UNDER PRESSURE: NUW wields axe but might have chopped off their own foot

nuwfun Victorian Premier John Brumby has continued his dramatic intervention against the antics of party wreckers and destabilisers who have demanded the Yuletide sacrifice of ALP campaign wizard Steve Newnham.

Newnham has raised more funds than any party secretary in its history and has used those resources to build a formidable campaign machine.

But as things stand those demanding his scalp are refusing to fold, one of their senior operators telling VEXNEWS “We’ve got the numbers and just like they’ve used their numbers, we’re going to use ours.”

The Age reports that Premier Brumby directed ALP President and faction heavy Charlie Donnelly to cancel the emergency Administrative Committee meeting called for Monday evening by the NUW power-tsar.

VEXNEWS understands this request has been made several times now and several times Donnelly has refused to accede to it. It is brinksmanship of a kind very rarely seen in modern party politics. One wit told us “This is like the Bay of Pigs, with plenty of swine.”

The Age’s Paul Austin – hardly known for pushing a Labor moderate agenda – makes clear that “Brumby is not driving this.” He refers to Newnham as “Brumby’s man”, makes the point that Newnham used to work in Brumby’s private office and that the two patriots continue to work well together.

No doubt that is all true. And we are struggling to reconcile those words – undoubtedly well sourced – and our intelligence about the Premier’s stunned reaction to Donnelly’s move – with the claims of those involved in this ham-fisted, half-arsed, Fiji style coup attempt.

“We are doing Brumby’s dirty work,” they insist. Are they liars or fools we are forced to wonder.

If the are fulfilling the Premier’s will, why is the Premier calling them off?

Why is the Premier’s staff in a frenzy of anxiety about this bizarre move?

And perhaps there’s a bigger question too. One that pre-occupies many of those opposed to the unilateralist approach taken by the Party President.

Why won’t they negotiate? Not about the State Secretary’s position alone because he clearly ought not be going until they can find someone better. Former Age journalists, refugee rights activists, mungbean eaters and those in business partnerships with NUW operators need not apply.

But why not negotiate about everything including Head Office, preselections and all the other issues? What’s the downside? How else can conflicts be resolved other than in the courts?

As one key player observed “They are running the party like Al Capone.” That might be a charitable description, as Capone at least convened meetings of and discussions with his colleagues, even if occasionally encouraging greater “teamwork” by means of baseball bat.





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12 responses to “UNDER PRESSURE: NUW wields axe but might have chopped off their own foot

  1. Fatty Doyle

    Victor, where too for lunch today. Let us celebrate Christmas in style!

  2. Anonymous

    Has Anthony Byrne ratted on the SDA ?

  3. right's fight night, why newnham will be fried

    Nesrene Asmar – El Asmar faction – SACK
    Jeff Jackson HSU – SACK
    Alex Stalder SDA – SACK
    Elizabeth Blandthorn SDA – SACK
    Marlene Kairouz SDA – SACK
    Charles Donnelly NUW – SACK
    Pinar Yesil – Somyurek – SACK
    George Seitz – LRA group – SACK
    Steve Staikos – NUW – SACK
    Robin Scott – SACK
    Julie Warren – NUW – SACK
    Michael Donovan – SDA – SACK

    Bill Shorten – AWU – KEEP
    Noah Carroll – Faction secretary for one more month – KEEP
    Kimberley Kitching – AWU – KEEP
    John Eren – Marles – KEEP
    Garth Head -TWU – KEEP
    Jane Shelton – Danby – KEEP

  4. Noel Jackson

    This is like watching players from the same team have a punch up at a grand final when they are ahead by three points with 2 minutes left on the clock.

    What happens? The other side gets the ball, runs and kicks a goal.

    Who then are the real losers?

  5. vicminnow

    There are tense meetings going on behind closed doors in the PPO. VicMin Xmas party tonight might be interesting.

  6. crisis averted

    ALP Head Office Xmas lunch on now at Cargo Hold in Docklands. Much cheerier now the NUW have shot themselves in the head.

  7. Battery operated remote control

    Stupid is as stupid does. Timing is all wrong and those responsible should be excommunicated. What is Feeney’s role in all of this. Maybe he should not have been preselected for the Senate. Chances are he may lose out if there is a full Senate spill before 2010. It is more a question of “if” they can find someone better not “when”

  8. hahaha

    Feeney is a smart one.

    He adamantly opposed this. And loudly.

    He won’t be losing his Senate spot under any circumstances because of his closeness to Rudd.

    The SDA stole his number one place on the Senate ticket and gave it to Jacinta Collins. If anything, Feeney stands to get that back for no other reason than he has slightly more sense than the shoptards.

  9. anon

    NUW = National Union of Wankers.

  10. ANON

    Anthony Byrne is a rat, weather he ratted on the SDA or not.

  11. Beaver Moustache Man

    Charlie Donnelly is an absolute fuckwit.

  12. tHE jOKER

    Ah Charlie, Charlie, Charlie….what a path of self-destruction you are on! Did you want to end the year as a winner after the defeat of your very dumb attempted take over of the NUW state branches…(brother, that must still sting!), now you go an blow your toes off with this ALP stuff….dumb dumb dumb! Stop listening to Thow and Kennedy. Look where their advice has taken you…painted into a dark little corner.

    Start the new year in a positive way….evaluate your goals…reassess your values and if that doesnt work….well, flushing yourself down the toilet with the other turds may always be an option.

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