WHITE FLAG: Charlie Donnelly formally abandons failed coup as Labor Unity soul searching commences

nuwretreat The National Union of Workers National Secretary and ALP State President Charlie Donnelly has announced this afternoon that he’s finally decided to cancel the meeting of the party’s Administrative Committee called to sack their State Secretary Steve Newnham.

He did this following the decision by Socialist Left Admin members not to participate in the planned Monday massacre following requests made by the Premier John Brumby. They certainly covered themselves in uncharacteristic glory. A good number of patriots in Labor Unity and other factions made their position very well known that they would not be attending either.

“It is a fiasco. Bay of Pigs had nothing on this mate. There are bodies everywhere, this is like old school 1970s Labor and we (the Right) did it. It’s unforgivable” one troubled observer remarked about the surrender.

An SDA patriot observed their Christmas Party this evening might be a sombre affair after today’s devastation.

“Donnelly’s made the SL (the Socialist Left)  look like they’ve saved the day and the Right look like a dangerous rabble that can’t be trusted making big decisions,” another explained.

Many wonder what will happen now. Christmas is next of course, fortunately it can remain on the political calendar now the crisis has been averted.

But few think that the adventurist NUW’s role in this epic fiasco will be forgotten. Or forgiven.

“Labor Unity needs to ask some very fundamental questions, starting right now. What do we stand for? Who can we trust?” said one faction veteran still shocked at the dimension of this bizarre and outrageous episode.

Here’s the email of surrender, and note after nearly blowing up the party they are meant to be part of leading, Charlie takes time to wish all Admin members seasons greetings and expresses his desire to “look forward to a productive New Year”. Enough to make us wonder, should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 13:16:36 +1100
Subject: Special Meeting of Administrative Council

Dear Administrative Committee Member,

I write to inform you that the special meeting of the Administrative Committee to be held at 6:00pm on Monday the 22nd December 2008 has been cancelled.

I wish all Administrative Committee members well over the festive period and look forward to a productive New Year.

Yours faithfully,


Charles Donnelly
Victorian Branch
Australian Labor Party



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21 responses to “WHITE FLAG: Charlie Donnelly formally abandons failed coup as Labor Unity soul searching commences

  1. Battery operated remote control

    The damage has been done. Irresponsible and reckless. Donnelly’s credibility is on the line and he should resign as Victoria’s ALP President.

  2. Anonymous

    Scrambling, Andy, scrambling. Crikey had this hours ago…

  3. hahaha

    cut and paste from vexnews, yeah

  4. credit where due

    Yeh didn’t Andy break the story hours ago himself ???

  5. Rampant

    Go on Donnelly. Get out while you can or get hunted down.

  6. Ant

    Donnelly is a top bloke. Be nice to him. Please.

  7. Rampant

    Ant – the guy is a retard. While I’d love to see him go, I reckon having him stay where he is for the next six months could be more valuable. At least you can punch the f*** out of him while you’re holding his left hand.

    It’s more fun that way.

  8. anon

    SDA = Slip Dicks in Arseholes.
    NUW = Neurological Underchallenged Wankers.

  9. Battery operated remote control

    NUW = Never Understand Why?
    SDA = Stupid Delegates Annoy.

  10. BA

    Slip Dicks in Arseholes! I think not!

    That would be contrary to Church teaching and therefore not in line with the SDA policy platform.

  11. anon

    Lets NOT go down the path of “Church” Teaching! Otherwise the choirboy WILL be fucked!

  12. get real andy and ego wankers

    didn’t take long for sectarian hate and gay hate to take hold on this site. No wonder the shop assistants hate you.

  13. BA

    anon 20.05 – you are protestant left wing garbage.

    All power to he SDA.


    Donnelly is certainly following in Swords footsteps.He turns every other NUW State branch against Victoria,now he creates disunity within the ALP.On top of this was his botched Crean failure.Complete wanker and fuckwit.

  15. union man

    the three amigos donnely thow and kennedy cant run a chook raffle our union is in turmoil the vic alp is in the same direction long live simon crean . sack the three dickheads .

  16. Beaver Moustache Man

    Donnelly is truly turning into the Errol Flynn of the Labor Movement.Everything he touches he fucks.

  17. n u w member victoria

    if you need a wrecking crew contact the nuw national office and your on the way

  18. northern member

    merry christmas charlie closing the queensland branch and you lot taking over there goes 6000 members and a happy new year

  19. south aus

    know the feeling pop goes another 3000

  20. tHE jOKER

    Charlie, do you lube up before you stick your head up your own arse?

    You have, without a doubt turned into the ultimate boob of the union movement and now the ALP.

    What will it take for a George Costanza look-a-like like you to give up the public displays of masturbation and just GOOOOOOOOO AWAY!

  21. Beaver Moustache Man

    No surprise Charlie backed off.He acts and talks tuff but he is really just a nerdy little wimp. He must have been the nerdy little kid that got picked on at school.Now he takes it out on whoever he can. Poor foolish little Charlie,when will you learn.

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