PROUD TO BE RIGHT: Labor's Lex Luthor reveals his inner evil // VEXNEWS vindicated

thornleysecrets For all of its hard-charging, there is a certain naivete in the modern ALP. A presumption that even its toughest players are deep down motivated by their quest to have their party get the best possible result for itself and in turn for the state and the nation.

For every Mal Colston – and Evan Thornley – there are hundreds of hard working people who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the cause they love. Thornley’s ghost-written words expressed this dedication but ultimately they proved as hollow as former federal Leader Mark Latham, who remained absolutely dedicated to Labor until the moment it didn’t suit him.

The idea that a newly elected Member of Parliament, appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier for Innovation, would use that as a platform to scout for investment/employment opportunities is probably not that shocking to the real world but it seems to continue to cause shock and pain within the ALP given Evan Thornley’s apparent decision to do just that.

Almost all Parliamentarians take their role gravely seriously. Some to a fault. They make the laws that govern the nation and are a clearing house for many of society’s big debates and arguments. Because their process – despite criticism – is respected, many of those big conflicts are able to be resolved peacefully. It’s a system built on faith and trust. Not just from outsiders trusting insiders but among the insiders too. There are certain presumptions made of every MP, an ambition to serve being one of the the most basic of them.

That’s why the shock at Thornley rejecting the offer of a big promotion and walking away is such a shock not only to his party but the entire political system itself.

It doesn’t just reflect adversely on the Premier for trusting him.

It expresses an absolute and total contempt for the entire Parliamentary activity.

Those who know Thornley well know that it is perfectly conceivable for him to regard himself as much bigger than the Victorian – or any other Parliament. His ego and vanity knows few limits.

There is even shock that one of the state caucus would rather chase their next $50 million than have a chance to serve as the state’s Minister for Industry and Trade. Many colleagues eventually arrive at a desire to leave – with George Seitz being the honourable exception – and some understandably plot and scheme from the Parliament itself to build their next career or invest in a piggery or pub or whatever. Nothing wrong with that.

But very few do this two years in. And none after being offered a being promotion to become a senior Cabinet minister.

Most of the people we know in state politics would gladly walk away from any fortune for the chance to serve at the highest level in public life. Money is fun and freedom. But politics is the noblest profession where the contributions you make can last many lifetimes.

It shows just how venal and easily distracted by apparently glittering opportunities Labor’s former would-be minister Thornley always was.

Ultimately it reveals a man far more concerned with piously discussing politics at dinner parties than actually making a difference. Nothing wrong with that, unless of course by pretending to be interested in government service, you make such a big public show of rejecting it and therefore at least temporarily embarrassing those naive enough to have faith in you in the first place.

In a party dominated by splits, rats and skulduggery, Thornley’s only lasting impact on public life and the party he piously professed to care about was inventing a new form of ratting on your colleagues: Public repudiation on the verge of promotion or the ‘Nah nah nah nah nah, I don’t want what you can give’ move.

Fortunately for both major parties, whose Ambition Factions continue to be the biggest of all, it is unlikely to set a trend. It is impossible to count beyond five the number of state MPs who would knock back a state Ministry if given the chance. And those are retiring or unwell. Liberal leader Red Ted Baillieu would probably take a place in the Brumby cabinet if only they weren’t so right-wing.

Back to Thornley, VEXNEWS has learned that one-time billionaire now dubbed “The Great Satan” by former colleagues has confided in friends that the French company he is investing in and/or working with an “environmental” company. Contrary to press reports, it is not a job as such, more a venture investment in which he would have a hands-on role, according to our well-placed source. Thornley is not reduced to looking for employment on Seek, at least at this point, our source said.

Thornley would do well to expose it publicly, as VEXNEWS investigators will make a point of discovering and exposing it. If he became aware of the corporate opportunity in the course of his public duties, he may indeed have to account for future profits to taxpayers, one legal expert explained to us yesterday.

Evan Thornley at parent teacher nightAnother source insisted that Thornley was not in any position to accept an overseas job. “His children are at Preshil in Kew and are expected to stay on” he explained.

Preshil is an alternative school that has a reputation for being somewhat bohemian and hippy-love in its approach. One happy alum reported myths about the school including:

Classes held in the nude, whole terms spent lounging beneath trees, and the study of Buddhism instead of basic literacy and numeracy.

Compulsory vegetarianism, non-compulsory classes, and a ban on any form of competition were all on the curriculum.

We understand that the Thornleys chose the school after extensive research, group hugs and kumbayah sing-songs and that they have no plans to move. “They bought a house within walking distance of the school,” a source familiar with the Thornley family revealed last night.

VEXNEWS understands that despite romantic liaisons with a number of women including a Camille Peach that Evan Thornley and his wife/business partner Tracey Ellery intend to stay together despite what observers see as an extremely rocky marriage. Your correspondent personally saw this in action at Looksmart’s offices a decade ago. Ellery is a fiery red-head indeed and was perfectly willing to get physical with the hen-pecked hubby in order to make a point. She had former Foreign Minister Gareth Evan’s unpleasant habit of throwing around office objects without any of his vision or intellect. She is possibly one of the most charmless creatures on God’s good earth outside of the bullfrog species. No wonder he strays.

Meanwhile, The Aged has reported some of yesterday’s fun at the Labor Unity and full caucus meetings that was of course first reported here.


â–  The reporting of patriot LegCo President Bob Smith slamming Thornley. The Age claims Smith said Thornley was an [expletive] disgrace, our sources distinctly recall hearing [expletive] despicable. Either cap seems to fit Thornley’s ballooning head. “Source said (sic)that in addition to calling Mr Thornley’s conduct a disgrace, Mr Smith said he was “appalled” by his behaviour and labelled the timing of the departure “insulting”. Good call by the patriot;

â–  Even The Age going the hack on him with references to him “jetting into Melbourne from holidays in the south of France”, for making a “waffling speech” and “One Labor MP said if — as reported — Mr Thornley was exposed to his new job while serving in his parliamentary secretary role, it was a “scandal” and a “disgrace”;

â–  Matt Viney joined in the fun, sending out another Blackberry missive to his colleagues (he really should put it away now some think), even quoting Mr Thornley as he signed off “stating he would continue serving the party “because I believe in our cause” — a comment interpreted by Labor insiders as a further swipe at Mr Thornley;” and

■  More Age criticism with them attacking him for “Mr Thornley’s abrupt decision to abandon politics for the private sector — about which Victorian voters are still being denied details.” Indeed they are, but mark our words, we’ll find out soon enough and you’ll be the first to know.



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30 responses to “PROUD TO BE RIGHT: Labor's Lex Luthor reveals his inner evil // VEXNEWS vindicated

  1. Anonymous

    John Brumby, who has never faced the voters as Premier, is watching his Government implode around him.

    Watch the Libs try to take advantage by dumping Teddy and gaining some momentum with a new Leader.

  2. Anonymous

    Congratulations Andrew. Vexnews is and always has been Australia’s greatest news site. Its expose of Evan Thornley is world class.

  3. feather duster club

    Some good people were pushed out of the upper house to make way for Thornley and others. Now Thornley has spat in their faces, too.

  4. GTM Express

    Choo choo.

  5. who's on next

    bugger evan – who gets his spot?

  6. You think Thornley is explosive?

    What of the rumours that an even bigger fish is set to resign from state politics. Andrew you better start on this before it breaks in the Hun or Aged.

  7. Gerry of Mentone

    Ah, yes, now we understand how ‘we’ ‘elect’ ‘our’ ‘representatives’ to casual vacancies, where the constitution says representatives are “directly chosen by the people”, it really means “…chosen by your overlords IN CHARGE” [not by you, you plebs!]
    Another victory for the citizen’s democracy and civil rights.

  8. Madden Going

    word is Justin is resigning before the Ombudsman;s report on Brimbank is released

  9. Madam Lash

    Just shows that people have the wrong idea about pollies. They really make a pittance and the job is not about money but power. Thornley must have realised that and that is why he left. Show him the money and he’s off. The show ponies never work out. They have difficulty adjusting to the scrutiny and miss the freedom of real life.

  10. Anonymous

    Madden, for what its worth, was probably more incompetent that corrupt when it comes to Brimbank Council and the Ombudsman’s explosive revelations.

  11. Anonymous

    I dont think any of this article is true

  12. Glad to see the back of Thornley !

    Vic Hansard of May 2008: “… What he has been saying is that state, federal and local governments are all working together cooperatively to deliver good policy. Any failed communist regime would be proud of Mr Thornley and his central planning management skills. Let me say it is so far from the truth and he is out of touch with reality and his community. With his dollars and capacity to buy a seat in Parliament, I am not surprised that he has that attitude; I am just disappointed for the people of the Southern Metropolitan Region who are represented by such a member of Parliament. “

  13. Glad to see the back of Thornley !

    May 2008 – Vic Hansard :”…at the end of the day we negotiate some way through because we are driven by common sense and by what works, which is certainly much more than I can say about that lot of garbage that Mr Thornley has masqueraded as a contribution to debate on this very important notice of motion. Can I say how frustrating it is to listen to someone who is so pompous, who believes in nothing but is skilful in performing backflips and somersaults and having his PR company write his speeches — very clever indeed, they are, but they mask the fact that this man believes in nothing. He is an opportunist, and his speech really exposes him for what he is, a total and utter opportunist.

  14. Glad to see the back of Thornley !

    May 2007 – Vic Hansard :” …Some have been exercises in intellectual gymnastics rather than anything else, as we heard from Mr Thornley. His was a very academic presentation, but at the end he wimped it and showed that perhaps his aspirations were far greater than the moral values and ethics he espoused in the earlier part of his contribution.”

  15. Madam Lash

    and what about his staff who will now be sacked. Happy New Year?

  16. Scandellabra

    The Upper House is the Ship of Fools. Thornley wisely walked away from the odium that the worldwide financial meltdown will shortly heap on all the politicians who sold the community down the drain with their deregulatory lunacy.

    Get rid of political indemnities! Make the pollies pay!

  17. Anon

    It will soon become clear (even to Vexnews) that Evan is the smartest man in Victorian Labor politics.

    Just wait, much more delicious news around the corner.

  18. Anonymous

    Thornley may be smart, but does he have a clear conscience?

  19. The Rt Hon Lord Fatty of Melbourne

    I wish each and every one of you a happy new year. As I tell my kids, bogan it up at home! I know I will be.

  20. McPerton

    I will be boganing it up in San Francisco.

  21. Railyard worker

    I won’t be enjoying anything because we here at the rail yard have been called in to work over the holiday break. There is talk yet of getting this thing to Spring Street.

  22. Choo Choo

    Happy New Year to all loyal supporters of the GTM Express – coming to Spring Street in 2009!

  23. Rampant

    C’mon you teasers out there (about there being more delicious news around the corner).

    Spit it out!!

  24. Railyard worker

    The delicious news is not where you think it is.
    Choo choo!!

  25. Anonymous

    When does his resignation take effect? There must be more to it then what has been reported. OK I buy the fact that Thornley was bored when he decided to accept an offer in the red morgue. I guess he now realized he will not become a member of the Federal Parliament And he has spit the honey coated dummy.

  26. Rampant

    Not where we think it is … that could be a) Federal, b) Doyle c) in the Victorian Opposition.

    If it’s Crisp, then “about time” is all I can say.

  27. Railyard Worker

    The delicious news is in the last place you would think to look. As far away a place as Polwarth even.

  28. Rampant

    Wow! Say no more …

  29. anon

    Funny how VEX praised him as the new messiah, then once he sees the true dirtyness of the ALP he leaves, and VEX is all over him. The only mistake he made was joining the ALP!

  30. debbie does dallas

    corporatocracy any-one….?

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