OH MY JOSH: Mass membership exodus imperils Frydenberg preselection bid

joshfrydenbergtrouble Liberal party insiders are questioning the widespread assumption in the media that merchant banker Josh Frydenberg is the frontrunner in the looming preselection fight for the deliciously safe seat of Kooyong after many of the party members previously recruited by him did not renew their membership.

Some say nearly two-thirds of his membership base failed to renew, many of them supporters of the Frydenberg entity from Melbourne’s Jewish community.

Prior to the mass membership lapsing, Frydenberg had been well within his rights to claim frontrunner status as he’d appeared to be stacking for years against his somnolent and arrogant opponent incumbentard Petro Georgiou, although his failure to adequately connect with either the Kroger/Costello faction or their opponents in blood feud the Baillieu/Davis group left him vulnerable to being picked off from the outside.

Now it seems he is no longer able to rely on his once impressive local stacks for support in what most observers see as a crucial development.

VEXNEWS consulted the hard-men of branch-stacking where it was turned into an Olympic sport in the Victorian ALP for comment on the question of allowing one’s members to “lapse” in the year of an expected preselection.

Many reactions were unpublishable with most puzzling about how this could possibly be.

“He’s done an Evan Thornley?” one questioned, confirming the self-destructing and arguably corrupt former Labor MP’s place in the political lexicon.

The collapse in Frydenberg’s key strategic advantage in the preselection fight leaves IPA boss and former Bill Shorten best-man John Roskam who has told mates he is definitely going to run and the dark-horse candidate John Pesutto, one of the state’s leading employer-side industrial lawyers. Both of these chaps appear to be on very good terms with incumbent Petro Georgiou and the Baillieu/Davis factional machine in the area, which of course in the genteel Liberal way once associated with intelligence agencies, denies its own existence.

The seat is regarded by party insiders as a “leadership seat” where the candidate ought be someone certain to be able to serve in a Liberal cabinet and possibly as leader, should the occasion requires. This designation should have prompted the departure of Georgiou many years ago says party observers keen to restore the Victorian division’s status as the jewel in the Liberal crown.



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43 responses to “OH MY JOSH: Mass membership exodus imperils Frydenberg preselection bid

  1. Ollie

    I’m keen. All is forgiven right guys?

  2. McPerton

    Josh’s chances are next to nil.

    I wouldn’t be talking up Rosky too much though.

  3. abc boyo

    good luck mr roskam, a little reform muscle would go along way in the liberals. We’ve had far too many years of lazy costello and self centred howard. The only reform these dills delivered was middle class welfare. Bring on a real reformer!

  4. evil bastard

    membership renewals are not due till february, & there is a period after that during which late payment is allowed. unless they didn’t pay up last year of course

  5. McFatty

    I like Josh’s chances. My little fatty will be helping him out.

  6. Honeydeadwood

    I am concerned that I have not been approached for elevation to the federal chamber.

  7. RedTed

    Me too. I am a natural successor to the Petro ideology.

  8. Kapel

    It is so f*ckin’ hot today, I too feel like doing a Thornley

  9. Ollie

    I love greek style. I’m a worthy sucessor to Petro

  10. Forbsey

    So many preselection possibilities for me – the Senate, Kooyong.

    I will be an excellent MP.

    If only the stupid preselectors realised this.

  11. Joe DeSimone and I share something in common:

    We both like ice cream!

  12. Happy

    a prominent Liberal businessman will be drafted – Roskam and pesutto are seen as being too lightweight

  13. Tom Elliott

    It’s true, I’m interested.

  14. Evan Thornley

    I might have a bit of spare time on my hands after my Better Place deal falls through…

  15. Anon

    Josh should do the hard yards and run for Melbourne Ports. Only then should he be considered for a seat like Kooyong. You can’t expect somone with the self interest of Josh to walk straight into the “Jewel in the Crown.”

  16. Anon2

    This “hard yards” argument is rubbish. Name one prominent Federal Liberal that has done the “hard yards”. It’s a polite way of saying F*ck Off. Anon, you aren’t Ross Fox by any chance are you?

  17. Warren Samuel

    Josh won’t be receiving my blessing, and I am the powerbroker in Melbourne Ports.

  18. Tom Elliot is hot!

    Go Tom.

  19. Ollie

    The Concerned Christian Families of Balwyn fully support my campaign for Kooyong.

  20. Anon3

    No, anon 16:59 is clearly Adam Held, who thinks having done the ‘hard yards’ in Melbourne Ports he’s a shoo-in for a safe seat.

  21. The Real Warren Samuel

    get it right, i am the powerbroker in Higgins and in looking after my trust fund that daddy set up.

  22. Ollie

    I’ve just found out how much the travel and accomodation expenses are. I’m really keen now and am prepared to try and convert Penny Wong if it helps

  23. anon

    Tom Elliot has a few old family issues to contend with and nasty business dealings regarding a Sushi Business going belly up.
    Besides he is too busy [deleted] Neil Mitchell’s [deleted].

  24. Anonymous

    I should be given a Guernsey.
    Billy Forward.

  25. Timmy Wilson

    I would run on Josh baby’s ticket, but alas, he is not left wing enough to select me and only one person gets elected anyway.

    I think I’ll stick with ALP sugar daddies instead, like Petie McMoron.

  26. I think Tom is hot, too!

    the sushi business that went belly up was owned by sis Caroline. Tom is cool and hot.

  27. Timmy Wilson

    Maybe if I asked him, he would let me run on his ticket? I looooove sushi, and he may have more sugar than McMoron does.

  28. Jamie - The Other Max

    I have done the “hard yards” in Ivanhoe – I am worthy of being the candidate for Kooyong.

  29. Max Powers

    I have also done the hard yards in Batman.

  30. Ollie

    I’ve taken a few hard inches

  31. Ollie

    I think Tom is hot too

  32. Timmy Wilson

    I don’t think Tom is hot anymore… His nose is unaturally large and he did not inherit much from his dad. He won’t let me onto his ticket.

  33. DJ Disco Dave

    It is my turn to get a gig in the Senate. Please Ronno, please Kroges, please!

  34. The rumour person

    Hot news. Tony Snell ex-Mallesons partner will be running for the Senate. He has a lot of heavyweight party support, though his key backers are from the business community.

    Snell won a lot of support (as did Pesutto) for his leadership of the party reforms last year.

    Ex Party Treasurer Samuel and present treasurer Glynn have (allegedly)formed a group to get more business types into parliament. They want to get people into parliament that have had actual CVs – not just party hacks or staffers. I have no idea whether Warren knows about this.

    Snell will get support from most of the old (almost defunct) Kroger group, of which Glynn is a half-hearted member, and from many of the Baillieu group as well.

    Julian McG will be dumped, no tears for Troeth and the argument that a women should be the candidate (no matter what the quality) will be trashed.

  35. No name

    Dear the rumour person, you are an idiot.

    Ronno who has taken over the Kroger/Costello factional leadership is the man – he will decide who fills the Senate spot as well as being very influential re Higgins and Kooyong.

    You made up all this stuff about Samuel and Glynn backing Snell – Snell is a good man but is too quiet and reserved to be a politician. Glynn and Snell will not rock the boat and Samuel has absolutely no influence within the Liberal Party except through his son Warren.

    Ronno will ensure his pick wins through.

  36. Ronno

    Sam the Nat Rat for the Senate.

  37. Anon/No name

    Lucky I worked for the right person. RF

  38. Anon

    Sad isn’t it, that working for the right person is all that it takes to get preselection nowdays. There used to be a time when merit and talent mattered.

  39. The Real Warren Samuel

    i have merit and talent.

    it takes a lot of hard work to look after daddy’s money and make sure there is enough money in my trust fund for me to pay for lots of memberships. ooops, is that allowed under the new party rules?

    and as for talent, well…just get one champagne into me and let me loose on the karaoke machine.

    “Back in the USSR” is my favourite song or is it Red Ted’s…oh, i can’t remember anymore, I’ve been working too hard.

  40. anon

    Actually I think Tommy likes it the same way as Ollie.

  41. Kooyong Lib

    Yes Ronno is the man – but has he really got the charisma or pull that Kroger or Costello has over party members.

    Ronno has little sway over key admin members and almost none over State MPs.

  42. C Pyne

    I have enjoyed Tom on occassions.

  43. Timmy Wilson

    Maybe I should stop ‘coat tailing’ it by relying upon others votes, and just run for this myself on my own merits. Novel concept.

    I probably won’t do this, as I would be destroyed at the ballot box. i really don’t have any real merit at all.

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