CHEATERS: Left faction rigs Young Labor ballot, Senator caught in rort

aramandlouise West Australian Labor Left Senator Louise Pratt has been accused of being knowingly concerned in voter fraud after presiding over a corrupted internal party ballot in the state’s Young Labor conference yesterday held at Perth party headquarters in Unity House.

She is accused of facilitating massive rorting of the election as its Returning Officer. The vote fraud itself was organised by Dom Rose, the ALP leftist candidate made infamous by his assertion that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was a “filthy Liberal.”

If there is sufficient evidence, Senator Pratt could face criminal charges under the WA Criminal Code or internal Party charges that could imperil her political career.

When the Broad Left faction Senator Pratt was confronted by Right faction organisers over the rort and the fact that the total number of votes conflicted with a head count conducted earlier in the day, she was visibly distressed and shaken.

leftardonloose Her partner, Aram Hosie, who was born a woman, became the Senator’s lesbian lover despite Pratt being many years her senior and then became a transman, was also present and was also highly agitated, with reports of spiky beard bristling. He was believed to be assisting Pratt during the day.

Right faction organisers started reviewing the rorted attendance record until Senator Pratt, shaking with distress, snatched the evidence and insisted that no one be allowed to look at it.

She refused to provide a photocopy of the list and instead said “I’ll send you a list of those who voted”, triggering further concern that she had much to hide.

Sources not linked to either candidate say that the vote fraud conspiracy inflated the number of Broad Left faction votes by nearly fifty per cent. As a result the Broad Left’s Liz Nedela was elected over the patriot candidate.

Pratt herself is an odd figure, one of the youngest Australian senators, who had previously been the young WA Legislative Councillors and prior to that had worked for a string of Members of Parliament in cushy electorate office jobs. Despite this charmed run, with Labor sources saying she’s never held a job outside of politics, Pratt regularly and loudly insists she is the victim of discrimination.

It is this strong sense of victimhood and entitlement that is believed to propel her into outrageous situations like rorting a Young Labor election, despite her Broad Left faction – according to one observer – “running it into the ground”. There are understood to be only 200 members. Another noted “If she’s rigging these kinds of elections, you really have to wonder what other rorts she pulls.”

Being a victim is a key driver. Indeed her transman partner Aram insists that despite his transformation from being a woman to man that they continue to be a queer and oppressed couple, as he made clear in an interview with the gay press headlined “Still Queer”.

He explained he surprised the Senator with the “reality of (his) announcement” but that the Senator “offered absolute and unconditional love and support to me. I’m a very lucky man.”

Indeed he is, with all those free drinkies at spouse functions in Canberra and free flights via Chairman’s Lounge to get him there. Sweet.

Despite the fact that the Senator is now partnered with a man, she insists that Pratt is still a lesbian and even that they are – despite being a partnered man and woman – a “queer couple.” Hosie explained to the gay press:

Louise’s identity as a lesbian is her own, it’s been constant in her life and is independent of whatever is going on with me. She’s very connected with the lesbian feminist community and well acquainted with all the history and experience that goes with that. Louise’s sexuality remains unchanged as lesbian. Gutsy, strident femme lesbian, at that!

Gutsy and strident enough to steal Young Labor elections in front of witnesses so no doubt that’s true.

The persistent journalist kept wanting to tackle the “Hey but aren’t you straight now” issue, the Senator’s squeeze was having none of it, insisting they too are victims of discrimination and oppression:

Do you consider yourselves a straight couple now?

Both Louise and I have a long history with the gay and lesbian community and still very much view those communities as our home. The concept of being ‘heterosexual’ is really, really foreign to both of us, and so we identify and describe ourselves as being a queer couple.

Aram Hosie is a man, by his own definition and we’d be troubled by those underestimating how committed he must be to that given the drastic nature of what’s involved. And the Senator is a woman. Sounds like heterosexual to us.

The partner in vote fraud crime, concedes that there are “benefits” to being assumed man and de facto:

Certainly, there are many environments where we’re assumed to be a bog-standard heterosexual couple, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with that and indeed sometimes it’s an assumption that has its benefits…

Click here to read the full interview.



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41 responses to “CHEATERS: Left faction rigs Young Labor ballot, Senator caught in rort

  1. anon

    Oh my goodness! A politician playing the victim card!!!??

  2. Fatty Doyle

    Nice cans!

  3. Anonymous

    He/she….. its contrary to God’s will.

  4. Anonymous

    “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

    Leviticus 18:22-23

  5. Anonymous

    Brian Burke is the best ro I ever worked with in the West. Totally honest, he is good and trustworthy.

    All leftistas are dishonest and devious.

  6. Alan

    If this is the type of behaviour we could have expected had the outcome had been different on Sunday i am pleased with the result. It is this sort of Homophobic rhetoric that leads to discrimination and bad behaviour. The Labor Party stands for fairness and equality and if you feel that strongly then join the Liberals.

  7. Anonymous

    “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death.”
    Leviticus 20:13

  8. Monkey

    What does this have to do with the outcome of the ballot? Its just all about her sexuality. Get a grip.

  9. sword swallower

    A little girl asked her father:

    ‘How did the human race appear?’

    The father answered, ‘God made Adam and Eve;

    they had children; and so was all mankind made.’

    Two days later the girl asked her mother the same question.

    The mother answered,

    ‘Many years ago there were monkeys from

    which the human race evolved.’

    The confused girl returned to her father and said,

    ‘Dad, how is it possible that you told me the

    human race was created by God,

    and Mom said they developed from monkeys?’

    The father answered,

    ‘Well, Dear, it is very simple.

    I told you about my side of the family,

    and your mother told you about hers.’

  10. Fatty Doyle

    “Myself Fatty Doyle, a red blooded male am willing to lie with that confused young lass with the nice cans, once she has had Little Fatty she will not want to lie with another woman ever again”
    Doyle 20:15
    sent from Blackberry® device

  11. fair play

    If she’s with a bloke (however recently arrived at), she’s not a lesbian. Maybe a lipstick bi.

  12. WA

    The Leviticus quote didn’t come from anyone aligned with those running on Sunday. I know them all and they are pro gay-marriage, even the Unity candidates.

  13. koreans would love the senator if she's convicted of fraud here

    “Foxy Lady” Harisu will be the first transgender individual to appear in an advertisement for menstrual pads.
    From the middle of next month, Harisu will be appearing as a model in television and magazine ads for imported “UFT” sanitary napkins.

    She’ll get a guaranteed W100 million an ad for three months. The selection of Harisu, a transsexual, as the model for menstrual pads is setting the advertising world on fire.

    Up till now, male stars like Go Su and Gam U-seong have appeared in sanitary napkin ads, but never has a transgender individual appeared in an ad for such a feminine product. The Taiwanese firm UFT really tried hard to cast Harisu in its ads. In fact, when the singer first learned what the company wanted her to market, she was quite hesitant to agree to the project.

    UFT, however, explained that the sanitary pads are a cutting-edge product that not only gives women that spring-fresh feeling, but also prevents menstrual cramps. Hearing this, the singer eventually accepted the offer.

    This ad will be Harisu’s first in three years.

    Her TV ads will be shot early next month, after which they’ll hit the screens. Her printed ads should be in magazines late this month.

    Harisu, who’s hit song “Foxy Lady” has made her quite busy lately, will return to Korea on Friday. She is currently in the United States, where she will perform a concert after being selected as the “Korean Artist We’d Most Like to See” by the LA Korean Chamber of Commerce.

  14. vote fraud

    The issue isn’t what she does between the sheets (confusing as that must be) it’s that she’s been caught cheating in a ballot.

    Where is the so-called Corruption commission?

  15. Anonymous

    “realizing the fact that (civil) law is not made for a righteous man, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers”.

    Book of Timothy

  16. Whatever

    I can’t believe the insensitivity here. Hey she wants to be with a girl…who cares. The ballot was a good ballot and the candidates deserved to win. The right is just shitty thats all. As monkey said, get over it and move on. No one cares.

  17. Anonymous

    Pederasty is an awful sin punishable by death in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  18. Walter Plinge

    By ‘man’ I assume it means she has had hormone mega-treatment but still has the wedding tackle. Yuck.

  19. Anonymous

    The Lord hates homo’s.

  20. Rampant

    Fatty wrote:

    “Nice cans!

    Posted by Fatty Doyle | December 22, 2008, 12:18”

    .. at least she’d keep you awake when it’s getting late in the chamber … imagine what she could for your lovelife if she sat next to you…

  21. Well, thankfully there is no God and the bible is utter tripe.

    Also: Up the indies! Up the indies! Right up the indies!

  22. Joe McRobbie

    whoever the fuckn homophobe is posting those comments, should shut the fuck up, it sounds like ther making a bigger deal about the fact that theyr gay than about them actualy rigging it, stop being fucking haters, and at least have the guts to post your name insted of going anonymous you coward.

    im not gay, i beleive people have the right to choose ther life, and fascist cunts like you should fuck off back to the hole you crawled out of.

    grow up


  23. jordan

    wtf that chicks rank,
    people need higher standards – yuck

  24. kat

    Imagine having nothing better to do than sit around thinking ridiculous and unfair things about matters that have no effect on your life whatsoever. Hope that works out for you all…

  25. muffy

    she rigged the poll but did she rig the pole ?

  26. Anonymous

    Our Lord Jesus Christ has spoken in the Holy Bible that homosexuality is an abomination – only those who live by his teachings will join him in Heaven.

  27. tHE jOKER

    Why do people do bad things…? *sniff*..why is there hurt in the world….why can’t we all just live in peace and happiness…?

  28. Anonymous

    It’s just not the lord that hates homo’s.

  29. centaur_007

    It seems anonymous likes believing fairytales, santa,the easter bunny, jesus.

  30. Anonymous

    When you are on your death-bed, you will be pleading with LORD to let you into HIS Kingdom of Heaven. In the end, you all want to be in HIS good graces.

    Repent your sins and hug the bosom of the LORD so that you may enter HIS Kingdom.

    In death you all want to be accepted by the LORD Almighty.

  31. Tammy Fay

    Leviticus 18 verse 22.

    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    Repent vile sinners

  32. centaur_007

    I am happy for the weak and feeble minded to get comfort from this belief anonymous, but the fact of the matter is that you will be worm food like me. I understand why you need to believe this, and bare you no grudge. Please don’t be judgmentalon our gay brethren, a they too are children of god, and they too will face the same fate as you.

  33. Reverend Bob

    Leviticus 20 v13

    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them

    Listen to the words long written down.

    Repent from your vile abominations before you taste eternal hellfire.

  34. centaur_007

    so how many politicians are gay or closet gays?

  35. Anonymous

    There is only one true God – ALLAH!

  36. Ash

    Anonymous wrote: “Repent your sins and hug the bosom of the LORD so that you may enter HIS Kingdom.”

    If I’m a guy and hig the bosom of the Lord, does that make me gay with the Lord?

    Religion has no place in politics.

  37. Juffrey Gubb Kunnutt

    Hearty congratulations to my good friends McPerton and Hairdryer on their San Francisco and Frankfurt appointments. A triumph of Liberalism by the most Liberal of Premiers since myself.

  38. Duchess of Sturt

    don’t believe people when they say I might be gay. It is only a few of my formers staff members who say that and they shouldn’t be talking whilst they have a mouth full of my member

  39. Tully

    If she was not a member of a political party she could apply for a job with the electoral commission here in Victoria. We could use their skills of non disclosure and avoidance. She would fit right in with the team.

  40. Stop the flash

    I wish VEXNEWS would stop using cheapand nasty flashing headlines. Most annoying and could trigger an epileptic fit or some other bad reaction to the reader.

  41. anon

    perhaps, whilst making wild accusations and parading your homophobia and general intolerance (to everything including reality), you could learn how to string a sentence together properly, and perhaps learn some basic grammar.

    good luck with you own (now unreachable) cushy political career.

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