DARING: Rumours of corrupt political proposal startle patriots

CFMEU-Flag-0310 Officials in the Construction division of the CFMEU have allegedly been offered a corrupt deal to split off from their Socialist Left faction.

The CFMEU have been told they could get coverage of enormous number of members in the desalination plant being constructed in Wonthaggi in return for ratting on their lefty brethren.

The ideologically inspired crew of Eureka flag wearers are said to be unlikely to accept the corrupt offer which was perhaps made rather unwisely.

“We hope that this offer wasn’t communicated over the telephone, because we think those crew-cutted Building Commission people in the little white van down the road from the CFMEU’s offices were probably listening in,” one wag suggested.

One source – accused by foes of making the indecent proposal- denied emphatically that he had anything to do with it. “As you would say, whoever is putting that muck about is a lying liar who lies.” Nice to see VEXNEWS invective spreading throughout the political community of patriots.

The rumours come as there is talk of renewed hostilities in the Victorian Right, following the NUW’s Charlie Donnelly initiating an attempted Yuletide sacrifice of popular party secretary Stephen Newnham. The backlash from this move is just starting to be felt as party players return from their beach-side investment properties and rural dachas to contemplate 2009.

Since Christmas, NUW and other sources have been keen to distance themselves from the fiasco, with many fingers pointing to certain 1 Treasury Place persons who might have had some interest in claiming the State Secretary’s position for themselves. Clearly it’s not just former 1 Treasury occupant, arguably corrupt former Parliamentary Secretary Evan Thornley who struggles to understand the “conflict of interest” concept.



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4 responses to “DARING: Rumours of corrupt political proposal startle patriots

  1. Ollie

    oooohh rough hard men

  2. Anonymous

    could explain Yorik Piper Fiona Richardson and Marsha Thompson meeting last week at the Commune

  3. Astounded of Melbourne

    you’re kidding me. the commune still exists?

  4. Yorick

    I am still up to my nuts in
    &^%$#*&’$ guts.

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