THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Former Labor Unity Executive purports to sack Shorten but appoints peace-maker for talks

4busypatriots In a move that could be interpreted as a very hostile attack on Labor Unity Convenor Bill Shorten or as a pointer that could indicate just how serious the NUW/SDA/Feeney forces are about pursuing a peace deal, the former Labor Unity executive has met and appointed Senator David Feeney to negotiate on their behalf.

Rather than editorialise too much, we’ll attach a copy of a communication sent by Senator Feeney’s office to supporters of the NUW/SDA/Feeney coalition.

You’ll note – in the fine tradition of ALP squabbles over naming rights – that despite being dissolved by a two thirds majority of the members the Executive continues to act on their behalf. Some will see this as very provocative while others – us included – see it as very positive that people are so keen to stay in the one moderate faction. Others will see the appointment of Feeney himself who has strongly expressed disapproval at last year’s pre-Christmas Admin Committee antics – as the NUW/SDA’s representative- as a hopeful sign that – having now been checkmated that they might be interested in suing for peace.

Impossible is nothing, reads the banners we saw while watching Chelsea sneak home against Stoke in the Premier League last night and perhaps some fast-moving patriots can prove that to be the case in a world turned upside down.


Dear Labor Unity Member,

On Monday the 19th January 2009 the Labor Unity Executive elected me as the Interim Convenor of the Labor Unity Group.

The Labor Unity Group is in crisis. As you may be aware, a number of senior members of our group have secretly met with the Socialist Left and concluded an agreement with them concerning upcoming State and Federal preselections, and positions at Party office.

It is an agreement that expands the Socialist Left at the expense of Labor Unity.

The Ferguson Left group are not a party to this agreement.

Labor Unity was founded on the principle that to make a difference you had to win Government, retain it, and govern well. We have been bestowed with a sacred trust by the Party’s members and supporters; to provide mature, principled and effective leadership to the Party.

I believe that these values continue to unite everyone in the Labor Unity Group.

It is my intention to work towards avoiding a damaging split in the Labor Unity Group. It is my plan to make a contribution to restoring the values of consensus, fair play and respect for due process that can restore the Labor Unity Group as the premier force in Victorian Labor.

It would be an intolerable indulgence for the Labor Unity Group to turn aside from its historic task because of the recent divisions that have so bedevilled us.

I acknowledge that there are real grievances between the leading members of our Group. I believe that no one side is innocent. Serious errors of judgement have brought us to this point. We all share responsibility for that.

But I also believe that each of us must accept that our first responsibility is to one another, the Party and our supporters. Not to our individual ambitions, animosities or aspirations.

In seeking to avoid a damaging split within our Group, it is my intention to seek the guidance and support of our Parliamentary Leaders, and the participation of all sections of Labor Unity and all of our affiliated trade unions, irrespective of recent divisions and animosities.

The Labor Unity Executive has resolved to reject the process that gave rise to the agreement, and on that basis to not ratify it. Nor have we been invited to do so.

However, the Labor Unity Executive will support any cross-factional agreement so long as it provides stability, fairness and is made in good faith.

The idea of a broad based “stability agreement” in the Victorian ALP is not new. It was first discussed by the Labor Unity Executive in 2007.

It is simply false to suggest that the SDA, NUW, or any other major element within Labor Unity opposed the making of a “stability” agreement with the SL and other groups within the Party. On several occasions the Labor Unity Executive unanimously endorsed opening discussions with the SL.

The failure to negotiate such an agreement throughout 2007-2008 was caused by a dysfunctional negotiating team. In particular, the endless “unavailability” of senior MPs who insisted on leading such negotiations, while never being available to conduct them, meant a frustrating paralysis.

The failure to negotiate a “stability” agreement was never caused by any impending preselection battles.

And that important fact should mean the present crisis can be averted, and a split in our group avoided.

I have been largely inactive in the internal affairs of Labor Unity and the Victorian ALP since 2002, having been focussed on my work as ALP Campaign Director in SA, then later as ALP Deputy National Campaign Director, and most recently as a Senator. I have not held any positions in the ALP Victorian Branch or the Labor Unity Group since 2002. My own experience of divisions in Labor Unity has often been a painful one! But I have learnt at least one lesson – that we must not only remember our history, we must also learn from it.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

I feel compelled to now make a contribution towards the goal of keeping Labor Unity united as a vital force within our Party.

It is my intention to remain Convenor only for so long as I can play a useful role in that task.

I seek your support, and hope that you will join with me in this undertaking.

Please feel free to contact me with any issues, concerns or suggestions you may have concerning these issues on (03) 9650 5075.

Yours in unity,

David Feeney

Interim Convenor

Labor Unity Group

Labor Unity Executive

Monday, 19th January, 2009

Resolution 1

“That the Labor Unity Executive elects Senator David Feeney as the Interim Convenor of the Labor Unity Group effective immediately.”

MOVED: M Donovan

SECONDED: C Donnelly



Resolution 2

“That the Labor Unity Executive rejects the process that gave rise to the so-called “stability agreement” and hereby resolves to not ratify that agreement made between members of the Labor Unity Group and the Socialist Left faction.

The Executive notes that this agreement has been made by LU members acting without the authority of the Executive, and acting outside the traditional processes of the LU Group.

Further, the Executive notes that in its discussions with the Ferguson Left grouping, they have indicated that they are not a Party to the so-called “stability agreement”, and have not agreed to its terms or operation.

The Executive re-states its support for the making of a broad-based cross-factional agreement in the Victorian ALP so long as it provides stability, fairness and is made in good faith.”

MOVED: J Jackson



Resolution 3

“The Executive hereby authorises the Interim Convenor to enter into discussions with those members of the LU Group who have split and entered into an alliance with the SL , with a view to restoring the commitment of the entire Labor Unity Group to the values of unity, consensus, fair play and respect for due process.

“That the Secretary of the LU Group, Noah Carroll, distribute a message from the Interim Convenor to every member of the LU Broad Group to advise them of the present crisis, and the initiatives that the LU Executive are putting in place to seek a reconciliation with those who have split from the group.

Further, the Interim Convenor of the Group shall undertake the following;

· Seek the guidance and support of the Parliamentary Leadership in ending the split in LU.

· Meet with MPs aligned to LU.

· Meet with all the affiliated unions of the Group.

· Establish whatever processes and lines of communication are required to enter into discussions with all sections of Labor Unity, irrespective of recent divisions and animosities.

The Interim Convenor shall report back to the Labor Unity Executive at a meeting of the Executive to be held at 4.30 pm on Friday, 23 January, at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Ground Floor Conference Room, 4 Treasury Place, East Melbourne.

MOVED: R Scott

SECONDED: A Somyurek



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41 responses to “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Former Labor Unity Executive purports to sack Shorten but appoints peace-maker for talks

  1. Anonymous

    Using CPO facilities, nice one Dave. Why not at a union or state parliament?

  2. Anonymous

    The people who elected the LU Executive were the LU voting Delegates at the Victorian ALP State Conference – i.e., the people with voting power within the ALP. Two thirds of those people have not signed any petition to dissolve the LU Executive. Two thirds of the LU voting Delegates at the Victorian State ALP Conference support the LU Executive which has not been dissolved.

  3. Anonymous

    2 Popes Hey?

    Is this like the Holy Roman Empire?

    One Pope in Rome and one in Constantinople?

  4. Robin

    I hereby appoint myself Convenor of Superfriends. What say you, Batman?

  5. Anonymous

    Theres no such place as Constantinople

  6. The Wanderer

    No this is like Hitler in his bunker in 1945, appointing field marshals to lead non existing divisions. I think I may do a Downfall version for the SDA, NUW Feeney faction. Now who do we stage as Hitler? hmmm

  7. Anon

    I think the Hitler references to Feeney generally unfair to even a misguided patriot, but when in Vex…

    If anything, Feeney is Goring, commanding pretty much zero practical support- 30% being not much different to 3% in the context of an opposed global deal- and suggesting Conroy, Shorten and Richardson hand over control to Melbourne’s answer to Tammany Hall. Of course, if you continue that analogy then the majority breakaway group are headed for calamity anyway. Regardless of what happens, the gloss has gone off Feeney. He can blame Bill or Conroy for being unavailable or arrogant all he likes- everyone sees what he and his kind are capable of, stopping at nothing to inflict the dreaded Kairouz on all of us and threatening to put in non-LU candidates for state secretary. They shall reap what they have sown.

  8. Anon

    Istanbul was Constantinople.

  9. MAD

    Restoring the values of consensus, fair play and respect in Unity, hey Dave. If you want this get rid of the NUW, particularly Donnelly. He is lower than a snakes belly. Don’t forget he was part of the plan with Sword to fuck you over.

  10. disgruntled LU conference delegagate

    I would like to know exactly how many Conference delegates, state and federal MPs are part of that so-called 65%?

    Not 65%, not a majotrity of LU, and not worth the paper its written on to be sure!!!

    You can’t just get any one from the general pool to sign, these people must have credibility.

  11. whatever

    I love the fact that there are now two’popes’, but which is the one true faith? If this is what it takes to get to ‘paradise’, i’ll become a satanist, does anyone know who runs the Independant faction these days…

    ps, Instanbul is Constantenople after it was sacked and purged of culture, art, religion and its native population.

  12. game, set, match.

    You sould like a fuckwit from Higgins 22.08

  13. Anon

    If there’s two popes we can all guess which one is the ex-nazi.

    There’s fuckwits in Higgins? Can you perhaps name them, their occupations, lack of personality and their shared brain please.

  14. simon

    sucked in charlie you dickhead you have no soul going to the enemy for help because too gutless to front shorten yourself you spineless little prick your a joke are you ever going to win anything you never be bill shorten but keep trying tou little toerag

  15. Anonymous

    Istanbul is Constantinople?

    Correction, Istanbul WAS Constantinople, key word, WAS…

    Check what it says on the Atlas you idiot…

  16. Red Ted

    I could get over the line in 2010 after all.
    The ALP is too busy fucking itself.

  17. Astounded of Melbourne

    too true, red ted. nice one catching the train this morning after kosky refused to travel with the plebs. next she’ll be telling us we can eat cake

  18. Charlie Donnelly

    Excuse me I appear to have misplaced my favourite red butt plug.
    If you find it, please return it to me ASAP.

  19. whatever

    When is say ‘is’ i mean its the same city. So don’t be such a fuckwit atlas lover!

    Beijing is Peking
    Mumbai is Bombay
    Ho Chi Minh City is Saigon
    Jakarta is Batavia
    Tokyo is Edo
    St Petersburg is Leningrad is St Petersburg
    Pretoria is Tshwane
    Chennai is Madras
    Harare is Salisbury

  20. Western Front

    I am not recocnice the Feeney as whatever.I am membr for the LU.Thare history for me.Rats.Rats Rats.They can pis off.Selfish Basterds SDA NUW

  21. Africa

    TOOOOOOO LATE FEeney Tooo Late

  22. Movember

    Resolution 3

    MOVED: R Scott

    SECONDED: A Somyurek

    Well Well Well have a look at this. The two most evil hungry control freaks. You have terrorised the party since August last year. Now you have the nerve to move that motion. We don’t need your pity. What would you like a violin? So you can cry. Piss off you clowns you are now in minority were you belong.

  23. The Pied Piper

    Who gives a rats anymore. We have socio-paths liek Shorten and deceitful control freaks like Richardson now purporting to be the defenders of decency and proper process. They were the ones, along with Theophanous, that through their extreme arrogance and “winner takes all approach” precipitated the current situation.

    On the other hand we have a group of people that have reacted against this behaveiour but are showing themselves to be no better than the control freaks they purport to be militating against.

    These children have destroyed Labor Unity to the point where there is little worth preserving.

    Maybe we need to abolish Labor Unity and form a new moderate grouping not run petulant children in serious need of an exorcism.

  24. Anonymous

    HAHAHA, whatever, you ‘is’ an idiot. When land is conquered, so are the people, hence the name of that land is now, look in the Atlas, get with the times…

  25. Left Right Out faction

    I thought Feeney wanted to protect Labor Unity rules and customs. One of these rules is that the Convenor must be a member of the executive. Feeney isn’t. Unless he’s just appointed himself using the same powers of magic that helps him take all the SL unions and make them his own. If there was any more fantasy involved with the Left Right Out faction, they’d all start wearing angel wings.

  26. anonymous

    Constantinople was known as Konstantiniyye in Turkish and was the official name for the city under the Ottomans and in modern Turkey until 1930.

    The word Istambul is derived from a Greek phrase εἰς τὴν Πόλιν or in the city.

  27. Mehmet Tillem

    Kosmos stop your shit you are in breach of the alliance protocals. Istanbul was and continues to be Turkish. Hakki, Gurkhan Hamdi and i will leave the alliance immediatley if you persist with your anti Turkish rants.

  28. [deleted]

    i will [deleted]take this [deleted]to the national conferance [deleted] you [deleted]

  29. Byzas

    As the founder of the place, I would prefer it if we’d drop both newby names and referred to it by its PROPER moniker – Byzantium.

    At least LU honours me – their machinations are positively (wait for it – you guessed it!) Byzantine in their complexity of plot and depth of intrigue!

    As to who is to play Hitler – this role is reserved for the Princial Boy herself, Fiona. Who else could be so ruthless while keeping such a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth smile on her haggard face!

    Byzas of Megara (RIP)

  30. Punjab

    Feeney’s email didnt go to all LU members… what OLD list he was using!! how far out of the loop is this guy!!! too many LU members didnt get the email!!!!! hmmmmmm

  31. Maggie Marton

    the only thing that this stability agreement has done is destabilise the party and in particular the right.

    the left must be laughing their collective heads off. Meanwhile good friends have turned a small isolated rift into one that is now a purge by means of a dodgy petition that noone has seen.

    Why not let the broad group decide this. This was the old fashioned way. Purges were never our way. It is a great shame.

  32. dogs


    I wouldnt call them patriots.

  33. Tom Cargill

    That’s because bruvva Feeney is using my old LU list

  34. Ye olde member

    Bullshit, I have been a paid up LU member for more than 30 years.
    And I did not recive the Enail either.
    No Email list exists older than my membership
    And yes I am confused and pissed off.
    Old Fart

  35. Pained historian

    1. The Holy Roman Empire had nothign to do with their being two popes, nor did it have anything to do with Rome and Constantinople. Go and read a book before attempting historical analogies.
    2. “The word Istanbul is derived from a Greek phrase εἰς τὴν Πόλιν or in the city.” This is quite untrue, it’s just a piece of folk etymology that gets endlessly repeated. “Istanbul” is just the old name Ottoman name “Stamboul”, a contracted version of the Greek “Konstantinoupolis”, with the Turkish element “I” stuck on the front, just as “Smyrna” has become “Izmir.”
    3. Comparing anyone in the ALP to Hitler is stupid and offensive, and anyone who does it ought to be ruled out of the discussion at once.

  36. Yeah, Right

    “Intervention” he cried. Yep the Right needs some intervention from its National own. I know, get the WA Right. National Exec just reviewed them; the Right in WA can reciptocate in Victoria. Darn, the Right in WA is split; can’t use them. Ah, we’ll use the Qld Right, but which one? Hmm, maybe not. I know the NSW Right after we glue the splinters together. That’ll do the trick!

  37. Natasha The Despoiler

    Burn all of you…Burn.

    Come out of the two great neo-con houses my children. The Lib-Lab compact is over. A Progressive tommorrow is at hand!

  38. Shelley Fullahope

    Intervention is not needed! Goodwill is but is lacking in a small number of people. All this has got out of hand. People of longstanding in LU need to stand up in the unions and in the long forgotten FEA groups. Why should we be hooked into all this? When we do have a Broad Group meeting I will be queuing up to speak about all this self-destructive indulgence.

    Remember guys we are in government! Behave appropriately or the voters will see to it that you are squabling about the spoils of Opposition!

  39. Barry Hunter

    Giving LU seats away to the SL is not the answer, BBLM.

    What else is in this deal that our leaders arent telling us? What other sacrifices have been made?

    Is it true that Kosmos Samaris’s name is written in the agreement and headed for bigger things?

  40. Watching from the sidelines

    There is a wonderful principle of debate out there, can’t remember who owns it “he who invokes the Nazi’s first in any argument, loses”.

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