LIAR, LIAR: An Age letter-writer claims to be open-minded about Israel… hilarity ensues

rayarusho This letter appeared in The Age yesterday:

I HAVE been trying to remain unbiased for many years concerning the continued violence between the Palestinians and Israel, especially as I believe it is imperative to maintain an open mind on such heated issues.
However, I can no longer justify staying unbiased when I read and hear about unjust, inhumane and extremely unreasonable acts of violence against innocent victims who have now clearly a justified moral stance against their Israeli attackers.
I can no longer say “perhaps we should try to consider both sides of the argument”. I cannot but abhor the actions of the Israeli Government.
We all now know the Palestinian plight. I only hope we can all begin to take the side of the most oppressed in this situation.

Raya Rusho, Greensborough

Ms Rusho, an Architecture student with a strong interest in “Green architecture” at the University of Melbourne is not at all what she pretends to be in her propaganda letter in the Age. Far from being an unbiased observer about Israel, her online past has caught up with her, revealing not only her hatred of Israel but of the Jewish people too.

A two-second Google search, reveals a none too open-minded  comment by that same Raya Rusho in 2001, where she wrote on the BBC website:

“The Israelis have gained enough power and money to prey on those weaker than them. It’s only a matter of time before the Jews lose that power and money and they are left to fend for themselves. With this they’ll have a taste of their own medicine… “

So there you have it. Ms Rusho seems to believe that powerful moneygrubbing Jews are controlling the world but will eventually destroyed, by Allah. Despite holding these hateful views, Ms Rusho insists she tries to “remain unbiased”, while maintaining an “open mind” on Israel.  Much like the senior editorial folk at The Age. There’s nothing wrong with honestly disclosed bias, of course, but a bit more honesty by Palestinian supporters, and fact-checking by The Age, wouldn’t go astray either.

Architecture student Ms Rusho says she is an atheist who has previously lived in Libya and Syria. VEXNEWS has obtained photographs of the student outside potential terror target state Parliament House and at a local winery where she enjoyed its alcoholic delights.

We can only hope her poison is limited to her pen.



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100 responses to “LIAR, LIAR: An Age letter-writer claims to be open-minded about Israel… hilarity ensues

  1. Silence Dogood

    I am certainly not taking sides in this argument, but cannot understand why on earth you would pay creedence to the words of a Melbourne University architecture student (or the work of The Age editors).

    C’mon landeryou, with all of the fun and excitment currently engulfing the Victorian ALP surely there are more site worthy articles to pursue than this?!?!

  2. Anonymous

    Ms Rusho is about as open minded as the majority of letters that appear in the media come election time.

  3. Anonymous

    A superb piece of detective work Vexnews. It’s no wonder Vexnews is now Australia’s premier news site.

  4. RDR

    Its a long way home to Greensborough from Melbourne Uni. You seem like a nice suple young thing. Give me a call if you every need a lift home.


  5. Daniel Lewis

    When I read the opening line of her letter: “I have been trying to remain unbiased for many years concerning the continued violence between the Palestinians and Israel” my bullshit detector went berzerk.

    It struck me as the equivalent of saying “I’m not a racist, but…” and was obvious.

    I Googled her name, and found some of what Andrew refers to. It wasn’t hard.

    I emailed the Age’s letters editor drawing it to their attention.

    No Mea Culpa today, and had Vexnews not published this, Rusho would have got away with it.

    I’m sure The Age would insist they can’t be expected to cross-check every contribution they receive. That argument might be credible for newspapers which don’t have as checkered past as The Age in this area.

    Certainly, I’d expect the Age’s letters editor to have a more finely tuned bullshit detector than I do. Surely they knew what they were doing.

    It seems their version of ‘balance’ at the moment, consists of printing outright lies in condemnation of Israel, ‘balanced’ by fewer comments pointing out the truth.

    There is so much of that at The Age, it’s beyond a joke. Last night they ran this headline:

    “Israeli army fires into Lebanon after rockets fall”.

    It’s as though these rockets fell, harmlessly from the clouds, before Big Bad Israel unleashed their fury on the starving huddled masses.

    The antisemites are convinced the Jews control the media. If that were true, they are certainly doing a lousy job of it…

  6. S Perry

    The Age are bloody useless. This is a great article and thoroughly puts The Age and that stupid woman in their place.

    Her profile is extremely amusing. She seems to ‘hate’ a lot of things. I’m not surprised.

  7. Anonymous

    Despite what the Israeli apologists say, Miss Rusho speaks for a majority of Australians. The Australian Government however is controlled by Israeli money and media power and remains firmly on the side of Zionism.

  8. S Perry

    Anonymous, could you please show us how the Australian Government “is controlled by Israeli money and media power and remains firmly on the side of Zionism”?

    Do you watch where the government gets its funding from? Do you regularly overlook the government’s finances? What about the media? Where is your proof?

    Obviously, you have absolutely no evidence for this and you of course believe Jews control the government and the media. Unfortunately, you aren’t original with these insane thoughts, which were first made infamous by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion back in Tzarist Russia in the late 19th century.

    I can positively say that you don’t speak for the majority of Australians either. You’d be better off marrying Raya Rusho and eloping to Hamastan.

  9. anon

    Soon dirty Israel will be no more than a distant memory and I can’t wait.

  10. mick

    Hopefully not before they take the dirty terrorist nations with them, eh anon? Isnt it great that Israel has nukes?

    You should be very, very, very careful what you wish for. Alot of your “cousins” will die if you get it.

  11. anon

    Israel has not got the brains or the guts, and real soon it will be black, flat smoulding ashes.

  12. S Perry

    How interesting for anon to say that “Israel has not got the brains or the guts”.

    In fact, Israel has both and plenty of them, unlike their neighbours who are cry babies and blame all their worries on the Jews and Israel, just as anon does.

    I feel sorry for you anon because it’s clear that your desire for the destruction of Israel is eating you up inside. You desire death and destruction of a little country in the Middle East. That’s sad.

  13. Whispering Jack

    OK. We know that there are lots of examples of vermin crawling around on the face of this earth like anonymous and anon but how on earth did they get out of their straight jackets long enough to post their drivel?

  14. Anonymous

    Israel should be broken up and consumed by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

    Allah be Praised.

  15. S Perry

    Anonymous, in two sentences, perfectly captures what’s wrong with the Middle East.

    The “Palestinians” clearly don’t matter in his context. They are just a terrorist outfit used to advance the Arab & Islamic cause of destroying Israel. If Israel were to be destroyed and divided up between Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, the “Palestinians” would disappear and they’d dissipate into the pool of their Arab brethren who are exactly the same as they are.

    The “Palestinians” are no different than Lebanese, Syrians and indeed, make up the majority population of Jordan so it’s sense that they’d go back there to start with.

    “Allah be praised”? Praise what? Oh, that’s right – Israel’s destruction.

    Any God that is to be praised for destroying another state and group of people is not a god in the true sense but something far worse, something that is actually evil.

  16. anon

    I have just dropped a big, brown, stinking crap.
    It reminds me “SO MUCH” of Israel.
    My turd has just been flushed away, the same is about to happen to Israel.

  17. Yahweh

    I don’t think we learnt our lesson in WW2.

  18. Harry

    I don’t think we can have blind faith in Israel. The bombings of a SCHOOL and an UN aid van, killing a UN employee, and halting the distribution of aid into Gaza by the UN, must surely be reason for Israel to cease or at least hold back a little on its attack.

  19. Anonymous

    UN troops are needed to create a military buffer between the aggressive Israeli regime and the peaceful people of Gaza.

  20. Johnny The Moondog

    Mick, In your celebration of Israel’s nuclear capability, have you considered that the use of such nukes on Palestinians, would be sort of like Israel dropping it on themselves.
    Maybe you should understand the devastating force of nukes, before celebrating their existence.
    I also don’t like seeing decapitated Palestinian toddlers on the news. I do also condemn Hamas taking pot shots at Israel with rockets.
    Quite frankly both sides are dickheads, and ultimately will both pay unless Barack pulls a rabbit out of the hat.
    I suggest the UN just occupy both territories, and shoot Political leaders on both sides who object.

  21. Anonymous

    Soon Israel will be remembered as that “former country” that was disposed of by supreme Islamic martyrs. Allah’s will shall prevail.

  22. Anonymous

    Ridiculous!! Havent you got anything better to write about Andrew…i guess theres nothing left about Evan!!

  23. Anonymous

    Whats worse than the age publishing such a stupid letter is this blog making a story out absoultely nothing!!

    Speaks volumes about the character of journalism coming from vexnews!!

  24. The last anonymous message

    Raya, unfortunately for you and the Age, this story is not going to go away.

  25. Daniel Lewis


    Hamas packed the school with explosives. There were secondary explosions in testament to that.

    Consider why the kids were even there. Consider why Hamas drew fire to it, by shooting from there at Israelis. They knew exactly what happened. Dead Palestinian kids is good anti-Israel PR. As far as Hamas are concerned, it’s a victory. Such is their evil disregard for life.

    In contrast, a Hamas rocket hit an Israeli school a week before this all flared up. Israel, knowing they were under fire, had evacuated the school. Although a classroom was flattened, nobody was hurt.

    Israeli kids lived, but there were no gory photos to try and attract sympathy. That’s the difference between a society which values life, and a cult which worships death.

    See: and note also the hole in the ceiling. Not bad for the ‘harmless’ rockets people think Hamas were firing thousands of.

  26. Anonymous

    According to the whitepages, Rusho lives at [deleted].

  27. Anonymous

    The logic that the peaceful people of Gaza are to blame for the deaths of school children from missile launched by the Israeli war machine is akin to blaming the wife for being beaten by an abusive husband.

  28. Choo Choo

    The real story is what’s currently going on down at the Railyards.

  29. Anonymous

    Tel Aviv to go the way of Hiroshima.

  30. anon

    Bye Bye Israel!
    Can’t wait till your burning.

  31. Ted reigns supreme

    Choo Choo, you are a real dumb cluck!

  32. Anonymous

    Gordon Rich-Philips. Leadership via a by-election in Hawthorn. Heard it here 1st.

  33. M.Ran

    A few important facts- when a newspaper publishes an opinion piece from a reader they are under no obligation to ‘fact check’. It is opinion. Secondly, i know you worthless right wing scum would not understand but it seems Rusho has merely done what you claim she should have the right to. That is express her opinion. She does not seem to be an anti-semite, just somebody who dislikes something she perceives as an injustice. Most importantly of all what does being an architecture student with an interest in green architecture have to do with her opinions? I’m no green man myself, i find it all a bit boring to be honest, but how on earth is this relevant to her opinion on Israel and Palestine? I’m assuming this ‘news’ website, like most business interests, will ultimately fail.

  34. Railyard Worker

    Anonymous – by ‘Leadership’ you must mean a member of the leadership team. Because there can only be one actual leader, and that leader is currently on a fast train extravaganza known as the GTM Express which is leaving the ordinary commuter in absolute awe at its splendid qualities.

  35. Raya Rusho


    I am absolutely appalled that you would publish such an ill informed article on a site that masquerades as a reputable news site. Repeatedly you claim the age should ‘fact check’, when you have done very little of this yourself. Your fact checking relies on ‘google’ and social networking sites that are by no means ‘factual’. Having your opinions is an entitlement which being a part of this society you can enjoy. However, your opinions have clearly in this case driven a hateful and incorrect article. I sincerely hope you read this reply carefully, it will outline the true facts.

    The letter i wrote to the Age newspaper was an opinion, and by no means should the Age be responsible for ‘fact checking’ on a person who has written in their opinion without any claim for it being ‘fact’. Secondly, my opinion did not at any point hint that i am an Anti-Semite, being ‘Anti’ the Israeli Government actions is a completely different thing as it is a political agenda, not a religious one. You wouldn’t have picked this up as small but rather significant facts such as this will wash away your right wing arguments. My letter also clearly stated that it is in my opinion that unjust acts are being perpetrated against the Palestinian people, also a fact, however not in anyway a slur against Jewish people. This also seemed to pass by you, which clearly is not surprising.

    What is worse, worse than the fact that you have made claims in your article that are misled and clearly very biased, is that you have attached my photograph with repeated anti Semitic headlines in order to appeal to a very right wing and equally misinformed public who are easily misled by your idiotic opinions. This is a basic and very easy way to win over the masses, not unlike brainwashing and propaganda. Does is remind you of something? It wouldn’t, you are far too unintelligent. You must remove my photograph from this article, or you will be hearing from my lawyer.

    Clearly you have nothing better to do than to go searching through my facebook page to find a picture of me enjoying a glass of wine and writing ‘Raya Rusho toasting Jihad’ on it. I feel sorry for you. The other photo you published in front of parliament house was of me at my mothers graduation as a General Practitioner, a ceremony that is held by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. You claim it is a potential terror target. Surely you should have fact checked that i am not a threat in this photo. But wouldn’t this have gone against your opinion?

    Further, you found an opinion that was published 7 years ago on the BBC website, when i was 16. Not only have my opinions changed since then, but i i stated in the opinion piece in the Age that i have tried to remain unbiased ‘for many years’. This is not a statement that it has been something i have done my entire life. This is just plain stupid. I found that opinion by the way- here’s the rest of it:

    The real problem here is the USA. With them on their side, the Israelis have gained enough power and money to prey on those weaker than them. It’s only a matter of time before the Jews lose that power and money and they are left to fend for themselves. With this they’ll have a taste of their own medicine…

    Clearly i was talking about the influence of the USA. Did you omit this for a reason? I think so. But of course, you read into this that i was ‘Anti Semitic’. Which by the way literally also includes the Palestinian people, which you didn’t know. Being “anti semitic’ also means you are ‘anti palestinian and anti jewish’. The semite people are all inclusive in the region. Want to ‘fact check’ that one? Go right ahead.

    And of course, may i just add, how does being an architecture student have anything to do with my opinion? Or the fact that i like ‘green architecture’? Do you know what ‘green architecture’ is? Fact check it. It is a general headline under which falls the sub category of sustainable architecture. Is this an anti-semitic movement? Well apparently, according to your website all those who are environmentalist are not to be endured. You’re an idiot Andrew.

    Under Australian Law i can sue you for Slander and Defamation. Take my photo off this article. I will consult my Lawyer tomorrow.

    Raya Rusho.

  36. Johnny The Moondog

    Go girl.

  37. McPerton

    This is a clear violation of human rights. The human right of free speech for Andrew Landeryou, the finest patriot journalist in the world and soon to be winner of a Walkley Award, and the right to privacy of that girl who has a photo taken of herself in front of the chamber where I once represented the good people of Doncaster, and where Lord Fatty, the dearest of dear Fatties, once represented the even better people of Malvern.

    Both are in need of good human rights counsel, and who better than the leader of the Victorian Human Rights Bar, I, Trade Commissioner McPerton of Doncaster and Earl of San Francisco QC (pending) (Grad.Dip.Chinese.Law). I therefore offer my services to either individual, subject of course to payment of the customary rate one would expect from Melbourne’s finest human rights barrister.

    In fact, if it works out this way, I will even be prepared to act for both parties. I can then construct a Chinese Wall in myself, preventing one side from coming into contact with the other. After all, I am an expert in Chinese Trade Law, I speak a little Chinese myself, and I once sept on the floor of a hut owned by a Mongolian peasant.

    For those in need of a reference, please look at my previous stellar record in Katz and Katz Jnr v Chief Commissioner of Police Nixon.

  38. QC

    Don’t waste your time and money going to a lawyer, Raya. You’ve just shot yourself in the foot by repeating the anti Semitic sentiments you stated when you were 16.

    I think that the word you’re searching for is “libel” rather than “slander” but, just as you claim you were only expressing an opinion, so was the author expressing his opinion which is that a brief Google search was enough to throw doubt on the proposition you put in your opening sentence.

    That said, why don’t you go back to the people at the Age and confess to them exactly what you did in order to repair the damage you’ve done by not being quite up front about what you’ve done?

  39. RDR

    Forget the offer of the lift home. As soon as you mention lawyers I’m outta there. (Nothing happened OK)

  40. Daniel Lewis

    Raya Rusho,

    In your letter to The Age, you wrote “I have been trying to remain unbiased for many years”.

    It took about five seconds on Google to determine that you are not unbiased at all.

    So, in your letter to The Age, you were either foolish, or simply dishonest. Which was it? That it was an “opinion” doesn’t detract from the fact that you weren’t telling the truth, and were caught out. I accept it was’t The Age’s responsibility to check your background. Do you accept that a bit of integrity on your part was in order?

    You claim that Andrew’s use of Google was inappropriate. Why? It shouldn’t matter where you made the statements, from the BBC, to Facebook, to the newspaper or a blog. What matters, is what you actually said. Do you deny that those statements were yours? Was it some other Raya Rusho perhaps?

    Clearly not, as you note that the comments were made by you a few years ago. Nor have you made any attempt to repudiate them.

    You are fooling nobody (except perhaps much of The Age’s readership) and are clearly suffering from a condition known as sour grapes.

    Accountability is a bitch.

    Finally, you claim, in relation to The Age that “my opinion did not at any point hint that i am an Anti-Semite”. You are correct.It was only subsequent, very easy research which identified your earlier comments, which were unquestionably so.

    At worst, you are a dishonest antisemite. At best, you are stunningly naive.

    Of course you are welcome to have your own opinions. Fortunately, you don’t live in an Islamist tyranny. However with that right, comes certain responsibilities. Including admitting when you were caught out.

    Go ahead and sue Andrew. It will be fun to watch. Might I recommend you find a good Jewish lawyer. Apropos the photographs at the top of the page, ask your lawyer about “Satire”.

    Alternatively, try lawyer, Irfan Yusuf in Sydney. Ask him about Hamas. Err.. Hoummos.

  41. RDR

    Raya you are quite cute in your pics, can I have your number? I’d like to txt you.

  42. QC Opinion

    Forget suing. Defamation laws in Victoria are very weak and give you made yourself available to rebuttle by writing a letter to the age (ie. can be argued in law that you put your head up to be shot off), there is next to no chance a liable case would succeed.

  43. barking toad

    Hope you’re pretty well cashed up Raya before you consult with your lawyer tomorrow. And ask if the first consultation is free.

    Perhaps make a few enquiries about the prospects of coming out in front. Ring thin Sol perhaps.

    You’ve been sprung girlie. Retire gracefully.

  44. Barking Turd

    Thin Sol looks like he is coming into some more money soon despite all the bankruptsies!

  45. Whispering Jack

    Daniel Lewis (January 11, 2009, 15:30),

    Raya wouldn’t be the first person to try to fool the Age readership, would she?

  46. Anonymous

    Raya Rusho – you’ve been caught out. You should just cop your punishment on the chin.

  47. S Perry

    Raya, there’s no point going for a Pyrrhic victory. Admit defeat and move on.

  48. Ryan

    I seem to be the only person here who is a little confused. What exactly has Rusho been ‘caught out’ doing? Changing her opinion over a seven year period? How can this be seen as a calculated attempt to fool anybody? Does Rusho need to open the article with the fact that she has never agreed with Israel? Would that make it more palatable? I find her opinion to be very moderate when compared to some of the other garbage we are subject to in the media, from both sides of this conflict.
    The opening line: “I have been TRYING to remain unbiased FOR MANY YEARS” does not say “I have always been an impartial observer”. Nor does she show any signs of being blindly Arab nationalist. Add to this the clearly thorough “research” that found as a 15 or 16 year old she made some comments that could be considered mildly antisemitic at best. I mean it seems a touch rich for my liking that a young woman gets accused of some plot to deceive The Age, when it obvious that this ‘news’ website (nothing more than an opinion based blog really), clearly has a vendetta with The Age. To label someone ‘antisemitic’ and ‘toasting jihad’ is completely unfair to somebody who is merely voicing their opinion. Isn’t that what you freedom fighters on the right are all about? In this sense her opinion should be attacked by people who disagree, but i concur the photo and surrounding comments are a step too far.

  49. Anonymous

    Raya Rusho – This will haunt you forever. See how you go trying to get a job when a simple google search on your name will reveal your shame.

  50. Daniel Lewis


    “Does Rusho need to open the article with the fact that she has never agreed with Israel? Would that make it more palatable? “


    In its current draft, it reads like someone who says “I’m not a racist, but…” Completely implausible and intellectually dishonest.

    What really surprises me, is that she is here, digging herself deeper.

  51. anon

    Israel will soon be NO MORE.
    And I so can’t wait.

  52. Anonymous

    Rusho. Unemployable. Who’d ever employer her now? 1 simple google search and its perpetual unemployment.

  53. anon

    She is far more employable than that idiot self abuser Daniel Lewis.

  54. Anonymous

    Il give Raya a job…

  55. RDR

    Raya could give me a “job” if she likes

  56. Ryan

    Could anyone actually name any reputable employer that uses an internet search as part of its recruitment policy? Beyond politics and journalism, I can’t foresee this being common practice. It is a ludicrous notion.
    Furthermore does anyone honestly think a seemingly educated woman would fail to explain away an internet post made as a 16 year old? I mean seriously “Who’d ever employ her now”, what a ridiculous thing to say. I’d assume the list of people/companies that would employ her before and after this invented incident would be exactly the same.
    As for you Lewis, you are clearly a moron. Not just a moron either, a moron with a massive chip on his shoulder. Wheteher it’s against women, lefties or maybe people with legitmate opinions that you don’t have the intellect to answer?
    You couldn’t even answer the main question i posted earlier. That is what has she been caught doing? I’d really like to know what this girl should have done to avoid the wrath of the minature minded here? I’ll accept a serious answer to that question from anyone willing to participate.

  57. Steve Walpole

    As someone who admires Israel and has looked to it for inspiration when I was campaigning during the local council elections of 08 the least I can do is defend this small democratic country in the Middle East.

    As for the ‘money grabbing Jews’ Ms Rusho likes to portray them as. I will say this. You are jealous because you are not like them, you are jealous because they have a rich culture and have managed for over 3000 years of crap and hardship to still stay strong and stand up for what is right. Maybe its because the Jewish people can scratch a desert and produce a garden and the other middle eastern countries just spread fear and hate.

    I may not be Jewish but I will always stand up for Israel it is every mans duty to stand up for this beautiful democratic country.

    Israel now, Israel tomorrow, Israel forever.

  58. RDR

    I stand up quite regularly, especially when driving or texting


    Dear Ms Rusho,

    Thank you for putting your views for our readers to consider. We welcome debate of this kind.

    That said, we stand by our story.

    Indeed, you have confirmed all of it. You admit you wrote what we say is some very unpleasant hate-speech against Jews and Israel on the BBC website. You then wrote that “for years” you’d been trying to keep an open mind about the Middle East.

    Call us old fashioned but where we come from that would make you a liar.

    You say you’ve had a change of opinion from what appeared to be rabid anti-Semitism to keeping an open mind and now have confined yourself to Israel bashing. Obviously only you can know what’s on your mind. You have though expressed your views in the public domain and they are therefore the legitimate subject of political debate. Where those public statements clash, we are right to point that out. We also said you were photographed outside state Parliament House, a fact you don’t deny. We did not – and do not – say that you were a threat to the building but note that it has been speculated about as a potential terror target. Further, we noted your support for what the Hamas terrorists have been unleashing on Israel, who you say “have a clear moral stance against their Israel attackers”. It was of course Hamas that attacked Israel which it justifies as a religious jihad against the Jewish state.

    It would normally go without saying that we would vigorously defend any legal action brought in this case because every word of the story – now confirmed by you – is true. In this case as you seem to be a newbie to the caper and are perhaps unfamiliar with VEXNEWS and our approach, we should make it clear that we don’t really care about stupid threats from exposed liars. We regularly deal with death-threats, legal threats and not for publication threats. If we make a mistake, we’re happy to apologise and correct it. That has happened though very rarely. No one is perfect but we do the best we can.

    You might not like your actions being criticised. None of us do. You will quickly learn that not even the best lawyer will be able to track down a law that prohibits truthful criticism. As someone eloquently put it above, if you don’t like it, perhaps you can find a police state where they jail the critics of the elite.

    But while you remain in this land of the free, we offer some free advice: if you don’t like to be criticised, then don’t act in the manner you have.

    You attempted to deceive the already much-deceived readers of The Age. You were caught. You vilified the Jewish people, predicting their demise with all the gleeful anticipation of a Goebbels or some other Nazi maggot. You’ve been held to account for that bigotry.

    That you were young before writing those horrible words is only a defence if you renounce those views and the loons who hold them.

    Rather than issuing laughable threats you might consider growing up a little, perhaps apologising for your disgusting original remarks and your subsequent blatant dishonesty about your views.

    Without wanting to be too rude to you, we suggest you take your threat of legal jihad elsewhere to those more gullible and pliable. If you wish to sue, no more threats, just let us know where your lawyer is and we’ll pop in to pick up the writ. Any money we can encourage you to waste on such an endeavour is surely better than you contributing it to Greenists, Jihadists or whatever brand of lunacy has appealed to your “open mind” recently.

    The real issue here isn’t your bruised ego.

    The real issue is that some people – who’d hate to see themselves declared racists – insist that the Jews and Israel or both are entitled to a lower level of self-defence than all other people or nations.

    Would we accept any foreign power sending missiles into our cities without doing all within our power to stop them?

    Of course not. Because it’s Israel, because they’re Jewish, for some people different rules apply. It is a terrible shame that an apparently well-educated daughter of privilege lives in our leafy suburbs, enjoying one of our finest Universities while harbouring such despicable views.

    And finally, you’re wrong about antisemitism. And I refer to that favourite lefty source to help you, Wikipedia:

    Antisemitism is prejudice against or hostility toward Jews as a group. The prejudice or hostility is usually characterized by a combination of religious, racial, cultural and ethnic biases. While the term’s etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic peoples, since its creation it has been used exclusively to refer to hostility towards Jews.

    If the cap fits, wear it.

    Yours sincerely

    Andrew Landeryou

  60. Daniel Lewis

    Well said Andrew.

  61. Ryan

    The reason Israel can ‘scratch a desert and produce a graden’ is because they were given the Mediterranean coast line. It’s hardly the roughest of terrains.
    They have endured years of persecution, but shouldn’t that have bred compassion rather than their, admittedly retalitory, violence?
    So they inspired your council election loss in 2008 Walpole?
    Google: The search tool for everyman.

    Andrew from the most reliable website in the world (in keeping with your fine journalistic stndard) – Wikipedia:
    The term Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern people originating in southwestern Asia, including Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arabs, and Ethiopian Semites.

    This highlights the continued misuse of a term actually coined by the jounalist Wilhelm Marr in 1879, again according to Wikipedia.

    Why the scapegoat treatment Andrew? I know you have a history of being a big tough man, but this is low even for you.

  62. Daniel Lewis


    Gaza has a sea border and amassive beachfront.

    It could be one of the finest tourist destinations in the Middle East, but that’s not their plan. Killing Jews is.

    The Arabs also have all the oil. So why is it then, most of them are on $2 a day? Arab Corruption, backwardness and victimhood. Especially when they can (via tightly controlled state media) tell all the population that the reason they are poor and hopeless, is because of America and Israel.

    As for Israel, the “Mediterranean coast line” goes nowhere near the Negev Desert, also greened, and wouldn’t explain why Israel leads the world in water conservation technology and planning.

    Put another way – despite massive amounts of rain, Sydney and Melbourne need water restrictions. Israel, with hardly any rain and the possibility of going to war over water, doesn’t have water restrictions. Think about it.

    As for your comments about the etymology of the term antisemitism, the only reason Andrew raised it, is because of the growing number of idiots who insist “Arabs are semites, therefore how can they possibly be anti-semitic”. Thus, they hope to completely whitewash untold Arab antisemitism, or even more perversely, accuse the Jews of it.

    It’s very simple. The term has only ever referred to Jew hatred. There’s no shortage of it either – scroll up!

  63. Margaret Gray

    The fact that at 23 you are STILL studying, speaks more about your future potential contribution to socisty than your stupid Anti-Semitism.

    Maybe you should use your “Green Architecture” merit badge to help build a stronger glasshouse.

    Or a fence.

  64. Anonymous

    WHO does Google searches before hiring someone? Er, just about any HR firm or employer with half a brain. Most common.

  65. Anonymous

    Rusho has been shown up by vexnews. Good luck in trying to find a job above cleaner now darling. Just think every time you put in your resume for your dream job, will they google your name? If they do, unemployment for you. Stupid girl. You’ve ruined your life.

  66. Anonymous

    A quick google search reveals much about Miss Rusho. In fact the 3rd listing is vexnews. Hmmm, thats gotta be a concern.

  67. Ryan

    An architecture degree takes 6 years to complete Margaret. Hardly seems like she’s struggling.

    Does anybody who posts a comment here actually work in a professional field? I do, and I can tell you, as an employee of a multi-national company, NOBODY does a google search as part of their hiring policy. It is simply not done. I have spoken to the HR department of my company, most of whom have experience within other large corporations, they laughed at me for asking.

    If she tries to get a job with a 15 year old girl, then maybe there would be a google search involved.

    Add to that the fact that an issue like this is irrelevant to most architecture firms, at least in Australia. I think Rusho should be pretty safe.

    Daniel, I fully acknowledge the success of the Israeli people in what could only be considered as very difficult circumstances.

    It is my view that both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, have alot to answer for with respect to their recent, and hisrorical, conduct.

  68. Daniel Lewis


    I agree the Israelis are not perfect. Most reasonable people would, including the most hardcore Zionists, Jewish zealots etc.
    Israel is a modern, viable democracy, replete with internal debate beyond any political discourse in this company.

    All around the world on Friday nights, Jewish families get together and talk (aomngst other things) about Israeli politics and there is no consensus on anything.

    Sure you get idiots like Antony Loewenstein who isolate themselves completely from the Jewish Community and then claim to be an expert on it, but in reality there is massive debate.

    It’s part of democracy.

    It is unfortunate though, that Israel, the Jewish state, is judged against impossible standards by the World, whereas the Arabs are generally given a free pass. What possible motivation is there for the Arab world to get their act together, when there has been no repercussions to date, for their tyranny, terrorism and self-destruction (explosively in some cases).

    As Thomas Freedman observed in the New York Times: “Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is vile. But singling out Israel for opprobrium and international sanction — out of all proportion to any other party in the Middle East — is anti-Semitic, and not saying so is dishonest.”

    Israel kills a few terrorists? Outrage! Islamists wipe out thousands in Sudan? Silence.

    The indignation is highly selective, and when you honestly look at what’s happening, you really have to question some people’s motives.

  69. Ryan

    Daniel what you say is true. The quote you posted though surely frees this young woman from this on going harassment. Nowhere does Rusho say Israel should be sanctioned. She does critisize Israel and has every right to. You can speculate about her opinion all day long. Assume she wants to see Israel fall etc. But where is the evidence of this. Don’t tell me the words ‘…will get a taste of their own medicine…’. Is this really the most hate filled article on Israel you’ve seen? Could you justify somebody singling out your wife/sister/mother or friend for this kind of treatment if they wrote an equally tame article on their opinion of Palestine and its behaviour? You seem reasonable so I imagine you wouldn’t.
    Her orignal article is less refined yes, but I can’t see that it warrants the ensuing behaviour.

    I’m sure you understand that I am refering to the actions of this website here and not you or anyone else posting their opinion. Which is what everybody is and should be entitled to do.

    Whether you agree with Rusho or not posting photos of someone with misleading captions of this nature must be extremely distressing.

    The rebuttal ‘well she misled the age readership’ is pointless. I think you would have to be pretty paranoid to think that Rusho has concocted a complicated rouse to fool people she is ‘unbiased’. I know i consider myself unbiased and would probably claim to be so if I were to submit a letter to the Age or any other daily. Her opinion has grown, to be out of line with most here agreed, but to be still within the realms of integrity. She does not preach violence, she does however preach for justice. Something I think most people could see is owing to both sides.

  70. Daniel Lewis


    Andrew’s (and my own) problem with Rusho wasn’t what she said about Israel. As much as we might disagree with her, and as misguided as she might be, it’s her right to think as she does.

    The problem was her completely dishonest opening line.

    No, I don’t believe she “concocted a complicated ruse”. Had she tried a bit harder, she wouldn’t have been as easily found-out. Malicious? Probably not. Stupid? Absolutely! However, given her earlier commentary – which she is yet to repudiate, you’ll forgive me if I don’t shed too many tears for her reputation.

  71. Bias is my trade mark

    QUOTE:”I HAVE been trying to remain unbiased for many years” …

    Obviously she has been trying but has been unsuccessful in her efforts to be unbiased. Another failed case of trying.

  72. Karl Marx

    “She does not preach violence”

    That’s debatable.

    What do you think she means by “medicine” when she writes:

    “The real problem here is the USA. With them on their side, the Israelis have gained enough power and money to prey on those weaker than them. It’s only a matter of time before the Jews lose that power and money and they are left to fend for themselves. With this they’ll have a taste of their own medicine…”

  73. Anonymous

    a quick look on ms Rusho facebook. Says she is in a relationship with ‘Ryan’ Mackay a quick look at his facebook says he works for the ABC. Nuff said

  74. Michael

    Rusho says she tries to remain Unbiased,, yeah and Palestinians are peace nicks , who does she think she’s trying to kid, and she threatens to get her lawyer, who Waleed Aly?

    It appears Rusho is has been busted!
    Good Work Vex News..

    Good work

  75. Anonymous

    Anti-Semetism is one thing, but using phosphorus bombs is simply inhumane.

  76. Daniel Lewis

    Anti-Semetism [sic] is one thing

    Illiteracy is another.

    However it seems the two often go hand in hand…

  77. Michael

    Annon 9;31 /gee I would have thought strapping a bomb around ones waist and blowing up all and sundry is pretty inhumane but hey that’s what’s expected of Muslims, Israel, Pakistan, Iraq , Afghanistan, Turkey, Algeria, Chechnya & beyond … but when it comes down to it , it’s those pesky Zionist Jews,, just imagine if Jews were flying planes into tall buildings, kidnapping foreign Journalists and beheading them on National Arab TV to a world wide gloating audience how much more Jews would be hated..

  78. Anon

    Michael, you are a usless pustule.

  79. Fanny Fatwa

    The Juice would be hated much less if they had no money and no power according to Raya but still deserving of their medicine.

  80. Sam Miles

    Hey Andrew you still at Kavanagh Street in Southbank? Not bad for a failed business man. Maybe if you invested more time in your business operations and less time in running a worthless website visited by over conservative lowbrows with far too much time on their hands, you wouldn’t have ever become such a dead beat yourself. By the way do you know what Jihad means? No I didn’t think so. I suppose fact checking is as high on your list as it supposedly is for your ‘left wing’ pals at the Age or ABC. Oh and you or one of your cronies can feel free to waste some more of your obviously pointless existence in looking up my name on one of the many social networks out there. Let me just finish by commenting on a few choice losers before I leave.

    Daniel Lewis; “I emailed the Age’s letters editor drawing it to their attention.” – Three words – GET A LIFE. Nobody cares except other losers like you who will never amount to anything.
    S Perry; ”Obviously, you have absolutely no evidence for this and you of course believe Jews control the government and the media. Unfortunately, you aren’t original with these insane thoughts, which were first made infamous by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion back in Tzarist Russia in the late 19th century.” Let me first of all say congratulations. You know how to look things up on Wikipedia. I tip my hat to you Sir. Second of all let me say it was just a shame you couldn’t research anything of actual relevance. At this point I’ll probably have to tell you to get a life also.
    Mick; “Hopefully not before they take the dirty terrorist nations with them, eh anon? Isnt it great that Israel has nukes? You should be very, very, very careful what you wish for. Alot of your “cousins” will die if you get it.” Considering Mick obviously has some sort of mental deficiency I won’t bother pointing out the many ridiculous points he has mad. I’ll just note that this is the sort of people websites like this attract.

    I could go on, but I won’t. I actually have a job, exercise program, study and social life to work through and I’ve wasted far too much time letting you people know you are basically a bunch of berks. I would suggest the majority of people posting on this website should invest their time in something more worthwhile in life. And Andrew I would suggest that you simply grow up.

  81. Anonymous

    Jews will answer for Israel’s abuse of power and money.

  82. Daniel Lewis

    Sam Miles

    Daniel Lewis; “I emailed the Age’s letters editor drawing it to their attention.” – Three words – GET A LIFE. Nobody cares except other losers like you who will never amount to anything.

    To qualify, I submitted it as a letter, not an FYI.

    As for calling me a loser, you gloat that I actually have a job, exercise program, study and social life to work through
    If you have to tell people that you have a job, it generally isn’t a very impressive one. Noting your “exercise program, study and social life”, I expect you are just very proud of yourself being able to hold down a part-time job and complete a pointless degree.

    But I’m just speculating…

  83. Sam Miles

    To quote you again; “To qualify, I submitted it as a letter, not an FYI (for your information)”. So you didn’t submit something as a ‘for your information’? Well I’m convinced; everyone on this board is a genius.
    I actually work full time whilst completing further study, again you speculate and you end up embarrassing yourself. You see, I believe in putting my intelligence to good use, you obviously do not. I was merely pointing out that maybe you don’t have much on in your life in you waste your time repeatedly posting comments to childish articles on a news website and emailing the Age (or is it FYI-ing the Age?) to tell them they may not of fully researched a person’s name through a search again to establish their political views when they were 16 years of age.
    “Certainly, I’d expect the Age’s letters editor to have a more finely tuned bullshit detector than I do. Surely they knew what they were doing.” Here is a little fact you may not have noticed. The letter editor of the Age gets paid quite well to do their job. And you get paid nothing to leave comments bagging him on a website he will never see. Fairfax also makes quite a lot of money. This site does not. News does have a future, and it certainly isn’t poorly photo-shopped photos with comic book style captions.

  84. Death to the Juice

    Why does Raya Rusho not write in her real name here any more???

    Couldn’t be any more obvious that it’s her.

  85. Anon

    Death to the Justice, search Sam Miles you moron. He is real, not another evil invention of Rusho’s. I know its hard to beleive in your tiny-minded world, but there are numerous people who share the opinion that Rusho has done nothing wrong.

    Why is it you don’t write your real name?

  86. Anonymous

    The Age should be notified that peoples letters are being snatched to make bad articles such as this. You should all get a life!!

  87. Fanny Fatwa

    If it’s true that “numerous people” believe that Rusho “has done no wrong” it’s a sad indictment on them for approving of her deception and racism.

    Raya, be a dear and tell your friends to stop embarrasing themselves and you with their pathetic attempts to defend the indefesible.

  88. Anonymous

    This site is a disgrace! If you did some proper basic research, you would know that the name “Raya Rusho” is actually a Christian name not a Muslim one! I’m from an Arabic background and I have plenty of Jewish and Israeli friends but don’t agree with the actions of the Israeli government against civilians. It doesn’t mean I support any of the Islamic organisations either. I can tell you that my Israeli friends, just like myself are often frustrated about the killing of civilians, which is mostly done by the Israeli army and would love all the tension in our regions to stop so we can see each other’s beautiful countries without risking our lives.

  89. Fanny Fatwa

    Don’t try to change the subject anonymous, Raya or Ryan or Sam.

    This is not about your perception about what Israel is doing but over whether someone deliberately set out to deceive the public in a letter written to a newspaper. What’s worse is the fact that underlying that deception is the fact that this person has long held views that are patently racist and even worse than that is the fact that she and her friends don’t even understand the nature of the racism nor how hurtful and disgusting that sort of racial vilification is to the Jewish people.

    That’s the real disgrace!

  90. Raya/Ryan/Sam/Anon

    Who actually said Raya was Muslim? It’s not relevant what her religion, it’s her loathing of others that concerns everyone.

  91. Hope Jacob

    What a bunch of whingers! How is this offensive to ANYONE? If you all weren’t so “precious”, you would never jump to the conclusion that racism was intended in these articles.

    References are to the “actions of the Israeli Government”. That is my take on the issue. Even the article written when she was 16 (although probably not worded the best) doesn’t appear to be intended as a generalisation.

    Stop being offended on SOMEONE ELSES behalf and condemning someone for being something they are not. Who are you to judge? Let go of your “holier than thou” attitude.

    People make mistakes, and obviously this was an innocent one, magnified and misconstrued by someone who makes a living out of you poor saps contributing to this exaggeration (wow, i’m one of you poor saps too now – hooray).

    I have previously been discriminated against due to my race and I must say it was a lot worse than someone saying “your government’s actions are inexcusable”. Even so, I GOT OVER IT.

    Leave this poor girl alone and use your time more constructively. I’m sorry, you won’t change the world writing a comment on the wall of a disgraceful website, no matter how good it feels trying to hurt someone with your comments to try make you feel better about your sorry life.

    Raya, I hope you realise your time is better spent keeping away from the web of lies that is the media.

  92. Fanny Fatwa

    Hope calling the kettle black.

  93. John Stein

    What pessimists. Do you have to see the worst in everything?

    One of the main reasons racism exists these days is because people are offended way too easily. I agree, Hope, people are too precious and should toughen up.

    Offended by the innocent rantings of a 16 year old? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  94. Hope Jacob

    Get some anti-depressants fanny. I’d hate to live in your world 🙂

  95. Frank N. Stein

    There they go again. Both the deception and the racist comments were made at 23 years of age. Rays’s friends persist in avoiding the issue – they’re obfuscating

  96. Hope Jacob

    What were some of the things you were thinking about at age 16 Frank N. Stein? Could you articulate those thoughts as well as you could in your mid 20s (assuming you are older)? Don’t tell me at age 23 u didn’t see things differently to when you were 16. Or maybe I should ask a female because they mature faster than males, according to many beliefs.

    Either way, life is about growing up. By judging someone on what they said many years ago, you aren’t giving them a fair go, especially if they have done some “growing up” in the meantime. Don’t blow this out of proportion and call this a “deception”.

    I actually believe most of the comments made against against Raya are racist. Just because she has an Arabic name and has an opinion that doesn’t match yours does not mean you can automatically label her as an islamic extremist. Moreover, just because she didn’t properly articulate an opinion when she was 16 and actually grew up in the meantime, does not mean you should be so condemning.

    These unforgiving attitudes are what start wars, so fix your own attitude before you disapprove of someone else. Try to see the best in people. The world will be a better place because of it.

    Did Raya offend you personally? Did she say something bad about you personally? Did she? I don’t think she did. If you are offended, then good. You don’t deserve to be happy if stupid things like this get to you.

  97. Frank N. Stein

    Hope Jacob. I’m not just offended by liars and anti-Semites. They and their apologists (like yourself) fill me with revulsion. To seek to minimise and belittle the old canard about Jews, money and power when that same mantra produced the Tsarist pogroms and the Holocaust is simply disgraceful and unacceptable in our society.

  98. Hope Jacob

    it is also unacceptable to minimise and belittle the atrocities that are happening to the other side. Think about that too.

  99. Frank N. Stein

    When did I do that?

  100. Henry

    Wow, someone wrote: “I have been trying to remain unbiased for many years concerning the continued violence between the Palestinians and Israel” in the Age.
    And with this information alone, and NO racist comments and NO Anti-Semitic comments in the entire letter you decide to Google this poor girl and post information on where she goes to school, where she lives and photo’s of what she looks like. What’s wrong? Did no one else that wrote a letter to the Age that day had an accessible Facebook so you decided to pick on the one that did? Just because she has a differing opinion to yours? Get a life

    Yes, you also happened to find a badly worded article that she happened to write when she was only 16 (i guess at 16 you were already an articulate journalist were you? You made no mistakes? You didn’t word an argument badly? You were always perfect? You’re not the only one with the power of Google) Even though the previous article was badly worded it does not make her a liar. She never said she was completely unbiased her entire life and never had an opinion about anything until this moment. By saying that she was trying to remain unbiased she was merely pointing out that she has probably, for years, looked at the information about this issue and looked at both sides of the argument at some point in time.

    As others have pointed out, Raya is a Christian name, so to insinuate that she is a supporter of Jihad is hilarious. I also saw your other article on Raya with the “modeling” photo’s and read all the idiotic comments about how she favours Muslim extremism. What a load of bollocks, further proving your nothing more than a bunch of one-sided drivel written to inspire hatred towards anyone daring enough to have an opinion that differs to yours.

    By the way, you’re not the only one that can use Photoshop.

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