IT KEEPS GETTING WEIRDER: Thornley's father undermines cover story and says son "is not a humble man"

jimthornley2 Evan Thornley’s father Jim has undermined the Labor MP’s cover story explaining his refusal of a senior Cabinet post and decision to suddenly leave the Parliament. He told the Warrnambool Standard:

“I heard someone on the radio this morning say that he’s chasing the big dollars by leaving politics, which is absolute rubbish. Why would he want to? Evan’s already established himself financially.”

Good point. He also offered an insight into Thornley’s character explaining:

“Evan has been quite consistent with his direction in life; he’s not a humble man but he’s tough.”

The loyal – if painfully honest – father – who left Thornley’s mama Phoebe years ago causing considerable tension between the two – defended his son’s decision:

“Like most people, it comes as a surprise to me but I’m sure Evan has made the right decision,” he said. “Evan’s always had a social conscience and been a great believer in social equality so I’m sure whatever he takes on it will be shaped by those views,” Mr Thornley said.

Loyal words indeed and you can’t help but commend him for that but his assertion of Evan Thornley’s great belief in social equality is perhaps somewhat undermined by Evan’s naked lusting for loot, his abusive and exploitative relationships with employees at  company Looksmart where its annual reports boasted how “none of its employees are members of a trade union”  and his notorious use of Barbados tax haven companies in an infamous failed joint venture with the telco BT. Informants have recently told VEXNEWS that Thornley has used other aggressive tax planning structures that could be the subject of investigation.

If the press speculation and gossip around town is correct, it is understood Thornley will be involved in some kind of French all-electric car manufacturing concern that plans to set up here, with car industry insiders pointing to companies linked to French billionaires Vincent Bolloré and Serge Dassault as having active plans for the Australian market. Renault also has an electric car and has recently done a deal in Israel, so that’s a possibility too. It’s well worth noting these plans – in France at least – depend on huge handouts from taxpayers to make them viable. That’s perhaps where Thornley was meant to help out. A senior government source has told VEXNEWS that concern about Thornley’s current and potential conflicts of interest have been the subject of discussion between Thornley and other government figures.

Being a big salaried car company executive is perfectly fine with us but it might make papa Thornley squirm in his sandals:

Mr Thornley said he and his first wife were actively involved in politics during the Vietnam War years which (he claimed) moulded young Evan’s political perspective and social conscience.

Selfish baby boomer values have not been so ably represented in a living human being, so he’s half right, at one level.



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22 responses to “IT KEEPS GETTING WEIRDER: Thornley's father undermines cover story and says son "is not a humble man"

  1. Anonymous

    It’s just after midnight. Happy 2009 Vexnews.

    A great scoop for Vexnews. Always first with the latest.

    You told us Andrew there is more than meets the eye and you are, as usual, spot on.

    Well done Andrew. Well done Vexnews.

  2. Anonymous

    I love it when the families get involved. Dishing out the dirt of Thornley’s father, how he left Evan’s mother Phoebe and how he’s not a modest man.

    Bring it on. Let’s get down and dirtay!

  3. Rampant

    Yeah – can we pls have a photo of his auntie in a retirement home with a blanket over her legs? That’d be a good one to add!

  4. Anonymous

    I want to learn about Thornley’s children. Surely they cannot escape his actions unpunished?

  5. McPerton

    My dear Fatty – I was watching the TV with Jane last night and saw your good self wearing a rather fetching green tie.

    I suspect you had already had a lot to drink (in the performance of your duties as Lord Mayor, no doubt) given your weird definition of the word “bogan”. You suggested that bogan meant “trouble maker”.

    Ha ha ha.

    Was this a thinly veiled reference to Fifi?

  6. 2009 - The Year of the Train

    All aboard the GTM Express. The brand new 2009 timetable is now in place. Happy New Year everyone!

  7. Anonymous

    GTM means Great Terry Mulder.

    Express is code for Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party. It derives from Mulder’s position as Shadow Minister for Transport.

    Is it true that Thornley sees no future for the ALP if the Liberal Party is led by Terry Mulder?

    Will Geoff Leigh return to Parliament? Janice Munt won in 2002 with the slogan “Vote for Munt as the other bloke (that is, Geoff Leigh) is a c__t.”

    A Liberal victory in 2010 with Mulder as Leader and Leigh as Minister for Transport. He will beat Kosky hands down.

  8. Railyard Worker

    Mulder/Ryan for 2010.

  9. Anonymous

    Ted is a joke. With Theophanous out on rape charges and Thornley quitting in bizzare circumstances, the Libs should be making hay, but its a drought at Liberal Party HQ.

  10. Are we there yet?

    A Dad stabbing his own son in the back! That’s cool. It must be 2009 after all!

    In the washup of this non-story, Evan Thornley will be amply shown to be by far the smartest guy in Victoria.

  11. Margaret Gray

    “…Mr Thornley said he and his first wife were actively involved in politics during the Vietnam War years which (he claimed) moulded young Evan’s political perspective and social conscience…”

    Thornley was ELEVEN when the war ended.

    I doubt young Evan even knew where ‘Nam was.

    Stupidity is clearly inter-generational.

  12. Choo Choo

    I hear it coming.

  13. Jim Thornley

    A happy new year to all your contributors, especially the courageous “anonymous”

  14. Railyard Worker

    Yes it is coming. The engine is currently in a million pieces on the floor. But slowly slowly we are putting it back together again. We will have the slickest model yet. Choo choo!

  15. anon

    Leigh is hated more by the Liberals than even the ALP.
    You do not commit adultry when you are married to a Liberal powerbroker.
    Geoff is hated by many in the Liberal Party and recentlt his business career has been as dirty and immoral as his sexual life.

  16. Foxy Ross

    I will be an excellent MP!

  17. David

    Baillieu is a hopeless non-entity and has to go. (Has only three things in his favour, speaks English, is tall and not physically un-attractive.)

  18. McPerton

    Teddy Bear may well be the tall and the good looking son of an Old Melbourne Family – a quality that I would normally admire – but he plotted against my dear friend, the Rt Hon Lord Fatty, so I can never support him.

    It is my sincere hope my successor as member for Doncaster, the Wooly Doc’s sister, is the next Leader.

  19. Anonymous

    Gordy Rich-Philips is your man. Move into the leadership via a by-election in the green room seat of Hawthorn.

  20. anon

    RDR is not your man, he’s too busy chasing young, tender liberal micro skirt in his parliamentary motor.

  21. Anonymous

    Gordon Rich-Philips for Liberal Leadership !

  22. anon

    Murray Thompson is the man, sheer galant leadership material, Murray will be the next Premier and he will be legendary.

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