PATRIOT POSTINGS: Andre for Frankfurt, Victor for SanFran

andrewvic Patriots from both sides of Victorian politics were delighted with Premier Brumby’s announcement of the appointment of former State Minister Andre Haermeyer and former Liberal shadow minister Victor Perton to become Government Commissioners to Frankfurt and San Francisco respectively.

The appointments can be easily defended politically given their strong credentials. Andre in particular couldn’t be a better credentialed advocate for Victoria in Frankfurt, he and his wife Tonya speak German, he’s dealt with many of the trade and industry issues with which

The government – very sensitive to being criticised for appointing their friends – has acted in a bi-partisan way. For added fun, Perton is no friend of Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu so that adds Victor to the list of Ted Foes in the employ of the Victorian government.

Here’s the release:


Premier of Victoria, John Brumby, said Victoria’s Government Business Offices will strive hard to secure new investment for the state during the global financial crisis as the government appointed five new commissioners to represent Victoria overseas.

Mr Brumby said over the past eight years the Victorian Government Business Offices had attracted over $8.7 billion worth of foreign direct investment for the state and the new commissioners would help to reap further rewards for the Victorian economy.

“Now more than ever we need to make sure we identify and benefit from every possible opportunity to boost our economy,” Mr Brumby said.

“These Commissioners will help attract investment, jobs and visitors to Victoria. They have the skills, qualifications and experience to ensure we continue to attract new investment into our state and help Victorian companies boost their exports.”

Effective from 1 February the following commissioners have been appointed for three years:

John Butler will serve as Commissioner for Dubai. Mr Butler has previously worked as the Marketing Manager Leisure for Australian Airlines, the Director of Sales and Marketing (Australia and New Zealand) for the Hertz Corporation, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Gulf Air and the Regional General Manager for Qantas Airways.

Tim Dillon will serve as Commissioner for Kuala Lumpur. Mr Dillon holds a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Asian Studies. He has previously worked in the ACT Chief Minister’s Department, the Office of the ACT Deputy Chief Minister and for Invest Victoria. He is currently the Executive Director of the VGBO in Tokyo.

Andre Haermeyer will serve as Commissioner for Frankfurt. Mr Haermeyer holds a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science & Economics). He has previously worked as a hotel manager, researcher various Federal Members of Parliament and served as the Member for Yan Yean and as the Member for Kororoit, including holding the positions of Minister for Manufacturing & Export, Financial Services and Small Business, and Minister for Police & Emergency Services and Corrections in the Victorian Parliament.

Prue Holstein will serve as the Commissioner for Tokyo. Ms Holstein holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration. She has previously worked as the Executive Assistant to the Japanese Chairman of Rio Tinto, as a Trade Commissioner for Austrade and was recently the Executive Director of the Australasia Centre of the Asian Society.

Victor Perton will serve as Victoria’s Commissioner for San Francisco. Mr Perton holds a Bachelor of Economics, a Bachelor of Laws, a diploma of Chinese law and Masters of Laws. He has previously worked as a barrister, businessman and as the Member for Doncaster in the Victorian Parliament.

Mr Brumby congratulated the new commissioners on their appointments and said he looked forward to the Offices’ continued success.

Media contact: Alison Crosweller on 9651 5799 or 0438 450 564



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26 responses to “PATRIOT POSTINGS: Andre for Frankfurt, Victor for SanFran

  1. Muttley

    Andre is a good person good luck to him. I had dealings with one of his advisors who could not have been more helpfull – Thank you if your reading this.

    Pity the current Vic gov is all spin and cover up.

  2. Juffrey Gubb Kunnutt

    I am deeply displeased that you saw fit to remove my earlier comment praising the elevation of my good friends Hairdryer and Mc Perton.

  3. Fatty Doyle

    McPerton be very very careful in San Francisco it is full of Ollies.
    When you ‘bend over’ in the Main Street “PLEASE” be sure to have a thick book, like your ‘List of Qualifications’, down the back of your strides!

  4. Anonymous

    andre rated the faction and this is how the rat gets rewarded

  5. McPerton

    My Dear Lord Fatties, the dearest of all dear Lord Fatties.

    I am amoust please about my posting to San Francisco.

    I’ll certainly take your advice and be very careful of Ollies (and Forbsies too).

    I too, now have a title befitting someone of my immense intellect, learning and achievements.

    I am now Commissioner McPerton!

    Whilst not as impressive as the Rt Hon Lord Doyle, I am still pleased that my very good friends in the ALP have rewarded me for my loyalty to the defenece of Human Rights.

    Cmmr McPerton

  6. mmm

    Haermeyer will be called back to give evidence against Natalie Suleyman when she is charged with fraud and corruption.

  7. hazza

    theo theo theo- how the innocent can fall…

  8. mmm

    Could Theo and Andrew Theophanus become the first brothers to be convicted while serving MPs? One convicted and the other charged, what a legacy.

  9. Juffrey Gubb Kunnutt

    I predict a triumphant return for Theo towards the end of January.

  10. what about me

    Unbelievable – Perton gets another tax payer funded. The guy wasn’t even a minister. Did the libs dish out any prizes to labor when they got kicked out?

  11. Honeypot

    What about me? My record to trathing the Liberal Party in The Age and crothing the floor to vote with the ALP is juth ath good ath McPerton’s?

    Fatty got Melbourne Health, McPerton got a directorthip of the TAC and now this ThanFran appointment, but what about me?

  12. MSJ/AAR Christmas Scroge

    Merry Christmas to everyone – except 2009 ACs!

  13. Anonymous

    merry xmas theo

  14. McPerton

    Merry Christmas to all.

  15. Jobs for the boys

    What do these commissioners. They are not ambassadors or even consulate generals. What countries and cities do Victoria have Commissioners and what is the term of office. This most certainly looks like jobs for the boys and to make sure they were not accused of political favoritism they made sure there was an liberal party appointment. Why were the positions not advertised and what do they exactly do and at what cost and benefit to the Victorian tax payer?

  16. dird turd

    They were advertised actually with a selection firm doing interviews and making recommendations.

  17. Fatty Doyle

    I would like to wish my dear dear friend and fellow fatty and his scrumptious wife Jayne a very Happy Christmas.
    I have a few other wishes for my on-line friends:
    RDR I hope you finally find a young liberal lady who is willing to accept a ‘ride home’ with you.
    Just_In McKeegan I hope your new lengthened penis brings you happiness forthwith.
    Professor Maku Dong Long I hope Just_In McKeegan finally pays your account.
    Inga Binga I hope you finally find a bloke who wants to peek under your skirt at your lace g-string and that Sav finally gets it up again.
    Dr Dean I hope your unhealthy obssession with Menzies gets under control.
    Fifi please please leave the cask wine and Winnie Reds alone in 2009.

  18. Juffrey Gubb Kunnutt

    Robert, I am surprised you failed to mention me in your seasonal felicitations. By vacating the field, I gave you a clear shot at mayoral magnificence after Labor so incompetently split their vote. Nevertheless, a very Liberal 2009 to all our colleagues and friends in this season of goodwill. Especially Dr Napthine.

  19. Goose

    McPerton, congratulations on your well deserved appointment.

    I like forward to visiting you in San Francisco. There is much research that I need to do in San Fran.

    Yes, much research indeed.

  20. Madam Lash

    Sending Perton to San Francisco is like putting Dracula in charge of the Bloodbank. He should have a gay old time. Says a lot about the persistent rumours of a cross party cabal within the parliament when such a dick head is rewarded for doing nothing for his electorate. And likewise for Andre hairy!

  21. Honeypot

    I would although have a gay old time if I wath in Than Franthico.

  22. Dr Dean

    To appoint me to a taxpayer funded junket would honour the Menzies Legacy.

  23. Evil Bastard

    helllllooooooo thornley’s resigning

  24. Anonski

    Excellent news for all patriots! Internet-spiv Evan Thornley has resigned.

  25. Madam Lash

    More bad news for Brumby. There is sure to be some scandal with Thornley who has ripped off his investors. And wait till his reltionship with Kosky finally comes out. Or is the media just plain stupid?

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