LOWER THAN A SNAKE'S BELLY: Leftist author's sexed-up hit-list

vexnewsplaceholder2 Loewenstein’s shrinking IAJV group released another statement from disaffected Australian “Jews” (and I use the term lightly). Predictably, The Age and ‘our’ ABC couldn’t resist.

Note, The Age, refers to the “more than 100 prominent Australian Jews” who signed.
Read the list – hardly any of them are “prominent” at all, and at least one isn’t even real.

Of the signatures, one stands out:

75. Mutta, Shari

Let’s just say, Shari Mutta is a distant cousin of Ben Zonar

“Shari Mutta” (not something you would ever call your daughter) originally emailed Loewenstein to say she’s “Jewish by marriage”.

Any real Jewish person knows you cannot possibly become Jewish by marriage, and only by birth or a very involved and difficult conversion process.

Of course any real Jewish person below the age of 60 would also know what ‘Sharmuta’ was.

Despite constantly insisting he is Jewish as a novel PR angle to in some way legitimise his Israel bashing, Loewenstein seems to have little connecting him with – or indeed knowledge of – the Jewish community.

As with Ben Zonar on the last petition, it seems he will simply accept at face value, any person claiming to be Jewish to help stack the numbers and exaggerate the popularity of his grossly unpopular views. At least this time they weren’t also largely anonymous, as with the last IAJV petition.

Having said that, it’s interesting that the numbers appear to have shrunk dramatically from around 500 to 100, as many of the original IAJV signatories became aware of  Loewenstein’s real views, and realised they were duped. Out of about 130,000 Jewish Australians, his views are proportionately less popular than the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). But he’s good enough for The Age…

Despite his endless hype about ‘the movement growing‘, the numbers suggest otherwise, as more and more people wake up to the reality of Militant Islam.



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44 responses to “LOWER THAN A SNAKE'S BELLY: Leftist author's sexed-up hit-list

  1. Anonymous

    Lowenstein would gleefully collaborate with the Nazis if he could go back 70 years.

  2. Anonymous

    At least this time they weren’t also largely anonymous

    No, but a few were. Of course they are ultimately as verifiable as most of the other names.

    My Mother said, “I read down the list of signatories and recognised some of the names – the usual left wing bleeding hearts, some of whom would be members of the Communist party were it still to have any credibility”.

  3. Anaconda

    Communists? Shit no! This lot are a bunch of common, garden variety, suicidal looney tunes. Jews who support a crowd of psychopaths who want to exterminate … well … Jews.

  4. Daniel Lewis


    Loewenstein might run around saying he’s Jewish, but ultimately that’s only a convenient and novel hook on which to base his full-time anti-Israel work.

    The left love him, because they can identify him as one of the ‘good Jews’, who are happy to stand back as Hitler’s work is completed, rather than refuse to die this time, as is Israel’s agenda.

    There’s nothing in the slightest bit Jewish about him.

    To put it in perspective, I could recite the ‘Shahada’ and convert to Islam in a matter of minutes.

    I could then write letters to every major newspaper saying “As a Muslim, I recognise that the Prophet Mohammed was a pedophile and a murderer”.

    I wouldn’t have a whole lot of credibility though.

    Oh, and I’d have to check under my car each day, unlike Mr Loewenstein, who has nothing to fear at all. Jews don’t issue Fatwas…

  5. Sam

    Loewenstein makes a big thing of his being Jewish. In what way is he Jewish? Other than his mother being Jewish, that is.

    Isn’t it about time he leaves us? He’s ashamed of his Jewishness, we are ashamed of him. Why do we have to be stuck in a relationship that none of us wants?

  6. Daniel Lewis

    Isn’t it about time he leaves us?

    What? And miss out on the priceless look on his face when the Islamists slaughter him, as well as all the other Jews?


  7. Anonymous

    Hes a quisling in the loathsome tradition of William Joyce.

  8. Benjamin Cass

    Andrew, please note that the list concludes with 4 Anonymous petitioners. I didn’t even know it was possible to sign a petition without using your name. Describing the organisation as a fringe group over states IAJV’s paltry numbers. That the Lowenstein’s and their immediate relatives make up 19 of the 100 person list further underscores what a pathetic and self indulgent collection of misfits IAJV represents.

  9. S Perry

    The ultimate irony of it all is that if Loewenstein was captured by Hamas, they wouldn’t care about his politics or his self-hating Jewish-ness and they’d kill him like any other Jew.

    The guy is a self-parody.

  10. Choo Choo

    The list of IAJV’s members is almost as bogus as the list of Teddy Bear’s rusted supporters.

  11. Choo Choo

    errr, that was meant to be rusted-on supporters.

  12. Alessandro Rosso

    “Mutta, Shari” doesn’t appear on the list of signatures to the Gaza Media Statement U link to, or among another list of 507 signatories on the Independent Australian Jewish Voices website. Neither does “Ben Zonar.”


    He deleted them after they were brought to his attention, Alessandro.

  14. Daniel Lewis


    Antony has a history of covering up his own embarrassing mistakes, without acknowledging them. It’s called rewriting history and his standard practice.

    Earlier this week, he posted a video with a bunch of dead and wounded Palestinians, sneeringly claiming it was the aftermath of a callous Israeli attack.

    When it turned out the video was actually of a Hamas weapon, which blew up at a Hamas parade, Loewenstein simply deleted his post without a trace.

    Any journalist with any sense of ethics (or I suppose professional experience in a real job) would have posted a correction.

    Of course Google’s cache shows him for the fraud that he is.

    See here for more details.

  15. anon

    Israel and Jews must to be taught a lesson urgently.

  16. Daniel Lewis


    You will find Israel and the Jews did learn a lesson in WWII. It was called “never again”.

    It’s a completely empty slogan for the rest of the world, who said “Never Again” to genocide in 1945 yet stood back as it happened again and again since.

    However the Jewish People aren’t going to fuck around.

    Anyone who tries to kill Jews today, learns that the hard way. Too bad some people are good at twisting the tiger’s tail, but start to cry when it bites back.

    Off you go now.

  17. when 0.09% is really representative of ZERO.

    the best part of lowenstein’s crap is his 100 odd supporters represent only 0.09% of Australia’s Jewish population (est. 120,000).

    Given the minute amount of representation, how is it the media continue to see him as somehow representative of an alternative point of view. Last time I looked 0.09% is so small as to not register, he certainly wouldn’t get his money back if he ran for office and received that few votes!

  18. Daniel Lewis

    Tell me about it!!!

    As the article above notes, “his views are proportionately less popular than the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)”

    I’m sure I could find 100 people to sign a petition saying just about anything. Am I as assured of such coverage?

    Oh how he has been “Silenced” for his views. Other fringe groups should be so lucky.

    My favourite, is how they, as part of 0.001% of the community, whinge at how the mainstream organisations don’t represent them.

    Well duh…

  19. Whispering Jack

    The “silencing” part is what seals him as an unrepentent hypocrite.

    On one of my rare visits to Loewenstein’s blogsite, I posted a message or two criticising his content. He wiped my views off the face of the earth which isn’t really an issue except for his constant whining complaints elsewhere about his views being “silenced”.

    Anyhow, I thought I knew most of Australia’s prominent Jews. I know about 5 of the signatories and I can definitely say that not one of them is prominent. On the other hand, I’d describe them more as Jewish “nebbishes”.

  20. S Perry

    Anon, thanks for your odious comment.

    The world should have learnt the lesson from the Holocaust and know that one needs to heed the warning signs wherever they pop up.

    However, today, too many people are worried about Britney’s latest diet than worrying about Iran’s President who’d like to finish Hitler’s job and wipe Israel off the map.

    When someone threatens you and is working towards nuclear weapons which can achieve this, you take them seriously, no matter how ugly they appear to be.

    Think about your comment and know that Israel won’t allow another Holocaust to occur.

  21. Anonymous

    Israel needs to be put back into their box.

  22. Daniel Lewis

    Israel needs to be put back into their box.

    Isn’t it convenient, that people who once said “Kill the Jews”, can now instead use the terms “Zionist” or “Israel” instead and hope they won’t be shunned by civil society.

  23. Anonymous

    So anyone who disagrees with Israel’s war machine is automatically a Jew hater?

  24. Daniel Lewis

    So anyone who disagrees with Israel’s war machine is automatically a Jew hater?

    Of course not. But you are. You just don’t have the integrity to say out loud (much less with your name attached) what you actually believe.

    Hamas have openly said they want to kill the Jews. Why can’t you, anonymous coward?

    Your argument is of course a tired one and completely baseless.

    It should go without saying that criticizing Israel is as appropriate as criticizing any other country. Israel deserves no special exemption from critical examination. The act of criticizing does not by itself make one an anti-Semite. Many supporters of Israel, as well as many Israelis themselves, express strong criticisms of Israeli policies. Israel is a democracy, so nothing less should be expected. In fact, no country receives more criticism from its own people than Israel – not even the United States, where Cabinet members do not openly castigate the President, where members of Congress do not normally call for the dissolution of the state (as do some Arab Knesset members), and where self-appointed and unelected individuals do not normally conduct negotiations with representatives of the nation’s enemies.

    Ironically the charge of anti-Semitism is now being used not so much to stifle criticism of Israel but to silence Israel’s defenders. I read several newspapers every day, and I cannot recently recall anyone charging a critic of Israel with anti-Semitism unless that criticism actually was blatantly one-sided or based on a clear and demonstrable distortion of the facts. What I do read about and hear quite often are critics of Israel complaining that every time they open their mouths somebody is calling them an anti-Semite.

    Sound familiar, anonymous coward?

  25. Daniel Lewis

    There’s no preview feature on this blog, so the above comment was published missing the link I had tried to insert.

    Source was: http://www.peacewithrealism.org/antizi01.htm

  26. Daniel Lewis

    By the way, I don’t want to see you hijack this thread, the way Muslims have hijacked so many planes.

    The topic at hand, is that Antony Loewenstein is clueless, a liar and a fraud.


  27. Wack Jacko

    I don’t like the Joos.

  28. anon

    I sincerely hope that vile state Israel is wiped out ASAP.
    They are sheer Jewish Scum.

  29. Anonymous

    Israel and the Jews aint winning any friends by bombing UN schools and killing school children. Anti-semitism or not, Israel is on the side of evil this time.

  30. S Perry

    Anon and anonymous,

    You both need your heads examined and would do better living in Iran where you can wet your pants fantasizing about wiping Israel off the map.

  31. Daniel Lewis

    Israel and the Jews aint winning any friends by bombing UN schools and killing school children

    A few weeks earlier, a Hamas rocket landed on an Israeli school. Direct hit. Would have killed kids, except Israel’s civil defence is such that the school had already been evacuated.

    If only a bunch of Israeli kids had died, Israel might have got some good PR.

    Cross over to Gaza, and someone in Hamas knew that dead kids = good PR. Answer? Step 1. Fill a local school with kids. Step 2. Pack school with explosives. Step 3. Fire rockets from school at Israeli aircraft.

    Hilarity then ensued.

  32. anon

    3 cheers for Lebanon lets hope they turn Israel into a flat, black, smouldering mess.
    Those Israelis SO deserve it.
    Israel is a sewer.

  33. Anonymous

    Daniel Lewis you are disgusting.

    Saying Palestinians purposely want their children to die is abhorrent.

    People like you do nothing for the Jewish cause.

  34. Anonymous

    Hmmmm. To use the logic of Daniel Lewis, the Jews collaborated with the Holocaust so that world sympathy would forever be with the Jews and allow for the creation of a Jewish state.

  35. S Perry

    Anonymous, I don’t know how you extrapolate Daniel Lewis’ logic in order to get that insane argument.

    Anon, Israel isn’t a sewer. It’s the only successful society in the Middle East where all of its citizens are better treated and have a better chance of reaching their full human potential than the other backward countries that surround it.

    You both need help. Quickly.

  36. anon

    Israel is most definitely a Sewer.
    Any country with 76% of it’s population Jewish, has to be a Sewer.

  37. Anonymous

    Jews say Palestinians purposely have their kids killed to get world opinion – sickening argument.

  38. Daniel Lewis

    To use the logic of Daniel Lewis, the Jews collaborated with the Holocaust

    How does one collaborate with a Holocaust?

    Get back to us when you can form an intelligent sentence. Oh, and pick a unique posting name that’s a bit more creative than “anonymous”. How about “braindead tryhard Nazi?”

    Presumably you resent the fact that you work for Jews, by cleaning their bathrooms, and collecting their trolleys?

    I feel sorry for you, I really do.

    Jews say Palestinians purposely have their kids killed to get world opinion – sickening argument.

    And also a deliberate misquote – a lie – by an anonymous coward, trying real hard to be a Nazi, but without the grace or class…

    I referred specifically to Hamas, for whom there is ample evidence of precisely this behaviour, and worse.

    This includes unwrapping shrouded infant corpses and placing them atop rubble piles for half an hour until the AP photographers could arrive. Sick.

  39. anon

    Getting ready to celebrate, sing and dance and drink champagne when Israel gets wiped out.
    Don’t worry we don’t have too long to wait – then it’s ‘party time’.

  40. Daniel Lewis

    It will be party time for the Islamists, for whom you, as an alcohol drinking infidel, are to be killed.

    Think about it.

    The Jews first, everyone else next.

  41. Anonymous

    Soon Israel will disappear in a blinding flash of heat and light from an Islamic bomb.

  42. S Perry

    I’m sure anon and Anonymous aren’t infidels but are devout Muslims who believe in the destruction of Israel. It’s very sad that they enjoy this idea, look forward to it and state it on this website in full view of the world.

    Guys, stop wetting your pants thinking about this – it will never come true so how about thinking about something else that can actually help you?

  43. Daniel Lewis

    I am impressed however that they can spell. Normally there’s a direct correlation between odious antisemitism and illiteracy.

    I wonder if it’s Loewenstein or one of his five readers?

    They probably appreciate that this site publishes comments. His doesn’t…

  44. barking toad

    Antony is silenced on his diatribe about Israel as much as James Hansen is on his diatribe about global warming

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