. He’s effectively locked out Lizzy.

    The NUW have shown themselves to be a destabilizing element wherever they fall at the time.

    The meeting of the SDA/NUW to appoint Feeney has no legitimacy. I understand that neither the LU Convenor (Shorten) nor LU Secretary (Carrol) called the meeting. The “I’ve stayed out of internal shit, now I’m back as your saviour” line has to make one chuckle. His only interest is self interest. Jeff Jackson is a dead man walking, so Feeney needs a way to regain some semblance of relevance.

    The problem the SDA/NUW have is that they have no FEA based support. Where they attempt to run anything they get shot pretty quickly. George Seitz was promised protection in return for supporting Kairuz. In supporting the Kororoit putsch he effectively turned his back on those forces that have kept him there all these years. He has become delusional in his old age.

    Way too much importance is placed on Somyarek by those not in the know. He is merely used by the SDA to prop up their numbers. I understand he will be dropped pretty quickly to accommodate the Blandthorns.

    What your getting here is a feeble attempt by the SDA and NUW to get dealt get back in. This deal secures a range of outcomes for the SL and its many sub groups so they are not going anywhere. The NUW is now UNIVERSALLY hated. There might even be moves afoot to get rid of them from the party. I hear that this was one of the topics raised between Feeney and Donovan as an option to save the SDA’a bacon.

    Stayed tuned for more boys and gals.

  43. Two Cents

    Several unions have now split from the Socialist Left and are holding talks to form a new group. The Carr/ Griffin SL is down to 15% and dropping.

  44. Twenty Dollars

    Kim Carr’s reign is over. Never again will he control more than a small cadre. And Kosmos is gone too. He can now open that computer game and waistcoat cafe that he has always wanted.

  45. Madam Lash

    The CFMEU would have to be a bunch of morons to stay with Carr who has never delivered for them. Their union is the single largest financial contributor of any union yet they have very little to show for it. In fact the Ruddster looks like keeping all the Building Commission stuff in place. What a reward for the funds supplied by the CFMEU! When will those drongos wake up and see that Carr is doing nothing for them and I mean absolutely zero. And the former leader of Australia’s Worst Union (AWU)and spiv of the Transport Wankers Union (TWU)could not give a stuff about unions whose work they have tried to poach for years. As for el Griffo he wouldn’t know a union if it sat on his face. Sleepers awake and rid yourselves of these users. You have nothing to lose but your chains!

  46. Left Right Out faction

    Yes comrades, please join the L.R.O., the Left Right Out faction where Brother Feeney will cure what ails you.

    He will leap over Gillard, the cruel biatch who retains the Building Commission.

    He will crush Kim Il Carr, the Stalinist to protect the Trotskyites in Left unions.

    He will smite Shorten, whose kayak he used to share, and rub his nose in poo.

    With Chairman Feeney every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain.

    Come join the Left Right Out promised land.

  47. Backstop

    What about the AMWU? For years, a sleeping giant, not interested in politics. Now, under new state leadership team (which controls the ALP delegation), they are standing up to Carr and leaving the Socialist Left. Should be more of it, I say. Serves Carr right for backing Ian Jones and the Vehicle Division in last year’s AMWU internal election. Or didn’t you think anyone knew that, Kim?

  48. Ten Years not long enough

    There’s only one man who can save us – Kosmos! Rise up, oh little general. You have been saving Newnham’s ass for years. You are really responsible for the 2006 election victory. Put your computer games down, select your best waistcoast and put it on, open you briefcase and remove the field marshall’s baton and take charge. You alone, can take the Russians.

  49. Left Right Out faction

    The state and national leadership team are not Workers First brothers, they are in the orbit of Kim Il Carr. How this vexes me!

    Comrade Dargavel will ultimately betray the Left Right Out faction as he goes through this charade in order to bolster his internal left bargaining power. If Giles gets a seat so too should Dargavel. There are many Lefty bums to put on seats.

    Thanks to the Left Right Out faction making a deal between Labor Unity and the SL unavoidable, this goal will be achieved.

  50. George Seitz for Life

    I had the balance of power in the Labor Unity. Robin promised me at least two more terms in exchange for supporting Marlean from the eastern suburbs. Now I have nothing but my bingo club and beach-house and $3 million parliamentary super to show for it. Life is cruel.

  51. Telmo

    dont worry george we will figure something out

  52. Robin and Adem

    We apologise to Kim Carr for not recognizing the fact that he is the supreme leader of the SL. Giles and Griffo told us that they ruled the SL with an iron fist and that Kim was only a front man kept in the job for a bit of left wing cred.

    Please accept our apology Kim we will never question your leaadership again.

  53. Anon

    Sounds like Griffin and Giles are men that you can do business with.

  54. the real arthur

    The Liberal Party is really enjoying this shambles.
    How many seats in state parliament can they win due to this lack of leadership?

  55. anon

    I think at least five. The ALP is in very real trouble and has dropped the ball. It has no plan or vision and is wasting this term in parliament, it’s majority and it’s strong support.

  56. Anon

    Where is Tiny Tim?

  57. anon

    Gone to see his Mummy for the big boys have been picking on poor little Tiny Tim.

  58. Tiny Tim

    I be overseas studying how to be a better Minister for Water.

  59. Tiny Tim

    To stupidly inquire about my whereabouts involves a split infinitive.

  60. That don't impress me much

    Tiny Tim has no water to be water minister.

  61. Chairman Carr

    Adem and Robin you are now being punished for not recognizing the legitimacy of the chairman of the SL polit bureau.

    Griffan and Giles are my subordinates – they are the political equivelent to KGB agents.

    I have transcripts off all your conversations. You will now spend a very long time in exile.

    Kim Carr
    Chairman of the SL Polit Bureau
    Paramount leader of Alan Griffan, Anrew Giles, Bill Shorten, Stephen Conroy and the 70 per cent of the victorian ALP.

  62. Chairman Carr

    I now decree that vexnews change its name to Pravda.

  63. Madam Lash

    Carr is such a dinosaur his union was pronounced extinct 20 years ago. Isn’t his time up?

  64. Tiny Tim

    I am having to return from the presidential suite in my 5 star overseas hotel to the sleazy basement of the Left Right Out faction.

  65. Anon

    Tiny Tim – lots of exciting things can happen in sleazy basements, so don’t be too disappointed.

  66. Chairman Carr

    Madam lash we know where you live and we have files on you.
    Agents Griffan and Giles will be paying you a visit shortly.

  67. Chairman Carr

    After the re-education of the entire AWU and TWU workforce i will use them as the vanguard of my operation.

    I hereby expel the CFMEU
    The UCA and their leaders are beyond re-education i will not accept them in my empire.

  68. Chairman Carr/bill/conroy

    Conroy: Kim

    Carr: ah ah ah ah chairman Carr please – show some respect you are standing before the man who now commands 70 per cent of the Victorian branch.

    Bill: come on Kim

    Carr: ah ah ah ah Billy i wont tell you again do you know who you are talking to please address me by my proper title.
    Bill: Chairman Carr you are taking this 70 per cent stuff too seriously it is propganda we dont even have the ferguson group on board not to mention the uca,cfmeu ..

    Carr: stop this nonesense we have on board who i beleive should be on board.

    Conroy: but Kim our position is not that strong we are losing the propaganda war – we promised peace and tranquility but the papers are using the language of war.

    Carr: stop this negative talk at once or i will purge you.

    Bill: i told you stephen that the nuw/sda/scott and somyurek are war mongers and that they would not stop just because we used the name of brumby and Julia.

    Conroy: the bastards have called our bluff what the fuck do we do now. If i lose this i get relegated to number 3 on the ticket.

    Bill: Rudd wont allow that to happen to one of his ministers will he?

    Conroy:the bastard hates my guts he couldnt even bring himself to saying my name when he announced the ministry and he has heard about me badmouthing him around the place because he wont speak to me.

    Bill:in that case chairman Carr do i have your support Conroys ministry when the electorate get him.

    Chairman Carr: i have other loyal supporters to look after before you billy.

    Bill: but i just delivered you 70 per cent.

    Chairman Carr: you can always go back to the sda and nuw and plead for mercy.

  69. Tiny Tim

    Do you a contact number for Dr Maku Dong Long, he was Just_In McKeegan’s specialist who corrected his infantile penis.

  70. Young Turks have Balls

    Rockin’ Robin and Kublai will prove to be right when deal leaves dead wood that needs to be cleared to salvage Labor,s hold on Government – could re-shape and re-new by dumping the non performers – check out chick Barker, Janice Munt who is spending far too much time in France at the holiday house and is hopeless, my Member for Prahran, Marsha,LUPTON , Jude as well as others.

    Renewal is the only way to win next term and a term after that!

  71. Madam Lash

    Chairman Carr bend over and let me give you six of the best!

  72. Madam Lash

    I’m sure you’d love it.

  73. Madam Lash

    Shall I put on my stillettos and fish net stockings? Crack!!!

  74. anon

    Hey Dickhead or ‘Young Turks have Balls’ actually Janice Munt is a fantastic MP.
    Who the hell are you, some Latrine Cleaner in a Internet Cafe?

  75. My ticket

    anon most of them are or should we say young feeney supporters who are using the comment section to make themselves feel good. Poor kids, experts in Right and Left union politics all of a sudden.

  76. Giddy Up

    Despite rumours to the contrary, the Young Turks do indeed have balls.

  77. Just_In McKeegan

    I support Conroy – he too has had certain “problems” in the past that I can identify with.

  78. Freedom Lover

    If only the Left in the Liberal Party could do some shady deal with the Right – then I might be Senator Freedom Lover.

  79. Natasha The Despoiler

    Newsflash…. There is no “left” left in the Liberal Party!


  80. Chairman Carr

    where is Giles and Griffan?
    why is madam lash still breathing?

    i now have 70 per cent you are disposable agents.

    Kim Carr
    Chairman of the SL Polit Bureau
    Paramount leader of Alan Griffan, Anrew Giles, Bill Shorten, Stephen Conroy and the 70 per cent of the victorian ALP.

  81. Honeypot

    Natasha, I tend to agree, ever since myself and my leftard pal McPerton resigned and no one’s pal Ollie lost preselection there have been no hard core Liberal lefties in State Parliament.

    Suth a shame.

  82. RDR

    Natasha do you need a lift home? If so let me know as I am alaways happy to oblige.

  83. Angry Harry

    It’s not half obvious who is responsible for the diatribe on this site.

    One only has to think a little bit to know that it is a half balding fat impotent (had to use a turkey baster to conceive) disloyal C*unt with bad breath and dubious morals.

    GD, you make humpty dumpty look ripped, you make a down syndrome dog affected by stroke with a locked jaw and drool pouring out of its mouth look smart.

    You are the personification of filth. And not just any filth. You are the kind of filth that one finds in the S bend of a sink after a very hairy dirty person has washed their razor.

    Do us all a favour take the syionide pill you have sewn into the hem on your (very ugly cheap) pants and just drop off.

    At least then you would serve a useful purpose and we could mulch your festy carcus up and sprinkle it on some lovely plants – even then the foul stench of your evilness would probably cause the plants to die, but at least the world would be rid of your god aweful self.

  84. That don't impress me much

    Natasha- catch a cab

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