PARTY GIRL: Catherine Ng to seek Liberal endorsement for Melbourne

catheringng3 Defeated and poisonous Melbourne City Councillor Catherine Ng made much of her claims of being “progressive” and “independent” during her deceitful reign of error as the City’s planning overlord. Ng lost her bid for the mayoralty due to a public scandal over her poor attendance record on the council.

Yet despite helping get a card-carrying member of the Australian Labor Party elected to the Council for four years – Brian Shanahan – Catherine Unpronounceable is putting herself forward for Liberal Party endorsement in the state seat of Melbourne, a marginal seat held by Education Minister Bronwyn Pike.

Ng – who is married to Liberal oxygen thief and Baillieu staffer Douglas Campbell of the clan f*cktard – has told shocked local Party members of her plans which include raising buckets of money from property developers who she showered with favours during her Council reign.

Party observers fear Ng will probably not face much competition for the endorsement because while the seat is marginal between the Greens political party and the ALP, it’s an impossible to win for the Tories.

Ng and her angry Scot hubby who is uselessly advising Red Ted into oblivion have recently moved into the seat to West Melbourne in premises one source said was in very handy walking distance to several brothels.


Strategically, of course, the Libs running an aggressive campaign in Melbourne is one thing that could certainly help Labor’s incumbent Minister Puke. She needs the Liberals to run second so that the Greens political party’s preferences flow through to her rather than the Liberals coming last with their preferences going to the Greenist ahead of the Labor incumbent. It could well be that Ng’s lust for self-promotion could cost the Opposition the chance of unseating one of the government’s most senior ministers.

So why is she doing it? She hopes to position herself to run in an easier seat in the eastern suburbs, possibly Box Hill when that becomes vacant.

A party opponent told VEXNEWS this morning “If she has to elect another Labor party person to office, she’s happy with that as long as it’s good for her. She’s a selfish grub.”



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24 responses to “PARTY GIRL: Catherine Ng to seek Liberal endorsement for Melbourne

  1. Dolly

    If Ng stops the marxist greens from getting a seat in state parliament then she should be supported.

  2. Rampant

    You can only watch and sit back as people wake up to her being more of a liability than an asset.

    The only way the Libs will pick her is if there is some sort of deal with the Greens to make sure the Libs don’t win

  3. Anonymous

    What’s the collective noun for useless Lib oxygen thieves named Campbell? A buffet?

  4. Anonymous

    Ms Ng is certainly a little devious. It’s common for local government candidates and clowncillors to claim they are independent when they belong to a political party, and this applies to both major political parties.

    I suspect this is an attempt to prevent the Greens winning Melbourne. Ng cannot win. A publican came close to winning Melbourne for the Liberals in the 1960s, but since then the Liberal vote in the area has declined and the Democratic Labor Party is now a shadow of its former self and its preferences can no longer be relied on to elect Liberals.

    No. Ng won’t win. What she may do, considering she is a nice lady (even if a devious one) is that she may overtake the Greens. If she does this Bronwyn Pike will win on Greens preferences. If the Libs do a deal with the Greens and Ng comes below the Greens Pike can still win. A lot of Libs hate the Greens and will preference the ALP rather than the loopy environmentalists.

    Bronwyn Pike is also a lovely person. She has a hard portfolio and she does her best and works very hard. True, she probably makes the odd mistake, but she’s probably the best Health Minister around. She’s a hundred per cent better than Kosky.

  5. Krudd

    I think you’ll find the forces of the Chairwoman are being mustered for when the venerable Robert Clark MLA decides to retire.

  6. Anonymous

    During her Melbourne City Council years Catherine Ng deliberately and intentionally ran away from the Liberal brand. She often decried that she was not a Liberal at all and resented being tagged as one through association with her husband.

    In fact she branded herself as a “progressive” in all her campaign material and presented herself as a left-wing candidate. Hardly good credentials for endorsement from 104 Exhibition Street.

    NG = No Good

  7. Rampant

    Sorry Anon – you said “Bronwyn Pike is also a lovely person”.

    However she snubbed a gundealer I know who has a shop in her electorate because she clearly held a bias against what he did.

    Nice people don’t do that.

  8. Anonymous

    Nice people don’t sell guns too

  9. Rampant

    Anon – to become a gun dealer you not only have to be squeaky clean, but even your ‘associates’ have to.

    Much cleaner than the guy who cuts your lawn, drives your tram or your local pollie …

    You’ll find gundealers to be the nicest people around. It’s the knockers like Bronwyn who aren’t nice.

  10. This puts a mockery to Catherine NG’s false claim that she was running as an Independent in the November Council Election. Catherine Ng also made statements during the campaign that she wanted to use Council resources to further her political campaign of opposition to Spring Street. Ng’s nomination for the state Seat of Melbourne could see the liberal party lose support and in the process fall below the Greens potentially injecting life back into the Greens run for Melbourne. Problem is that the Liberal Parties constituency will not support moves to try and elect a Green’s candidate to the state lower house seat. She would have been more successful if she stood for Richmond. Either way she will not be elected to State Parliament. I have no doubt that her illegal payback sweet heart compensation deal with Kate Redood will once again surface bringing once again in to question her suitability for public office.

  11. No Good - No Support

    Catherine Ng was never supported by Liberal party members of the Council such as Fiona Snedden or Peter Clarke. Running for the seat of Melbourne as a Liberal party endorsed candidate is not a badge of honour but another indication of the low support Catherine has in the Liberal party. I doubt she will be preselected unless of course the Liberal Party has no other takers or the powers that be are seeking to game the vote by running a dud candidate to enhance the chances of a Greens candidate being elected. It could be that her nomination is a sacrifice for the liberal party to secure the Greens support in the upper house.

  12. NO GO and NO GOOD

    Ng = NO GO for Melbourne and NO GO for Box Hill or anywhere.
    I will take her and her mate Tully down at the same time.

  13. Anonymous

    Lay off the Scots, Landeryou

  14. Anon

    Oxygen theft should be an offence punishable by bad truffles.

    That’d cause consternation at the Campbell trough.

  15. Astounded of Melbourne

    indeed, lay off the scots. remember the state tartan

  16. Been there, done that

    Forget the state tartan – elect CN and we’ll have an official State Tart.

  17. Bypeallopsy

    I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  18. Kate Ng

    Me love you long time, Landy!

  19. Les Twentyman clone

    Not as much as God loves you, Landy!

  20. Timmy Wilson

    I will love anyone who puts me on their ticket.

  21. Freedom Lover

    I love anyone who loves freedom.

  22. Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH

    Currently I am very busy helping at a Underpriviledged Boys Camp.

  23. no go. ever.

    I had the misfortune of meeting her a couple of years back, volunteering to “mentor” young secondary school girls into their chosen careers.

    I was of the understanding that she was already a Lib.

    None on that table were remotely friendly. All were fake. None of this suprises me.


    The culture needs to change.

  24. politicalrealist

    Gee I’m glad I don’t live in Melbourne. WHat a f**ing choice – insincere, moaning Bronwyn Pike, Catherine Bloody NG or a Loony Green. Move to Cuba I say.

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