ADIOS: NUW losing support over antics

The NUW group has been rocked by the departure of one of their highly regarded upper house MPs Matt Viney.

The enthusiastic emailer sent one of his missives yesterday to former factional colleagues indicating that he had departed their group. He is expected to join with Labor Unity.




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23 responses to “ADIOS: NUW losing support over antics

  1. Astounded of Melbourne

    comedy gold

  2. Anonymous

    Isn’t Matt just jumping ship so he can now be protected by this new 70% Left-Right Coalition?

  3. Beaver Moustache Man

    Charlie(ERROL FLYNN)Donnelly does it again.

  4. Smart call

    Matt Viney has always been the pick of the NUW crop. Hopefully now he will get to be a Minister

  5. Anonymous

    Viney looking to protect his own ass.

  6. Anonymous

    Makes sense. Now, if he could just let all those he recruited to join SL instead, the world would be a better place.

  7. hey 16.09 and friends

    In my opinion this guy is one of our fantastic assets, true and loyal, and has simply been wrongly fucked with by the NUW too many times. And just copped it without even making a yelp.

    it is a huge loss to the INTEGRITY (what little remains) of the NUW that Viney has left and a massive asset to the new allaiance if he does join.

  8. slimmy dog

    Wonder whether the nuw’turded and gods squad will still look to captain scott for advice. Sounds like giles and scott played far too much spoof on the biscuit. School yard dreamers are always just that! Nerds.

  9. Anonymous

    What a slap in the face for Holding!

  10. punjab

    All the rats are jumping of the sinking ship! But Matt remember this that your part in all of this will always be remembered!

  11. Mung Bean Man

    the smallest book in the world matt viney’s achivements

  12. NUW need to go.

    So is Jaala still Pakula’s biatch?

  13. Donnelly Dope

    Well well well, another one of many waking up to Donnelly and all the other losers at NUW VIC. When will the small ideological pricked fuckhead realise he cant get anywhere in this world with his power grabs. Tried with the rest of his fucked union now losses out big time in his old faction. Donnelly you are a BIG DOPE!

  14. Beaver Moustache Man

    Osama-bin errol flynn donnelly.Fuck me.There`s nothing more dangerous than a confident idiot.Mix errol and osama together and thats dangerous.

  15. anon

    National Union of Wankers!

  16. Tommy

    a broad group meeting is needed to resolve this matter. and as soon as possible. every one invited. no exclusions

  17. africa

    Dont need nothing.Wait and seeeeeee Cabis until…

  18. africa

    Sorry no meating with who meating joking TOMMy boy.

  19. Tommy

    Yes africa! why have any meeting?

    there’s actually no point in being a member of the faction or the party. All the decisions about presections have been made for us. They took away our right to elect the executive and now they have taken away our right to preselect.

    Yes, africa: Why upset the new process by allowing members to have their say. Heaven forbid that democracy might break out.

  20. Maggie Marton

    Is there a petition for those who don’t want to sign a petition and will the splitters publish the names of the 65% they claim to sign. Better still, maybe the names could be tabled at a broad group meeting to discuss this stuff.

  21. Anonymous

    Would the real Matt Viney, alias the “gnome” stand up.
    Whoops, sorry you are! After all these years would he rat on his mates? No Viney’s no rat, he’s to short, may be a field mouse! Heaven help us, small men with big egos.

  22. tHE jOKER

    Hee heee…another nail in Charlie’s coffin….! Charlie, you better learn to bite your nails! Hooo hee haa….

    Errol Flynn Donnelly should consider a career in stand-up, coz he is one funny guy…oh, that’s right…we’re not laughing WITH you Chuckie, we’re laughing AT you!

    Antony Thow should also look at his options….he’s be a walk-up start as a shop window manniquin!

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