SOBBING: The Age's labour pains

sobswanted Job ads are dropping like a stone as we enter the recession we didn’t have to have. The Age is clearly so troubled about the whole thing that one of their online content providers working away in cramped conditions reported the “number of advertised sobs” rather than jobs was in freefall.

Meanwhile The Australian reported on the weekend that The Age’s rivers of gold are drying up too. JB Were’s page count for the troubled left-wing journal showed a a collapse of 38 per cent in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s average weekly classified pages.  Job ads collapsed 48 per cent at The Age, real estate 49%, cars 62% compared with December the year before.

The ship is sinking.

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One response to “SOBBING: The Age's labour pains

  1. Stat deception

    I wonder if the problem has been exacerbated by the statisticians not taking into account Internet job placement ads properly.

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